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.....Every now and then you happen to be in the right place at the right time to take part in something undeniably cool and wonderful. A group of people put together a book for Rauokinn to commemorate her tenth anniversary as a Knight in the SCA. The most beautiful words were written and then calligraphed (much of it by Inga the Unfettered), the most beautiful artwork put to paper. Then, finally, the book arrived to TBT for binding.

.....This was my opportunity to do something to show my appreciation for someone who is a true hero of mine in the SCA, Sir Rauokinn. So I wrote a sonnet for her and calligraphed it myself in the book. It was shaky and any true calligrapher would be embarrassed by it. And, as usual, I was not completely happy with the words I wrote (I never am :-)). But it was important to me that the words were mine and that they were placed by me in the book.


.....I actually enjoyed the calligraphy process. If I were to actually take the time to practice I'd probably get better, maybe even so that it was legible. :-)

.....Here are the words:

Across the hills of green and valleys lush,
live mighty people under watchful guard.
Their joy a vibrant thrum in peaceful hush,
Brought forth by courage held in high regard.

A flowing tawny mane both bright and bold,
Bespeaks of strength and warning to depraved.
A constant vigilance from eyes of gold,
Protecting love forever more engraved.

A service burden is nobility,
That always leaves this guardian apart.
Support by love in her humility,
She stands as Chevalier spurred in their heart.

An oath she took her people to defend.
For truth the victor evil she will rend.

.....From an admirer, Aaron / Arontius.
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