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.....It's just about time to head off to the August Business Meeting at the VFW Hall. I'm dragging my feet a little as I'd rather stay at home and catch up on chores that have been accumulating. Or maybe I'm just a little bit peopled out at the moment. Or maybe it is because TBT is headed out for the first meeting of the new Laurel Regional Meeting in Tacoma. I'll be by myself at the Business Meeting. It may actually be a noticeably smaller Business Meeting with all the Laurel in absentia.

.....If nothing else I have to go and get a couple of signatures from Ralg to finish off a few An Tir / West War checks. Envelopes are made out, checks and Request Forms are complete. Once Ralg signs them off they will go into the mail tonight. Which means that I will be able to finalize the reports and journal for An Tir / West War this weekend and put it away for the next year and a half or so. Nothing came in for printing from Baron Finn, so I'm going to call that one a wash for the moment. We may end up with a little bit of refund from the Biffy and / or Trash People. But that is pretty standard. I'll also get a good handle on exactly how much profit the event made though and it'll be on the agenda at September Crown to discuss how much of it to move over to the Kingdom Coffers.

.....I need to start pestering Etiennette for the agenda for the September Crown Financial Committee Meeting. I'm not entirely sure if it'll be myself or her running the show. Etiennette has the knowledge base at the moment and knows what is happening with the accounts and the Kingdom. She is also coordinating the completion of the second quarter branch reports. So she may end up chairing the meeting whether she likes it or not. :-) I should probably warn her, I suppose.

.....After a couple of weeks of relative peace, issues started popping up this week in rapid succession. A number of check requisitions to be processed were near the top of the list. Review of the updated Kingdom Financial Policy is gaining priority rapidly. However, the biggest surprise dropped in from Society. In preparation for PayPal, Society is pushing at a clean-up of the accounts across all the Kingdoms accounts. This includes clearing out all the NMS back-log. Every Kingdom has a listing of events Society feels should have paid NMS, but for some reason did not. An Tir has its own list. Elonda has been working diligently to whittle our list down to nothing. To be honest, I've been incredibly impressed with her diligence and tenacity at dealing with the branches who owe forms, funds, or both. She's managed to do it all professionally, and with no snarkiness or condescending attitude at all.

.....The biggest test of this came in the form of an e-mail from the Society Treasurer. Using extreme 'Corporate Speak' with a great deal of bombastic language, a note arrived in my e-mail describing how the Kingdom was in arrears and needed to 'take action and not sit on a dire situation'. This was in regards to the NMS funds that the Society Offices feel haven't been paid by An Tir to them that should have been. The implications ran deep to the affect that An Tir was deliberately avoiding payment of something owed to Corporate and that we had until early October to make good 'or else'.

.....I understand completely that when dealing with legalities and money we want to get away from the 'club' and treat the administrivia as a 'Business'. You have to do that in today's Corporate and litigious environment. I'm not opposed to that at all. It's when you end up treating your own membership like a tenant you feel is trying to cheat you out of a payment that I object. We're all here for the same thing, to support the concept of the SCA. Treat me professionally and like an adult. Don't treat me like a bad debt. You don't even know me or know all the details. Sigh.

.....After a little back-and-forth, and some excellent communication from Elonda, the SCA Treasurer stepped back a little from the Corporate mindset and started treating us a little better. The tension dropped rapidly after that and we're getting things answered and solved quickly. Right now we're trying to come to consensus as to what exactly defines NMS in terms of an event, which will determine just what events in An Tir owe funds to Corporate. I suspect that An Tir will end up owing money to the Corporate Entity. Exactly how much we shall see.

.....My 'to-do' list for the Exchequer's Office is growing rapidly! It is its own list already as a matter of fact. I need to get hopping to get a group of Deputies on board and working. We have a possible / probable replacement for Elonda when she starts working the Corporate Job full-time. Etiennette is working to get her Transfers Deputy on board and working. I'm hoping to get Deputies lined up to support Bank Accounts (monitoring and set-up); Reporting; and Federal I.D. Number Verification (in preparation for the setup of State Subsidiaries). I'd also like to get a Training Deputy set-up on rolling, but still hoping I can sit down and persuade Etiennette to take on that particular tasking.

.....As soon as I'm starting to feel comfortable in my position, the push and focus will be to put together a comprehensive training program and get it implemented. I would like the branch exchequers to start building internal networks to help each other locally to review their own records and reporting and help each other learn and grow. There is too much learning by trial-and-error. Too much isolation as well. I would very much like the exchequerate to network much more than they are. It is a goal of mine.

.....Another surprise has been the Kingdom Records themselves. I found out recently that starting with Elonda, the Kingdom Financial Records had to be re-built almost from scratch. She could not get her predecessor to give them up. I'm hearing various stories as to why that is. The most widely used one being that he wanted to get them organized before turning them over. But apparently when Etiennette tried to get to these files to look for information in regards to a couple of past issues, she could not actually get to the files themselves and had to go to other sources to get her information. This will become a priority on my list of things to get done. These files are located in Tacoma. Not that far away. I need to start sending out the e-mails and phone calls and see if I can convince him to let me have the files sooner rather than later. Although, enough time has now passed to where these files may not be of much use.

.....Need to get an Exchequer's Meeting on the docket for September Crown. Which means I should probably check in with Julia and make sure I have use of the Seneschale's pavilion during the time frame I want on Saturday of the weekend. The agenda is already being built, with NMS and reporting being at the top of that list. Networking and communications following closely behind.

.....His Excellency let me know on Tuesday that I was one of the people on the June Faire Advisory Panel. Since then I've learned that Madrun and Diomedes are also members. That's three of us. We'll probably learn who the other six are at the Business Meeting tonight. Hopefully we'll learn also when we will meet and the exact purpose of the Panel. Does His Excellency want something specific for June Faire? Or is this first year going to be a concentration of finding out what will work best for the Barony and then working towards some tenable compromise. I have no idea really what to expect. From that standpoint alone I find the concept to be interesting. The clock is ticking though. A June Faire Board is generally put together by September and starts on the tasking list by November. Whatever plan we implement has to move along fairly quickly. I'm hoping that we're not going to be expected to run June Faire 2016? I would have to bow out at that point. But with nine people on the panel I don't think that is the direction we're headed.

.....Gwen posted a note to a group of us speaking to the Artisans Holiday Craft Faire she wants to do again this year. She wants to hit the SCA hard with advertising, which is why she thinks my circlets might be a draw for sales. I'm not so sure, but I thought it would be interesting to be part of the group. So I told Gwen that I was 'in' and would pay whatever share was needed from me for space rental and advertising costs.

.....I have a number of raw designs in the garage and could probably put together twenty or thirty for a sale at the VFW Hall, depending upon which date is agreed upon. It was sounding like October, but TBT and I kept thinking it was a November sale. Like the weekend after Thanksgiving. I would prefer that weekend actually as it would give me a little more time to put together some merchandise. I'll have to dig up the display stand and all the other accoutrements that go along with circlet sales. I haven't actually done a booth in a number of years, but I never did get rid of the gear. Just have to find it all and pull it together.

.....I was putting together a list of everything I would need to support a booth and was reminded of the stash of pendants I have in storage as well. At least 60 - 80 pendants with Ingasbo designs on them. After the years they've been in storage I'm sure they'll need some polishing and clean-up. But other than that they could be ready to go fairly quickly. I think the only problem at that point is what to charge for them. Which has always been a problem with Ingasbo 'stuff'. A lot of hours go into making a circlet or etched design. More than most are willing to pay, especially in a world where China can mass produce this stuff for pennies on the item. I have a suspicion that people are not going to want to pay for circlets and pendants that pay me even minimum wage! But I suppose that I do not need the funds to make a living, so I do not want to give this stuff away either. And, I suppose I could be surprised. We may get all set up and find out that people really will pay decent prices.

.....The water was removed from the nettle bath the other day and the nettle stalks are now drying. Countess Elisabeth took a look at them and thought them not worth the effort. She thinks that I waited too long to pull the stalks last year and am ending up with more woody debris rather than workable fiber. Which means that when these stalks finish drying out and I take a hammer to them I'll end up with a pile of dust rather than some woody dust and a bundle of fiber. I'm not quite ready to give up though, so I'm going to let this stack of nettle stalks finish drying out and see what happens. Even if I end up with just a little bit of usable fiber it will have made the experimentation worth the effort we went through over the past year.

.....I'm also going to make plans to start nettle harvesting in June next year though. The Spring rush should be done, but the nettle will not have started flowering and going to seed yet. I think that is where my basic mistake originates. When I went out harvesting this last time, I should have concentrated on nettle that did not yet have flowers on it. It would have taken some more time, but I might have ended up with a higher quality crop. Hopefully, a 'lesson learned' for next year.

.....When the Recorder Guild went on temporary hiatus this last Spring, a small part of my mind thought it was a dead thing again until I had the time and energy to drive it forward. But I was surprised this last week when I was suddenly included on an e-mail chain from RedBow essentially organizing a Recorder Guild to play locally. It invited both SCA members and members from other local Early Music groups, and wasn't just limited to recorders. She actually gained some interest from a couple of people who play as part of the Early Music group in Seattle. They might play at SCA events, but were already talking about concerts in other venues and situations. Their music selection also went beyond the Renaissance and firmly into the Baroque, with some rather nice pieces as part of their regular repertoire.

.....I asked RedBow if she accidently put my name on the e-mail traffic and she said no and that she was hoping that once things had settled out a little bit for me that I might want to come and play with them. RedBow had heard about Mom and sent her condolences as well. The whole conversation, while a little strange coming from RedBow, was very pleasant and thoughtful on her part. I'm really digging their music selection as well. So I'm thinking that maybe I'll see about whether I can block out the time to attend their practices. I think it would be fun.

.....Just have to be careful about over-commitment. I can feel myself playing that game and would rather avoid it. So I need to practice being thoughtful with what I do with my time over the next year. Practice! Practice! Practice!

.....We'll see how it goes.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I may have to go to sleep early tonight. I keep drifting off in front of my keyboard here. But this is my only half-way free day this week and stuff must be done! I feel incredibly unorganized at the moment. I'm hoping that by thinking this through a little bit and putting it all down here will help with at least getting me going in the right direction.

.....Lobelia must be mucked out. She is still a mess from raids earlier this summer. The linens are mostly washed though. I need to sweep out and clean the floors, the bathroom and the kitchen area. A vacuuming would be nice. Then I'll feel like maybe stocking her with clothing and the bins of stuff we pulled out for An Tir / West War. If I can get that far tonight, I'll feel ready for more complete stocking tomorrow.

.....We are combining kitchens over the weekend with some of our RV-mates, which is always helpful and appreciated. We have a shopping list of food to buy. So I need to pull that out of e-mail and make that the start of our 'to purchase' list.

.....Laundry needs to be started. We're mostly through the pile of epicness that was An Tir / West War, but we must be diligent.

.....I've got my merchant list and map ready to go. Must pull out the long tape measure and make sure it goes into Lobelia. Must also pull together a handful of marking spray cans to use in marking out merchant spaces. I need to grab a paint wand for sure. Also need to make sure that the rest of the merchant checks get placed in Lobelia so I can turn them over to the Midhaven Exchequer, or at least the Autocrat, this weekend.

.....I may not get to it tonight, but must stop by the Storage Unit tomorrow and pick up the Baronial Pavilion. I need the roof and at least two walls. I need poles (and should count them out so as to not pick up many extra), then ropes and stakes. Need to also pick up the front leg extensions. Also need to remember to check on a sledge hammer to drive stakes. Plastic sheeting and carpet for the floor of the pavilion. I'm still undecided about what chairs to pack for the weekend. In 2011 we hardly spent any time in the pavilion, so is it worth it to have the multi-part chairs with us? It means a lot of extra parts of which to keep track, and more space it takes up. I'll have to check in with TBT on this one.

.....Saturday is full of meetings. Need to print out the Pelican agenda and have it ready to go. Also need my extension warrant for exchequer ready to go so that Etiennette and Marike can sign off on it. I might also have one ready to go for my deputy Exchequer, Ralg.

.....We're going to talk about the An Tir / West War Financial Committee document. I've got multiple copies of it ready to go so that everyone who wants one for reference has it available. But I need to read through it again. I'll have a fresh eye from having survived the War this year. There might be things that I now know will not work well and can pen-and-ink changes on my master copy.

.....Need to remember the An Tir / West War financial information from this year. I've got checks to pass out to Liesel and to Terra Pomaria. NMS numbers have been figured out, but I don't know if I'm going to have any spare time between now and Friday to get the proper forms filled out and the check into the mail. I should at least be able to prepare it for second signature by Ralph. I do need to log these final checks into the Spread Sheet so I can at least give Jenae and Magdalena a 'final' report to report numbers for their event.

.....Merchants arrive at Noon on Friday. I've got to be on site at least by 10AM. I doubt I'll be able to be there earlier. Need to double-check ferry schedules. I think we'll be O.K. if we catch the 7AM ferry. Which will probably mean a late night tomorrow night. But Merchant Row is all straight lines. I'll probably work on not being my usual anal-retentive self and just mark out the frontage (and not worry about the back ends). The merchants I have in the list are reasonable for the most part. At least I see no real Drama incoming. So they should be fairly flexible. I'm steeling myself for the almost inevitable arrive of Dain the Silversmith. I'm torn as to whether or not I can allow him to set up a booth. We have the space. I need to print out a few extra copies of the Marketplace application just in case.

.....I need to give Rhett a call like right now and see if I can catch him and get a cost for the straw bales (and a mailing address). Jenae wants to essentially give him a deadline to respond, which is what we need to do. But I feel a little strange letting approximately a $1,000 payment go away like that. So I'm going to give him at least another couple of days, up to a week, before I just stop trying to get a response out of him. $1,000? I wouldn't just let something like that go away. Wow!

.....O.K., I'm feeling a little more organized now. At least I have a plan on moving forward. Oi! Wish that things weren't so busy at work. I'd love to just take tomorrow off so I could get organized!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's the Summer Solstice and it is a nice day. A little on the nippy side, but not bad. Plus that bright, yellow thing in the sky felt good when walking to the car. :-)

.....I can tell also that TBT is solidly back on her diet. Know how I can tell? The Rhys Monster is baking brownies. The Brownie Production Machine always gets turned up a notch when TBT goes on a diet plan. I think it tortures me far more than it tortures TBT though. Just sayin'. :-)

.....Tonight is the final June Faire Board meeting for the 2012 Board of Directors. We've been warned that it may go on for a while. Those on this year's Board had ideas they implemented this year that worked out well, and have ideas they would like to see happen during future June Faires'. Which is a good thing, and what you want to see. You take what worked well and build on it to something better. And since we'll be in Port Gamble again for at least one more year, those ideas will come in handy.

.....Need to see if any of this year's Board wants to stay on the Board for next year. I don't think that Madrun does. :-) Talon might though. Marion possibly (although being the Baronial Exchequer may change her mind). I know that Adelheidi does. Angharad, I'm not sure. Brighid, I'm reasonably sure does not. :-)

.....Port Gamble and OPG have been making progress lately in their local disputes with the County and the Port Gamble Native American Tribe who monitors the improvements / changes OPG wants to make to the area. Permits are looking like they are coming together and the tribe is starting to drop some of their demands, or come to compromises on them with OPG. The reinvention of Port Gamble may happen sooner than we anticipated. I am still not seeing hard dates anywhere, so I'm not holding my breath. The future plan also calls for event space as part of the overall plans. Still no real idea of what this 'event space' will be in terms of actual size, but I continue to hope. Open land in Kitsap County is not in abundance, and what is available is not cheap. Anything useable for an event the size of June Faire is to be cherished and maintained as much as possible. Sure, Port Gamble has issues, but give me the perfect site in Kitsap County and I'll show you something we simply would not be able to afford.

.....The notes from last Thursday's September Crown meeting have been completed and issued to the Team Haggis III e-list. There are a lot of things to do in the next two and a half months. But the Team is already motivated and seems excited about wanting to do things. I was cornered last night at the Tuesday Social for a complaint that I am not giving enough for one of the Team Members to do. They were not whining, they just want to be taken seriously and I understand that. So I gave them some more tasking. :-)

.....The notes from last Wednesday's Regional Pelican Meeting have been completed as well. Sending out notes to the Kingdom e-list to solicit for information. One more item removed from my current 'to-do' list. If I can get a couple of free hours tomorrow night, I'll put in the next episode of The West Wing (currently in Season 3) and work on the overall 'to-do' list.

.....Friday is a stop at the heated storage unit to give the Gold Key garb to Adena so it can be laundered post-June Faire. That will not take long though. It is a Payday Friday, so maybe I'll swing home and grab TBT for a night out at dinner. Date nights for us have been pretty dull since putting on the Coronets. Heaven is simply a night of having nothing to do. :-)

.....Saturday looks busy. We have a meeting with Ellen to discuss Serjeantry and start formulating plans for the August Serjeantry Trials. Need to look at the overall summer Serjeantry schedule and see if there are any land mines in it. I don't think so, but it helps if the three of us talk things out to ensure there are no surprises. If all three of us understand the same thing and can articulate it clearly to each other, we have achieved success. :-) There is a lot of work to the Serjeantry Program. One of my fears is that the next Baron and Baroness may simply drop it all together as it requires so much effort that they may not have the time to take it onto themselves. All the more reason to have a sizeable cadre of Serjeantry Members before TBT and I step down. If nothing else, we're hopeful that given all their effort they'll want to see the Program continue and will do the leg-work. Will keep my fingers crossed as I would someday like to take part in that Program myself.

.....Sunday is a Team Haggis III site walk-through out at the Airport. Archery location will be finally decided, which will hopefully open up some more parking (if the land we're going to receive is conducive to parking). We'll have measuring wheels with us and some flags and will get a 'for real' look at how much space the erics will need. We will also want to measure the distance between the metered water and the Equestrian Area. How much hosing will be needed (if we go that route). I'm a big fan of going to the site itself as often as possible. It is easy to forget the feel and lay-out of the space and its actual size. Getting in touch with it gives you better ideas when laying out your plans.

.....'Brave' opens up in theatres this weekend. The animation looks rather stunning in all the commercials I've seen. I think we'll try to go if we can carve up the time to do so.

.....Would like to pull out the Bass Recorder this weekend and see how it sounds through a pass of 'Lady Hammond's Alman'. It is a John Dowland piece that I'm going to do as a single entry next year at KAS / KBC. I probably shouldn't as time is definitely a precious commodity, but I've been missing music a lot lately and I think this will be fun to do. If I can commit even an hour or two a week to practicing it, the song will be passable at least come next March. KAS / KBC looks like it will be local next year, another good incentive.

.....People are gearing up to attend An Tir / West War in a couple of weeks. There is a part of me that still would really like to go. But there is just too much happening this year. I'm already working on plans to attend next year. I volunteered to be the Financial POC for the event, interacting between Etiennette and the Co-Chairs (Jenae and Magdalena). I'd deposit funds into the bank account I hold and then draft checks as needed. As well as provide the required quarterly reports. After September Crown, I could also help with contracts and such if they need it. I learned a lot working almost the same job for Brighid several years back and think I would be a lot more adept at it this time around. Hopefully I can make it seamless and easy for them.

.....This would be my first time at An Tir / West War in a number of years. I think it has been ten years since I was there last. I went with Inga Calle when she was merchanting Ingasbo. That was one hot event in Caversgate. Half of the Populace in attendance were sitting in the river at about 3PM in the afternoon. I still had a lot of fun though and am looking forward to Gold Beach. 2013 will be my first trip there. :-)

.....Time to go to the June Faire meeting.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I actually enjoyed May Crown. Unlike TBT, I'm very much a provincial, so I don't suffer the same angst she does in re-living personal history. When TBT started in the SCA, she shot up the ranks like a comet. Became a Laurel within a few years, and a Royal Peer (Princess / Viscountess) very early on in her career. She hung out with all the cool people early and was an integral part of many a momentous occasion in Artemesia. When she travels to the big Kingdom Events, so sees an overlay of the excitement of days past. The thrill of adrenaline. The knowledge that you could affect things on a very large scale.

.....For me, I started out very slowly. For the first three years of my SCA career practically the only event I attended was June Faire. After that I took on very small jobs and hung out with only a small group of friends. Then slowly built on that foundation. I played almost exclusively inside the confines of Dragon's Laire for almost a decade before I started exploring the big world of An Tir. So when I attend the big Kingdom events, there is still a sense of awe that permeates them. When I roll into site, there is the excitement of knowing a new King and Queen are going to be decided, or Crowned, shortly. There are people to meet that I don't see all that often. There are experiences to have that aren't a part of the fabric of Dragon's Laire.

.....The Kingdom Events are also enhanced, of course, by being the Baron and Baroness. You are there to represent a group of people who are vital to the make-up of the Kingdom. I do my best to watch out for them and enhance their experience in any way I can. Being an introvert by nature, this can sometimes be difficult and I am out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. But I think the exercise is a good one for me. I certainly learn much, make new friends, and experience things that I fondly recall later. For all the whining I do about how difficult it is to wear a Coronet, I will miss it when it is gone and am glad to be doing what I am doing now.

.....The drive was a long one on Friday, but the scenery was good. Lots of good conversation with TBT. We don't often get that kind of extended time alone to discuss any and all subjects under the sun, so I took advantage of the time and kept her talking the whole way to site. :-)

.....We caravanned with Madrun and Dylan (in Florence Radcliffe), Dame Eleanor (in Lord Burghley), and Gwenllyn & Tsuruko (in 'the Tahoe' :-)). I'm not big into caravanning with others as I like to go at my own pace. But it is a good feeling to know that there are people traveling with you in case something troublesome comes up. Stopping for a bit to eat and you have instant companionship. And there are others to help you find your way if you get lost. :-)

.....We ended up getting a start from the Mullenix Park-And-Ride at about 8:30 to 8:40AM. Gwenllyn was LATE!!! :-) We made good time though going over Snoqualamie Pass and stopping for lunch in Wynatchee. About three quarters of the way to site we ended up following along with Jess Roe of Prose And Steel, who drives a little slower than I would have liked. Which surprised me considering the type of person he is.

.....We rolled into site about 3:30PM. Jullila (the Autocrat), [ profile] julillamagna, greeted us at the gate, with her ever present smile and wave. An attitude she managed to maintain the entire weekend. She did an absolutely fantastic job of being the Autocrat Team Chairman for May Crown. I hope she does more of these events as she is a natural. After a break of course.

.....THL Mateusz had a site marked out for the Barony fairly close to the Erics, right behind Merchant's Row. We had a rather good turn-out for the weekend. We had ten pavilions in our enclave and nineteen people in that area alone from Dragon's Laire. Over in the RV Ghetto were also Master Ralg and Dame Ellen. Over in the Royal Encampment were Master Cedric, Dame Brighid, Don Talentus, THL Jenae, and Lady Magdalena. What is that? Twenty-six people? I would definitely consider that a good turn-out.

.....TBT and I shared a pavilion. THL Madrun was to our right. Lord Radmund started out to Madrun's right, but was moved across the street by the burst water pipe later in the evening on Friday. To our left were Dame Gwenllyn and Tsuruko Sensei in the 12x12 with awning that I lent them for the weekend. To their left were Master Andras and THL Liesel, along with CeCe and Lady Elisabeth Trostin and her daughter Cassie in their own tent. Across the street from them were THL Alaricus and THL Kassandra in their large tent. THL Renart and THL Aelianora were next to them. Then Mateusz and THL Rycheza. Dame Eleanor was beside them. With THL Caius and THL Nidda in the final tents (before Radmund moved in next to them).

.....The weather on Friday was not bad at all, although the sun was fierce. Set-up of pavilions did not take all that long. We headed out to dinner at about 7PM and had dinner at an Australian Steak house on the north side of Omak, which was tasty. After a stop at Safeway for ice and water (after we learned that water to site had been shut off), we made it back to site around 10PM. At that point I thought about wandering site, but I was done for the day and just went to bed.

.....The night was cold, but not unbearably so. I managed to sleep rather well and slept in the next morning until at least 5:30AM or so. Gwen and Tsuruko woke up around 6:30 or 7AM and make short work of preparing breakfast, for which I was very grateful. I took off fairly soon after for my 8AM Pelican meeting.

.....If I end up having any influence whatsoever, I'm going to push to move the Pelican meeting out to 9AM or 10AM (or later) at September Crown. Wish me luck! :-) The meeting itself was really foo-free for the most part (or, the foo that was experienced was expected, which made it not so bad to experience). It went by rather quickly as well. A little after 9AM, I was wandering back to camp to pull stuff together for the rest of the day and putting them into the Dragon Bag, which made its usual appearance at the Pelican Meeting. :-)

.....At 10:30AM we met with a group of the Western Regional Barons and Baronesses at the Aquaterra Pavilion to talk about the June Faire Board of Directors as a concept. I had invited Madrun and Magdalena along for just that purpose. But the majority of the time, almost two hours, was spent talking about Serjeantry. It is interesting how Serjeantry as a concept is really taking off again around the Kingdom. It is modifying itself to fit new uses. Everyone has ideas on what they want to see happen with it, which is making each Barony's 'plan' more and more different from both the original model and from each other to fit their own individual culture. A very fascinating conversation it was. There seems to be consensus that we should do more as a Region together, but there is still a lot of gap to bridge before we can really talk of combined Trials.

.....We lined up for the Grand Processional a little after 12:30PM. There were not a whole lot of branches represented after the seventy-seven fighters were introduced to the Crown. But it was good to come together as a Barony and process into Court. I think that most, if not all, of us in attendance for the weekend processed in. A rather nice sight that was. :-)

.....After the Processional, TBT and I handed out our tokens to those fighting in the Crown lists. Master Cedric and Master Andras were first as they were direct representatives of Dragon's Laire. But we also presented tokens to Sir Rauokinn and Mistress Inga, two people both TBT and I find incredibly inspirational.

.....During the fighting of Crown we had a lot of fun from the Baronial Pavilion recognizing practically everyone who crossed in front of us. Many were surprised, but most found our antics to be amusing and were friendly in return. I think people like being recognized in any situation, even in such a silly capacity.

.....The silliness only expanded though during the evening Court. TBT and I sat directly behind Countess E. and we messed with each other the entire time. We passed out booze by the bottle, teased each other incessantly, and, I think, even managed to embarrass Master James in his capacity as Court Herald. Although he deserved it with how he butchered names of those being called forth! :-)

.....Upon completion of Court we migrated back to camp for dinner. Even though we didn't plan a communal dinner, practically everyone there shared a little of what they had made for themselves. Then we gathered around the firepit for the evening bardic gathering. It started off a little rocky, as per usual. But picked up steam as the evening progress. We were rarely, if ever, in key. But everyone there had fun, which was the intent. Lady Magdalena joined in at one point with her absolutely wicked sense of humor. Master Cedric sang with us a little, completely off-key, which matched my off-key rather well. So it was still a win as far as I was concerned. :-)

.....Caius and Nidda pulled out their ukelele's after a while and played instrumental to a few songs. They ended up playing one of my absolute favorite songs of all time, Hallalujuha. I know the words by heart, but couldn't seem to make the decision as to whether I just wanted to listen to it sung, or to sing along. It ended up being a hodge-podge on my part. But I still enjoyed it immensely.

.....After a couple of hours we all grew tired of singing and migrated in different directions. I followed Brighid and the Seneschallettes over to the big party of the evening. But I didn't stay long as I was rather tired at that point. I ended up in bed by 11PM. I AM getting old. :-)

.....The next morning was another early rise. I was up around 6AM and started quietly breaking down camp before everyone woke up. By the time TBT was stirring, all the decorations were down and ready for stowage. The Curia meeting started at 8:30AM, and I managed to get quite a bit of the campsite put away before having to run.

.....The Kingdom Financial Committee meeting was extra long due to the discussions on Kingdom Events. I did witness Jenae and Magdalena present their bid for An Tir / West War. They were very professional! :-) The bid was a shoe-in, although I did get volunteered to help. Etiennette insisted that their event have its own warranted Exchequer and they asked me to do it. I could not say 'no'. :-) Besides, it will not be a big deal at all. I just reminded myself that I have a couple of questions to e-mail Etiennette about funds for the event.

.....I gave my September Crown report a little later, and it was probably the shortest report I've ever given! I was antsy at that point as I wanted to breat down camp and get on the road! :-) And about an hour and a half later, we were. Still in our caravan. We made it home by 6PM.

.....It was a good weekend. I enjoyed it. And I missed Lobelia only a little bit. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Long day at work today. Although not nearly as bad as it could have been. I was able to access my e-mail a couple of times last week in Crane and so was able to stave off the most critical of crises happening while I was away. Today was just the clean up of the mess left behind. It also helped that there is definitely the signs of a vacation exodus at work. Lots of open spaces in the parking garage.

.....Which obliquely reminds me that if I want to take TBT and the Rhys Monster to the Shipyard Family Day in August, I've got to get them registered before Friday. Must remember!

.....Ran into Madrun this evening at Fred Meyers, where I once again wished that I was going with everyone to An Tir / West War. Sigh. :-) Oh, well, I need to stop torturing myself and concentrate on getting things done. I thought it was awfully nice of Madrun though to try and make room for me and my stuff in case I wanted to travel to the event with them.

.....But a three day weekend to get things done is rather appealing as well.

.....Lobelia is coming down to the house for some cleaning.

.....Must finish some circlets sitting on the workbench now.

.....Must finalize the Marketplace for July Coronation. The list will be completed. The mapping done. Confirmation Letters printed and mailed.

.....Must get with TBT and get our Coronation letters written. The twice yearly report is overdue. Need to get the letter of recommendations finished and sent out as well.

.....September Crown bid must be finalized. Which means I need to remember to e-mail Ivan of Druim Doineann and get the required written permission. I wonder if he is off to An Tir / West War this weekend? I'd better e-mail him tonight.

.....Would also like to clean out the garage, which is still feeling the affects of the June Faire hurricane. We'll need a bunch of the stuff piled there for July Coronation.

.....Mateusz saved us a day and time at the Poulsbo PUD Meeting Room for a Baronial June Faire meeting in July. Need to take a little time with TBT and Oliver to define the format so that it is as productive as possible.

.....I think there is a Birthday Bar-B-Que to fit into the weekend as well. It's going to end up being a busy weekend I see. Better put together my priority lists before I start forgetting too many things.

.....Hoping everyone has fun at An Tir / West War. The Barony is going to have its own encampment. If TBT and I were going to be there we'd be encouraging at least one potluck and a Bardic or two. I'm hoping that those who do go plan on doing something together as a group. But maybe it's a good thing they are left to their own devices. They may make it the weekend without having to hear the dreaded 'Baby Shark!' :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Not sure I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow, but as ready as I'll ever be. :-) With next weekend being the Independence Day weekend, I'm half-expecting to see a large number of people missing this week. Wish I could be one of them, but there is just too much happening that I can't miss.

.....There will definitely be an exodus of people headed to An Tir / West War this week. With the site opening on Thursday, I suppose a large number will leave on Wednesday and take a little extra time with the trip. Which sounds like a good idea.

.....The Baronial Encampment sounds like it is going to be fun. A nice sized group, and diverse in temperament. Good company. Maybe next year I can join in on the fun.

.....Was a rather busy weekend here though. Saturday morning was a July Coronation meeting up at Sable Rose Emprise with Duchess Angharad. Started off on a hesitent note, but once everyone started talking the ideas and conversation started rolling.

.....THL Alan ap Niel has taken on the role of 'Event Cartographer'. He's been coordinating the efforts of everyone who needs space and territory at J.C. But he's not the one making the contacts and coordinating the actual needs. It is working out rather well. It is a lot like the SCA Coordinator for June Faire, but with less responsibility. I love the way everything is getting organized on the central map. Maybe the SCA Coordinator here at June Faire could get a deputy to do the same thing, and just concentrate on making the face-to-face contact with all the required officers, people, etc. Hmmmm....

.....The Marketplace is going to be easy to lay out. Alan has it all on two straight rows. Only a few corners to worry about. My biggest worry will be to ensure that the merchants who don't want to be next to so-and-so are not set in the wrong location. Those who need to face north, or east, are facing in that direction. Those who need to be close to biffies, or their cars, or.... It's the usual criteria, but this arrangement sure makes things easy on me.

.....We're still planning on being on site on Thursday, later in the day. We'll probably end up marking out the frontage and putting out stakes with the individual names on them. But that may be the extent of things. But I'll know for sure by next weekend.

.....Deadline is today for post-marked applications. I'll be looking for them up until next Saturday, and will then call it good and lock down the map. We have twenty two confirmed now. From the most recent flurry of e-mail, I expect to call it next Saturday at thirty merchants.

.....I could have stayed another hour or so, chatting up the planning of J.C., but TBT had another obligation and we had to leave. Ran down to a wedding where TBT was putting together her upside down wedding cake. Took her between two to three hours for this to happen. But I didn't in the least. When I realized my help was not needed I found a nice corner in which to hang out and read from the Nook for all that time. Anne McCaffrey books were read by the gross, and then Edgar Rice Burroughs. I didn't even realize several hours had passed until TBT started bringing her utencils to the car.

.....It was a nice looking cake. I think that TBT has posted pictures on Facebook.

.....Duchess Angharad is getting married in August and TBT might end up doing the cake. AT least it seemed like it might just happen from the conversation on Saturday. It is a heavy Scottish theme. Cake topper included. :-) Her Grace had an invitation waiting for us. I was flattered that TBT and I had been included. It might have been TBT, but I'll still take the invite. :-)

.....Sunday was all about getting ready for the work week and getting caught up on e-mail 'go-dos'.

.....Worked on some circlets as well. I think that I might start selling some here soon. There have been a number of inquiries. Armor pieces covered all flat surfaces available in the garage, so had to be creative to open things up. Hopefully I didn't lose any pieces in the process.

.....By not going to An Tir / West next weekend, I'll get the chance to get caught up on a number of things. The final J.C. Marketplace map with be completed. The September Crown bid will be finalized. A number of Serjeantry items will be done. It'll also be nice to slow down a bit and get caught back on a few brainless things.

.....Envious of J.R.'s new motorcycle. I have been thinking of one for a while. Hmmm....

.....Now I'm falling asleep. Time to go to bed...

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was a long week compressed into a few short days. The good news is that I get to board an airplane tomorrow morning (at 5:50AM) and fly home. There is so much happening in the world of submarine batteries that everyone was anxious to get back to the front lines. The bad news was that we crammed two weeks worth of material into three long days. Which means a lot of things went unanswered.

.....I was hoping for more solutions, but have been doing battle myself with the evil e-mail and cell phone monster all week. Nextel does not get a signal out at NSWC - Crane, so I would go back to the hotel room each night and deal with the several dozen or so messages waiting for me. I'll be rather glad to get back to my desk next week and have the ability to deal with issues immediately.

.....I sound rather frustrated when I really shouldn't be. It is always a good thing to meet face to face. Putting faces to the voices you hear on conference calls every week makes for a better connection and greater comprehension of what the other is thinking when they speak to something on the phone. It's also a great way to talk things out to ensure what you are saying is what they are interpretting. It is amazing what you think others understand of what you say.

.....What IS frustrating though is dealing with a lot of the engineers here. I get the fact that having a degree means you have a good deal of knowledge at your disposal, and a system of sorts on how to use it. But, Dude! The fact that I have only a two year degree, or my boss, who only has a high school diploma, does not mean that we are stupid. When you throw some data on a board that was gained in a haphazard way and slapped together in a half-assed fashion and expect us to buy it without comment? And looking annoyed when we shoot holes all through your data and results? Why waste all of our time. Grrrr.

.....Indiana itself is rather nice. The people are friendly for the most part. It's hot and muggy, but not nearly as bad as Florida and Georgia. I could get used to it. Although the part that religion plays in their daily lives is rather scary. Their media is saturated with it, as well as their politics. I'd have to learn how to drive a lot more defensively if I lived here as well. :-)

.....There are turtles here as well! I almost ran over one when driving out of Crane. I thought it was a tan rock in the road and realized what it was just as I was whizzing by it. I immediately pulled over and put on my hazard lights and hurried out to make sure it was all right. The turtles are not friendly here, that's for sure. It kept trying to bite me! I just wanted to get the silly thing off the road so it wouldn't get run over. I finally pulled out a binder from my daypack and pushed it off the road. The people who drove by all had the same look on their face. As in 'FREAK'! :-) Oh, well, I like turtles, even mean and nasty turtles, and didn't want to see it hurt.

.....I had hoped to get out early today so I could go and visit Donnan and Callista. But that was not meant to be. Maybe next year.

.....It's an hour drive to the Indianapolis Airport. With a 5:50AM flight, I'll need to be there at least by 4AM. So it looks like a 3AM departure from Bloomington. Sigh! I need to go to bed really soon.

.....Don't have to be anywhere this weekend though. Definitely looking forward to that. An Tir / West was already off the plate. Work is just too intense right now. There was first the possibility that this conference would last all of next week. But even coming back I'll need to catch up with other things back at home. I might try making arrangements earlier next year in order to specifically be able to go to An Tir / West. Too many things to plan for.

.....But am really bummed I missed Newcomers Night. TBT could really have used the support. Plus I would have liked to meet the people who are eventually going to become the force behind Dragon's Laire's success. I like to get in on the ground floor for those relationships. :-)

.....Now I'm rambling. It's time for bed.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm packed and we're about to take off for the airport, with a nice and leisurely family dinner along the way. :-)

.....I believe that from my perspective, my part in the grand An Tir / West War scheme is ready for launch. Biffies, wash-stations and dumpsters are paid and map FAX'ed to provider. TBT will FAX the map again tomorrow along with the note reminding them to NOT drop things off before 3PM on Wednesday. Not that it will do a whole lot of good (experience as gained from June Faire :-)), but we will do our best. :-)

.....Lyle and Diane are providing hay (200 hundred bales) for us on site, a great majority of which they will keep (and buy back) after the event. This is all the bales used on the war field itself. Which is a good motivation to limit the bales used everywhere else and pack the war field. :-)

.....Lyle and Diane are providing (3) tanks of water, which are being filled by the City of Gold Beach for $100. It will not be enough for all needs, but it will go a long way towards providing for the event.

.....Dame Brighid has the site contract that I wrote (using the June Faire contract as a template), which she will get signed on site. Dame Brighid, if you could ask about the Grey Water, I'd appreciate it. We don't want any surprises. :-)

.....After the event we'll reconcile with the Dishner's and give them a single check for everything we owe them.

.....Lyle and Diane Dishner have been absolutely FANTASTIC throughout all this. If we can give Emile a Court Barony, I think we might consider giving the Dishner's a Court Dukedom if it were possible. :-)

.....The BIFFY GODDESS has been appeased with her goods due and is ready to do the BIFFY DANCE OF SMELLDOM on site. :-) It may be the most pleasant Biffy experience you've ever had at a War Site!!! :-)

.....Rental Agreement for all borrowed material from the Barony has been signed and all material picked up from the Storage Unit.

.....I can't think of anything else I'm forgetting. If I am, please me a call on my cell phone. If I don't answer, leave a message and I'll call you back. Or call TBT and she'll make sure I get the message.

.....Part of me is really going to miss the war, and not just being on site. Part of the fun of working this event is working with Dame Brighid. She has an infectious enthusiasm for event planning. Part of her talent is the ability to synergize with almost anyone to create something bigger than originally thought or planned. I love the times we've mind melded on planning and come up with solutions to problems. The excitement generated is very a lot of fun.

.....Hope that everyone on site has fun. I'll be thinking of you.

.....I'm not totally disappointed though. I LIKE traveling, and I'm off to the airport here for a trip across the country. It may be for work, but it is still TRAVELING. Wish I could take TBT and Rhys with me, but maybe a soon-to-be trip could be possible.

.....Plus, it gets me away from my desk and the office. I could use a break from the Mid Level Boss and the Uber Boss. Which was also a BIG reason I was looking forward to An Tir / West War. :-)

.....Those of you who are staying behind to guard the Barony? If you would, keep an eye out for TBT at Fight Practice on Tuesday (at the Silverdale Waterfront Park).

.....Time to load the car.

.....Take care, everyone. Safe drive to those traveling south.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Well, when I arrived at my desk this morning I had a present waiting for me. It was my itinerary and official agenda for a meeting I'm going to attend next week in Norfolk, Virginia. I leave on a flight at 11:20 PM Sunday evening so that I can be in Norfolk in time to meet the Captain of the Boat before the end of the work day Monday. It's gonna be a long day on Monday. Better pack the valium for the east going flight. :-)

.....It was a scramble to get everything prepared. I had to put together a Powerpoint presentation in less than a day's time, along with everything else happening at the moment. There were those who grumbled, almost under their breath, at the unfairness of having to do my work and theirs. I suppose that I should have said something when I heard them, but pretending not to hear them lets them vent. I'm O.K. with that.

.....I'm actually just a little bit excited. I haven't done a whole lot of real traveling lately, and I like traveling. The thrill of exploration is rather fun. I haven't been to Norfolk in almost twenty years now, so it will be almost like a brand new place to me. :-) Only Tuesday and Wednesday on site though. The return trip is Thursday, not a whole lot of time to explote. But maybe Zsuzsy could come down for lunch or dinner. That would be fun. :-)

.....I'm rather glad to get out of the office for a few days as well. It's been rather intense. We're in the middle of a big Project that is eating all of our brains right now. So much so that we've had little time to do any other planning, especially for the work in Virginia. The same work for which the Manager and I are flying back to Norfolk to report on how ready (or not) we are to come out in late August and implement. I anticipate a little chewing of my posterior, which is probably one of the reasons Mid Level Boss forced me to go. But I've learned over the past couple of years the fine art of how to look stupid with grace. A valuable skill! :-)

.....Speaking of Mid Level Boss! He's headed out to a Waterfront Project starting on July 6th! And he'll be out there for several months! July will be my golden opportunity to find an escape route! Believe me, the plotting has begun!

.....Hey, I might get to go to Hawaii later this summer! My name was thrown into the hat for Project Management College in Pearl Harbor. The college itself is pretty intense, with homework each night and some meeting time on Saturday. But I should be able to squeeze a day or so to lounge on the beach. And if TBT could go with? Now that would be way cool!

.....I'll miss An Tir / West War, but most of my work will be done before the event even starts, and His Excellency Cedric was already making moves last week to take over the little bit I was to do there (lay-out of biffies / dumpster / etc on site). So I don't think that I'll be missed. But I'll miss the people who'll be there. I hope that it goes really well (which I think it will).

.....So, instead of packing madly for An Tir / West this weekend, I'll be spending Saturday in the garage and cleaning up the yard. And Sunday packing and taking a long nap before taking off to the airport. Hmmm, if we could get the Goodwill stuff dropped off from the Van, I could start packing it for July Coronation. We actually have all the camping gear organized, so it might go fairly easily. Looking forward to it actually.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Sunday wasn't quite as productive a day for me as Saturday was, or nearly as productive a day as TBT made her day. But I was able to get a few things done.

.....After our regular Sunday Starbucks run, we started work in the garage again. I cleared out the workbench area. It is now ready for business! The raw circlets have their own shelf. The workbench is cleared and ready for bench grinder attachment. The tall workbench is cleared. Camping equipment is all consolidated.

.....Even my pseudo store signs are both proudly handing from the rafters. Stevyn and Ralph have both gifted me with signs proclaiming my establishment as 'The Chuckling Cock'. Let that be a lesson to you. Don't laugh at anything directed towards you that could be embarrassing later in certain circles. It will haunt you! :-) Although the rooster that Master Ralg has mounted on the sign he made is pretty cool (Huh! Huh! I said 'mounted' :-)).

.....Several boxes of personal stuff were moved into TBT's studio. I tried going through them a little, but I gave up fairly quickly. I started picking up stuff and 'remembering'. Not melancholy thoughts, just memories of past times in which I would revel for a long amount of time. I knew that if I kept going down that road that I wouldn't get anything done.

.....Did find some more books. There were a few tense moments with TBT in trying to decide how to add them to the bookcases in her studio. We finally came to a compromise that relagated my rather extensive heraldry collection to the office upstairs. I'm going to have to reorganize that room rather thoroughly as I can see several other boxes of 'stuff' that I'm going to want to find homes. Sigh! Save for another day.

.....I chose that time to run to the Airport landfill. I stopped at the recycle center and was able to off-load about a third of the van there. Mainly the cardboard. But I also off-loaded all the Gold Key garb we sorted out of the Baronial Collection about a month ago. I put them in the Goodwill Collection boxes. I can just imagine the looks on the faces of the sorters as they go through that batch of clothing. :-) Look for BAD Gold Key garb on Goodwill clothes racks near you shortly! :-)

.....Took Mom out shopping after that. She is getting around. I can see her starting to revery to old ways, so I took the opportunity to push back a lot harger than I used to. She made promises to me that I intend to call her on to accomplish. Will be tiring, but worth it.

.....Came back home and started laundry. Tried to study for my Oral Boards this week. Had a tough time with that one. I hate late Sundays, with the thought of going back to work the next day. Always makes me restless anyways. This Sunday is worse than normal with the added nervousness of Oral Boards coming up. Hardly any real studying was actually done. But I did my best.

.....I have to follow up on An Tir / West phone calls tomorrow. Namely to Lyle and the half dozen questions I've asked of him concerning support we need on site. I'm starting to get a little nervous. But the last time I spoke with him he told me that he was gearing up for 'goat season' so would be hard to contact for a while. I'll start calling more frequently tomorrow.

.....Memorial service for James on Thursday. Master Ralg sent me an e-mail letting me know that Seamaus' sister passed away this weekend. Way too many good people passing away to the Summer Lands in too short a time frame. Need this to stop for at least a while.

.....Wish me luck on my Oral Boards. Happy Birthday, J.R.!!!!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....So I don't forget:

1.) Send invoice to Master Pyotr for (2) hand-wash stations.
2.) Arrange for drinking water to fill (3) available water tanks on site.
.....* 2,000 gallon tank
.....* 1,500 gallon tank
.....* 250 gallon tank (for War Field)
3.) Send an e-mail to the Biffy Goddess to let her know that the Biffy Company will not allow weather stripping to be placed on the doors of the Biffies.
4.) Ask the Site Owner (Lyle) if there are plans for a picnic / gathering in the tree / park area this year.
5.) Discuss the sign post with Dame Brighid (Autocrat Team Chairman).
.....* Ask the sign creator if he would consider taking on additional sign duties.
6.) Discuss with the Site Owner (Lyle) the possibility of permanent shower construction (a la 'Clinton').
7.) Discuss with the Site Owner (Lyle) the availability of unwanted (moldy?) hay for war scenarios, archery, seating, etc.
.....* If Site Owner does not have hay bales available, ask for contact information for local providers.
.....* War Scenarios require (150) LIGHT-WEIGHT bales. Total of (225) wanted for all uses (including archery, rapier, equestrian, additional seating, etc.).
.....* Light-weight bales are 60-pounds or less, heavy-weight are approximately 125-pounds.
8.) The Biffy Goddess needs an additional $50 for Biffy Supplies.
9.) Map out Biffies ((33) regular and (6) ADA), hand-wash stations (2), and trash dumpsters ((2) 25-yard and (1) 20-yard).
.....* (2) large dumpsters placed near gate and (1) smaller dumpster near Marketplace.
.....* Don't forget to place Biffies near Equestrian / Archery, Royal Encampment, Marketplace and A&S Arena.
.....* Places markers for all above on Talon-created Google Earth map of site.
10.) Discuss with Biffy Company if there are any portions of site that they can not access.
11.) Discuss with Biffy Company the area needed for Grey Water storage tanks.
12.) Discuss the acquisition of marking paint.
.....* How much is needed?
.....* Can Dragon's Laire supply the left over material from June Faire (at a fair, but reduced, price)?
13.) Discuss with Mistress Gwenllyn the placement of Food Merchants (so that amenities (trash, biffies, hand-wash, grey water, etc.) can accommodate.
14.) Place markers for all appropriate notes from above on Talon-created Google Earth map of site.
.....* Preliminary set-up by Thursday evening so that map can be discussed this weekend.
15.) Ensure that Biffy Company and Trash Company do not place their hardware on site before sometime after 3:00 PM on Wednesday (so that someone from the Autocrat Team can meet them for placement).

.....Better get moving. Lots to do and a short time in which to do it. I am glad that Master Pyotr has been so quick with responses to my requests. Biffies and trash are already paid.

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....Hmmmm, where else would I be though? :-) I'm looking at the mountain of stuff to do in front of me and having a difficult time finding the motivation to get started. I'm trying to convince myself that the sooner I get started the sooner I'll be finished. But I've told that lie to myself so many times that I can't seem to get my subconscious to believe it any longer. :-)

.....Saturday was a great outing at Blackberry Hollow Farm and its wonderful hostess, Angharad. Rhys played and played and played and played with the kids, it seemed like for six to eight solid hours. He was absolutely dead to the world by the time we made it home. But then again, so was I. I'm not sure what it was but I think I picked up some sort of bug on Friday or Saturday because I just did not feel well Saturday night and Sunday. Finally started feeling better last night, but it definitely meant a wasted day of not getting much done. Blech!

.....Which reminds me of CeCe, she definitely was not feeling well on Saturday. Andras and Liesl eventually took her on to the hospital. Has anyone heard anything? Hope CeCe is O.K.

.....Brighid tried herding the An Tir / West chickens several times into meaningful conversation on Saturday, but it just wasn't happening. There were just too many distractions to concentrate on just one thing. :-) We did manage to speak on the topic for about five minutes. But that was it. Hope that she got to grab a few other ears during the day. But it did sound like she managed to snag Constance into the action, which was a good catch.

.....I'm starting to think that the AT/W herd of chickens is going to take a lot of effort on her part to maintain over the next year. So I think that the Sargeantry herd of chickens is probably a non-starter for this year. I think that I'll gather my thoughts on the subject and just start organizing them in Live Journal. Given a year or two I might put together something interesting on the subject. I've got a lot of ideas bouncing around on it. And if Her Excellency of the current Coronet isn't really interested (which is totally fine, it's a subject that requires a lot of effort and motivation), I'll save it for her successor and make a determined pitch. More to follow.

.....Have a tour scheduled for later today of a potential new June Faire site. I'm not all that hopeful as I've gone down the path on this location before and it didn't end all that well last time. But the site is a good looking place with lots of potential. I'm hoping that maybe some of the group dynamics that sunk it last time have gone away and we'll have a better chance this time. The location is really nice, just outside of Silverdale. Talk about centrally located! But it does have other potential problems of its own, namely with access, parking and wetlands issues. We'll see. I'll not be holding my breath.

.....Which reminds me, I've got to ping the Fairgrounds for their bid. They never got back to me with a bottom line price on using the grounds for a potential June Faire site.

.....It's Talon's birthday, right? Today? Yesterday? Whatever day it is / was, Happy Birthday, Talon! Same goes to Anne-Marie! And anyone else I may have overlooked. :-)

.....Sigh! Better get started on the pile o' stuff....

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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