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.....About 6PM I sat down in front of the computer, intent on creating the usual letter to the Baronial Populace to thank them for everything that was accomplished at Candlemas yesterday. I finally gave up a short time ago as I kept falling asleep on to the Keyboard. I'm going to have to finish the letter tomorrow and post it then. I trundled off to go to bed, and now I'm finding I'm so tired that I can't seem to go to sleep. I hate those days! :-)

.....We slept in late this morning as it was a long day at Candlemas yesterday. Although it was a really good day. I want to journal on it some day this week so I don't forget about it. The new A&S, Bardic and Scholar Championships actually came together better than I expected. The attendance at the event was definitely better than I expected. We had FOURTEEN present Letters of Intent for Serjeantry. Plus a myriad of all kinds of other good things happening all day long, so that the few bad things were reduced in scope to manageable things.

.....TBT's back was seriously hurting this morning. We did the usual Starbucks run and then I left her at home to take some Ibuprofen and stay comfortable while I went off to the September Crown planning meeting on site. I was late, but not hugely so.

.....We had maybe sixteen or seventeen people on site for the walk-through. I was happy with the results. Instead of looking at the site and concentrating on what a bad site it way, they spoke excitedly about how they could use the site to its fullest advantage. A great Team! Well, for the most part. I'm having difficulty with the personality of one Team member who doesn't seem to interact with other Human's really well. I'm doing my best to be patient and help him integrate if there is any possible way to do so. But I'm almost to the point where I've got to get the Team moving forward and may have to cut him loose. I tried to explain to him where he stood and that he has to decide whether or not he wants to actually work with the Team. I don't know if he actually heard me, but we'll see. He's got one last chance.

.....The one large overarching question left for the site is parking. There is some open space immediately adjacent to the site that would work well for parking, but the owners have been very elusive. I've spoken to them once on the phone. If I can't seem to get them talking via telephone or e-mail, I'm going to start showing up at their office. I really want that land!

.....Erics are placed. Equestrians are placed. Marketplace ideas are coming together. Archery looks to be placed. I need to noodle with Madrun on A&S, but we've got time for that.

.....Ran back home to collect the generator that Bernie is selling to us. It sounds like a jet engine taking off, but is in great condition otherwise. We've wanted one for a while. A couple of years ago we lost power for a couple of days and it can get cold in a hurry!

.....Madrun showed up a short time later so we could unload stuff from Florence. We debriefed on what we liked and didn't like from the Championships. Next year will be even better! I already have ideas for the Bardic I'd like to throw on the table to improve its judging process. I'm still a little muddled on the Scholar Championship, but we'll work through them.

.....Went out for lunch and shopping after that. On our way home we were read-ended near the corner of Waaga and Fairgrounds. The lady driving the Toyota wasn't paying attention. It was a simple fender bender. But the lady was shook up a little. We pulled the cars around the corner and exchanged insurance data. The accident barely left any new scratches. Although she hit us hard enough to jerk our heads around. So we'll see what happens.

.....After shopping I settled down in front of the computer to catch up with e-mails. I'm frankly amazed at the current lack of drama connected with the settlement of the SCA lawsuit. In fact, groups not required to be part of the settlement are stepping up to help. That is an incredibly heartening thing to see. THL Godith e-mailed me on the current Crier finances. We'll be obligated to send our 18% as well, which I'll get done the instant the invoice reaches me. But Godith is contemplating turning over a much larger portion of the accounts. I asked her to hold off until we see how everything shakes up. I agree that we have the funds to help, and we will. I just want to make sure we have the funds to be able to upgrade computer software, buy office supplies as needed, etc.

.....Then I was done for the day. I really had wanted to send out my Candlemas Letter to the e-list, But that will have to wait until tomorrow. ZZZZZzzzzzzz.

.....Aaron / Arontiua.
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.....The alarm rang at 4AM and I just couldn't go back to sleep. Took my shower and am slowly pulling things together for the day. Florence, the Wonder Van, is already packed. Hope that Madrun doesn't freak when she sees the SCA signs tied to the roof of Florence. Yes, my true Oklahoma roots come out once again. :-)

.....Started filling up Florence last night and realized that there would probably not be enough room for everything that needed to go to the event. I had earlier in the week contemplated getting Heather to the dump so that we could get everything cleared out for this weekend, but time was not on my side last week. Too many things in the hopper. TBT is going to bring the Subaru with a few bins as well. This should give us enough room for everything to get home, no matter how haphazardly we pack it in our tired rush to get off of site.

.....Five presentations for the day. At 10AM we have THL Ruadhan O Fearain, former Kingdom Champion, presenting a bardic entry. At 11AM, M'Lady Miyamoto will present her shibori art. At Noon, THL Mateusz will present his 15th Century bit brace. At 2PM, THL Ataliana will sing for us. And at 3PM, Lady Elen will present her research paper. It's going to be an interesting day. I'm eager to see how the new format works out. The single entry allowing for a greater depth of research and presentation to their chosen emphasis.

.....I'm also excited about the research paper being presented in support of the Scholar Championship. Research papers have always been that oddity that was hard to classify. The Championship today will be even more difficult in the fact that there is only that single entry. But it makes a fantastic test case for the concept of 'judging against a standard'. I hope it leads to more submissions in the future.

.....Because of the complexity of the Championships, it was difficult to plan other things around it for Candlemas. We really didn't know until very recently how the entries in the Championships were going to stack up as far as a schedule. Which means ultimately that this year's Candlemas will be a little on the quiet side. I'm rather grateful for the group starting the impromptu Fight Practice in the afternoon. That will add something to the day, especially for those who can only stand just so much scholar pursuit before HAVING to become active. :-)

.....TBT has finished a set of garb for the Second Age of Arontius and Laurellen. It looks pretty spiffy. I'm actually most grateful for not having to wrap up in the winklebinder for a while. :-)

.....Court is going to be somewhat lengthy. There are awards to give out. Two past Champions to retire their regalia, and possibly up to three Champions to invest. There is a Captain of the Guard Ceremony to install (I'm glad we were finally able to make the stars align for this one). There will be Serjeantry Letters of Intent to collect (along with introductions of the candidates).

.....Her Excellency Elisabeth of Madrone will also grace us with her presence for the day. First as judge, than as noble cousin. :-) I like Countess E., she is a lot of fun with a lot of class. :-)

.....No feast after Court. At that point we essentially break camp for the day. I'm still torn on that one. Part of me is still glad it worked out this way. Transporting food from the Hyla Kitchen to the hall is always a tricky call. Plus, we'll all be really tired from a long day and will want to just go home. And we really had no idea how many entries and how long a day it really was going to be until very recently. But, you know, it might still have been nice to look forward to a good meal after a long day. With Rycheza as Feastocrat, and Renart as Autocrat, I bet it would have tasted really good. But we do get a nice lunch as shepherded by Rycheza, so we have that much to look forward to at least.

.....I will probably be ready for bed the instant I get home tonight. :-) Need some sleep as we have a gathering at the September Crown site tomorrow. With Team Haggis III, if you ain't running, you will be left behind. :-)

.....Off to start the day. Need my vitamins.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....There are certainly a lot of things happening right now. It is sometimes difficult to keep them all straightened out and moving in the correct direction.

.....Ursulmas last Saturday was actually fun for me. It is not TBT's favorite event, based on past experiences. But for me, it is a chance to meet and talk with people I haven't seen in a while, and make tentative plans for the upcoming year. The intrepid Madrun and Tsuruko accompanied us in Florence, the Wonder Van, and we arrived at a fairly decent hour. Lots of people lent a hand right away and we were set up in no time at all.

.....We had a pretty healthy contingent of people in the martiallate Tournaments over the weekend. TBT and I did our best to make it to all the Dragon's Laire participants to hand out tokens made by TBT. They seemed to appreciate the recognition, and we think it is definitely important to recognize these people. So having done that always makes me feel pretty good.

.....Made the rounds of the Marketplace. I didn't see much that was new and revolutionary. Although I really thought the wool felted hats looked pretty good. Madrun ended up buying one later in the day. If I had a little more free spending money I might have bought one too. Oh, who am I kidding, I would have blown it all on books at Pastiche and threads at Sparrowhawk's. Just sayin'. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't have any real spending money. :-)

.....Attended the annual Western Regional Calendar Scheduling Meeting as hosted by Countess Daedin. Not a whole lot new and revolutionary, although it was kind of nice that everyone seems to be taking a lot more laid back approach towards sharing dates on the calendar. No head bashing at all. I thought it extremely interesting the difference in attitude between all the branches on the I-5 corridor versus us. They all think of neighboring branches as 'just down the road', which they are. We, on the other hand, are a $38 ferry ride away, practically on the other side of the world. Not sure if that attitude can be overcome, especially if gas prices stay pretty high.

.....Presented the invitation to June Faire, drawn by Renart. It looked really nice, so we definitely took a little pride in presenting it. Tried our best to make sure that Renart stayed in the general area so he could receive the gratitude due, or at least see Their Majesties pleased expressions.

.....At around 5PM or so, TBT was DONE and ready to go. We were all a little tired. I could have stayed a little longer. But Ignition was starting their performance and in that closed off hall the air was already starting to become think and heavy. Ursulmas always seems to do a number on my respiratory system. The cold and stifled air, combined with the many bodies in one location. I woke up wheezing a little on Sunday, and definitely feeling slow and run down. Spent most of Sunday recovering.

.....Monday was all about working on e-mails for September Crown, as well as answering questions needed for Pernell to turn in the ACCEPS form. We're almost done with it. Pernell will get all the signatures on it at the Thursday Business Meeting, along with a check to submit, then we'll be live in no time at all. Getting closer it is.

.....Also spent time resurrecting Crier files from the dead hard drive. We had a difficult time opening up the files on the DVD's that Talon gave us. We eventually were finally able to open the first disc; which thankfully had all the correct files on it. I updated the Spread Sheet and balanced all the books for late December and early January. Then finished the Doomsday Report for The Crier with approximately six hours to spare before the deadline on Tuesday. :-) But it is done!

.....The last checks have been sent out for the last paper edition of The Crier. From now on they will be produced electronically, with the handful of paper copies being produced by VPP in Tennessee. We will no longer take part in the production process, other than creating the files. It was sad to see that last check go into the mail. But it was going to happen. I found it interesting that VPP picked up the SCA contract. They have been aggressively pursuing the SCA since Day 1. I'm curious if there are members of the SCA on the VPP staff?

.....Tuesday night was the Social, along with the inaugural meeting of the Textile Guild. I think at least a dozen or so people showed interest in the Guild, so I'm hopeful that it will take off and do interesting things.

.....Oliver was not at the Social last night. I don't remember him saying that he wouldn't, and he didn't send an e-mail yesterday. I need to give him a call and make sure everything is O.K.

.....Tonight is the weekly Fight Practice at the OSSC. I have to remember to pack the armor from the garage into the car. Thankfully I bundled it all up over Christmas, so I only have to grab the one pile of stuff. There are new people who want to experience fighting in the SCA. I hope they like it. :-) We need more fighters. :-) You certainly can't deny the adrenaline rush you get from the hitting and being hit on the field. It can be addicting.

.....Before Fight Practice though, TBT and I are going to make a run to the Silverdale Harrison and meet the newest member of the Barony, born to Jess Dunn and Ehrig this last week. Ehrig made sure we knew last night that visitors were allowed and welcomed. :-)

.....Thursday is the Business Meeting. Friday is the packing for Candlemas. Then Saturday is Candlemas itself.

.....Right now it looks like three entries in the A&S Championship. Two entries in the Bardic Championship. And one entry in the Scholar Championship. All the entries look interesting. It'll be a long day, but fun as well. It'll be really interesting to see how the model works in the Scholar's Championship of having the one entry be 'judged against a standard'.

.....Evening Court is where the new Serjeantry candidates present their Letters of Intent as well. This year looks to be stunning! Possibly upwards of possibly a dozen, or more, people are presenting Letters. I'm a little overwhelmed just thinking about it. It's going to be a busy summer. But I'm supremely excited as well. Just seeing this Program take off like this, seeing the inspiration that comes with it, the energy, the good feelings of Teamwork and Fellowship. I'm extremely thrilled.

.....Then Sunday is our walk-through of the new September Crown site at the Airport. Many of the Team will be there and we'll brainstorm the possibilities. I definitely want to try and narrow the location of Erics in relation to the Royal Encampment and the Marketplace. Then we can build around that. We'll look at ideas on how to utilize the camping space most effectively, and take a look at the parking situation. We had a couple of ideas were kicking around on off-site parking. Bernie came up with an additional really good idea of utilizing the Airport grassy fields as a parking area. We're making the rounds now of finding the right official with the Port of Bremerton who can give us the go ahead.

.....Then it is off to the proverbial races. I want to get as much planned in February and March as we possibly can. In April the prime build up to June Faire will be in full swing and I don't want to mess with that. We'll fly under the radar primarily before picking up altitude again in June. That's why I tried to apply people to Team Haggis III who weren't already eyeball deep in June Faire planning. I didn't succeed fully, but I made some progress.

.....The week that was and will be on electronic paper. Time to get moving on finishing it. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Nicol Williamson, well known as Merlin in 'Excalibur' of the '80's died this last week. Rather sad. The movie was a total cheese-fest, but his Merlin was rather cool.

.....It has been an interesting week at work. Admiral McCoy, NAVSEA 00, our ultimate Boss, is on site tomorrow at Bangor's Delta Pier to preside over an awards ceremony in honour of the recent completion of a submarine availability. A number of members of our Team will be a part of the Ceremony, which is cool. But the intensity of the preparations have been incredible! Every day this week I've been called and e-mailed and asked dozens of questions about who will actually be present, what Shops they represent, how they are going to get out to Bangor. There have even been subtle statements along the lines of making sure they look nice for the ceremony (i.e. go and ensure a bath has been taken :-)).

.....The presentation I wrote was scrutinized in every possible direction. The Admiral is not going to read it at all, he is merely going to recite names and shake hands. But the fact that he MIGHT read the presentation made the Awards Committee angst mightily over every single word I wrote. I think that if they had realized up front that there would be a chance of being read they might have insisted someone else actually write the words. :-) But in the end what I wrote was declared 'acceptable'. :-)

.....As amusing as all this has been, I'll be glad when it is all over tomorrow. Everything else has been put on the back burner so we could prepare for this, so there will be a backlog on which to catch up next week.

.....On Tuesday evening I had a meeting at the Social to formally present the Norseland Site as our new September Crown site. It went over relatively well. Some are excited with the prospects of a new event site in Kitsap County. Some are concerned with the site's shortcomings. I'm in the middle, but moving over to the excited side. The steep hillsides make me nervous, as well as the overall roughness of the site. But the prospects of working with a clean canvas are exciting in themselves. The location is nice and relatively central. The fact that we get to 'test drive' the site with an event OTHER than June Faire is nice. The views of the Olympics are really nice. Besides, it is time to start moving forward. Past time actually. So let's make it work.

.....The thing that the Tuesday meeting did do for me was to remind me about the good things of working with a dynamic team, especially a DRAGON'S LAIRE Team. :-) Good ideas started racking up almost immediately. THL Barnet, in rapid fire succession, gave me three fantastic ideas on how to open up more territory for camping by new possibilities on parking the cars off-site. He also proposed some good ideas on easy ways to clear and grade a couple of areas to give us a great return on camping territory. Others had good ideas on lay-out and traffic patterns and other good ideas. The synergy was a great feeling. Made me wish I had done this in December, even while I was still trying to make the Clallam County Fairgrounds to work.

.....The site walk-through is the day after Candlemas. I'll have to make sure I schedule a follow-up meeting as soon as possible in February and try to build on the new momentum being created.

.....This Saturday is Ursulmas. We have space reserved for Dragon's Laire around the Erics. TBT and I are traveling with Madrun and Tsuruko. Looks like we're not going to be able to get to site until around 9AM on Saturday morning. At least three people though have volunteered to capture our reserved space and defend it as needed until we get there. The weather for the day looks a little wet, but snow is not forecast, so I'm thankful.

.....Next Saturday is Candlemas. I'm actually looking forward to witnessing the competitions. And the new format.

.....Then the declarations of Serjeantry will be presented at Evening Court. I'm still overwhelmed as it looks like almost a dozen people have stated their intentions to submit letters. This thing keeps getting better and better. I hope that it brings to the participants the same excitement it is bringing to TBT and myself.

.....Dame Ellen is working hard at organizing the handbook as well. It is going to look so much better this year than it did last year. At the very least it is going to be much more cohesive, especially with a lot of the lessons we learned from last year that are now incorporated. Dame Ellen has some homework for us to finish this weekend so we'll be able to pass something out at Candlemas as promised.

.....Note to myself, need to send out e-mails for the Serjeantry history paragraphs I'd like to get added to the Manual. Must remember to contact Master Ralg. Her Excellency Melissa as well. She is a little busy right now, but she has still promised me SOMETHING at some point. So I'll keep asking, just have to remember not to push too hard.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I had a September Crown meeting scheduled for this evening, but postponed it last night thinking that the roads would still be a mess this evening. In retrospect it was probably still a good decision. The major roads were quite passable, but many side streets were really still messy. Bridle View Place is definitely a mess, and hard to maneuver.

.....Ready to unveil the September Crown site move, just need to get a few more items lined up. Tip-toeing around Druim Doineann as I really want them to stay involved in the process, and make sure they understand that the site move had nothing to do with them as a group. I probably don't need to be as careful as I am on dealing with them. But there have been a couple of mis-communications with them over the past couple of years, so I am being careful.

.....I lucked out yesterday being a 'Snow Day' from work. I woke up with a migraine and spent most of the day asleep. Finally started feeling more human around 3PM. The work phone had gone off at least a dozen times, most of the calls being the Shipyard sending out notifications of the Shipyard being shut down for the day. :-) But the crew located in Norfolk was feeling rather cut off from the world, having no one with whom to speak at the Yard. :-)

.....The remainder of the Team travels next Monday, so the Office will be rather quiet for several months. It'll be nice for a couple of weeks at least, a nice time in which to get caught up with the WARR, the MOA's that are behind schedule, all the miscellaneous reports that have been at the bottom of the 'In Box' for while. But there will come a time, hmmm, maybe sometime in February, where the quiet of the office will start to become somewhat oppressive. Which is funny, really. :-)

.....This weekend should be relatively slow paced, although today seemed rather strange. Like the third Friday of the week. :-) We have a Wyvern meeting set for tomorrow morning. Looks like it will be rather well attended. Sometime in the afternoon we get to see the new Baronial Addition, Jack. :-) At which we'll be able to also pick up the files that Talon saved for us from our obsolete portable hard drive. Which was a lucky save for me as I'll be able to pull my Crier Exchequer Doomsday Report from it and get it submitted to Kingdom before the deadline.

.....The weather does not look all that great for the weekend, but if the roads are looking pretty good on Sunday I'm going to try and make a run up to Sequim. Ivan has a site in mind he'd like to see used for a larger event in the future. I'd like to take a look as the aerials look pretty good. Plus it'll give me an opportunity to speak with him in person and make sure we're both on the same page with the Crown move. Then we'll be all ready for next Tuesday's meeting.

.....The following weekend is Ursulmas. I need to remember to send out a reminder early next week about Baronial space available at Ursulmas. Also need to send out a reminder about Letters of Intent for Serjeantry. Which also reminds me that we need to review the Serjeantry Manual updates within the next week at the latest and get with Ellen to make sure we're all on the same page. As well as the rest of the Serjeantry. They need to at least review what is going to be offered to those presenting Letters.

.....Which further reminds me that I've got to get the new Serjeantry E-List set up pronto.

.....Thankfully, we had a retinue meeting last weekend so we knocked out most of what is going to happen at Candlemas Court on February 4th. Requests for scrolls have already gone out. We'll have to probably give out some Promissary Notes. Our Scribal Community is hard working and brilliant, and I'd sure like to clone them two or three times over. :-) Need to make some more time at some point to push Scribal. Sigh, I need to clone myself, TBT, and all the retinue, past and present.

.....What I'd really like is Freeze Dried Baronial Retinue, a la Bugs Bunny Martians. Just add water, and up pops an instant minion. If only the Real World (tm) was more like Looney Tunes. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Depending on which weather report you read today we are either going to die by suffocation from the massive amounts of snow that are going to fall, or we are going to freeze to death from the maelstrom of the snow storm about to hit. I hope it waits until at least I get home from work tomorrow. :-)

.....The car has gas. I pulled out the long underwear, the scarf, the gloves, and the hat. The laundry is pretty much done. Wish I could call in sick or similar tomorrow, but there are too many things waiting to get done at work. Half the crew flew today to Norfolk. Several others fly tomorrow. By next Monday everyone will be in Virginia except for me. It'll be a quiet office for a couple of months.

.....It was good to have the day off though. Not a whole lot was done, but it was nice to relax and take care of things at a slower pace. I'm sure that Dr. King would have preferred that I had gone out to do something good for the common welfare of man. But maybe it helps Society as a whole if I start the week in a happier frame of mind. :-)

.....Started off the MLK,Jr. holiday with the usual run at Starbucks, then the run over to Gwen's for a retinue meeting. We went over the calendar for the next several months to make sure we were all on the same page for what events we were attending. The weekends are lining themselves up fast. It's amazing how soon June Faire will be here!

.....Then a discussion of the day at Candlemas. How the judging might look on that day, and how best Her Excellency and I can ensure that at least one of us makes it to every performance, presentation and judging session.

.....Court was a big topic of discussion. Even with Candlemas being as dedicated as it is to the Arts & Sciences, Bardic and Scholar Championships, there will be other things we'll need to stuff into that Court as well. Not the least of which is acceptance of Letters of Intent for Serjeantry. I know of at least a couple coming our way.

.....Ack! And Baby Bibs! There will be a mini-explosion of new members of the Barony over the next couple of months. Baby Bibs with the Baronial Device on them will have to be produced by the gross!

.....After the retinue meeting, I had to run up to the Nexus of Evil in Poulsbo, otherwise known as Wal-Mart, and pick up the new eye glasses. For some reason, they tried to give me someone else's. :-) I picked up the glasses from the counter and thought that something was wrong. First of all, the frames were gold in color, and I remembered picking out silver colored frames. When I put them on everything was blurry. I knew something was wrong at that point. But the clerk valiantly tried to move the earpieces and nose pieces around for about twenty minutes, convinced that they were just not sitting on my face in the correct position. Then he finally went into the back room and discovered that he had picked up the wrong tray. Oops! :-)

.....The world looks a lot different in these glass. A lot sharper, that's for sure! But the focus is making my eyes ache a little. I may have to transition into them for a few days. I hadn't realized just how difference the prescription is now in comparing the old and new glasses.

.....Finally made it back home around 3PM. Most of the rest of the day has been about lounging around and leisurely getting ready for the work week. I sent out e-notes for Serjeantry and Ursulmas. I still have to finalize the September Crown meeting location for Friday, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow so I can finalize the location.

.....Talon was our Guardian Angel today. The hard drive with years of critical information on it went to him to see if any of it was recoverable. Apparently, even though there are corrupted files on the drive, large sections of it are being saved to another disk. Yeah! Talon! I definitely owe him a big one, especially if the Crier folder is more-or-less intact. I'm crossing my fingers!

.....Busy week this week. As long as the Snowpocalypse doesn't materialize there will be a Social and June Faire meeting tomorrow night. Wednesday is Fight Practice. Thursday is a Pearl's meeting. Friday is the September Crown meeting. Saturday will be a Wyvern meeting.

.....And on the seventh day they rested?

.....If Snowpocalypse does happen though, Oliver is all set to pull the trigger on canceling the Social. Certainly don't want anyone getting into trouble just to be Social.

.....Ack! Also just remembered that I have proposed dates for Western Regional Pelican Meetings I have to post. Need to do that pronto.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Got the Candlemas check-lists staring me in the face in my head. Probably would be a good thing to get them somewhere in writing as it might help me remember things. :-)

Let's see:
1. Garb: Shoes, leg-wrap, pants, tunic, belt and pouch, necklace wearables, Coronet and cap.
2. Baronial Cloak.
3. Chair - being supplied by Oliver and Tegus.
* Footstool being supplied for Her Excellency by Oliver and Tegus.
4. Baronial Banner.
5. Tokens for competitors.
6. Her Excellency Tsuruko will have the Ceremony for Invocation.
7. Snackie-bits and drinky-bits for the day.
* Some being supplied by others, but should have a few 'supplies' for on-the-go.
8. Tokens for those who have Arts and Sciences displays set up.
9. Bell
* Tripod (which is sitting next to the stairwell).
* Mallet (which needs to be covered in leather).
10. Print our copy of processional to review.
11. Bring notebook and note-taking materials.
12. Bring calligraphy pen and ink.
13. Don't forget scrolls and tokens.
14. Don't forget copies of Serjeantry Overview.
15. Bring copy of SLTC Songbook.
16. Pack feast-gear and check for completeness.
* Plates, bowls, forks / spoons / knives, drinking vessel(s), salt & pepper, tabasco :-)
17. Talk to a couple of people about being guards / escorts for Court.
18. Talk to Mateusz about toasting - will this happen at Candlemas?
* If THL Mateusz is not in attendance, we will need someone to round up the toasts.
19. Make a print-out of the proposed Arts and Sciences competition format to have as Mistress Gwen is put through the process.
20. Did we find a member of the Dragon's Pearls who will speak on behalf of the Order when the Light of Scholarship is presented?
21. Don't forget the Toy Chest!
22. Don't forget the kneeling pillows and the small table that goes between the Baronial Chairs.
23. Don't forget to look at the entrants in the Scribal Contest. Need to remember tokens for this one as well.
24. Don't forget the tokens for the New Participants.
* What remarks do we make in regards to the New Participants present and our Chatelaine?
25. Make announcements concerning KAS and KBC.
* Who is participating? Full entrant and single entries.
26. Acknowledge Bardic Corner (Are Tim and Truly present?).

.....Candlemas, and its Court, should go more smoothly than did Yule. I can already see things that I actually am remembering well in advance. :-) There are things that were remembered 'all of a sudden', but maybe by the time we hit Yule, 2011, we'll have this down to a science.

.....The biggest thing to remember is that Court sets the ambiance for being in our 'SCA Dream' of pageantry, but its primary function is to recognize those who are doing things that feed our 'SCA Dream'. Be it of service or of the Arts & Sciences. I remind myself of that often when I'm knocking myself for not being able to glibly speak in public. And its getting easier.

.....But I'm still a little nervous. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Things have been really busy for a while now, which is a contributor as to why I haven't been posting much lately. The other being a sensitivity towards the things I say these days. I have been surprized on a number of ocassions lately with something I've said being taken in a way that was not intended in the slightest. Even to the point of my going back and re-reading the things I wrote trying to figure out just how they were interpreted they way they were. :-)

.....But that's whining I suppose. So I'll stop. The main reason I AM posting this morning is that the Shipyard Intranet is down at the moment and I can't get into a lot of my usual programs and am at a standstill for about a half hour. So what do I do when I have a few free moments? I go and Live Journal. :-) Which I actually miss, to be honest. I wish people posted more to Live Journal. I wish *I* posted more to Live Journal. But that time thing, you know. I'm going to have to figure out a way to clone myself. :-)

.....The Baron and Baroness gig are still a very full time job. I am in constant awe of Cedric and Brighid these days. I don't know how in the world they were able to do all the things they did. I can barely keep up with the priority items on the Baronial 'to-do' list. I am learning the fine art of 'priority surfing', which means you do what you can with a project as quickly as possible before moving on to the next issue, crisis or Project. The nice thing about this method is that you can 'touch' a lot of things. The bad thing about this method is that you never actually FINISH anything. Which means that satisfaction is fleeting at times.

.....But progress still happens. Serjeantry is finally starting to move forward again. We had originally wanted to accept letters of intent at Candlemas. We had to push that out to June Faire as our vision wasn't lining up with any sort of written process. It still isn't in concrete yet, but we have enough on paper to start the process. We have an organizational kick-off later in March and will accept letters at June Faire. We have at least a couple of people with solid intentions of participating and being our test subjects. So let the party roll!

.....Her Excellency Inga of Avacal sent me a copy of their Serjeantry Program. There is a lot of good stuff in there! If she let's us we're going to steal sections of it for inclusion in our program. I liked the way it was worded as well. It follows my own philosophy to a large degree. I grokked it immediately. I've got an introductory broad sheet ready to pass out to potential candidates now. I've got our kick-off meeting of March 23rd as my deadline to have the in-depth pamphlet of Serjeantry ready to pass out to candidates. After that the next deadline will be June Faire, with the letters. The following step will be the Trials themselves, which will be scheduled according to how many candidates we have and what their intent is. Yes, this year will be the year of learning for Serjeantry. :-)

.....This weekend is Candlemas. Still on the learning curve with regard to running Courts. We learned much from Yule, mainly dealing with processionals. So we now have a written processional (thanks Tsuruko!) that will be easy to follow. Our Court is scheduled and written and relatively short (less than an hour). So we're good to go there. The learning curve for this Court was our own preparation. Her Excellency and I kept making our own internal assumptions on having all the 'stuff' ready to go and realized yesterday we were missing a few key elements. One more lesson learned for the NEXT Court. But THAT Court is June Faire, so we'll take the extra time we need to prepare for that one.

.....June Faire is looking good. There is the usual chaos of course. But I don't think that you can ever escape chaos completely when planning something on the scale of June Faire. What you do is manage the chaos to the best of your ability and be ready to punt as necessary when something unexpected happens. My favorite phrase from 'Shakespeare In Love', 'It's a Mystery.' :-)

.....I'm liking where things are going with June Faire though. The Marketplace moved to the top of the hill. This reduced the number of merchants by a few because of the amount of territory availble. But we are still going to get a decent variety. Plus the fact that Poppa Thorir's camper is better hidden this year on top of the hill behind the barn, instead of sticking out in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Improvement already! I'm also liking how all the 'demo' aspects of the Faire are being concentrated around the Modern Gate, to make them as visible to the modern attendance as possible. We still need to work out the bleachers and their dressing around the Erics as that has the potential to be an eye-sore if not covered properly, but at least we're thinking of it now.

.....And Sir Raoukinn's Tourney Circuit is coming through June Faire this year! FANTASTIC! We need to do more to advertise this, and make it something special for the fighters who will be in attendance. TBT and I are musing over different ideas on this, but need to come to a decision soon. Wow! Only three months left! Ouch!

.....Something else we need to work out are our 'progresses' through site. I know it is very Rennaissance Fair-ish, but when 'Queen Elizabeth' walks through the Faire with Her Court and banner bearers and trumpeters and pomp & circumstance, people really go gaga for that scene. We think that something along this line would work well for June Faire. Now, can TBT pull it off in style? Well, it'll be a challenge. But we'll do our best. :-) Sigh! We may even want to ask Trumpet Man to take a tour with us. Although TBT has a line on a good piper as well, so maybe a 'progress' with bagpipes would be fun. :-)

.....Then it is off to July Coronation. Dragon's Laire is taking care of the Marketplace for the event that is officially being hosted by Aquaterra and Midhaven. I put together a Marketplace Application and am about to launch. But I need to do more to see if I can get someone else to work with me on the Marketplace. Someone who has a little more spare time than I do. I can still do a lot of the heavy lifting, but if someone else can become 'the face' for the work, it would be nice. The people I've approached so far are all super busy with five hundred things of their own already, so I'm still looking.

.....Still have to make it thorugh KAS / KBC though. Dragon's Laire is hosting again, for the third time at the Silverdale Beach Hotel. The Autocrat is having life issue, which made me a little nervous at first. But after taking a step back and looking critically I relaxed a little:

* It IS our third time at the same venue, with virtually the same staff at the venue.
* The current Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences lives in Dragon's Laire AND is the Deputy Autocrat (Go Ellen! :-)).
* No Marketplace to worry about this year.
* No series of classes or lots of extra meetings to worry about this year.
* The competition schedule is already pretty much set and the Competition Staff looks all ready to go.
* The hotel already looks great. We could ditch decorations all together and the place would still look fantastic.

.....The more I thought about things, the less I worried. KAS / KBC will happen and it will be great. So let's roll with it! :-)

.....Sigh! Time to go and do battle with the IT Deities again! Wish me luck!

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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