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.....Saturday's Crown Council and Baronial Succession has been percolating in my head for a while. It was overwhelmingly good for the majority of it. Only a couple of minor low points which never affected the outcome of the day. Some things turned out much better than expected.

.....Woke up early on Saturday, only a little nervous. I had packed everything up the night before, so I only had to load up the van. Which happened a lot faster than I thought it might.

.....I hit the road by 0800 and managed to put out the road signs. Unbeknownst to me, I had grabbed several signs with arrows that went up, rather than to the left or right. When I discovered that fact I decided that I didn't need to run to the storage unit and grab others. I just turned these signs on their sides so that the arrows pointed in the correct direction. Which may not have been the best solution. Helpful people during the day put the signs upright, thinking that the signs had either blown over, or had been tipped over by jokesters. I'm not sure if SCA people, or regular passer-bys did that. But the outcome were the arrows pointing in wrong directions. :-) I didn't hear any complaints, so I'm hoping that the intent was gathered and the proper path deduced correctly. Or else there are people still lost somewhere out in Seabeck, looking for the Silverdale Community Center. :-)

.....When Talia arrived we started shuffling 'stuff' into the Center. TBT and I had a room of our own (well, shared with Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid). A new concept for me. :-) I was nice to have some place in which to pile 'stuff' up and make things ready for various
activities. Plus, it proved useful as a staging place and 'home base' for others who needed it, which was nice.

.....TBT and I went to the Kingdom Financial Committee Meeting first thing. I hadn't heard about Glymm Mere's bid for September Crown until that day, and at the same site as they had it this year, in Chehalis. We were working on getting Port Gamble for that same weekend. I just hadn't received a reply yet from Julie at OPG, and with all the succession planning I hadn't pushed for it. That's just as well though. Glymm Mere will do a really good job with it. Francesca is going to be the Autocrat for it. I like her a lot and she is proving to be a good manager. With help from Sir Godric and Countess Daedin peeking over her shoulder, she'll have fun with it I think.

.....But there is still a crisis brewing concerning July Coronation. No one has a bid submitted and time is growing short. Jahnkin heard that and he started immediately talking about Dragon's Laire doing it. Her Excellency Brighid asked me to call Julie and see if the July weekend was open and available in Port Gamble. I did, but ended up leaving a message. July Coronation is problematic being how close it is to June Faire. But we've done it before. Just have to ensure that we keep an eye out for burn-out and adjust as necessary.

.....OPG later told me (on Monday) that the July weekend was booked solid with weddings and they were reluctant to give us the town. Julie told me they'd give us the Uplands for $500. :-) I think that is probably a non-starter. But Julie did say she'd talk with management (and the Bridal Parties) and see if they could accommodate us. We have a good track record with OPG. I think most people would have been told 'No' right away, but we at least get a second look.

.....Next meeting was the Pelican Council. TBT disappeared while I was talking with Brighid and then all of a sudden we were all standing for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses. It was an interesting meeting. A few surprises, but nothing earth-shattering. It still lasted beyond an hour. I was ready for some 'not-meeting' time after that.

.....Spent some time downstairs in the hall where gate was located. Quite a few people were there and it was loud. After a while the general din was starting to bother me, so I took regular breaks to walk through quieter sections of the Center. Watched some of the set-up of the theatre, which was going rather well under the auspices of Talia and Madrun.

.....When the Laurel's Meeting was done, TBT and I took the opportunity to take a lunch break at Ghandi's with a small group of others. TBT and I had the lunch buffet, which was as delicious as ever. We're rather lucky here in Kitsap County to have some really good Indian food. Although later TBT and I both felt a little guilty for a.) leaving site, and b.) not going to pick up the Rhys Monster as quickly as we should have. He was a little surly later when we finally did get him to the Center and were getting him ready for his part in the Succession Ceremony.

.....When we finally made it back to site, things moved into high gear getting ready for Royal Court. I was starting to feel the nerves a little bit, but by this time I had been on the edge so long that I was starting to also go numb. :-) Which may have been a good thing. Sometimes I can tend to get rather irritable when on edge, but being numb just made me quiet and complacent. :-)

.....Someone had apparently been a little overly zealous in getting into and closing up the van when getting bottled water for the fighters. Neither the side nor the back doors would close properly anymore. We ended cleared up the track for the side door so that it finally at least
closed (thanks to Talon!), but neither door closes quite well enough anymore to turn off the interior lights. Sigh! I had to finally pull the bulbs from those lights so that the battery will not continually drain. I'll have to take Heather into the repair shop at some point to figure out what the heck is up.

.....TBT and I were just going to find some seats and watch Royal Court, but I ran into Her Majesty in the hall and was told that we get to process in with Their Excellencies. Surprise! :-) TBT didn't seem nervous at all. She was in her element and was talking with all the people she only sees on an occasional basis. It was all controlled chaos at this point anyway. But we finally all lined up and processed into Court. Which gave us really nice front row seats.

.....Madrun and Talia had done a very good job with their team on decorating the theatre. We didn't have a whole lot of banners, but what we had were put to good use. They even hung up TBT's and my own personal banners, which were nice. Although mine is starting to fade with age. I was thinking about when Gwen made it for me. I think it has been about twelve years or so since then. I hadn't realized that so much time had passed!

.....Court went very well, I thought. The time seems to pass quickly. I was really happy to see Adena receive her AoA. She has worked really hard over the past year on things that are not 'sexy', like gate and Gold Key. Others from Dragon's Laire were represented well. I was happy that Their Excellencies received an Augmentation of Arms. That's so cool. The triskele will look good on both their devices. :-)

.....Watching Countess Daedin receive her Lion of An Tir officially was also sweet. She is so highly regarded by everyone I know that it really makes sense that she is a member. She may disagree, but seeing her entered onto that particular roll made me very happy.

.....Sigh! That damn Orb of Royal Dominion! It has a powerful Champion in the form of Her Majesty! The populace was requested to swear their Oath of Fealty on it. I thought I could skate out of it by claiming that I was going to have to swear Fealty as Baron is just a short time. But nooooooooo, the Orb had other ideas! Her Majesty commanded my presence by name to come up to the Orb and place my hands upon it for the formal Oath of Fealty. No one can escape the power of the orb!

.....Time was running late by this point and we were asked if we wanted to slide right into the Ceremony at 6:30, or if we needed a little preparation time. I needed the time! So Their Majesties ended Their Court and asked everyone to come back at 7:00 for the Succession Ceremony and I headed back to the Ready Room to see if I could claim a little sanity before the festivities really began.

.....This is getting rather long already and there were many things I'd like to remember about the Succession Court. So I'll write up all this in the next entry.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I think I'm ready. The day garb is all packed. The step-up garb is all packed. The signs are in the van. Four cases of water are in the van. TBT has the banners, the bling, the scrolls and all the little pieces needed.

.....I have the Pelican Agenda printed out and packed away. I even have some things to do if I need to have something to keep my hands occupied. :-) Don Julio is packed as well. :-)

.....Tomorrow is actually going to be pretty light though on the meeting schedule. The usual peerage meetings, and then a Financial Committee Meeting, and not much else before the Baronial Succession at 6:30PM. Should give plenty of time to relax and just talk to people. What a concept. :-)

.....Madrun printed out the Ceremony into nice little pamphlets that are easy to read and follow. That was a really gesture on her part. And she did a really nice job with it. The pamphlet makes a rather nice souvenir. :-) Although I've already highlighted places and made mark-ups in it. :-)

.....Tomorrow morning I was thinking I'd get up a little early and put some of the important lines on note cards to have as reference.

.....Then its the pack up of the cars and off to site. I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting, but I can't think of what it could be. The nice thing about the site being just a couple of miles away is that we can always run home in a pinch and pick up forgotten items.

.....I'm a little nervous, but not overwhelmingly so. Part of me wishes I had gone out this evening and either gone dancing in Silverdale with Talon and Company, or gone up to Poulsbo to say 'Hi' to the Canadian contingent. But I was more in a mood to relax and take things slow. Tomorrow will find more than enough time to say 'Hi' to everyone. :-)

.....Actually, it made me wish that others could be there tomorrow who will be missed. Catelin Spenser should have been there to watch us walk down the hall. Serena Eame should have been sitting in the first row watching as the Coronets are placed on our heads. I hope they are watching from wherever they are now.

.....I really wish Inga Calle could be there to watch. She was the very first person who contemplated throwing her hat into the ring with me as Baronial Candidates many years ago. She's in Arizona right now. Maybe we should have thought of video taping the Ceremony? I was just thinking back to my Twelfth Night when we actually talked for a short time of having the Twelfth Night Coronation Courts and Ceremonies recorded on closed circuit television and broadcast to the hotel rooms at the Shilo. :-) Hmmm, maybe it is time to do another Twelfth Night so we can try out the idea. :-)

.....A couple of others e-mailed to say they couldn't be present tomorrow for various reasons. Sir Richard is in the middle of moving to Chehalis. I really wish he could have made it. But I don't think we'll be lonely tomorrow. It still seems like half the Knowne World is coming tomorrow to say their farewells to Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid.

.....I should go ahead and go to bed. Tomorrow will be a rather long day. Hope that Their Excellencies actually go to bed sometime before dawn. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....In just over two days time the Baronial Change-Over will be a reality. There are still things to do, but nothing frantic. I just hope I'm not forgetting anything.

.....We're still futzing over the ceremony. I'm starting to wonder if there is such as thing as an elopement ceremony for Coronets who want to change head-gear without the hassles of an elaborate court! The changes are all small, but things I took for granted, or seemed genuinely innocuous, have proven to be land-mines with large amounts of emotional shrapnel. I'm holding my breath on whether we make it through the thing without having to resort to making 911 phone calls.

.....I've found it interesting in how I view people. I suppose I'm pretty average in that regard. Once I make a determination on who someone is, what their belief structure is and how their personal mores work, and how they approach life, I tend to pigeonhole them in my mind. It makes it easier in dealing with them in that I don't have to think through what I say to them or what I do for and around them. That approach can backfire on you rather easily, especially as time marches on. The person someone is today is not the person they were five or ten years ago. People are changing all the time. These same people you pigeon-holed in one category ten years ago will bite you in the ass today if their personal structural has shifted enough to where the rules you used ten years ago will no longer work in dealing with them today. Lots to think about from that angle.

.....Met with Talia today to get into the Baronial Storage Units. We pulled out five signs, the marshallate ropes, some traffic cones, and as much tea supplies as we could find. I also managed to dump off many of the bins of Gold Key garb that were sitting in the van. So now I can actually see out the back window. :-)

.....Ran up to Lobelia and pulled some stuff from her. Thought the personal banners were in there, but when I called back home we actually discovered them to be in the closet downstairs. Go figure! Must remember to fix ragged edge of python on my banner! But I pulled out my umbrella, which I've been missing for a couple of weeks now. Also pulled out the bottles of Don Julio and Celtic Crossing so we can do toasts in style on Saturday. :-) Must have the proper forms in order you know. :-)

.....Ran around town looking for parchment of unusual size (POUS). Needed a sheet of 11x17 for the treaty to be read on Saturday. It was much harder to find than I would have thought. But I finally found sheets at JoAnn's of all places. Now I have to remember to get it printed out tomorrow on a printer that actually does 11x17.

.....Then I found a hair 'stylist' to trim my hair back. I don't look so much like a ruffian now. :-) I'm certainly not going to claim to be civilized. But I'll try to be for TBT. :-)

.....Currently fighting off a migraine. I felt it coming on this morning. But this one has been a slow build up, so I was able to get a lot done today before being disabled for a while. I'm just hitting the cold extremities portion of the program now. If I'm lucky I'll be able to sleep my way through it tonight and have tomorrow with a clear head. I'm crossing my fingers.

.....I wish I could have taken Friday off from work, but I have too much still to catch up on to be able to do that. And the newly appointed Big Boss is off to Virginia all next week. We've got a couple of big letters to get drafted and to the Shipyard Commander next week and I'm struggling over the wording on at least one of them. It's hard to tell someone that what they want to happen is impossible and that they have to pick from several not very pleasant alternatives. But it is a good lesson in writing diplomatically as well as succinctly.

.....To-Do List:
* Fix Arontius' banner.
* Print out treaty on 11x17 paper.
* Put ceremony notecards together and practice lines.
* Pull out garb for Crown Council.
* Go through garb for step-up to make sure everything is there and ready.
* Pack said garb.
* Pack props, including personal banners, and scrolls.
* Pack alcohol, note-taking materials, 'something' to do on site.
* Print out agenda for Pelican Council.
* Put out signs early on Saturday morning.
* Help with set-up of site.
* Go to Pelican Meeting.
* Meet with Godith during the day when time allows.
* Help set up theatre as time allows.
* Help Oliver with the Glastonbury Chairs that he is loaning to TBT and I (remember to THANK HIM!!!).
* Dress for ceremony.
* Have Ronan punch me out so I'm concentrating on the pain rather than my nervousness.
* Practice walking so that I don't trip walking down the aisle or up the stairs.
* Party until closing.
* Drive home and collapse.
* Sleep in on Sunday morning.

.....Yeah, my mind has pretty much turned to mush. Wish me luck. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The past five days have been interesting in a variety of ways. The impending step-up is creating a lot of emotion. Not negatively. It's just when so much energy is generated and concentrated on a specific event, it tends to make people really edgy.

.....Last Friday was the first day back to work. I had over (500) e-mails in the inbox and I could hear the William Tell running continuously through my mind for most of the day as I did my best to catch back up with everything I'd missed. Of course, several crises events happened while I was away. Although I dealt with most of it over the phone, there was still the clean up left to do.

.....Even though it was a busy day, it was not bad. When you are away for a while people are reminded of what you actually do for them. And if you are even half-way competent, they realize what they are missing when you are not there quietly making things happen behind the scenes. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who specifically came up to me to say thanks for helping them as much as I do. It was an ego boost that is always appreciated. :-)

.....Even from the Project Manager. I personally like him, but he tends to be a gruff person on ocassion. But in this case he was glad to see me back as he needed an official letter written as quickly as possible. And I do official 'government speak' rather well. :-) Another ego boost.

.....Wrapped up the Baronial Ceremony on Saturday, at least the major writing portions. Nearly all of my purely Anglo-Saxon passages were basically cut from the final. I certainly understand why. They made the whole thing LONG, difficult to read, and difficult to be understood. People's attention span is only a certain length of time, and we don't want them to become bored to death.

.....After all of the emotions that will be generated with saying good-bye to Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid, I'm now doubly glad we took to our portion with a minimalist approach. By the time the Coronets are actually placed on our heads people will be just about DONE and want a DRINK! I know I will.

.....I did not delete all of my original volumous passages though. I think I'll use bits and pieces of it for future scrolls and ceremonies.

.....Came up with actual texts for two scrolls also on Saturday. I felt a little inspired to do so. They are written in a Chaucerian format. Ran them through the herald and a small group of people and they met generally favorable reviews. The herald said that he would like to read them. A couple of others gave me good feed-back. Even TBT put her official approval to them. I just need to shuffle them off to the Scribal Coordinator. Two more down, only ten million left to go. :-)

.....I was worried that they would sound like Dr. Suess, especially as I used modern english. But when spoken and intonated with the correct emphasis, the Dr. Suess-ism can be avoided. We'll work on that. Madrun thought I should be less timid on using Middle English in the scroll text. You don't want to use so much that the meaning is lost, but adding a few unfamiliar words will add to the flavor of the piece and the atmosphere that needs to be generated. It was good advice and I'm going to work more on that with the next texts.

.....Another pleasant surprise over the weekend was THL Godith. I was getting ready to turn over all the accounts of The Crier to the Kingdom Exchequerate and she asked me to stay on board as she liked working with me. I was flattered. Another ego boost to the weekend. Now that I have it streamlined to my own system, it really is easy to keep. THL Elonda has to approve the set-up, but we'll see. I need to be careful as well. Wearing that Coronet is a rather tough job, especially as I don't have the easy Charisma that Cedric does. Things will be a little harder for me. But I think it will work itself out fine.

.....I'm a little nervous about the weekend, but mostly excited to see things play themselves out. And it will definitely be nice to scale back the excitement level a little and work on other things. It's looking like half the Knowne World is showing up for Saturday, so I'm trying my best not to let that make me nervous. If I can keep from tripping as I climb the stairs, I'll be happy. :-)

.....Lots to do for the foreseeable future. I'm glad that the winter break is on the horizon. Two and a half weeks of must leave to use! I think that I'll spend the first week doing nothing but sleeping in every day! :-) The 'to-do' list is quite extensive though, so the sleeping in may not happen. But we'll see. :-)

.....Talon let me know that the government is again allowing us to access our personal e-mail at work. I went into Comcast a short time ago and it let me in. Fantastic! I'll have to be careful to make sure to only access during lunch, but that's fine by me. I'm just glad I'm not as cut off from the rest of the world as I was.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's been a handful of days since I updated Live Journal last. Lots of things to think about these days. You wouldn't necessarily think of Holloween as a thoughtful day, but it has become so. :-)

.....Today is [ profile] aelianora's birthday. I hope it was a good day for her. I probably should have called, but I didn't think about doing that until just a few minutes ago and don't necessarily want to interrupt her evening.

.....Today is also Catelin Spenser's birthday. It's been over a year now since her death. I miss her quite a bit. I'm still curious as to what she would be saying to me now that I'm about to wear the Coronet as Baron of Dragon's Laire. I'm sure she would have had a great deal of interesting advice for me. :-)

.....Starting to get my brain wrapped around the step-up, in less than two weeks now. The 'to-do' list is still daunting, but the actual ceremony should happen more-or-less with at least a reasonable amount of dignity. Something that was more difficult to achieve than I would have thought. TBT has been knocking herself out with the step-up clothing. I think I'll be wearing better clothes for that one ceremony than I've ever worn to date, either in the 'real world' or the SCA. :-)

.....Tomorrow I have to be in Tacoma at 0800 to check in for Jury Duty at the Federal Courthouse. Not necessarily the best timing as there was a Port Gamble June Faire meeting scheduled for the same day. Ack! And I still need to go in early and get the Monday morning reports out the door as there is no one else available to put them together. Sigh! It could be a long day.

.....Being the Federal Court though there might be the chance that I may actually sit on a Trial. Every time in the past I was called into Jury Duty I was summarily booted out of the room due to my affiliations with Bill Bogan, who takes care of the breathalizer machines on the Olympic Peninsula. I've been kicked off of trials at least three times now because of that. I'm kinda hoping that it doesn't happen this time. Although it could be problematic if the trial runs through November Crown Council. I'm sure Their Majesties would be cranky with me if I had to miss my own ceremony. I wonder if Their Current Excellencies would be cranky with me if they had to hold on to the Coronets a few weeks (month? years?) longer than expected. :-)

.....Speaking of cranky people, I think we're finally going to get The Crier bank account out of my hair. Master Pyotr has volunteered to make the drive over here so that he and I can sit out at U.S. Bank and wait through the entire process of moving the account over to his name. Wow! What a headache that has been. Every time I've gone into U.S. Bank to start the process they've come up with some new rule or process they neglected to tell me about the time before. Although being the Chronicler's Exchequer isn't exactly a difficult job I think that I'll miss it some.

.....The step-up ceremony has been interesting to write. I immersed myself in Anglo-Saxon writings and then made an attempt to write a ceremony in the same style, using a framework set up by Her Excellency Brighid. I'm finally getting to the point where I'm, almost, satisfied with the results. Although the culling process has been tough. Anyone who knows me knows that I use ten words to describe something that should only take two. So learning brevity along with style, has been quite the learning experience.

.....I think that the Chaucerian verse I've been writing for scroll texts will be more interesting, except for the fact that everything I've written so far sounds more like Dr. Suess than Chaucer. :-) Sigh! I used to think I had the potential to be a writer. Now I think that maybe I'd better consider going back to school and learn how to write! :-)

.....Work has been really interesting. One would think that the Big Boss moving on to 'other things' would make me the happiest person on the planet. And on some levels it has been an incredible relief. He is not altogether 'gone' yet and still spreads terror in liberal amounts. But I don't see him nearly as often as I used to. And it has been a hard thing to learn to 'move on without him' and learn how to think again.

.....I've been working for this guy for almost four year. In that time something I learned to do, but never really noticed, was to not put a whole lot of effort into anything I did directly for him. It was understood on some level that no matter what product I put together, he would hate it, relay to you how stupid you were, and then procede to explain in minute detail what he wanted. Over and over and over and over again. So, the usual 'thing to do' was to throw together whatever reports, charts, writing, etc. that he wanted, without putting a whole lot of effort into it. With the full knowledge that he would hate it and then tell you what he really wanted.

.....But now, I no longer have to produce for him. It is his successor now, my former mid-level boss. And he is so overwhelmed at the moment that he is basically allowing us to run our own show. Ack! We have to think for ourselves, and produce reports that we have to defend ourselves. With no one telling us what to do. From one extreme to the other. I much prefer the current thought process to the former. But it is going to be a little bit before I feel completely comfortable walking on my own again.

.....It's almost 9PM and we've had no trick-or-treaters at all. I guess that the Rhys Monster is going to make out on chocolate this year. All of the candy that neither TBT or myself can't eat will have to be consumed by 'someone'. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The alarm went off this morning at 4AM as usual and I woke up, and then remembered that I had the day off. But when I tried to go back to sleep, I found that the brain would not shut back off and was already running in five different directions. :-)

.....What I think I long for at the moment to some degree is something I did almost ten years ago now. I spent a week out in the desert, camping. I started out with a small group of others, and then spent three days on my own. It was a rather amazing experience. No cell phone, no radio, no computers. Not even a book. The object was to have no distractions and basically find yourself.

.....That first day was interesting in that I couldn't shut my mind down at all. I was running, running, running. Thinking about things I needed to do at work and at home. Thinking about the SCA. Thinking about friends and people I had met. Just thousands and thousands of thoughts, many of them at the same time.

.....By the second day I was bored, incredibly bored. But something was definitely happening. The jumble of thoughts was subsiding. Instead of thousands I was starting to find myself concentrating on a handful or so of them and actually thinking them through more than usual. I found myself concentrating to a deeper level than the normal surface level awareness that one usually gives to life.

.....On the third day it was very interesting. The buzz of background 'conversation' in my head was almost gone. I found myself staring at things and thinking about them to a great depth. With nothing else to think about I thought about how the wind moved and how different it felt when it came out of the canyon versus when it came off of the valley floor. It had a different sound to it as well. I spent several hours just contemplating the difference.

.....It was a rather amazing experience actually. I haven't practiced re-attaining that level of awareness, which is something of a pity as I could really use it about now. There is so much to think about and organize in the next month or so. I would really like to take things one at a time and concentrate on it a while to that level of awareness I had in the desert and write the path forward.

.....But I don't think that is going to happen. :-) We have jumped off that platform and will have to trust in that bungee to bring us up before we hit the ground. :-)

.....The biggest thing right now is to get texts written in time for Crown Council. The framework has started, just need to flesh it out. I think people are surprised when they find out that Anglo-Saxon and Norse are really almost one-in-the-same in much of their look and feel. :-) The words of the ceremony are going to look very similar to what has been seen in Their Excellencies Courts for a while now. :-) I think the only real difference will be in the garb. But that will make things easier in the transition, at least I think. It would be incredibly jarring to go from a 'Norse' theme to an 'Elizabethan' theme in the same setting. In fact, so jarring that it would be hard for anyone to 'suspend their disbelief'.

.....But the ideas are finally starting to percolate in my mind. I now just have to get them on paper. I'm hoping to get a little time to do that this weekend. We'll be at Pacific Beach, at the park their in Lobelia. It's a great setting for inspiration. I'm hoping that after a walk on the beach, and a communion with the ocean, will produce something memorable. We'll see.

.....Then next weekend comes Disneyland. :-) My last visit there was in 1976. They hadn't even broken ground yet on Space Mountain. I'm looking forward to seeing what has changed there in the past thirty plus years.

.....The succession is a process of step - step - step. It really is a dance where rules are followed. But the surprises have been interesting. I thought that being as closely tied as I had been to Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid I would have been a lot better prepared to deal with politics and the agendas of those around us. I'm finding it interesting that when a curve is thrown at me my first instinct is to go and 'fix it' when in reality I need to take a step back and look at what I'm trying to fix and whether I should or not. There are problems and agendas owned by others that shouldn't even be touched by me, much less 'fixed'. Even if asked. I can tell that may be the hardest lesson to learn.

.....Some things I just take way too personally. There are too many things to get done, and too many fun things to do, to go in that direction. Must learn to take the correct path now. :-)

.....Time to go and get laundry going.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I woke up from a dream where I was greedily lusting after some beads. And as should be the case in all situations where greed is involved I was left with nothing. :-) Which, while frustrating, is a good life reminder. :-)

.....It's been interesting in that I don't usually dream, or I don't remember having dreamed when I wake up. But three days this last week I had dreams vivid enough to remember after waking. Wish I had written them all down now.

.....The rain is somewhat bothersome. We're supposed to be at a benefit Pancake Breakfast this morning at Port Gamble. The cooking area is covered, but not much else is. I was hoping that the rain would hold off a while, like mid-day. :-)

.....I met another Live Journal Friend yesterday. I find it interesting how this process is working. Most people I get to know in 'real life' first, then I get to know them 'better' in Live Journal. But over the past couple of years there have been a number of people with whom I learn who they are first in Live Journal, and then I meet them in person. The experience has always been interesting mainly because the vision I had of them, built from reading their Live Journal entries, usually bears a much difference resemblance to who they are in person.

.....I met [ profile] brandywilliams yesterday. An author of four books who always struck me far more, formally, in Live Journal. But in person is so much more gregarious than I would have figured. A very nice person though. I was very happy to have met her and spoken with her. And authors always are respected in my world view. :-)

.....We were at a dinner at Madrun's house. Her Family-Of-Choice were all really nice. I was again reminded how important your 'family-of-choice' is really. I certainly know how supportive mine has been over the years. They've always come through for me.

.....But what I most covet from Madrun's house? Her book collection! Guess I really am a bookaholic. :-)

.....Started my own Baronial Succession Death March yesterday. Made up my list of things that 'must be done' before I step down as Seneschal. The list is long but I managed to bite into it yesterday a bit. Although part of that time was spent in gnawing down my e-mail inbox. Started with 1,800 messages in the inbox and ended the day with 833, so we're making progress there.

.....The real work though starts later today when TBT and I get together with a few people and map out our major 'to-do' lists and prioritize it all in support of the Succession in November. I'm somewhat dreading it as I'm sure that list will be massive in scope. :-)

.....Now I've just boggled my mind and have to go and re-set it before I can continue forward. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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