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.....Presented without comment:

In streams of colours ribbons gaily danced.
The patterns spelled all with contented joy.
Their smiles in witness to their souls entranced.
As fluttering cloth teased with gestures coy.

The circle spins about the tree of life.
Silk streamers marching now in practiced gait.
They step up and down seemingly in strife.
The intricate moves coalesce to mate.

Emerging from warm, soft cocoon at last.
The sweet spring sap will flow throughout the trunk.
Bright fragrant buds from reaching limbs are cast.
Springs bounty water clean is keenly drunk.

Life's ecstacy is joyfully unbound
As circle's sweet beginning is now found.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....For an hour or so this morning it actually looked and felt like Spring for just a little. I caught myself staring out the window a couple of times. It's totally gone now, but a sonnet of sorts assembled. Needs to be 'fixed', as is normal. But wanted to get the words down before I forgot them.

When petals pink sigh softly on the wind.
As joyous kisses they strain towards the Earth.
In passion they caress her honied skin.
To whisper to her of undying worth.

Her heart beats swift with warm waves of the land.
Blood coursing through veins made hot by the sun.
Life filled with purpose grasped firm by her hand.
Its essence flashing as gems on the run.

She surges joy, sleep shaking from her soul.
As promises made quickly are fulfilled.
A yearning to breath deep from plenty's bowl.
Across a growing green Earth nature's tilled.

The winter's dark sleep thrust away in haste.
To welcome rebirth from Spring's first grown taste.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I think what separates artists, or masters at their crafts, and those trying to attain that status, is the ability to access their inner talent. I'd like to be there some day and will keep working towards it. In the meantime I'll consider myself a journeyman.

.....My main failing seems to be patience. I have an idea in my head and try to put it on paper. But I don't have the patience to see it through. The thoughts just keep pushing faster and faster until the 'awake' part of my brain accepts whatever words are available to fit the logic of the piece rather than thinking through the right words to complete the piece. I think I'll truly make it there when I figure out how to make patience win the day.

A strand of silver the horizon met.
The path behind that glimmered with the past.
I walked directed forth as Father Time set.
Through multitude experiences vast.

The thread is mine alone to find its end.
What seems a straight path in truth madly winds.
Joins others at times with their voices they lend.
The ordinal is loneliness that binds.

But on this journey thought to be a curse.
Discovery is written in my tome.
The thread connection to the universe.
What was a wandering was in truth home.

All of existence is a tapestry.
All intersecting by geometry.

.....Aaron / Arontius.

Number 36.

Dec. 12th, 2012 08:25 pm
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.....Almost done. We have final review tomorrow and the big test on Friday. I desperately tried to get my testing moved to Thursday so I could join in the premier of The Hobbit, and it looked for a while like I had succeeded. But on Monday the ruling came down. I'm stuck in testing on Friday. Sigh!

.....But I'm almost done! Next week will be a headache, but it'll be a headache at my regular desk, with regular things to get done, and no information being crammed down my throat like some goose being prepared for fois gras. Which, actually, is a pretty good analogy of the past two and a half weeks.

.....Sonnetry is whirling around in my brain. I'm not in a mood to polish it, but want to get what I have in to being so I can work on it later.

The path before them glittered fiery light.
A paving of glass shards in tortured shapes.
Their feet paid tolls in bloodied oaths of plight.
Their will resolved, about their shoulder drapes.

The lamentations heard on either side.
Those many whose gaze strayed from the true faith.
Or those for whom pain they could not abide.
All those who will forever be a wraith.

Together they walked forth with clasping hands.
A fortress to withstand all that assault.
With fortitude gained with their nuptial bands.
Trials overcome to heaven they will vault.

With laughter bold, they declare that they've won.
The love they share is much more strong than one.

.....Two more days. Two more days. Only two days left.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Kind of dark in tone, but presented without further comment...

Soft darkness gently falls on the cold ground.
Sharp edges slice the air with moves precise.
In layers intricate that muffles sound.
The fragile filaments wave to entice.

A shroud that cocoons the soul in tight wraps.
Against the cold the blanket will protect.
The warmth of life a memory that traps.
And to the living comfort will affect.

The raucous piercing cries disharmonize.
A myriad of black wings filter sight.
They obscure future to deny the wise.
Their laughter taunting with chaotic might.

The past is woven in deeds of the day.
The cloth is worn that will show future's way.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Some people doodle when they are bored, some perform mental exercises. I? I work on bad sonnetry. :-)

.....Presented without further comment.

A brilliant dawn does rise with Beauty's smiles,
On swift wings trav'ling both the earth and skies.
Her presence spreading love across the miles,
As precious jewels gathered by the wise.

Bright heaven's mistress shines fierce radiance.
All bow to reverence her mighty gaze.
Those daring are made blind by arrogance.
In waves of heat around her she will raze.

In jealousy she sternly will advance.
Her face a forging of hot molten fire.
To be met boldly with a laughing glance.
The piercing eyes toss all within the pyre.

Within as well without her Beauty found.
The victory beatitude unbound.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I went to a several hour meeting today, which was a repeat of the same meeting I'd been to last week. In other words I could have given the presentation. I swear that at some point I'm going to pick up some wire weaving and start working on it during one of these things at work.

.....Since I'm not a scribbler and did not feel the need to take notes, not even a little bit, I puts words together to see how they'd fit into a sonnet. Not necessarily the most thought out sonnet, but it did come together for the most part.

Arising from a pulsing, glowing pool,
An ember wafts high into the wide sky.
On streams of thought it's carried as a jewel,
And travels great lengths for a bed to lie.

Alighting on a tight wove forest seam,
It smoulders, slowly darkens then to sleep.
A sadness in the passing of a dream,
As chilled and dripping roots its warmth they reap.

But not all souls as this are marked for death.
A sudden breeze is felt amongst the trees.
As God's plan summons life back with a breath.
A coaxing whisper brings joy that will please.

Love is the fire to a soul God will gird.
Renewal of its flame a simple word.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....This cold thing seems to be kicking my rear. I'm not hacking and coughing badly, but I sure feel run down. Going to the Quilt Show and having lunch with TBT today just about did me in. So I spent the rest of the day watching the Tele and scribling bad sonnetry. I'm hoping I feel a little more human tomorrow.

Amongst the rows of pretty patterns laid,
A labyrinth of color beguiles me.
Sweet breath inhaled, awareness will doth fade.
Fronds sway as God sings soft to them in key.

In harmony a voice arises sweet,
A music suddenly creating life.
A bright ethereal being of heat,
Who dances in air to tunes on a fife.

A magic being woven in the air,
Of words and light built of a beauty fierce.
Its strength a challenge to all who would dare.
Its love a weapon all hearts it can pierce.

Creation is a union with the blesst.
The essence of the universe confessed.

.....Now I think it is time to go and dig up something for dinner. And maybe something hot to drink. It is cold in here.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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....This is called 'speed sonnetry'. Not to be confused with 'speed dating', although they are very similar concepts. You meet for a very short amount of time with a concept which you have to impart as much impression as possible as clearly as possible, while maintaining a certain amount of charm and wit.

.....Well, I tried. :-) And it was for TBT on a Valentines Day. :-) And it was done in under an hour.

As Venus rising from divine embrace,
A beauteous gem glimmering on high.
All else is dim and pale next to her grace.
The creatures of light on her do draw nigh.

I gaze in wonder at this wondrous light.
My heart a welcome captive in love's grasp.
My memory forever etched with sight.
Her ev'ry curve cause my lungs to gasp.

As time flows swiftly towards eternity.
Its passage only increases the love.
And gazing on this face of majesty.
Shows God's great presence with gifts from above.

To cherish this treasure is my desire.
As beauty quenches my heart with sweet fire.

.....Happy Valentine's Day, TBT. You are definitely my favoritist Valentine of all. :-)

.....Love, Aaron.
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.....I have just been supremely uninspired to do anything remotely productive, so I started scribbling on some sonnetry. Now that I have it out of my system, I should go and grab some blue dye from Madrun and see how far I can make it on my banner today.

The cup of gold shines brightly in my dreams.
Its power feeding my heart from its spring.
An inner pulsing light with Love's warm beams.
From source renewing ever it will bring.

I reach to grasp this icon to my chest,
The silken strands of mist shroud gloried rite.
My hands clench naught by shades of empty jest,
With sympathy a kiss divine will bite.

Illusion it seems to this mortal life.
A fantasy to dull a restless mind.
Yet deities speak with their voices rife,
Words ethereal cast spells that could bind.

When the divine can not be seen nor born.
Accept what heart and soul to life adorn.

.....I'm starting to get to the point where I might be able to submit fifty sonnets for the 5YC celebrations. I might have to give some thought to that.

.....Time for a lunch something I think. I'll see if TBT is at a good stopping point. She's actually being artistic today, a very good thing for the world. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Saw this on a daily Live Journal quote feed: "The hardest thing about 'everything happens for a reason' is waiting for the reason to come along." I tell myself that line about 'everything happens for a reason' all the time and pretty much feel the same way as I can be a very unpatient person. I think I hang out with Gwen too much. :-)

.....Feeling very unmotivated this morning to do things on the official 'to do' list, so I worked on Sonnetry, thought about things, and watched bad TV instead. Here are the results:

Celestial fires shine fiercely in her eyes.
A mystical mosaic beckoning.
Lights to guide the paths of the searching wise,
Set in a face resolved in reckoning.

A toss moved Heaven's pools in ripples wide.
The ebony waves flowing raptures joy.
They followed laughter and with them abide,
As gifts she prepared to give as a foy.

The constellations spoke of journey's end,
A rainbow path to the lands of the sun.
Entranced I followed this way that did wend.
The Lady's virtuous call it did run.

The labyrinth of life a journey fair.
When destined to find wondrous beauty rare.

.....A 'foy' is a Scottish term for a gift, or a drink, or a present that is often given at a wedding or other joyous occasion. I read the term the other day in an archaeology article of all places and it struck me as interesting. I'd never seen it before (that I could remember) :-).

.....Now it really is time to do something productive, or I'll just feel badly at the end of the day. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Two sonnets in a week. I'm on a roll:

The summer blossoms teased with fragrance sweet.
Words proclaimed recklessly in drunken vows.
A covenant of rings on heads will seat,
To bind in service for their lands to dowse.

The petals swiftly fell to Winter's breath,
A rotten stench now from decaying life.
Harsh voices rising with the bite of death,
Across a ravenous land mad with strife.

The battlements were nearly overrun,
In foes disguised in cloth of friendship fair.
The rings were targets bright as summer sun,
To blind those who would challenge with no care.

The innocence of youth a precious gift,
When wisdom from the ashes you must sift.

.....Somewhat dark and brooding. Need to get some Vitamin Sunlight I think.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Sometimes these things just seem to lurk, stalking me until I exorcise them by putting them in black-and-white. Things have been rather intense lately, which doesn't usually lead to bright and cheery rhymes, even when forced. But this one valiantly tries to bring hope towards the end.

With flowing stride she softly fills the mind.
The tenebrous long fingers do caress,
A rhythmic dance of beguilement will find,
The soul in a prison by duress.

A breath of wind exhales, and curls the mists.
Soft whispers chase the swirls with secrets fierce.
They grow in strength, their words becoming fists.
Cacophony of pain to minds they pierce.

The trumpets of hope are heard from afar,
As Gabriel's fleet soldiers forward ride.
Brisk winds of joyous voices mists will mar.
Warm fellowship of family will guide.

Dark visions conjured by depraved intent.
Dispelled by the light of the penitent.

.....I need to log in entries via Live Journal again. I've been stalking, but there IS a certain amount of exorcism in pounding out what's on your mind into a blog. I need to remember that more often.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Jotting down some lines for future grooming. It's been a little while since I felt the impulse to even go in this direction. Must have been a good weekend already.

With mystic beauty sensuous hands danced,
To music kept in time with heart's life beat.
Lines moving guided by visions as enhanced,
A pattern of life's journey where ends meet.

Warp and weft clasp in hard embrace.
Creation of a life in brilliant hues,
Cloth with an innocent and joyous grace,
In eagerness to be shaped by the muse.

The dagger twins spar in mock combat fierce,
As they shape fabric on the lines foretold.
Songs are sung for thanks in the hour terce.
Rebirth is witnessed is a story bold.

The garments of life tailored with great care.
Protection offered to that which is fair.

.....Hey, a short entry! See, I have the ability. Doesn't happen very often, but I can. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'd forgotten that I logged into Boingo from Chicago about a year ago. It helpfully connected me to the Internet right away when I opened up the laptop. After charging me $6.95 before I realized what I was doing. Sigh! First thing to remember when signing on to Boingo for the first time. Don't let it do the automatic connect.

.....Two and a half hour layover in Chicago. I prefer waiting for a flight rather than running for the connector though, so am not complaining. Lets me get this poetry thing out of my head and collected somewhere so as not to forget it.

.....I wrote some poetry for a Snapdragon and a Bumblebee scroll a while back now. It was in a Chaucerian style, almost Dr. Suess in its rhyming. I thought they were kind of cool verses when written. But have found out since that they are not universally liked. A scribal person who didn't know that it was me who had written them was complaining about having to calligraph the words not liked on a scroll so painstakingly designed. Talk about an ego blow! But I asked for it and accepted it as criticism from which to improve.

.....I wish I were more talented in that department, as I like reading poetry. But as in most things of the artistic nature, if I ever want to be even marginally readable I'm going to have to work my rear end off. It's not something that comes naturally or easily, like most things come to TBT. That natural artistic ability constantly astonishes me.

.....No, I view myself more along the lines of Bilbo at the Hall of Fire in Rivendell. What I write is 'not really good enough to be recited here', but 'my friends indulge me'. :-)

.....Was thinking of Huginn and Muninn, the Ravens of Odin. I haven't seen 'Thor' yet, and would like to. But am a little hesitant as I'm a mythos junkie and don't want my high idealism slaughtered carelessly. :-) So I have to be in the right frame of mind to sit down for the movie.

.....I'm not sure that Norse mythology is quite right for sonnetry either. But what the heck. :-)

With cries of challenge Thought makes his way,
Heroic deeds and sadness in his wake.
Chaotic winds this raven flies through day,
On his commanding will they're his to take.

Dark Memory glidea silently aloft,
With sensitive touch he collects tales vast.
The streams of time in his flighted wings waft,
The fables of men speak things of the past.

With arms held wide, Life's Tree will welcome home.
His branches strong in their embrace of love.
Its life's blood nourishing them from rich loam.
Prepared for their next journey day above.

The Father of All listens to their tale.
Earth's keeping is his and he must not fail.

.....Maybe I ought to start actually collecting all these things together. They actually might start sounding better if I spent some quality time in polishing them.

.....But then again, you actually need the time to do that in the first place. :-)

.....Sigh! Missing TBT and wishing she could have traveled with me. I think she would have had fun exploring Indiana.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Went to pull out my tablet of infinite notes and discovered a page of half completed sonnetry. So, being the easily distracted, I went ahead and finished as I thought it a bad omen to begin a 'to-do' list with an uncompleted project on top of it. At least that was the excuse for the moment. :-)

.....So, to record the drivel here and tag it appropriately:

With chill winds Winter shouts defiance strong.
She grasps Spring's growth with a clawed icy grip.
With furious intent She blocks Sol's song.
Determined to rule life's will she will rip.

Young shoots that valiantly stretch towards the sky,
Bend to and fro in dances intricate.
Bewitched by Nature's strength told as a lie,
Death's season burns bright with a coal black hate.

But omnipresent is the flame of love.
The warmth that fills the ravaged lands with life.
With gentle laughter chasing from above.
The conquering force with abundance rife.

Faith is the promise that all things must fall.
For balance is the will that governs all.

.....I can't decide if it is hope-full or hope-light (Is the glass half full or half empty)? But parts of it are intriguing. One of these days I'm going to go through all these sonnets and actually groom the ones that have good parts and bad parts intermixed.

.....But not today. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was a pretty typical Monday in that my brain was fried by the time I walked in the door after work. But after a nice dinner and conversation with TBT, and a little Starbucks pick-me-up, I felt at least slightly refreshed and willing to get a few things done. :-)

.....The Serjeantry hand-outs were tweaked and finalized. There is still some longer term work to be done to them, especially as concerns the requirements for Yoemen. But the write-up is complete for tomorrow night's discussion at Fight Practice. Only thing left to do is print out a dozen or so copies and practice the fine art of not looking nervous as the presentation is made.

.....Need to speak to Master Andrus, Arion and Cedric about a 'get-together' to talk about fleshing out the Yoemen section, and add appropriate verbiage for Thrown Weapons.

.....The silk banner was tweaked slightly. It needed far less work in outlining than I imagined. But it is now ready for actual painting, which will be done on Wednesday night while TBT is away at a Western Regional Laurel's meeting. I think we'll see both mine and TBT's flying over our pavilion at May Crown. I can't wait to see them. Actually I'm even more excited to get moving on the follow-up generation. I can already see them in my mind. Need to get some more silk ordered as soon as possible.

.....Probably should have been more productive on other things, but had fun looking through TBT's ruffs on display on the web-site she posted in her Live Journal entry this evening. Made me want to do something creative. So I put away thoughts of finishing my taxes for Ingasbo and started working on the Heroic Couplet exercise that Master Gaerred assigned to us on the 'Bards of An Tir' list in Facebook. Kind of wish that group had been done in Live Journal instead of Facebook. But I'll still make it work.

.....The exercise wanted us to conentrate at creating Heroic Couplets. Two lines of Iambic Pentameter, with each line finishing with a rhyme. Five sets of Heroic Couplets were assigned, with bonus points if all five sets were related to the point of creating a cohesive poem. I didn't get the bonus points, but I did manage to finish the assignment:

In ordered rows of grey providing lore
Celestial armies forward into war

With joy they surge in fearsome ships of war
Thrown tridents pierce the dark with bolts that gore

Their streaming manes did roil with efforts fierce
Great hearts in passion heavens soul will pierce

To soar the heavens wide my soul did leap
The beauty in her eyes did make me weep

The summer wind did laugh with childish glee
A warmth that wraps the soul, it is the key

.....I may have to try this again later this week if time allows.

.....On the 'to-do' list for this week are:

.....Tuesday: Fight Practice with Serjeantry Presentation.
.....Wednesday: Work on Silk Banner.
.....Thursday: April Business Meeting.
.....Friday: Relatively Free. Huzzah! :-)
.....Saturday: Trip to J.C. site in the morning. Madrone Banquet in the afternoon / evening.
.....Sunday: Brunch at Gwen's.

.....I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting. Just too tired to remember at the moment though. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I have been subscribing to 'Mother Earth News' for at least twenty-five years now, and have collected every issue ever published. I'm not exactly a farm geek, I leave that for intelligent people like Aelianora. But maybe someday, with a little more time on my hands, I would like to have a garden, raise some chickens, keep some bees, and do some of those things that would promote the self-sustainability front. Managing time has never been my strong talent though. :-)

.....In the latest issue there is a big pull-out section advertising a 'Sustainability Fair' to be held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. The problem? It is the same freakin' weekend as JUNE FAIRE! Wah! The list of classes though is rather spectacular. There are classes on building gardens, setting up solar power and wind power on a small scale. Lectures on raising sheep and chickens. I think the SCA crowd would especially geek out on the classes for beekeeping, cheese-making, flax raising and processing.

.....If Brandy see this entry, I really think she should go. Several lectures on sustainability are planned and I really think she'd enjoy them. If anyone is interested, the web-site is here:

.....Is it sad that I already think about the things I want to do when I'm no longer the Baron? :-) That first year I plan to get a hotel room and spend every single waking moment at the Northwest Folklife Festival the weekend prior to June Faire and not even think about the SCA. :-) I know, sacreligious! :-)

.....Yesterday was a trip to Lacey to worship at the altar that is DAEDIN THE MAGNIFICENT!!!! :-) Actually, it was a bowl painting party sponsored by Mistress Morgaine, but it was held at Daedin's house. It's a worthy cause, the bowls were produced by Mistress Morgaine and Dame Gwenllyn, are painted by volunteers, and then auctioned off for charity. I saw some fantastic designs being created. I came close to actually painting a few times, but I was having too much fun gossiping and laughing with the folks in the dining room. Brighid's apprentice, and her husband, were there. Along with Francisca. Good conversation and good snackies. A nice way to spend a day. I felt a little guilty, but explained it away internally by telling myself that I did my part by bringing the talent down. :-) TBT painted two bowls that I thought were beautiful. :-)

.....Friday was an animated discussion about Serjeantry at the Pancake House. Madrun had had a chance to read through the detailed hand-out for Serjeantry and had a goodly number of talking points. 90% of which I could easily see her point and make mental notes to make changes accordingly. There was that 10% though that I was having a difficult time grokking. I was of the mind-set of making all the styles of Serjeantry the same level of difficulty by making them all do what I considered the same types of activities. Madrun argued the unfairness of making someone on an A&S track do more than what they needed in a martiallate track. It was a stimulating discussion, and I was won over for the most part. And there will be several sections broken out that concentrate on individual styles. Still wrapping my brain around how to conceptualize 'separate but equal'.

.....This Tuesday we have our Serjeantry discussion scheduled to be held at Fight Practice. Not the best venue. Even more so if the weather is bad and we're all squeezed inside. But time is running short and if we're going to take letters of intent at June Faire, then we need to get moving on the process. There have been a number of people interested. This will be our third try at kicking this thing off. I hope that we haven't lost the momemtum.

.....Work has been interesting, even more so than usual. Hard, but amusing at the same time. The government is struggling hard at learning how to do more with less and become more efficient. It has led to some interesting ideas. The part that worries me, but amuses me at the same time is that the 'new and improved' processes are being developed by Senior Management, people all in their 50's and 60's. But their generation is leaving in droves, and these processes are going to have to be run by the Gen Y's and the Millenials coming into the workforce now. What motivates the older generations is not going to work on those in their 20's and 30's. They have a completely different outlook on how life should run. I'm not saying that it is bad or good. It just is, and not taking that into account is going to hurt at some point.

.....Just before I left work on Friday the Comptroller's office called. Last year a large group of managers had been 'keyed' incorrectly into the DFAS database. What that meant was that a large group of us managers were allowed to accrue time and a half if we worked overtime. Being Supervisory Managers, we're not allowed to get time and a half. We get either Comp Time or a reduced time. Luckily for me, my management has been so adamant about 'NO OVERTIME' that I only had one hour on the books for the time period in question. If I needed to come in early or stay late, I just did it as I didn't want to argue for it. The Comptroller on the phone had started with me as I was affected the least by the 'correction'. Ultimately, I'll see a reduction of approximately $23 on my next pay-check to cover the incorrectly paid overtime. I can live with that. However, there were some Managers on the larger Projects with hundreds of hours of overtime on the books. One poor soul is going to have to pay back approximately $12,000.00 in incorrectly paid overtime. The question posed to him will be, 'How do you want to pay that back?' I can't even imagine that. I feel for that person a lot. Wow!

.....Next weekend is the Madrone Baronial Banquet. Our tickets have been paid and we will be there! :-) It'll be interesting to see how a Madrone feast runs. I was surprised last year at how different an Aquaterra feast is from a Dragon's Laire feast. So I'm curious to see the cultural differences in how Madrone feasts go. I think that Mistress Gwenllyn is going with us, so it'll be fun. And we'll still have Sunday to do things at home.

.....But before the banquet we are making the run up to Mount Vernon to meet with the J.C. Planning Team and look over the Edgewater site. I'm rather excited to see the digs and take some measurements. Hopefully I'll remember to bring a camera as well. It would be good to get a few pictures. When the Marketplace is set I can post the listings, their locations, as well as a couple of views of where the Marketplace will be. I advertised the Marketplace Applications on the An Tir Merchant's E-List, but not widely distributed it. I'm still not sure how many merchants we're going to be able to squeeze in there. But I have already received four applications, with checks. And have sent out many others to individuals. Among them Pastiche, who'll hopefully make the trip.

.....Master Garraed put the Sonnet Coronet on hold in Facebook to guide us through some 'Heroic Couplet' exercises. His thoughts being that maybe going back to some of the basics would help both those of us who are a little rusty as well as encourage some few of those holding back because they think it is beyond their capability. No one has responded yet. I need to work on some today if I can block a little free time. Hmmm.

.....NORWESCON in only a few weeks! I can't wait!!!! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm in the mood to write this week for some reason. Hope this muse sticks around for a while. :-)

.....I wrote this one within the rules we've been recently following on the 'Bards of An Tir' group in Facebook. This is the ABBA ABBA CDDC CD rhyme scheme that follows the Italian format. I'm not sure that I personally would fall in love with that particular style as it seems almost 'jerky' in its rhyming. Or abrupt. Or, I suppose it could be my style.

.....But I'm also thinking that there was a reason that the sonnet 'evolved' when it was introduced into England and morphed into it's own 'standard' of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. This fits the English language more I think and makes the rhyming flow a little better if in English. At least I think. I'll have to do a little more reading to see if my theory actually has any truth to it.

.....But here is the entry for keeping:

Will murmur by the hour in foxglove bells.
And listen for the answer in air sweet.
Waves of scent that beguile heart's foolish beat.
As she strides through swells of spring's flowered fells.
A smile that blazes with the love it tells.
The eyes pierce your soul, with light it will heat.
A hand that reaches whimsy's season feat.
To grasp your essence in warm sheltered cells.
A captive, wings beat in hope of escape.
With knowledge all was always lost did loom.
The silver dust a requiem in bloom.
A sparkle as of heaven's arcing drape.
Love's sweet strength happily worn as a cape.
In truth the prison, into which we doom.

.....I again stuck to the original rules, which had us picking two consecutive lines of the original Wordsworth and using them as the first and last lines of your creation. I think I did a little better at incorporating them this time. Although there are a few other lines I would change.

.....Need to 'cleanse the pallet' and write some English or Spenserian stuff here shortly. It'll feel good to see some more of that verse in black-and-white.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm not a big Facebook fan, but Jahnkin started a 'Bards of An Tir' group there in which a Sonnetry 'challenge' was thrown out by Master Garraed. Given a sonnet by Wordsworth, the challenge was to take two consecutive lines and make them the first and last lines of a Sonnet of your making.

.....Rhyme Scheme is ABBA ABBA CDDC CD. Iambic Pentameter as usual.

.....The rules were modified later, which went unnoticed by me. But I did enjoy both the entries by others and the writing of my own. If I had given myself more time to edit, I think I could have beat this more into submission. But I wanted to a.) get something submitted before the group moved onwards, and b.) get something submitted before my brain was beaten up by dealing with the Shipyard tomorrow.

.....I did have fun with it however, and hope that the challenge continues.

.....Here is the original Wordsworth:

Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow room
And hermits are contented with their cells;
And students with their pensive citadels;
Maids at the wheel, the weaver at his loom,
Sit blithe and happy; bees that soar for bloom,
High as the highest Peak of Furness-fells,
Will murmur by the hour in foxglove bells:
In truth the prison, into which we doom
Ourselves, no prison is: and hence for me,
In sundry moods, 'twas pastime to be bound
Within the Sonnet's scanty plot of ground;
Pleased if some Souls (for such there needs must be)
Who have felt the weight of too much liberty,
Should find brief solace there, as I have found.

.....And here is my construction using the first two lines as the first and last lines of my sonnet:

Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow room.
A hutch of six sides that provides a home.
A craddle holding bodies in rich loam,
From which they will emerge babes from the womb.
In the deep night from the dark of their tomb,
Their souls sail heavens ways in ships of foam.
Unfetter'd from this earthly weight they roam,
The mysteries of God they will illume.
The manna of divinity is joy.
It nourishes these sailors from deep wells,
As their ships navigate swift moving dells.
Springs effervescent as loves endless toy.
A world essential to the nun who's coy.
And hermits are contented with their cells.

.....I could improve the whole thing significantly had I seen the revised rules, which stated that one only needed to use one line from Wordsworth somewhere in your sonnet. I would definitely remove the last line of mine and replace it with something that completed it better.

.....But I'm recording it here in Live Journal so I can track it with my own sonnets. And add commentary to later creations.

.....Fun though. Should probably poke at Sir Richard and get him added to the Facebook group. He would present some good material to the group, I'm sure.

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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