Mar. 16th, 2015

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.....I was purging a pile of repetitive June Faire notes from 2013 and I ran across my scribblings of a set of sonnets I wrote for [ profile] aelianora's Laurel elevation. What was supposed to happen was that I was going to read them as she processed into Court for her ceremony.

.....When I hit Twelfth Night, I could not find the notes. At the same time I was embarrassed, I was also relieved. I was not happy with what I had written. I never am, but it was particularly bad this time. It was the first time I'd tried writing sonnets in a series that continued a single theme. It was more disjointed than usual.

.....But things like that can be fixed if one spends some time on it. So I'm making sure to capture the lines here in the hopes that some day I'll do just that.

When her clear sweet call rings out through the air,
A drumbeat rolls across the grassy field.
As goats greet mistress fair with milk so rare,
White gold great treasure from all her friends yield.

Soft silken nectar made warm in the flame.
Ambrosia will condense in many curds.
Withdrawn are waters motion quick to tame.
Wild drink as once was now in gathered herds.

The cloth of gold now wraps the wheel with love.
That is enshrined in her home of deep rest.
Long sleep is watched, signs of hope from above.
Brought forth in celebration when age crest.

From Capra sisters joyful gifts they give.
The nourishment a luscious way to live.

A metal sliver holds thread fiber dear.
Cloth of great work is given flame of life.
Two lives are led as finer thread draws near.
Embellishing all cloth with beauty rife.

She moves forth with inquisitive mind bright.
Through sources obscure she researches deep.
Dark knowledge made clear by Athena's light.
Announcing to all learning she does reap.

The sharing of skills and fruits of her mind.
She eagerly shows what she can to all.
Her lectures thrill and make more of her kind,
And produce works of mastery most tall.

Her passion is for beauty in all things.
Both of the mind and of the hand all sings.

She stands in support with stern vigilance.
Her evidence of knowledge held on high.
Her voice a call of truth in jubilance,
For all to her bright scholar's light draw nigh.

In tall companionship with Laurel peers.
Her fearsome powers of research at hand.
A mentor strong dispelling all their fears.
A strike on ignorance she will demand.

Her Kingdom to protect she'll ever strive,
Defending with all her ability.
In beauty strong from her fingers do thrive,
As from her mind keen credibility.

This lady holds a torch of learning bright.
As she's proclaimed by Crown in Laurel rite.

.....Even if not presented as wanted in public. It was still written with deep admiration and love in mind. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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