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.....A good sonnet seeks to take a concept, a vision, an idea, and make it something the reader can see viscerally and emotionally when they read the sonnet. Most of my sonnets, including the below, are mediocre mainly because they do not cross the boundary connecting emotion to a concept and making it real. The below was born of a vision I could see in my head, but could not accurately translate into a sonnet. But I'm at least recognizing the difference, which is a step forward. I can also say that I've written at least a few that did successfully make that leap, so I know that it is possible.

.....Practice, practice, practice. The other secret. A completed sonnet always makes me happy as well. No matter how bad I may think it is upon later reflection. :-)

My soul is in a circle drawn on Earth.
The dying sun showed the Four's shadowed length.
To guard and guide breath nourishing through birth,
Their ring of soldiers stood in silent strength.

Earth's circle is mirrored by the heaven's sphere.
An angel's face in silvered halo light.
A presence bringing comfort from all fear,
Who leads on journeys through the early night.

The orb bids farewell as time streams ahead.
The light within will guide me on this path.
The dark without does leave me for the dead.
As stars still shout and chase away the wrath.

The circle does surround as warm embrace.
Forever a life that will echo grace.

.....It starts off rocky, but I start liking where it is headed during the last quatrain.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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