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.....On this date, a decade ago, Tammie Dupuis and I stood in the Living Room of her beloved South Seattle home and said our wedding vows. Every year since just gets better and better. My only regret? Not having married her ten years before that. smile emoticon:-)

.....You are my sun, my moon, my glitter, guiding northern star that brightens my very soul. Love you forever! Happy Tenth Wedding Anniversary!

.....With obligatory wedding anniversary sonnet ... :-)

My early journies lacked a purpose clear
An aimless wandering through many lands.
Then Love took pity and leaned close to hear
My cries to fill the space my heart demands.

Glass wings a window to another world
A prism freeing light in many hues.
Seen in exstatic light as she is hurled
In sudden motion to release her muse.

This dragonfly forever draws me near
A guide whose beauty in a spell binds me.
Her flights of passion drive away all fear
New wonders revealed she leads me to see.

Love's wisdom sent me a soul searing fate
Forever to be with this perfect mate.

.....All My Love, Aaron.
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.....Can you believe it?! Today, Friday the 13th, July, 2012, makes it five years that we've been married.

.....I still think that it is by far the best decision I ever made. Nothing else even comes close. You are the wisest, smartest, most perfect woman I know. I sincerely lucked out.

.....Love you, TBT. Happy Anniversary. With many, many more to follow.

.....Aaron / Arontius.

.....P.S. And, really, if we can survive this Coronet gig. We can survive ANYTHING! :-)
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.....I am reminded from time to time that I am probably the luckiest guy on Earth as I am married to the most beautiful and talented woman on the entire planet.

.....Happy Fourth Anniversary, Tamm! I love you! :-)

.....A day never to be forgotten. Standing in the Living Room of her house in South Seattle. So nervous I was shaking and couldn't speak in a straight line to save my life. :-)

.....But things only seem to get better and better as time goes by and I look forward more and more towards spending the rest of my life with this woman.

.....Love, Aaron.


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