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.....I may have to go to sleep early tonight. I keep drifting off in front of my keyboard here. But this is my only half-way free day this week and stuff must be done! I feel incredibly unorganized at the moment. I'm hoping that by thinking this through a little bit and putting it all down here will help with at least getting me going in the right direction.

.....Lobelia must be mucked out. She is still a mess from raids earlier this summer. The linens are mostly washed though. I need to sweep out and clean the floors, the bathroom and the kitchen area. A vacuuming would be nice. Then I'll feel like maybe stocking her with clothing and the bins of stuff we pulled out for An Tir / West War. If I can get that far tonight, I'll feel ready for more complete stocking tomorrow.

.....We are combining kitchens over the weekend with some of our RV-mates, which is always helpful and appreciated. We have a shopping list of food to buy. So I need to pull that out of e-mail and make that the start of our 'to purchase' list.

.....Laundry needs to be started. We're mostly through the pile of epicness that was An Tir / West War, but we must be diligent.

.....I've got my merchant list and map ready to go. Must pull out the long tape measure and make sure it goes into Lobelia. Must also pull together a handful of marking spray cans to use in marking out merchant spaces. I need to grab a paint wand for sure. Also need to make sure that the rest of the merchant checks get placed in Lobelia so I can turn them over to the Midhaven Exchequer, or at least the Autocrat, this weekend.

.....I may not get to it tonight, but must stop by the Storage Unit tomorrow and pick up the Baronial Pavilion. I need the roof and at least two walls. I need poles (and should count them out so as to not pick up many extra), then ropes and stakes. Need to also pick up the front leg extensions. Also need to remember to check on a sledge hammer to drive stakes. Plastic sheeting and carpet for the floor of the pavilion. I'm still undecided about what chairs to pack for the weekend. In 2011 we hardly spent any time in the pavilion, so is it worth it to have the multi-part chairs with us? It means a lot of extra parts of which to keep track, and more space it takes up. I'll have to check in with TBT on this one.

.....Saturday is full of meetings. Need to print out the Pelican agenda and have it ready to go. Also need my extension warrant for exchequer ready to go so that Etiennette and Marike can sign off on it. I might also have one ready to go for my deputy Exchequer, Ralg.

.....We're going to talk about the An Tir / West War Financial Committee document. I've got multiple copies of it ready to go so that everyone who wants one for reference has it available. But I need to read through it again. I'll have a fresh eye from having survived the War this year. There might be things that I now know will not work well and can pen-and-ink changes on my master copy.

.....Need to remember the An Tir / West War financial information from this year. I've got checks to pass out to Liesel and to Terra Pomaria. NMS numbers have been figured out, but I don't know if I'm going to have any spare time between now and Friday to get the proper forms filled out and the check into the mail. I should at least be able to prepare it for second signature by Ralph. I do need to log these final checks into the Spread Sheet so I can at least give Jenae and Magdalena a 'final' report to report numbers for their event.

.....Merchants arrive at Noon on Friday. I've got to be on site at least by 10AM. I doubt I'll be able to be there earlier. Need to double-check ferry schedules. I think we'll be O.K. if we catch the 7AM ferry. Which will probably mean a late night tomorrow night. But Merchant Row is all straight lines. I'll probably work on not being my usual anal-retentive self and just mark out the frontage (and not worry about the back ends). The merchants I have in the list are reasonable for the most part. At least I see no real Drama incoming. So they should be fairly flexible. I'm steeling myself for the almost inevitable arrive of Dain the Silversmith. I'm torn as to whether or not I can allow him to set up a booth. We have the space. I need to print out a few extra copies of the Marketplace application just in case.

.....I need to give Rhett a call like right now and see if I can catch him and get a cost for the straw bales (and a mailing address). Jenae wants to essentially give him a deadline to respond, which is what we need to do. But I feel a little strange letting approximately a $1,000 payment go away like that. So I'm going to give him at least another couple of days, up to a week, before I just stop trying to get a response out of him. $1,000? I wouldn't just let something like that go away. Wow!

.....O.K., I'm feeling a little more organized now. At least I have a plan on moving forward. Oi! Wish that things weren't so busy at work. I'd love to just take tomorrow off so I could get organized!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Lots of reflection today. But as I sat in an endless lecture full of information I've heard before, I cobbled together the below for future re-tooling.

With flourish silver lines in greeting loop.
A salutation starting a new life.
Words binding from primordial strained soup.
The contract sealed brings order from the strife.

The thread moves back and forth with steady gait.
Unceasing motion are the Maker's hands.
A pattern beautiful revealing fate.
Thrill of completion lies before in bands.

The drumbeat of rhythm alters suddenly.
New thread of purpose from the shuttle seen.
The colorful lines show joy drunkenly.
The tapestry new with lines of strength keen.

In gratitude fulfilling my accord.
Made joyful by your presence as reward.

.....I'm starting to recognize my own signature in how I put words together. It's not quite either as focused, or as random, as I once assumed it was. But I need to learn to stretch more, and shake up my internal grammar rules more. Grammar rules are meant to be broken in poetry. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....For some reason this phrase has been on continuous loop in my brain all day long, 'The moon gives light at time of night.' I don't even remember from where it comes. But other words started putting themselves together into sonnetry. There are parts that aren't exactly cohesive, but enough is there to recognize. It's here so it's not forgotten.

With tireless purpose gazes the grey eye.
Unblinking stare on journey through the stars.
A guide to coursing lifeblood 'low the sky.
The water's laughing spray the sight it mars.

A silver blanket overlies the land.
As lines are blurred shapes melding with the soil.
His lullaby of peace a pleasing hand.
As slowly sleep does ease the day of toil.

Unceasing motion in the beat of time.
The thief of colour in the waking world.
Delivered treasures in our dreams sublime.
The herald's limitless badge is unfurled.

The dance of lights on palette of God's night.
Is ruled by an orb of subconscious might.

.....It's hard to translate what is floating around in my brain into something that can actually be read. It never looks anything close to the same. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....E-Mail went out today. Furloughs starting on April 26th. That doesn't cover May Crown or June Faire. But An Tir / West War, July Coronation, and September Crown ARE.

.....I'm trying to look on the brighter side of things. Still a lot of unanswered questions though. We'll see how things shake out.

.....And, there is still a chance the Navy / DOD will find a way out of furloughs. The disruptions will hurt hard.

.....Aaron / Arontius.

.....Edited: Damn! When the e-mail said April 26th, I assumed it to be a non-payday weekend. It actually IS a Payday weekend! So May Crown and June Faire are furlough weekends while An Tir / West War, July Coronation and September Crown are not! Well, thanfully, I hadn`t made any changes to my leave schedule.

.....O.K., this officially sucks!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Presented without comment:

In streams of colours ribbons gaily danced.
The patterns spelled all with contented joy.
Their smiles in witness to their souls entranced.
As fluttering cloth teased with gestures coy.

The circle spins about the tree of life.
Silk streamers marching now in practiced gait.
They step up and down seemingly in strife.
The intricate moves coalesce to mate.

Emerging from warm, soft cocoon at last.
The sweet spring sap will flow throughout the trunk.
Bright fragrant buds from reaching limbs are cast.
Springs bounty water clean is keenly drunk.

Life's ecstacy is joyfully unbound
As circle's sweet beginning is now found.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....For an hour or so this morning it actually looked and felt like Spring for just a little. I caught myself staring out the window a couple of times. It's totally gone now, but a sonnet of sorts assembled. Needs to be 'fixed', as is normal. But wanted to get the words down before I forgot them.

When petals pink sigh softly on the wind.
As joyous kisses they strain towards the Earth.
In passion they caress her honied skin.
To whisper to her of undying worth.

Her heart beats swift with warm waves of the land.
Blood coursing through veins made hot by the sun.
Life filled with purpose grasped firm by her hand.
Its essence flashing as gems on the run.

She surges joy, sleep shaking from her soul.
As promises made quickly are fulfilled.
A yearning to breath deep from plenty's bowl.
Across a growing green Earth nature's tilled.

The winter's dark sleep thrust away in haste.
To welcome rebirth from Spring's first grown taste.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....On Saturday my latest issue of Mother Earth News arrives in the mail. As I'm reading through it on Sunday, I come across this rather interesting article on 'Artisan Home Distilling'. I'm immediately intrigued by the picture of the apparatus displayed in the article:


.....Doesn't it look familiar? It looks a lot like the ceramic model that Gwenllyn built for some of us a couple of years ago:


.....I had tried Gwenllyn's distilling pot with some fresh mint leaves to see if I could distill a scent into an oil, but without a lot of success. So I put it aside for the moment. Things were pretty busy anyway and this was just another distraction. Plus, I hadn't had a chance to really dig into finding good information on the subject either. I had read some articles on distilling for essential oils and scents, and the background for small distilling for alcohols. But nothing really jumped out at me at the time on why I was having such difficulties in getting my small ceramic pot to work just right. I was at the point of thinking that sterno or heat from a candle was just not strong enough to get me the results I wanted. And that maybe there was something 'missing' or just not quite right about what Gwenllyn made.

.....However, this article really spoke plainly about the process in a way that made sense. It also pointed out exactly the issues I was having with the ceramic pot.

.....Temperature control is very important. But what you need can be achieved with a sterno flame (which actually surprised me). Although it is better with a spirit lamp or equivalent (which will still fit underneath the pot).

.....The other item that really jumped out at me was the sealing of the spouted lid to the body. In the copper kettle shown in the article, the reader is cautioned to take a flour-water paste to seal any gaps between any of the liquid containing parts. In the ceramic still, there are a number of gaps that probably greatly affect temperature. But none of the gaps are of such size that they can't be sealed sufficiently.

.....I'm a little curious as to whether the placement of the tube makes a big difference. In the copper still, condensation takes place in the tube itself. With the tube coming out the top of the still. In the ceramic still condensation starts on the sides of the lid and drips to a ledge that is then siphoned out the tube. Would it make a difference to put something cold around the tube end?

.....The size ratios between the pot and lid are reversed between the copper apparatus and the ceramic, so I'm curious if that makes any kind of difference either.

.....I'll have to ask Mateusz about the differences in how the two may work the next time I see him.

.....One more thing to play with when we have a little more time. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Master Cedric arranged for Sir John Wolfstan to hold a fighting class today at the Silverdale Waterfront Park. It was well attended with fighters coming in from Blatha An Oir and Three Mountains. Sir Einar even made the trip from Three Mountains to attend. The fighters of Dragon's Laire were treated to some good lecture and fighting techniques from the Knights of An Tir. They soaked it all in eagerly and seemed to enjoy the class very well.

.....Here is a shot of Sir John at work:

.....TBT took a shot of all those from Dragon's Laire in attendance:

.....I didn't get a good shot or it, but as usual a goodly number of the Modern Public showed their fascination of watching the fighters in action.

.....We even had a good show from the Rapier Combatants of the Barony:

.....Here is a shot of the fighters at work on the Tourney Field that was Silverdale Waterfront Park:

.....Sir John, followed up by Sir Einar, touched on an item that both TBT and I found fascinating as a comparison between the work of what it takes to achieve and maintain Knighthood to that of the Laurels and the Pelicans. Amongst the fighters, and especially the Knights, it is O.K. to lose or fail in combat as it is all a learning experience. When another fighter lands a blow, the defeated can take what was done as a lesson on how to avoid that same blow in the future. He can even take that lesson as a way of attack in the future.

.....When a Laurel or Pelican creates, a failure in the process is often seen as that, a failure. The Laurel or Pelican loses face or favor as the person is supposed to learn the process first and then create the object or the event (or whatever). A failure is not seen as much of a learning process as the Knights see it.

.....This is something even more pronounced amongst the Pelican Community as when a Pelican 'fails' at a process, an event or office or function suffers directly from it. Others suffer from it. When a Knight loses a fight, it is much more of a personal loss and more directly impacts the fighter more than those around them. But I suppose a War Scenario would be an exception to that thought process.

.....It is an interesting comparison and those on the Pelican and Laurel departments could really learn much from watching how the Knights handle learning and loss.

.....I think it is also fascinating that the new direction Dragon's Laire is taking its Arts & Sciences (and Bardic) Championships is moving us as a group in this general direction. The Championship is focusing more on the process than on the final product. Therefore, a 'loss' or a failure is seen as another part of the process, to be taken in as part of the entire creation of the object.

.....It would be interesting to have this conversation with Madrun seeing as how she dislikes the 'Martiallate Method' of deciding a 'Victor' of Arts and Sciences. :-) We may be much closer to the Martiallate Community than we realize. :-)

.....I'd certainly like to hear more on this from those smarter and more articulate than I. It would be a very interesting and exciting conversation.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I think what separates artists, or masters at their crafts, and those trying to attain that status, is the ability to access their inner talent. I'd like to be there some day and will keep working towards it. In the meantime I'll consider myself a journeyman.

.....My main failing seems to be patience. I have an idea in my head and try to put it on paper. But I don't have the patience to see it through. The thoughts just keep pushing faster and faster until the 'awake' part of my brain accepts whatever words are available to fit the logic of the piece rather than thinking through the right words to complete the piece. I think I'll truly make it there when I figure out how to make patience win the day.

A strand of silver the horizon met.
The path behind that glimmered with the past.
I walked directed forth as Father Time set.
Through multitude experiences vast.

The thread is mine alone to find its end.
What seems a straight path in truth madly winds.
Joins others at times with their voices they lend.
The ordinal is loneliness that binds.

But on this journey thought to be a curse.
Discovery is written in my tome.
The thread connection to the universe.
What was a wandering was in truth home.

All of existence is a tapestry.
All intersecting by geometry.

.....Aaron / Arontius.

Number 36.

Dec. 12th, 2012 08:25 pm
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.....Almost done. We have final review tomorrow and the big test on Friday. I desperately tried to get my testing moved to Thursday so I could join in the premier of The Hobbit, and it looked for a while like I had succeeded. But on Monday the ruling came down. I'm stuck in testing on Friday. Sigh!

.....But I'm almost done! Next week will be a headache, but it'll be a headache at my regular desk, with regular things to get done, and no information being crammed down my throat like some goose being prepared for fois gras. Which, actually, is a pretty good analogy of the past two and a half weeks.

.....Sonnetry is whirling around in my brain. I'm not in a mood to polish it, but want to get what I have in to being so I can work on it later.

The path before them glittered fiery light.
A paving of glass shards in tortured shapes.
Their feet paid tolls in bloodied oaths of plight.
Their will resolved, about their shoulder drapes.

The lamentations heard on either side.
Those many whose gaze strayed from the true faith.
Or those for whom pain they could not abide.
All those who will forever be a wraith.

Together they walked forth with clasping hands.
A fortress to withstand all that assault.
With fortitude gained with their nuptial bands.
Trials overcome to heaven they will vault.

With laughter bold, they declare that they've won.
The love they share is much more strong than one.

.....Two more days. Two more days. Only two days left.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Hey, look at this:


.....Christopher is editing another of his fathers works, The Fall of Arthur. It'll be in verse. Can't wait to read it! It'll be sad, of course, but full of glorious deeds none the less.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....This is one of those discussions we've been dancing around for years, kind of jokingly. But every time the thought becomes a word spoken to another it takes on a form. Get enough forms going, you might just get some reality. Doesn't indicate how long that will take though. :-)

.....TBT and I were having an interesting debate last night on the topic of a 'Crown Principality'. I was thinking it might be the logical first step in our area to move from its somewhat nebulous 'Regional' status over to that of a Principality. TBT was not overly fond of that idea as it meant, in her opinion, that since the Crown Principality wouldn't have a Prince and Princess, why go to all that trouble to make the Administrative Region when it didn't give you any benefits in return as far as Pageantry and a Royal presence? I disagreed as I was positive that a Crown Principality allowed for a Prince and Princess.

.....As it stands, neither one of us had a clear understanding of what a Crown Principality actually is.

.....I did a little digging today. Corpora and the Governing Documents of the SCA make no mention on the subject of a Crown Principality. Nothing at all.

.....A search on the Internet produced some interesting results up front. The Crown Principality of Tir Mara, a Crown Principality of the East Kingdom, has Prince Edward and Princess Thyra acting as Prince and Princess for the Crown Principality and representing Their Majesties of the East, King Kenric of Warwick and Queen Avelina Keyes. The Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis, before becoming a fully formed Principality, had Viceroys fulfilling the duties of representative of Their Majesties (if I'm understanding things correctly). Aethelmearc had a position of 'Lord Protector' who took on the Ceremonial duties of Royal Representation before they become a full Principality. Other Crown Principalities have no titled leaders, merely a set of officers at a more Regional level.

.....There does not seem to be a concrete definition in the SCA of what a Crown Principality actually is. Just the fact that various options have been tried, seemingly successfully (the Prince and Princess of Tir Mara are still active as a Royal Entity), lends to the belief that the Crown Principality, in full consultation (and full agreement) with the Kingdom giving birth to it, actually decides the form is best suited for it as it takes on the role of a Crown Principality.

.....Although, just to throw a little cold water on the subject, the Seneschal's Handbook has the following to say on the subject:

"Use "Crown Principality" status to recognize regional development. Where an area is obviously suitable for eventual Principality status, a Kingdom can reward and encourage the trend by declaring the area to be a Crown Principality. A Crown Principality is exactly and only a region with a fancy name and a line in the Coronation ceremony - the King and Queen also become the Prince and Princess of the pseudo-Principality when they assume the thrones. It has no laws by the Kingdom laws. Its officers are regional deputies to the Kingdom officers. However, the name lends it extra emotional reality. The Kingdom can allow it to have a champion and to develop some usages of its own, and these steps will smooth the eventual transition.

All the procedures for creating a Crown Principality are under Kingdom control, as long as the Kingdom doesn't attempt to hand over functions reserved to the royalty or officers of SCA Principalities. (That is, the ceremonial representatives for the Crown within a Crown Principality may NOT warrant subordinate officers, proclaim banishments, or bestow armigerous awards without specific Crown approval for individual recipients.)

Please be cautious with the idea, and do some enthusiastic straw polling before advising your royalty to establish a Crown Principality - imaginary though it is, a Crown Principality develops enough personality that it would be very painful for an area if the Kingdom later decided to take the status away."

.....These paragraphs are somewhat contradictory as they state essentially there is no royalty involved with a Crown Principality, and then turns around and speaks to the 'ceremonial representatives'. I rather think this was deliberately done myself. It gives groups a little wiggle room to define what it is they want. But it also gives the Kingdom Seneschal a hammer to use if it is needed to protect the best interests of the Kingdom and / or the Society. I think the writers were trying to define it as narrowly as possible so as to limit wild and thoughtless formation, but still allow for various groups to move forward if there was enough real willingness to do so.

.....We've talked about a Principality formed of the West side of Puget Sound for a while now. I think the idea has enough roots where it would only take the leadership of a small group of people to start the formation process. There are problems of course. That path requires a lot of effort and energy and the willingness to give up a lot of time for a number of years in order to gain the momentum to move forward. The borders of the potential Principality would require a great deal of discussion and thought. The populations of Dragon's Laire, Druim Doineann and Glymm Mere alone are enough to form a Principality. But would the Populace in all these areas be willing to do this? There is also the issue of Peers. We have a goodly number of Laurels and Pelicans, but not a great deal of Knights or Royal Peers. You could adjust your borders to gain on this, but the discussions again would be lengthy.

.....Then there is the added workload of simply being a new administrative region. The Inlands Regional area had given thought of going Principality a while back and put together a nice and easy list of the Pros and Cons to going towards Principality status:

"A Few of The Positive Aspects:

An identity for the region.
Larger events with more pageantry.
More of a chance to meet and interact with Royalty. A better chance to BE Royalty.
A direct voice to the Crown for our area.
The opportunity to build our own traditions, awards and customs.

A Few of The Negative Aspects:
More work. Do we have the manpower to fill the required positions?
More event dates to chisel out of an already tight Kingdom and local calendar.
Less visitation from the Crowns.
Loss of identity as citizens of An Tir.
Enough qualified fighters showing up for a Coronet Tourney."

.....I'm just putting some thoughts on this in black-and-white while I'm pondering for the moment. I'm not even implying that we move forward anytime soon. This is mainly put out there for future reference.

.....But it does make me keep going, 'Hmmmm....'. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....August was one long month. Let's make a pact amongst ourselves that we'll never do four events in a five weekend period ever again. Shall we? No matter how 'easy' three of those events are represented to be. :-)

.....I have to say though that as predicted September Crown turned out much, much better than I anticipated. My nightmares and anxieties were many, to the point that I was having a difficult time both sleeping and concentrating at work. But none of my nightmare scenarios turned out. Not to say there weren't challenges aplenty. But they were all challenges that could be overcome. And more importantly, everyone who arrived did so with an attitude of working with what they were given and not complaining bitterly about it. Which made things much, much easier.

.....There are lots and lots to write about. The thank you note to the Baronial e-list was incredibly long and it is still missing a large number of people on it. There were a number of people who suddenly 'appeared' when needed, performed miracles, and then faded away. I was working on a naughty peer trick over the weekend and have since decided that I'd rather have this peer trick instead, the ability to have people 'appear' and save my behind when needed.

.....Although, the Stupid Peer Trick (tm) that I was seriously contemplating was kind of funny (only at the moment though). I observed Dame Brighid Ross entering a Biffy and made ready to tip it over on its side. She didn't think that was funny at all and simply said that it emphasized the 'Stupid' part of the name a little too much.

.....There was a Live Journal entry of several weeks ago where I talked about the supposed 'obligation' one might have to include all comers in a Team if you were the Baron or Baroness. Both Brighid and Khalja noted immediately that it set the Team up for possible failure if you ended up including someone who did not work well with a Team. Which is exactly what happened on Team Haggis III. I spent more energy and aggravation on one person than I did the entire rest of the Team combined. That person ended up making mistakes and I ended up truly blowing up at them as we were setting up the event. I've never done that before and never want to do that again. But it was an incredibly valuable lesson in making sure your Team can work well together and with you before you even start.

.....The site itself has a lot going for it, and a lot going against it. I'm really on the fence as to whether or not it would make a good June Faire site. There are parts of the grounds that are as hard as cement. But could we utilize other parts of site better and just avoid the really bad portions? We were a little tight this weekend due to the space taken up by Equestrian Activities. If we eliminated Equestrian and used this area for camping would we then have enough space to work the site? I'm still thinking on that one.

.....We need to get more creative on sites though. I need to make another run at the Port Orchard Airport I think. And this time I think I'll go around the Tractor people and go straight to the owners. It has the risk of ticking off the Tractor people, but if we can get our toe in the door of the site, maybe we can make it work for us. I think I want to make another run at the Howe Farm as well. The Community Group running with it has been unable to go anywhere with any of their plans. Now might be a good time to approach them with ideas on making a little income and working to improve the site.

.....Yeah, I'm already thinking of a Team Haggis IV. But it isn't going to happen in the next year or so. I'm also thinking it might be a Twelfth Night, for which I have another set of ideas I'm combing through. But I need a long break, and I need to concentrate on getting a few things done on the home front.

.....We get next weekend free to sleep in and do as little as possible. The only obligation being the removal of the water tank from the September Crown site. In two weeks is a Book Fair in Seattle. I forget what's happening the fourth weekend, but the fifth is Last Chance. Which reminds me that we have things to get ready for it.

.....The big thing to concentrate on now is TBT's elevation in January to the Order of the Pelican. Can you believe it? I managed to keep my mouth shut about it. That is quite the accomplishment. :-) But I'm rather excited. Plans are already moving forward. We're using Madrun's elevation e-list as a starting point, as well as the Master File from Madrun's elevation as a baseline check-list for everything that needs to be done.

.....If others want to be involved from the ground floor, let me know and I'll add you to the e-list.

.....I'm sitting here and basically staring at a pile of 3x5 cards, filled with 'to-do' lists that have been accumulating over the past couple of months. I should really consolidate them here shortly. But I'm really tired and finding it difficult to concentrate on any one thing for more than a five minute stretch. I'm seriously happy that September Crown was successful. But I'm so glad it is over. August was a really, really long month.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's happening. In about three days now. :-) Can you feel the excitement in the air? The tension building? Do you feel this overwhelming need to throw your arms in the air and flail them like Kermit the Frog?

.....Maybe that's just me. :-)

.....One day of work down. I have my stand-ins all selected and approved. For the most part, there is one left that needs to be indoctrinated. But all the 'go-dos' have been lined up to either finish tomorrow, or wait on the back-burner until next Wednesday when I get back to work. I'm lucky in one regard as this seems to be a rather popular week to take vacation. There are a lot of people away from work, which means many meetings are being postponed until later in the week, next week. I'm good with that.

.....All the supplies have been purchased. I thought I might need some more marking paint. That is, until Jenae texted me and reminded me of the case waiting for me to pick up at their place left over from An Tir / West War. It was good timing on her part and for me as I was going to stop at Lowes on the way home and buy one more case. :-) We might end up needing some more marking paint. We'll see how things go on Thursday. If I have to do so, McClendon's Hardware is about a ten minute drive away in Belfair and I can buy another handful of cans as needed.

.....All of my SCA clothes have been stuffed into Lobelia. But there is a list of stuff that still needs to get packed. We were going to drop off Lobelia at Imperial this evening, but we saw some good prices on batteries at Costco over the weekend. Between that and Imperial telling us that they have no room to store Lobelia even for an extra day, we decided to risk it and just buy two new hotel batteries and install them. I removed the existing ones right after work and put them in TBT's car. She's going to stop at Costco tomorrow and pick up new ones and turn these in for replacement.

.....Ralg said he'd help with the battery selection and installation, so I feel better about making this decision with the least risk. I'm still worried that there is a power drain somewhere that needs to be found by a professional. But the fact that these are about five years old and have sat through several winters all connected, I'm thinking that we've nailed the culprit down fairly well.

.....Not taking Lobelia to Imperial tonight means we'll have to make arrangements to get her and the U-Haul to site on Thursday. I may have TBT be signed on as a driver on Wednesday as well. She can drive the U-Haul and I'll grab Lobelia on Thursday morning.

.....I think tonight, since Lobelia is still here, I'm going to have to pull together some more stuff to put into Lobelia for the weekend. I've got some stuff bags I can pull out for the regular clothing and other soft goods. It's primarily the food-stuff I'm most worried about getting to site and loaded into Lobelia unmolested. Might want to think about some ice as well.

.....What I really need to do, I think, is take a few moments and write out a list of stuff that needs to be done for myself personally to support September Crown. Otherwise I'm grabbing at loose thoughts and not remembering them long enough to make any use of them.

.....Must not forget Madrun's circlet either! It's sitting in the Computer Room right now. This is my reminder to pick it up and put it someplace I will not forget it. Like maybe in Lobelia now.

.....Tomorrow night is the regular Social at the VFW Hall. I need to ask Aileen about her plans for capturing people who camp on Thursday night. She'll have to have at least a book ready to go for them. As well as site tokens. Don't know about the Site Handouts. They get turned in today to Staples for printing from Angharad. They might be on site by Thursday possibly, but I don't know that for sure yet.

.....Also need to ask Aileen about her volunteers for Friday itself. As is usual, much of the volunteer base will be showing up and setting up on Friday, and so will not be available for gate help until later in the day. It could make for a very long day for Aileen if she is stuck at the gate for a fourteen plus hour day! Will have to see what I can do to shore that up a bit.

.....Most of the questions coming my way seem to be relatively simple at the moment. I've told several dozen people now that there will be drinking water on site. That seems to be an anxious point for a number of people. Having food vendors on site seems to be a hot topic as well. That one is a little surprising as there have not been that many food vendors at Crown Events lately. At least not what I remember. I don't think there were any at July Coronation. The one food vendor at May Crown was part of the Fairgrounds holding the event. September Crown last year did not have any food vendors as I recall. I wonder if the Airport Diner across the street is going to be packed at times with hungry SCA people? They've been warned. :-)

.....The other big question is a 'Day Trip Fee'. Because of the expenses involved we really had to say no to a reduced day trip fee. Many people have been surprised by that. But consider the costs involved. It was $4,000 just in site rental alone. It is not cheap holding events in Kitsap County!

.....Still need to see about a roving patrol of Peers and Peer-Like Object (PLO's) to put their eyeballs on people partying over the weekend and give them the 'an adult is watching you' look from time to time. It generally works well in moderating parties that seem to be getting loud or crazy. We don't need people being any more silly than normal at this site. Especially when we'll be in such close quarters.

.....Also need to talk about radio channels. Team Haggis III will be on a general radio channel for the weekend. But I may end up carrying a second radio to listen in to the camping coordination on Friday. I also need to gently let the Team know that they should consider having a second radio for personal conversations. Some joking and nonsense is fine and helps break up the tension. But I'm not sure everyone really wants to know what TBT and I are going to do for dinner that evening. :-)

.....Have to make sure that my emergency contact list is in order. I have my instructions and address ready for instant clarification. But need to know who my direct contacts are in the Police Department and Fire Department are. I know they reviewed our site plans and know we'll be at Norseland all this weekend as they reviewed and bought off on the Special Event Application. But when I received the license to actually hold the event, they didn't give me that information. I need to make some phone calls tomorrow.

.....Also need to call Hemley's and Hall's Hauling one last time to make sure we're on the same page for deliveries of dumpster and Biffies this week to site. No frantic calls to them on Friday wondering where in the world they are.

.....Time to get moving.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I am totally looking forward to September Crown this upcoming weekend. It will be fun. Will there be issues? Possibly. Some events have issues. But I am actually excited to see this all come together on a brand new site. The view is superb. The site has potential. It is on the I-5 corridor. We made several governmental entities actually work together in our best interest (how often does THAT happen? :-)). Dragon's Laire once again will prove what a truly awesome place it is.

.....There is part of me though that really wishes Tamm and I had taken Lobelia to go here: <>. Officially, it starts tomorrow on the playa of Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. It is a huge, wild, art festival. Not for the faint-of-heart. :-) But I have friends who have attended and are attending again this year, with over 60,000 of their closest friends.

......Can you believe that? Over 60,000 people out in the middle of nowhere, expressing themselves through artistic endeavour. I'm not an artist, but I think that in the middle of all this artistic energy swirling about, even I could touch some artistic part of me that is deeply buried somewhere. Brighid doesn't think I have it, but I think it is in there somewhere. It just needs a gentle nudge to spring forth. :-)

.....There is a web-cam on site this year. You can access it at this site: <>.

.....It's got a permanent place on my personal bucket list. After we've stepped down, and after we've gone to England. We'll be there. I'm sure of it. :-)

.....I have to be at work tomorrow and Tuesday. And, I'll have to concentrate on work. That is going to be difficult as hell. :-) The September Crown 'to-do' list is still rather long. Nothing that is epically off-kilter. But I'll most certainly want to work on it rather than on work itself. But work pays the bills. So it has to take the priority. Sigh! :-)

.....Tomorrow, Lobelia goes to Imperial RV for an electrical check-up and a probable battery change. The engine battery seems to be fine. It is the pair of hotel batteries that don't seem to want to hold a charge for long at all. And we'll need them to last all of next weekend. The nice thing is that Imperial is just down the street from site. It'll take me fifteen minutes to drive her from repair to site. Perfect. I spent several hours today loading garb and stuff in Lobelia. So she is almost ready to go from my standpoint. Mainly just foodstuff.

.....Wednesday will be my first day of 'vacation' from work. The U-Haul is picked up at Noon. At which point all the 'stuff' in the garage is loaded. The Storage Unit run will be at 6PM on Wednesday. Already sent out the call for help.

.....Then, Thursday, out to site. Laying out of lines first thing in the morning, up until about 2PM, when people start showing up to set up pavilions and such. We're using the 'set up your personal encampment a day early' carrot to get some help with site set-up. It will not be as intense a set-up as a June Faire, per se. But the Kingdom Pavilions show up at around 6PM or so, and they'll need some help.

.....This weekend was what we needed. It went by fast, but we moved at a slow pace and it allowed us to recharge our batteries a little bit. We were able to do a little bit of house cleaning. Lobelia was captured and somewhat loaded. We had the opportunity to see Diomedes and Inga's new house (which is rather nice). All in all, a good weekend.

.....Let the week of Epic-ness commence. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The Pelican Regional Teleconference, as a process, turned out to be interesting from a number of aspects. I will tentatively call it a win.

.....I set things up to start at 6PM. At my end were myself, Cedric and Brighid. Like clockwork, Master Ralg, Angharad, Althaia, Mir, and Isolde joined into the conversation. The Teleconference was set up for an hour. I probably should have made it for 7PM, but 6PM was the cheaper rate. And it was an 'introductory' special, so I was somewhat limited on the time and length of Teleconference time I could have. Eduardo phoned in at about three minutes until seven as his calendar had set it in the wrong hour.

.....The Good:

.....The process of calling into the conference itself was easy and straight-forward. There was very little that could go wrong. You simply dialed a phone number and then enter a bridge number when called. You were automatically included into the conversation at that point. Even from the stand-point of the moderator the only additional function I had to do was type in an additional four digit PIN when prompted.

.....The conversation flowed rather easily. The group did a great job of not talking over each other or each other's points. Even when things became a little excitable people only bunched up a time or two. And even then people rapidly backed up, apologized and moved forward in an organized fashion.

.....The conversation was in real time. There were no delays caused by any one individual's typing speed. It was like we were in the same room even though we weren't.

.....Everyone loved the fact that they didn't have to travel anywhere to attend the conference.

.....The Not-So-Good:

.....Our phone set-up. We ended up having to use Cedric's cell phone as our speaker phone. It had a great microphone on it. You could be across the room, speaking at a normal level, and still be clearly heard. However, it had a scratchy speaker. There were several times where we had to decipher what another speaker was trying to say. The next time we do this, it'll be worth the time and effort to find a real speaker phone.

.....The input. There were only eight people initially on the call. That is really no more than we usually have at a Regional Level Meeting, in person or not. Part of that was probably the time, 6PM versus 7PM. But no one complained about that aspect until the phone call itself. We've tried both an online and a Teleconference now and neither one has generated any more additional input than meeting in person has.

.....The bottom line really is that the best way to hold a Regional Meeting is face-to-face. It is easy to hold and control a conversation. You can read body language and have a more direct conversation. You are not so limited on time, as in, you can power through an entire listing more easily in person.

.....The next Regional is scheduled for a Saturday in October. I think I'm going to push it to be a face-to-face, which probably means we'll have to hold it somewhere in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. I'm O.K. with that, especially on a Saturday where I'm not checking my watch every ten minutes because I'm thinking about that 4AM alarm for work the next morning.

.....We're supposed to decide on dates for our Regional Meetings in 2013. We might also at that time make a decision about which meeting(s) might be a Teleconference / Online. With that much advance warning we might be able to generate a larger attendance. Although considering that all of the 2012 meetings were scheduled in December of 2011, I'm not sure if that is a help or not.

.....Only thing we haven't really tried yet is a Regional E-Mail meeting. I have not been a big fan of the E-Mail meetings we've held on the Kingdom level. But if we, as a Region, agreed on a more specific protocol and set of criteria that must be met, we might try it. We could have the Regional Meeting be several days in length, going over the agenda section by section. Must ponder that one a bit more. AFTER SEPTEMBER CROWN, I'll put a proposal together. It could be something we try out at our Winter, 2013, meeting.

.....Still, all in all, I liked the Teleconference. Good conversation that happened easily. Even with the issues involved, I'm still going to call it a win.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....When we went out to Barnes and Nobels the other day on the Rhys Monster's birthday, we ran across a book series in the Young Adult section entitled, 'Vampirates'. With various titles like 'Demons of the Ocean', 'Tide of Terror', 'Blood Captain', 'Black Heart', 'Empire of Night' and 'Immortal War'. After I picked myself off of the floor from laughing so hard, I thought that this would make the perfect gift for Cedric and Brighid. With her love of pirates and his love of vampires, this could be something they could read together! :-)

.....I don't think I could get into the series. Just isn't my speed. But I am looking for something new. Everything on my bookshelf currently seems over-read, which it probably is. All of my favorite authors (still alive) aren't putting out anything new for a while. Barbara Hambly keeps teasing me with her latest re-writes and revisions on the manuscript she is working. Although it isn't like I have a whole lot of time to open a book. But twenty or thirty minutes before I drop off at night a little reading does the trick to get me in a place that really isn't worried about the SCA or Work.

.....The water tank drop last night took a little longer than I wanted. But we had plenty of help and the tank, as usual, surprised me with how light weight it is. It only takes a person or two to tip it on to its side. A couple of people by themselves can easily slide it around, and even pick it up.

.....It's been at Oliver's now for like five years. We paid him a rental fee once. We probably should have paid him again, but it never seemed to be remembered at the right time. But I know I am grateful it had a home. It'll have a new home after September Crown at the Poulsbo PUD.

.....We sat it on Barnet's trailer and strapped it down for the drive to site. It was quite the sight traveling down the road. :-) With a small convoy of cars. Took about thirty minutes to get it to site and only about fifteen minutes to get pushed off and set into place. I was not incredibly worried about where exactly as it'll have to be moved again anyway when the Marketplace is laid out next week. My only real worry is a couple of kids showing up while we're not there and pushing it down the hillside.

.....Ian did a quick sanitization of the tank. Although when we opened up the sealed tank, it was really clean inside. No presence of anything except the black plastic walls. Next Thursday, we'll spray it down, get it put into position (on a couple of sheets of plywood) and fill it up for the Equestrians.

.....On our way off of site, we stopped by and watched Ralg for a couple of minutes. he was cleaning brush and debris in the RV area to open up some space for more RV traffic. He had his chain saw out and branches were flying. :-)

.....Things are coming together for their final placement next week for September Crown.

.....The longer range weather reports for next week are actually looking rather promising. There is a day, or two, in the mix where there is a chance of showers. But at the most the chance looks to be 30%. That's actually not a bad thing as a couple of showers would help settle the pockets of dust on site somewhat. The actual set-up day, Friday, is still looking clear and in the upper 60's or lower 70's (depending on whose forecast you happen to be reading). Almost perfect set-up weather.

.....Have to remember to send out a call for volunteers to load up the U-Haul next Wednesday. I may wait until the weekend to do that. It helps to have a half dozen bodies or so to slug materials about. Without the Gold Key bins we might get away from the Storage Units without a crap ton load. :-) I've been resisting hard Adena's push to pull out most, if not all, of the Gold Key. :-)

.....We will have curious members of the Modern Public show up on site over the weekend, I'm sure. I need to remember to ask Albrecht (whose new name escapes me at the moment :-)) if he can pack some pamphlets for handing out as needed. I'm not intending to bring a bunch of extra garb to site to put on these people, so they might stick out. One of the nice things about this site is the ability to stand at the gate and get a great overhead view of most of the event. My only regret being that I wish we could see the Archery and Equestrian fields from gate.

.....Only one more day of work this week! Than my free weekend! Our only free weekend in August. I'm so very much looking forward to sleeping in for a while each morning. Then a leisurely latte at the local Starbucks. We'll have to get to work later in the morning, with an epically long to-do list, but there will be a nice start to the day. A latte date with TBT. Always worth any effort necessary to get there. :-)

.....Mateusz is printing me out a map of site as well that I have to remember to pick up from him sometime on Saturday. This is my reminder. I'm supposed to call him when we're out and about. I have to pick up Lobelia at some point. But he's coming down to Silverdale sometime on Saturday, so maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere.

.....Now I'm running out of time. Gotta get across town to the Pelican Teleconference. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll work for us.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It is Wednesday, a little over seven days before we start setting up the site for September Crown. There are still a number of things left to do before the event, but the countdown is getting louder in my head. It is getting much more difficult to concentrate at work, much to my embarrassment on several occasions. The new job on the East Coast is requiring much more coordination than is the usual case. So I work hard at maintaining focus on where it needs to be and let the other leaders on Team Haggis do what they need to do to get the work done.

.....Last Saturday's Serjeantry Trials were completed, and I believe I even felt a little of that magic from the previous year there several times during the day. The candidates had all worked incredibly hard and it showed. TBT and I were so tense on Friday that we could hardly sleep. That tension did not relax during the day very much at all. The schedule kept pretty much on track though, with some extensive scheduling work by Madrun and Ellen.

.....There were several moments of sheer nervousness. And at least one heart wrenching decision to be made. Which was not easy at all. If anyone thought that we arbitrarily made a snap decision without much soul-searching and wringing of hands, they do not know us very well at all. By the time we made it home that evening, we were absolutely exhausted.

.....Sunday started off quickly with a party to move hay bales from Port Gamble down to the September Crown site. It took a little longer than I wanted it to. But we also had to do some adjustments to the site map. Take some measurements. And a few other things that slowed down the day's progress. But we moved close to 100 bales to site. It'll make do for September Crown, hopefully with enough left over to make it to Last Chance.

.....The Madrone Equestrian Guild traveled from Seattle and toured the site. The only concern I heard expressed was what challenges were to be performed as part of the Kingdom Equestrian Championship at Crown.

.....I also experimented with a plastic tent spike in the secondary camping area. The ground is a little rougher in that patch of land than it is on the main field of site, so there was some concern about stakes being able to be pounded into the ground and staying in place. I pounded a plastic spike in several different place and in every spot the stake pounded in evenly and stayed in place. So I think we'll be O.K. in this area for the weekend.

.....Last night was the Social at Fight Practice and was a good turnout, with some new people in attendance. Heard a number of stories about Autumn War. I put a note out to the list asking about stories from the War, and Arqhai told us about the battles online, which seemed to be epic.

.....Tonight is about the move of the Water Tank from Oliver's house to the site. It has been at Oliver's for a number of years now and I doubt very much that he is sorry to see it go. :-) When we are done with it at September Crown it'll go to its new home at the Poulsbo PUD. Which reminds me that I need to speak to Barnet about making arrangements for that. I'm not sure when we'll have a free day in September to make that move.

.....Tomorrow night is the Regional Pelican Meeting. Actually, a Teleconference. It's an experiment to see if we can make it work O.K. Scheduled to last an hour (as that is all the bridge line time I could capture). The online meeting we did last year was O.K., but had some issues. Conversation flowed based on an individual's typing speed, along with how many people were co-located in the room with the typist. So a person by themselves could be talking up a storm and moving on through the candidates, while the slow typist was spending extra time just trying to get their thoughts typed out. I'm hoping that an actual conversation will flow easier. We'll see.

.....Friday night is my shopping night for event related merchandise. I have a list of stuff like batteries, hoses, marking paint, etc. Renart pointed me towards Home Depot for cheap hosing, so I think I'll start there first. Costco seemed a bust for everything except batteries.

.....Saturday morning I am going to sleep in first. :-) It'll be the first morning I will have been able to do that in a while. I'm very much looking forward to it. Sometime that day though I'll need to bring Lobelia down so we can clean her out and get her ready for September Crown. I'd like to have her all packed up and ready to go by Sunday as we're planning on taking her to Imperial early in the week to have her electrical system checked out. We think it is a dead battery, but we want to make sure as we will be relying on that power for the length of the weekend, four days in total.

.....I also need to clean out the garage. It is stuffed full of things accumulating since June Faire that will need to be packed into the U-Haul on Wednesday for transport to site. Both pavilions, the Arts and Sciences signage, our chairs, and much other assorted 'stuff'. by the time I go through it all maybe I'll be able to walk through the garage again. :-)

.....Time to get busy, got Ajax to pick up and a tank to move.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....One crisis completed at work. One more left to work through. Then I'll feel better about taking leave around Labor Day. Things were not looking good a couple of days ago. The Team is on site and many of the things we had put into place unraveled completely. We scrambled to get alternatives set up and operable. It takes a lot of effort to get something as large as a government entity moving in a course correction. But we're getting there. The timing was just not the best though. I wish it had waited just a handful of weeks more, or had not happened at all.

.....I think most of my Live Journals this month are going to be nothing but lists of things that must be done for September Crown, rants about people who are doing their best to make September Crown my epitaph, or various and sundry whinings about how tired I am of all this. Which strikes me as amusing as the day after Crown I'll probably write about how wonderful an experience it was. :-) I think though that I mainly find the writing about it to be cathartic. I can get my worries out of my system, sort of an exorcism, and move on to something that really is important, and certainly more interesting. The job of autocratting an event is actually fun. I love seeing it all come together. But when the special personalities start coming out in full force is when the energy drain really quickens.

.....Those on my friends list should be pretty much used to all the whining by now though.

.....The one thing that is finally about to be done is Madrun's circlet. In the grand scheme of things it is just a tiny, tiny part of the big picture. The torc made by TBT is incredibly beautiful, and I think will be well received judging from the reaction of everyone who has seen it to date. But I wanted to have something to be able to give to Madrun that came from my own hands. I'm not a tailor. I'll be so busy with September Crown that I really can't take any part of the vigil or party on to myself. But this is something I can give to her to show my own appreciation and pride in her accomplishment. She can wear it once for the ceremony and then have it available in case she has an apprentice or friend someday who needs a circlet of their own.

.....Had to clear some space in the garage though to make that happen. It is a total disaster area at the moment. The entire front half is filled with stuff accumulated from June Faire, Honey War, July Coronation, etc. I'll have to get it organized to go into the U-Haul for September Crown, but that can happen next weekend. Had to clear quite a bit of space around the buffing wheel. I did remember to throw a tarp up behind the wheel and try and contain some of the dust. I'm actually glad TBT is about done with the torc as the garage is just a little messier now. :-)

.....I had the opportunity to come home a few hours early today and I'm glad I took it. It allowed me the chance to work the circlet (as I don't know how I'm going to squeeze any more free time out of the schedule in the next two weeks), but it unexpectantly allowed me to spend a few hours with TBT as we ran around town to do errands. We haven't had a lot of chances to just hang out together lately. Even though we were just doing chores, it was still fun to spend time with her. :-)

.....Tomorrow night will be the last minute angsting about Serjeantry. Although I surely can only whine a little on that one. I'm not one of the candidates! I know several of them are very nervous. But judging from some of the recent conversations, they have all been seriously digging into their studies. I'm looking forward to some interesting presentations on Saturday.

.....It'll be a long day, starting early and ending later than last year. TBT and I will have to split forces to witness as much of the proceedings as possible. But the schedule is set. The judges look to be set. The autocrat and lunch-o-crat look to be set. We're as ready as we're going to be. Just a few last minute things for TBT and I to pull together before the Trials.

.....Last year seemed chaotic as well leading up to the Trials. TBT and I had no idea how the day was going to turn out. But somehow a little magic surfaced sometime during the day and it all came together. There is no guarantee that we'll be able to tap into that same magic this year, but I'm ever hopeful.

.....Sunday will be busy. We have two loads of hay to move from Port Gamble to the September Crown site. Supposedly, the Madrone Equestrian Guild is going to meet us on site for a walk-through of the Equestrian area. But I haven't seen any confirmation on that. I wonder if Tsuruko has heard anything on her end? I'll have to ask.

.....Retinue meeting on Sunday night. September Crown is not a Baronial event, of course. But there will be stuff to prepare for it. Last Chance will come up rather quickly in September as well and we should see what we can do to prepare for it as well. We still need to get the final listing of awards to Gabrielle. She and her scribal support are really churning out the scrolls, for which we're grateful. I'm hoping that after September Crown we'll get a chance to sit down with her and see where we are on getting charters made for some of the newer awards.

.....Next Thursday will be our Regional Pelican Meeting. It's going to be a Teleconference. Everyone can stay local with no long drives. I'm hopeful that it'll work for us. I have to get the agenda put together and uploaded to the web-site, but that should come together fairly quickly. We'll have a little bit of a learning curve to work through the etiquette of a Teleconference so as to avoid talking all over each other. Although we tend to do that anyway, even when we're meeting face-to-face, so I don't expect that to be any new and vexing problem. :-)

.....Next week will be the full on onslaught of September Crown preparations. Supplies to be purchased. Support verified. Printings done. Talk Ian off the ledge before someone blows a gasket at something he's said (I include myself in that category as well :-)). I think I'm going to try and convince a few people to help me move the water tank on Wednesday. But I need to verify that Barnet will actually be available that day as well. It'll take at least three other sturdy bodies besides myself to make this happen. The tank is not incredibly heavy, but it sure is bulky.

.....The City of Bremerton has been interested in our preparations for September Crown. The Board of Health and I have been playing phone tag for a couple of days now as they are trying to find out about our food merchants who'll be on site. I asked Bronwyn to warn the merchants, but I think I'll send another reminder so that they are all forewarned. We've never worked with the City of Bremerton in this capacity before so I don't really have a good idea of what to expect.

.....The weekend of August 25the and 26th is my last deep breath before it all happens. I intend to sleep in on both days and as leisurely as possible make my final preparations for the event. Lobelia has to come down for clean out and stocking. The stuff in the garage has to be organized so it will go into the U-Haul. I'd also very much like to clean the house at least a little bit as it is an absolute pit at the moment.

.....Then Crown starts, with set-up starting on Thursday, and the masses arriving on Friday, August 31st. Three days later we'll be done and I'll be ready for a good, long rest. Only have to make it through eighteen more days. Keep moving, one day at a time.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Two events down. Two left to go. They are the most difficult ones, but one day at a time. Seventeen days until set-up. Twenty-one days until tear down is complete.

.....TBT and I attended the Huntsman's Challenge this last weekend. The idea was good and those who attended seemed to have a great time. But it was such a small attendance. From what I understand there were something in the neighborhood of between fifty and sixty people registered in the gate books.

.....Lots of reasons as to why were discussed. The fact that August is one crazy busy month is probably the first and foremost. With Autumn War and September Crown in the mix and the fact the typical SCA player has only so much time and funding to budget for an event brings it down to a choice many times. Do I go here or there?

.....I didn't realize that William Tell, another big archery event, was only a few weeks away as well. It has a long and established history too. So I could see why many would choose William Tell if it came down to a choice between archery events.

.....TBT and I wandered the event on Saturday, but mainly spent the day with Countess Elisabeth under the PoofKAS. Saturday's weather, while sunny, had a little bit of a breeze which made it almost chilly underneath the big pavilion. TBT did a lot of embroidery and I mainly tried to relax and net fret about September Crown. :-)

.....The potluck late in the evening was really good. Richard grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone still present provided for the potluck. As usual no one went away hungry. :-) We had a small Court where we gave Snapdragons to Thorfinn and Khulan for all their work in archery over the past years. We've been trying to catch up to them for a while and finally had the chance.

.....Sunday was the breakdown of site. The archers spent most of the morning on the ranges, so we finished around 4PM.

.....The drumbeat for September Crown keeps speeding up and getting louder. Tonight is a Team Haggis III meeting. We will nail down final placement of all the big activities. Which should be fairly straight-forward. We were just wrestling with exactly how much space the Erics and surrounding pavilions took up. It's quite a bit. Dragon's Laire is not going to get as really nice a spot as originally planned for camping. But the alternative is not really that bad either, so we'll make it work.

.....After that it is all about the set-up. People are starting to get excited about a Thursday set-up of site. I do not want five hundred people milling about over the day on Thursday! So we're trying to be judicious on things. We'll get lines painted in the morning. Start setting up Baronial infrastructure after that. Later in the day the Kingdom Trailer will arrive with Talon and we'll start setting up the main pavilions on the Erics.

.....Every available frontage foot around the Erics has been claimed. We're starting to urge people to share, bring their smaller pavilions, turn their pavilions sideways, whatever we can do to fit more of them in. But pretty quickly here we'll have to start letting people know that we can't fit them in. We're going to do our best to accommodate until the end.

.....Serjeantry Trials this Saturday. Thankfully, most of the administrative stuff is being handled by others now and so we're not driving ourselves crazy trying to set up stuff for it as well as prepare for Crown. Need to remember to some special gratitudes on that score. Even though we've been running with testing throughout the summer, Saturday will still be a long day. It ended up being fun last year, but may be a bit more grueling this year. I still look forward to the final Court where the Serjeantry members are named. Which reminds me that we have to talk to Madrun and Alaricus about what they are going to do for their upcoming Quests.

.....Sunday will be the hauling of hay bales and the water tank to the September Crown site. Need to remember to move the Retinue meeting to later in the day if at all possible. Gwen mentioned making it a dinner meeting. We need to resolve that tomorrow night at the Social. I need to remember to check on when we can access the water tank at Oliver's as well. I think that Sunday he is away at another function. But I don't remember when he goes to do that. I'll have to dig up the e-mail he sent me.

.....Looking forward to the weekend of August 25th and 26th. Sure, it is the weekend before September Crown. But I've been working hard to make it a weekend not tied to meetings and gatherings and such. It is a weekend of preparation at home to get ready for Crown. I'll have to bring down Lobelia for her cleaning and stocking. Then clean the garage so that we can pull everything out for the U-Haul, which will be picked up the Wednesday before Crown. We might even get some of the house cleaned up a little. That would be ultra nice. :-)

.....But, really, what I look forward to the absolute most is the ability to sleep in for maybe one extra hour. That will feel extraordinarily good. :-)

.....Crown is coming together. It looks chaotic as all hell. But these events always do. The people involved know what they are doing for their part and will get them done. The Region is really coming out to help, which is very much appreciated. There will be complaints and issues and stupid things that happen. But that is normal and we'll deal with them all. But the Crown Tournament will happen on Sunday. We will sit on the hillside overlooking the Tournament Field and cheer all the fighters onward to glory.

.....That's the part I keep forgetting in all this. There are reasons I really do like this site. It has some nice views and will set up for some nice activities viewing. The fields are flat and level. It is relatively close to town. There are reasons it might make a good June Faire site. We just have to see how it works.

.....Team Haggis III meeting awaits....

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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