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.....I got to drive straight home tonight. And, I do not have to leave the house. You know things are pretty busy when you revel in things like that. :-) I have my shoes off. I'm not wearing a shirt. It's kind of glorious actually. :-)

.....TBT is excited about the Crown List, at least as excited as I am if not more so. There are no guarantees whatsoever that it is going to go anywhere. But just like holding a Lottery ticket in your hand, you dream of what it would be like to see that happen. I'll have to admit I have. Although officially it means nothing to me personally, it would still be stunningly cool to see TBT with the Crown of An Tir on her head, standing next to King Villius. :-)

.....It would be an incredibly busy six to nine months though. I don't know if TBT would stay as Baroness of Dragon's Laire. If we would find a suitable Viceroy. Or what. There is precedent in several different directions. Although I'm having the most fun in threatening Madrun with being the stand-in Baroness for six months. The look on her face was great! :-)

.....The workload would be epic. We keep saying that the third year will be a little slower than the first two. Although I have my doubts. June Faire is always June Faire. Everyone feels like we've never done it before in the past. The A&S / Bardic / and Scholar Championships are still in their infancy with the new designs. Even though Serjeantry will be in its third year with a handful of Serjeants, there will still be logistics to manage and waters to negotiate.

.....We keep thinking of it as our final year as well. But I'm not willing to give myself completely over to that as yet. There are still things to worry about. After June Faire we may be at a place in time where the best thing for Dragon's Laire would be for it to be a Confidence Polling rather than a formal Baronial Polling. Nothing is decided until it is actually decided.

.....But the upside of 2013 is that it really is the second year of the new A&S / Bardic / Scholar Championship; the June Faire site is still solid (and a Board is forming now); there will be no Kingdom Event to work through; and there will be plenty of inside help to run the gauntlet of Serjeantry Trials. So maybe it will be a more relaxing year than 2012 has been.

.....There is a lot happening at September Crown all of a sudden though. As if running the event weren't enough for Dragon's Laire. :-) Having Madrun be elevated at the event will be epic. She has a tonnage of friends who'll all be there with thunderous applause. I need to remember to finish her circlet though. I have it cut and shaped. Just need to grind it and polish it down. I may just go ahead and splurge with a half or whole day off of leave in the next week or so to get it done. It'll be worth it. Certainly not nearly as gorgeous as TBT's torque, but I'll be happy to be able to give her something from my hands as well.

.....Then, when TBT walks through the Crown Lists with Villius, we'll all be yelling and screaming and clapping so much I think Their Majesties will have to ask us to quiet down so they can hear the words spoken by the combatant. :-) I think TBT has more fans than she realizes.

.....TBT will have to double-back so she can put on her Cloak of Dragon's Laire and we can march in ourselves. That is, if there is a processional. I hope there is. Being in the homelands of Dragon's Laire will mean the ultimate multitude of Populace to walk into Court underneath the Banner of the Barony. We have reason to be proud of the Barony. It's pretty epic in all it does. :-)

.....It's been a wonderful thing to watch the surrounding branches support us in September Crown. I'm subscribed to the Glymm Mere e-list. Practically every day there is a call for volunteers to support their efforts with water-bearing at Crown. The call is being answered as well. Many people are volunteering time, as well as planning and prep help in the effort. Practically every martiallate activity happening over the weekend is going to see water-bearing. It is a wonderful thing to witness. I think having Inga and Diomedes be their Liaison to Team Haggis and the Barony was a good match as well. They've stepped right up with arrangements for materials and equipment.

.....Aquaterra is also going all out to help in the efforts. Countess Octavia is rounding up groups of volunteers for gate and parking duties. Probably some of the least glamorous tasks that can be done at an event. But some of the most necessary functions. Aquaterra is also hosting a soup kitchen for Friday night. I need to remember to connect Inga and Diomedes with Countess Octavia so they can support her needs as well.

.....This Regional thing is really taking root I think. Not that September Crown was the first to try it (it worked really well for Midhaven / Aquaterra last year at July Coronation). But each time it is done just showcases the beauty of why it should be done.

.....And, really, it serves my ultimate purpose, that of the formation of the Principality of Western An Tir (Working Title :-)). It may not happen anytime soon, but every little bit creates just that much more momentum to the cause. I have my ambitions. After step-down, I see plans for a new South Sound Unity. Although I know of at least a couple of people who are thinking of it as well and may beat me to it. It all still serves the cause. Give it a couple of years to develop into something that is self-sustaining, then start talking up the possibilities. Start putting the thoughts out there of what being in a Principality would bring to the Region. It's not just a lot of work. There is also the Pageantry as well. More Royal presence at local events. More opportunity for local fighters (and consorts) to become Royalty. I can see some wins. :-)

.....I like to dream. I don't think it hurts, especially when those dreams start coming true. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I went out to dinner at 7PM and all the local bank thermometers were still reading 95 degrees, with the humidity to match. Indiana is an absolute oven right now! The air conditioner is blasting at high speed in the hotel room. The instant you walk out that door it's like someone throws a heavy wool blanket over your head, one that was just pulled out of a boiling pot of water. It's Africa hot, as in the heart of the steamy swamps hot. :-)

.....I should be in bed but I'm finding it hard to get to sleep. Wasn't able to get much sleep on the flight to Chicago last night. A couple of passengers seemed to want to party the entire time. Every time I dozed off some loud conversation or laughter would wake me back up. I don't think I was the only one though. There were a lot of bleary eyed passengers lined up at the Starbucks just outside the gate in Chicago.

.....By the time the Mid-Level Boss and I made it into Bloomington, we both said very little before heading to our rooms for a nap. I dozed for a little while, but still couldn't get to sleep, so I pulled out my notes for the Conference and started putting things together for it and making sure I had all of my facts straight. I am confident that I'm ready for practically anything thrown my way, but I'm still a little nervous that something unexpected might come up.

.....Took a break late in the afternoon and caught up with my e-mail. Some interesting traffic at home. Stuff that TBT took care of. I went ahead and finished off our State of the Barony report and sent it off to TRM and TRH. I tried to keep it succinct, but still clocked in at three pages. :-) I even went through it two or three times to see what I could do to trim it down some more. It's late, but at least we got it turned into the Crown.

.....Received some feed-back via e-mail on a bridge line we can use for our next Regional Pelican Meeting as well. Wish I'd gone this route six months ago as it was easy and cheap. With no long term commitments to make. Which seems to be the norm for a lot of the 'professional' bridge line providers. Also don't need a computer either, which is another plus. Any phone can call into the central number. So we'll give it a try and see how it works. Certainly a lot better than the Online Chat I'm betting. I need to get some e-mail out on that soon.

.....Bloomington is so full of contrasts! I drove through the downtown area and drove by three or four alternative food stores, a Whole Foods, a Trader Joes knock-off. It's interesting. But I suppose that would fit with the University of Indiana being based here. But at the same time there are also a lot of cars in the area covered with conservative slogans, lots of bible verse. And of course, the required nexus of evil, as in Wal-Mart, is growing like a cancer at the edge of town.

.....And, of course, there IS a Starbucks in town. :-) A drive through Starbucks at that. Guess where I'm stopping tomorrow morning on my way out to Crane? :-)

.....Let's try for that sleep button again.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I rather like these short weeks broken by holidays in the middle. Although I think the majority of those working in the Shipyard took the even more intelligent approach of taking a few days off on either side of the holiday, or the entire week. The Parking Garage was practically empty this morning. I was able to sit at my desk and get caught up with things that have been lingering for a while. I'm on the hook to be back to work for Thursday and Friday, so it is possible that I might actually get ahead a little bit. Which would be nice.

.....I'm being good right now while everyone else takes leave so that when I start eating up the leave for events in August and September that I'm not given much grief. September Crown alone is probably going to eat up at least three or four days of leave. I'm going to try and resist taking leave around the Picnic and Huntsman's Challenge, but we will see what happens.

.....The weekend saw some productivity, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I managed to do some cleaning of the house on Saturday. The kitchen was washed down, with several severe lectures to The Rhys Monster to not mess it up until at least TBT had seen it! :-) The bedroom and computer were cleaned out and vacuumed, along with the hall. Then the laundry was done.

.....After that I spent the afternoon trying to clean out my e-mail inbox. Did manage to reduce from almost 500 down to below 300, so I called that at least partially successful.

.....Then spent some time working on an FAQ for the Norseland Site. It was a very interesting week in that regard. The Equestrian Community had been doing a little research on the September Crown site and ran across some Internet sites talking about Norseland being a remediation site, with a meticulous cleanup effort after many years as an Army Base, a Landfill and a Trailer Park. The Equestrians were worried, after reading these reports of a HazMat clean-up, whether the site would be hazardous to their horses in any way. They were legitimate questions. We had been told the site was safe for human use, but humans don't generally roll around in the dirt and eat the local vegetation.

.....So Tsuruko, as the Equestrian POC, started asking questions of the State Department of Ecology. It did not take long at all before we started seeing an avalanche of e-mails from the State, the County, and the Port speaking about the site and what plans we had for the site. It was an intense day or two. So intense that the people leasing us the Site, the BMP, told us to take them out of the picture until something was ultimately decided. I had one conversation with the BMP where he was upset enough that he suggested we move the event. This was a non-starter as far as I was concerned. I spoke fast and as persuasively as I could and basically talked him off the ledge and told him that we'd deal with all the legal entities and let the BMP know the results when it was all over. They ultimately agreed to that plan and I breathed a short sigh of relief.

.....In the end we held a Teleconference with representatives from the State Dept. of Ecology, someone from the Kitsap Public Health Office, the Port of Bremerton, and Tsuruko and myself. It was a very friendly conversation. The state gave us formal permission to hold September Crown on Norseland and informed us that, among other things, the site was perfectly safe for the plans we had for it and that the area designated for the Equestrians was never even part of the remediation efforts. We came away with a formal statement to that affect (which I've already received in the mail), direction to the final sampling report online (of which I now have a copy), a POC for people to call if they have more questions of the State POC, and well wishes for a good event. I breathed another sigh of relief after that call.

.....Only thing left to do now is to have the Equestrians actually tour the site to make sure the area in question will work for their Tournament. This is supposed to happen in the next couple of weeks.

.....FAQ was put together and will be part of the September Crown web-site shortly.

.....Sunday was a day of migraine. I did not accomplish much at all. I did push my rear out the door in the afternoon to meet Albrecht and Magdalena so we could give them a day shade and a few other things from storage for use at An Tir / West War. I was barely holding it all together at that point, but made it through. I felt a little badly for taking off when Ralg was still trying to organize things. But I wouldn't have been a whole lot of help at that point. I went home, pulled out stuff for Monday and then went to bed for the remainder of the day.

.....Did some research on the internet last night and caught up on some more e-mail. Spent a little bit of time with TBT. Probably should have spent some more, but I was on a mission and intent on finding a few things out. :-) Yes, I can be stubborn on occasion. :-)

.....TBT was told over the weekend, jokingly from what I understand, that she does not put forth a whole lot of effort as Baroness. I may have to find out what exactly was meant by that as hearing it would have bothered me a great deal. I acknowledge quite frankly that this job of Baron and Baroness is one big assed job. No one person can do it effectively alone. TBT and I bring both brain and brawn to the table to manage this job at all. I'm not even saying we're even being very good at it. I'm just saying to even try to be effective requires a lot of effort, a lot of good ideas, a lot of management skills, a lot of intelligence, and a lot of perseverance. The only things that keeps me from feeling completely overwhelmed on occasion is TBT being right there helping me and managing situations with which she has experience or things of which she is just better at dealing with. There are things that I just take over because there are details that just bore TBT to death and she just doesn't like dealing with. I think we make a pretty good team in that regard. If anyone were to say to me that either one of us works any less than the other, I would say they were utterly and completely wrong, with a few additional remarks just to make sure my meaning was not mistaken.

.....Had to get that one out of my system as it really was bothering me a lot last night. I probably need to just let that one go unless it is mentioned to me directly.

.....And, I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow. Which is a good thing. Along with a picnic with lots of good food. That Richard can grill a rather fantastic steak! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Last night was the April Baronial Business Meeting. There was definitely a vibe of craziness in the air. It felt rather odd. And I've been obsessing over things from it ever since. I'm hoping that by writing some of them out here I'll pull them out of the hampster wheel of my mind and I can obsess over something else, like NORWESCON. :-)

.....One of our long time players was at the Business Meeting last night. I've seen this person maybe a handful of times over the past couple of years. But they've decided to basically 'return home' for a while and play. Which is probably a good thing for them. I've never left for any length of time, but I've always thought of the SCA as a dysfunctional family of sorts and as in any family, a good place to go to for support when needed.

.....This person may have an interesting time reconnecting with the Barony though. There were several interesting moments last night where people were confused about the questions raised or how to answer them. May have to keep an eye on this one.

.....Ever since the SCA Lawsuit recovery we've been taking an even closer look at our Baronial Finances. How we spend money. How we raise money. What can we do to improve how we do both. To raise awareness, the Baronial Exchequer put together a listing of inflows and outflows from 2011, and used it to set the budget for 2012. Then the Deputy Baronial Exchequer went through that Spread Sheet to give the numbers to the Baronial Populace in attendance last night.

.....We've done similar in the past, and I never know what to expect as it has run the spectrum. From full interest to eyes glazing over from boredom. Last night there was real interest. Which is fantastic! I wish more people were interested in how the funds were generated and spent. But the Deputy Exchequer did not have the answers to the questions raised. Neither did I for that matter. And they were good questions! The first one being if we could get more defined event costs and income by averaging out a number of years, which might be more accurate. The next question being to see some more details in what the expense totals actually were. The Deputy Exchequer is going to take those questions back to the Exchequer and get some more clarification.

.....We had our first Serjeantry Candidate withdraw last night. For good reasons. They need to concentrate on personal life and TBT & I applauded what that person is doing. We made sure to emphasize that they've submitted a Letter of Intent. If they want to start up again next year, or the year after, we'd fully support them in that.

.....We were concerned about another Candidate and had a discussion with them last night. Modern Life is been an issue for this Candidate and we wanted to make sure they understood that they could continue the Trials through to next year's class if they needed to do so. But we were told that Serjeantry was that important to them and they wanted to continue. We certainly wasn't going to argue with that one.

.....Later on that evening, someone mentioned something that really had me obsessing. It was mentioned that the job of Baroness was actually much more difficult than being the Baron. I, frankly, have been thinking about that statement ever since. I find the job of Baron rather difficult to start. I'm not sure I'd want it to be more difficult than it is. :-) I also thought that I had the workload balanced out with TBT rather evenly. I'm thinking that maybe we should take a second look at that. Are there things we can take off of TBT's plate to make things easier for her? TBT's strengths are not mine. And I've tended to think the reverse was true as well. But it is something definitely we need to look at.

.....I need to go and finish packing for NORWESCON. We were up until midnight last night and I'm rather tired. :-) Go figure. :-) Better make a list so that maybe I'll forget less. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's the weekend! Well, almost. I have to go in to work tomorrow for a 0630 Telecom with the Really Big Bosses in D.C. So I'm not feeling really motivated to do a whole lot this evening. But the 'To-Do' list is whispering insanely in my brain. 'June Faire is coming! June Faire is coming!' :-) There's a lot to do, and a lot I want to do.

.....But maybe I can sneak in a matinee of 'Thor' in the mix? :-) I admit, I'm intrigued. It's a superhero flick. But the subject matter kinda rocks. :-)

.....Sigh! Back to work:

* Pull out circlets to be done. Finish work in basement.
* Finish silk banners.
* Send out Pelican Meeting reminders. Print out agenda and make copies.
* Plan bed for TBT's back in support of May Crown.
* Wash Heather and clean out inside in preparation for tow to Firestone.
* Finish June Faire Coronet schedule (include Sunday tentative).
* Finish draft of recommendations letter.
* Send letter to Their Majesties requesting input on June Faire activities.
* Sit down with TBT to go over recommendations for June Faire Court. Finish list.
* Send note to Gabrielle. Need to provide complete information for scroll being worked by Renart. Remember to thank Renart.
* Last year's sit handout. Talk to Angharad.
* Ping local cousins for other Baronial Pavilions on Erics.
* Send June Faire copy to local e-lists.
* Put together plan for 'Grand Processionals'. Need people, banners, route, and agenda.
* Put together agenda for Baronial Court (if allowed).
* If Baronial Court happens, need a plan for Serjeantry Letters of Intent.

* Clean out computer room and vacuum.
* Do laundry for week.

* Get hair cut.
* Sneak in matinee of 'Thor'.
* Pay birthday respects to Jenae.
* Clean off old computer. Set up new computer.

.....If time allows:
* Warp loom for card-weaving. Use linen thread.
* Pull out song-book in preparation for May Crown.
* Pull out gemshorn and recorder and pull out some music to play.
* Some sonnetry.

.....There is a possibility that work may send me to the East Coast the week after June Faire. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that current events overcome that schedule and move things forward into the summer. I can just imagine off-loading the U-Haul Sunday, parking Lobelia at the house, and then getting up in a handful of hours, early on Monday morning the next day to meet an airplane traveling east.


.....Although, if that plan falls through the next available week butts up against An Tir / West War. I'm not sure which plan is worse, to be honest. Will just have to roll I guess.

.....Will be a busy summer, but fun. Just have to make it through May. Which WILL be done. One day at a time. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was a tough thing to get up this morning as I couldn't believe the weekend was already over! The first three days of NORWESCON had absolutely flown by and here it was time to pack out the hotel room. I was not ready to go.

.....Spent a couple of hours last night listening to music in the Evergreen Rooms. 'The Heather Dale Band' did a pretty outstanding performance of Neo-Celtic and Modern Folk, and a few other traditional songs thrown into the mix. I was absolutely transported to a different time and place. Voice, guitar, violin, cello, and even a little tin whistle thrown in for good measure. The hour and a half or so that they played I was in heaven. The room was packed as well. I think the bardic emphasis the NORWESCON staff had this year paid off. I hope that it means even more music for next year.

.....Ran through the dance areas in the Ballrooms downstairs. But after some good folk music I could not find the modern dance very satisfying. It was like drinking a cheap tequila after several shots of Don Julio. Not a good thing, so I headed back to the room for the evening. And was out pretty quickly.

.....Slept in a little this morning and didn't hit the shower until around 7AM. After the shower I went in to take a look at my e-mail. I wish that I had spent some time actually reading it then, but there was rather quite a lot of it and I decided that I would deal with it when I made it home. So I just skimmed through it and answered the ones that sort of tugged directly at myself and / or TBT. After that I started gathering my stuff from where it lay scattered in various locations of the room.

.....TBT awakened a short time later and we started packing in earnest. When the majority of it was packed away we decided to go out for our Starbucks run and make a final circuit of the convention. Picked up some souvenir T-Shirts and ran through the Marketplace. We especially looked through the Dr. Who offerings for Angharad, but there was actually less than I thought there would be. I think she can find better offerings and better prices online.

.....Checked out the Paranormal Fair. It was definitely an eclectic selection of offerings. Everything from 'Ghost Hunters' to ESP testing to healing advice to readings through different spiritual guidances. I think it really could have been helped if it had had some focus to what it wanted to do. It would be interesting to talk to the organizer of the Fair to see what their intended purpose for the Fair actually was. It could benefit from a couple of years to find its footing and some focus. But the NORWESCON staff may not give it enough space to do that. But we'll see where it goes.

.....Took a last look at the Art Show. Saw a couple of interesting mediums and styles that were rather new to this year. One artist did a set of block prints that were interesting. Another had a series of pictures in tooled and carved leather. A lot of the 'regulars' were back. I'm trying to work on TBT to show something again. I've seen some of the artwork she drew back in her college years. And as with anything TBT touches, I thought it looked pretty damned cool. I'm hoping to convince her to pull it out of storage and put it up for display.

.....After that we went back to the room to finish packing and loading the truck. TBT and I checked our e-mail one last time. Wished then that I hadn't. Received e-mail traffic that depressed me greatly. There are times when I wonder if I'm going to make it through three years as a Baron. I promised myself that I would do it when that Coronet landed on my head! But for a while there this morning I had to keep repeating to myself, '...only thirty months, twenty-three days left to go. I can make it for thirty months, twenty-three days. I know I can.' Sigh. Thankfully, things improved later in the day as we sifted through the information and gained some greater understanding of the entire picture. I need to work on keeping the positive attitude intact and concentrating on the things I can actually affect for the good. Always a hard thing on which to focus, especially when there are so many different things on which to focus.

.....Went to Zoopa's in Tukwilla for lunch after checking out of our rooms (and reserving rooms for next year. Huzzah! :-)). The drive home and exchange of cars with Richard and Gwen were pretty uneventful. They gave us lots to think about though concerning the summer schedule and An Tir - West War. Summer is just around the corner and plans need to be finalized as soon as possible.

.....The next six weeks are going to be a zip line ride straight to June Faire (with a side loop-de-loop through May Crown). The 'to-do' list is in the preliminary stages and will be something I need to finalize tomorrow and is epic in size. I'm glad I took tomorrow off from work! :-)

.....Ups-And-Downs From NORWESCON:

* Up: All the inspirational writing advice. I've really approached the writing thing from the wrong angle for years. It's less about form and structure and more about the actual doing of the writing. Definitely some inspiration to write something on a more regular basis.

* Down: Didn't get to spend a whole lot of time talking with friends at NORWESCON. Buzzed by Bjorn and Alys several times and said 'Hi' briefly. But never connected for any real conversation.

* Up: The music! It was absolutely fantastic this year. Need to pull out my recorder and gemshorn and practice some music for June Faire. I was inspired. Will definitely be busy during the day with the Baron gig, but can sit down and play a little in the evening. Maybe even have TBT sing with accompaniment? Hmmm, will have to think that through some more and implement a plan.

* Down: The return home. I wonder if there is some way to mentally prepare yourself to transition from NORWESCON back to 'reality'? :-).

.....I think it is time for bed. I'm falling asleep at the computer. I think I've caught up with the e-mail, but I'll double-check real fast and make sure.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was a long day at work, but was still hoping to get a laundry list of stuff done at home. Didn't make it a quarter of the way through the list, but at least I didn't throw it away completely. :-)

.....The entire Shipyard is abuzz with both the looming government shutdown and all the proposed changes coming from the GOP. Not all of them will pass, but this has been the year of the 'evil Federal woker who steals from the average American's paycheck', so I think at least some of the changes will be enacted when the dust settles.

.....On Friday we at the Shipyard were considered 'esssential', which meant that if the government went into shutdown, we would still report to work. On Monday most of us were classified as 'non-essential'. Then today we were again classified as 'essential'. I suppose we'll find out for sure on Monday morning when we show up at the Shipyard gate and we're either let in, or told to go home.

.....A two year pay freeze is already in effect. The five year pay freeze is gaining momentum, so most of the experts are telling us to be prepared for it. Others things being discussed are the elimination of our retirement, in which case we would take the funds accumulated and roll them into some private 401K, or equivalent, and the government would cease with their matching funds. Other discussion points are a reduction of medical insurance, raises in the retirement age (again), and other, even less appealling options. Sigh! The landscape is going to be interesting when I get ready to retire in twenty years. But, I suppose on the other hand, it'll be worth consideration to actually leave the Shipyard and work for an organization that fits me a lot more.

.....The only thing that keeps a lot of the Federal workforce in place is the benefits package, and maybe a little security (although that is getting to be less and less of a consideration). Retaining any talent is going to become more and more difficult and any effieciency the government has in getting anything done will go away to where the pay and benefits really are. Hope that someone up there takes that into consideration at some point.

.....Worked on the silk banner this evening. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. We're using a silk 'paint', but it really acted a lot like a dye. I barely brushed the silk and the paint would spread very much like a dye. But even with that the progress was a lot slower than I expected it to be. In about an hour and a half I was able to complete the Pithon only. But I was happier with the yellow (gold) color than I thought I would be. I'm hoping to get the Or chequey done on Friday, and maybe the red bars and background. But we'll see.

.....Last night's Serjeantry discussion turned out better than I thought it would. We had almost thirty people listing into the conversation. All twenty of the hand-outs I had printed out were given to those who wanted them. There was a lot of excitement as well as a lot of good questions asked. I think that we'll get at least a couple of people turning in Letters of Intent at June Faire, maybe upwards of six to eight, which would make me very happy.

.....People accepted the concept of the Quest and the Round Table better than I thought they might have. The very titles beg a certain amount of corniness. But the concepts are solid. The Quest being a person achievement and the Round Table being a forum to provide inspiration to the Populace. People seemed to grok the concepts and become excited.

.....There were a number of people who could not make the conversation last night and I ended up sending out another six copies of the handout today. There are still a couple of bugs to work out, mainly the section dealing with Yoemen, but the rest of it is pretty sound. So here we go. :-)

.....Tomorrow night is the Business Meeting. I sent myself a bunch of notes and will put together our letter sometime during the day. June Faire is the big item on the horizon, and there is a lot of preparation to get done. We have to figure out how were going to best support the Tourney Circuit Tournaments of Sir Raoukinn and Monseignor Talon. Maybe a spiffy prize. Also need to figure out how were going to do our 'progresses' around site, complete with banners and musicians and all the pomp and circumstance we can arrange between now and then.

.....But before then is May Crown. Thankfully, Adelheidi is going to ensure that the encampment is arranged, which takes a burden from us. Eric space has already been reserved for the Baronial Pavilion, but we still need to figure out how were going to get it, as well as our own camping gear, to site. Heather (the van) is currently down and I don't think she is going to be operable between now and May Crown. We may have to rent a 'Tourney-Mo-bile', but we'll find something.

.....Am falling asleep and probably should go to bed.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Things have been really busy for a while now, which is a contributor as to why I haven't been posting much lately. The other being a sensitivity towards the things I say these days. I have been surprized on a number of ocassions lately with something I've said being taken in a way that was not intended in the slightest. Even to the point of my going back and re-reading the things I wrote trying to figure out just how they were interpreted they way they were. :-)

.....But that's whining I suppose. So I'll stop. The main reason I AM posting this morning is that the Shipyard Intranet is down at the moment and I can't get into a lot of my usual programs and am at a standstill for about a half hour. So what do I do when I have a few free moments? I go and Live Journal. :-) Which I actually miss, to be honest. I wish people posted more to Live Journal. I wish *I* posted more to Live Journal. But that time thing, you know. I'm going to have to figure out a way to clone myself. :-)

.....The Baron and Baroness gig are still a very full time job. I am in constant awe of Cedric and Brighid these days. I don't know how in the world they were able to do all the things they did. I can barely keep up with the priority items on the Baronial 'to-do' list. I am learning the fine art of 'priority surfing', which means you do what you can with a project as quickly as possible before moving on to the next issue, crisis or Project. The nice thing about this method is that you can 'touch' a lot of things. The bad thing about this method is that you never actually FINISH anything. Which means that satisfaction is fleeting at times.

.....But progress still happens. Serjeantry is finally starting to move forward again. We had originally wanted to accept letters of intent at Candlemas. We had to push that out to June Faire as our vision wasn't lining up with any sort of written process. It still isn't in concrete yet, but we have enough on paper to start the process. We have an organizational kick-off later in March and will accept letters at June Faire. We have at least a couple of people with solid intentions of participating and being our test subjects. So let the party roll!

.....Her Excellency Inga of Avacal sent me a copy of their Serjeantry Program. There is a lot of good stuff in there! If she let's us we're going to steal sections of it for inclusion in our program. I liked the way it was worded as well. It follows my own philosophy to a large degree. I grokked it immediately. I've got an introductory broad sheet ready to pass out to potential candidates now. I've got our kick-off meeting of March 23rd as my deadline to have the in-depth pamphlet of Serjeantry ready to pass out to candidates. After that the next deadline will be June Faire, with the letters. The following step will be the Trials themselves, which will be scheduled according to how many candidates we have and what their intent is. Yes, this year will be the year of learning for Serjeantry. :-)

.....This weekend is Candlemas. Still on the learning curve with regard to running Courts. We learned much from Yule, mainly dealing with processionals. So we now have a written processional (thanks Tsuruko!) that will be easy to follow. Our Court is scheduled and written and relatively short (less than an hour). So we're good to go there. The learning curve for this Court was our own preparation. Her Excellency and I kept making our own internal assumptions on having all the 'stuff' ready to go and realized yesterday we were missing a few key elements. One more lesson learned for the NEXT Court. But THAT Court is June Faire, so we'll take the extra time we need to prepare for that one.

.....June Faire is looking good. There is the usual chaos of course. But I don't think that you can ever escape chaos completely when planning something on the scale of June Faire. What you do is manage the chaos to the best of your ability and be ready to punt as necessary when something unexpected happens. My favorite phrase from 'Shakespeare In Love', 'It's a Mystery.' :-)

.....I'm liking where things are going with June Faire though. The Marketplace moved to the top of the hill. This reduced the number of merchants by a few because of the amount of territory availble. But we are still going to get a decent variety. Plus the fact that Poppa Thorir's camper is better hidden this year on top of the hill behind the barn, instead of sticking out in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Improvement already! I'm also liking how all the 'demo' aspects of the Faire are being concentrated around the Modern Gate, to make them as visible to the modern attendance as possible. We still need to work out the bleachers and their dressing around the Erics as that has the potential to be an eye-sore if not covered properly, but at least we're thinking of it now.

.....And Sir Raoukinn's Tourney Circuit is coming through June Faire this year! FANTASTIC! We need to do more to advertise this, and make it something special for the fighters who will be in attendance. TBT and I are musing over different ideas on this, but need to come to a decision soon. Wow! Only three months left! Ouch!

.....Something else we need to work out are our 'progresses' through site. I know it is very Rennaissance Fair-ish, but when 'Queen Elizabeth' walks through the Faire with Her Court and banner bearers and trumpeters and pomp & circumstance, people really go gaga for that scene. We think that something along this line would work well for June Faire. Now, can TBT pull it off in style? Well, it'll be a challenge. But we'll do our best. :-) Sigh! We may even want to ask Trumpet Man to take a tour with us. Although TBT has a line on a good piper as well, so maybe a 'progress' with bagpipes would be fun. :-)

.....Then it is off to July Coronation. Dragon's Laire is taking care of the Marketplace for the event that is officially being hosted by Aquaterra and Midhaven. I put together a Marketplace Application and am about to launch. But I need to do more to see if I can get someone else to work with me on the Marketplace. Someone who has a little more spare time than I do. I can still do a lot of the heavy lifting, but if someone else can become 'the face' for the work, it would be nice. The people I've approached so far are all super busy with five hundred things of their own already, so I'm still looking.

.....Still have to make it thorugh KAS / KBC though. Dragon's Laire is hosting again, for the third time at the Silverdale Beach Hotel. The Autocrat is having life issue, which made me a little nervous at first. But after taking a step back and looking critically I relaxed a little:

* It IS our third time at the same venue, with virtually the same staff at the venue.
* The current Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences lives in Dragon's Laire AND is the Deputy Autocrat (Go Ellen! :-)).
* No Marketplace to worry about this year.
* No series of classes or lots of extra meetings to worry about this year.
* The competition schedule is already pretty much set and the Competition Staff looks all ready to go.
* The hotel already looks great. We could ditch decorations all together and the place would still look fantastic.

.....The more I thought about things, the less I worried. KAS / KBC will happen and it will be great. So let's roll with it! :-)

.....Sigh! Time to go and do battle with the IT Deities again! Wish me luck!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....So, when TBT and I stepped up in November, it was easy for people to send e-mail to me. I'd been Seneschal for several years and people had my address memorized and they were used to coming to me when they had problems or issues that needed routing or resolution. But they weren't always so good at making sure TBT was also addressed in these e-mails. Especially the ones that really should have been addressed to both of us.

.....TBT was a little fussed at that, same as I would be in that situation. It was to the point where I felt guilty for even receiving the e-mail traffic. I started getting into a routine where the very first thing I did was to check the addressing. If TBT was not addressed, like quicksilver I either forwarded the message to her, or I replied to all and made sure TBT was addressed.

.....Things improved over the next month, especially when Rebecca set up the 'Coronets @ dragonslaire' address that went to both of our personal e-mails. The grumbling quieted and peace once again filled the land.

.....Fast forward two months. Mistress Gwen sends out an e-mail on an exciting learning concept that could be incorporated into the teaching rounds of the Barony. Maybe even into the competition circuit. I was given the verbal, but didn't see the e-mail. I mentioned the fact that I would love to see the e-mail and was told it would be forwarded. It took several repeats and a series of harrassments for this to happen.

.....Now, I acknowledge that I did NOT have to receive this e-mail. That it was really innocuous and inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. I totally agree with that sentiment. I did not REALLY NEED to see it. But it was the PRINCIPLE of the entire affair that had the little indignant hair or two stand up on the back of my neck.

.....First, I felt guilty when I was addressed and TBT was not. O.K. maybe that was only my guilt to own. I can acknowledge that and accept that. But still, a little turnabout support would be very much appreciated.

.....Second, I like information. Small, large, it doesn't matter. I like to be 'in the know'. I've made no secret about that. In fact, it may be an addiction, but I think it is one with which I can live.

.....Third, there was a little 'there, there, you are not an artist, so how could you POSSIBLY be interested in the subject.' Now, no one actually came out and said that. But I was sure feeling that way when I kept receiving vague promises of said e-mail and not receiving it for a while. Again, is this something owned by me? Sure. But I think I'd like to make it a point that even though I'm not an artist, I'm still the Baron, which makes me interested in how things are actually run in the Barony. Even if it is just a concept or idea that may never see fruition.

.....Finally, there have been a couple of instances where I've received the 'You are the Baron, you are not supposed to be interested in the gentler arts.' That one actually does drive me crazy. Maybe I'm weird or something, but you know, I like to play and listen to music. I've been known to cardweave and bobbin lace. I have even embroidered on occasion. So don't tell me to mind my gender roles please.

.....O.K., I've vented. I'm not annoyed with anyone on this subject, nor do I want anything 'fixed'. I just wanted to get my feelings on the matter out there. If you are a friend, and are interested in any aspect of the Barony, arts, sciences, marshallate, include both TBT and myself in the conversation. Indulge in both our need for information.

.....And now that I've vented, I should probably go home and apologize profusely to TBT for the harassment I gave her yesterday. Sigh! I can be stubborn on occasion. Maybe too stubborn. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's the start of a three day weekend, and I'm happy about that. This past week has been rather frustrating. Both at work and in dealings with the SCA it's been like everyone around me is speaking English and I'm speaking some bastardized form of Pig-Latin. The more I try to get myself understood, the less I seem to be understood.

.....Yesterday was the worst and culminated in e-mail traffic where I had to go back and read what I wrote several times as the recipient took what I had sent and interpreted it in a way that was not intended in the slightest. I read the response and stared at the computer screen going, 'Huh?'. Then proceeded to try and pull the remainder of the hair off of my head in frustration.

.....I've complained bitterly about this several times already, but its still there. As a Seneschal, you can point to rules and processes and say 'Yes, this is right' and 'No, you can't do that'. But as a Coronet, things are so much more nebulous. You have to balance egos and styles and wants and desires with the ultimate needs of the Barony and try to move the whole mess forward while maintaining as many egos intact as possible. It's not easy!

.....This morning TBT and I went and did our normal Starbucks run. I was still feeling strung out and frustrated. When we sat down a Journey song came on the radio and for some odd reason the first thing I thought of was a scene from 'Heavy Metal'. The one where the warrior girl puts on her armored boots and climbs aboard her 'Sparrow of Doom' to do battle with Evil Incarnate.

.....'Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!'

.....I start laughing and giggling hysterically and it did the trick. The frustrations of the week finally slid away and I was able to let it go. The problems are still there, but I don't need to own them. I'll do what I can to help resolve them. We'll work to make things happen and the Barony to move forward.

.....TBT and I have a lunch date with Madrun today. That will be fun. We'll probably start talking and then four hours later we'll look at the clock and wonder what happened. Having resolved all the World's crisis of course. :-)

.....TBT and I also have to pick out silk dyes today from Dharma Trading. THL Anne is taking lead on the banner making. Excellent! She is ready to move forward on purchasing, with a group of us contributing to the kitty. She just needs to know what colors TBT and I need for our banners. We've decided we want to get four done. Instead of two really large ones, we'll do four slightly smaller ones. We want to do one each utilizing our primary devices (python and fleur-dy-lys). One utilizing my winged cat. And a fourth one using the combined device banner that TBT made for our step-up. I can't wait to do these. We have a day scheduled for February to actually get together in Anne's garage to draw out the banners and dye the silk.

.....To-Do List:
.....Pull out Silk.
.....Rough Draft of four banners (decide on final elements).
.....Anne is going to get the remainder of the dyes that Conchobar has to see what is already available.
.....Get Anne the colors that we need.
.....Anne will let us know how much we need to contribute and what supplies we need to acquire.
.....Anne will order supplies from Dharma Trading.
.....Banner making party at Anne's.

.....Retinue meeting tomorrow. Must remember to go through my notes and make a list of things I want to make sure and talk about. Definitely need to make an agenda for Candlemas.

.....Time to clean house. I hear TBT in the kitchen and the cat boxes definitely need cleaning.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was an interesting day all around. I went into work this morning eagerly anticipating 'the plan' as proposed by NAVSEA through the Mid Level Boss yesterday. Only to find out that there was no single 'plan', there were as many plans as there were Commanding Officers involved in the whole issue at work. By the time we held our big Telecom at 1100, we had been directed by two different Commanding Officers to go in two different directions with their personal plans. Chaos is still alive and well.

.....But I was missed, even if I was only away for a day and a half. For some odd reason I have been providing the steady center point around which all of these 'plans' were revolving. The person who received all the direction from the various leaders and passed out everyone's personal parts in this play as needed. Without me to be there as this play's producer, chaos ruled the day and no one knew what particular direction in which to go. It should have been a sad thing, but I felt strangely good in knowing that I was wanted. Go figure.

.....Although that still means I'm back to work on Monday. I've been told that I'll be there through at least Wednesday morning before they consider releasing me to use my Must Leave. But I did receive my copy of my disapproved Leave Application, which I think I'll frame. It's the first time I've ever seen something like that. :-) Now I just have to follow through and make sure my leave really does get restored next year, supposedly sometime by March at the latest.

.....Learned a lesson on the whole Coronet thing today. For the past month now I've been thinking of this gig as an extension of being a Seneschal. My approach has been that consensus should be the overarching theme of the day, with the rule of law being applied first and foremost. But, really, that's why you have a Seneschal in the first place. The job of the Coronets is to provide leadership, which means making the tough decisions sometimes. Those decisions that don't have clearly defined rules to back them. Defending those decisions can be a scary thing too. It's amazing how short a time it was before TBT and I started finding ourselves out on that proverbial limb. But I'm rather glad that it is happening now, and not later. I needed to learn what the difference was before it smacked me in the face in the middle of June Faire or some other high stress happening. And now that I've had this level of epiphany, I can work through it and maybe, actually, learn something while I have the chance. I'll have to make this transition my mantra for the next couple of months until it becomes more subconscious.

.....Had a list of things to get done, but TBT and I went and saw a movie instead. We saw 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. Even though I like C.S. Lewis, I certainly do not have the fanaticism about his works that I do Tolkien. So it was easy to enjoy this movie and suspend my usual interrogations. :-) In some way the movie was very hard to watch. I've read it many times and know it very well. The movie only really hits some of the highlights of the book, and completely re-writes others. Although visually, it is rather a beautiful film. It reminds me a lot of the recent remake of 'Alice In Wonderland' that Tim Burton directed. Something that was very beautiful, but lacked a real and cohesive story.

.....That's rather sad as the critics have not been all that pleased with it and the audiences have not really been attending in droves. I was kind of hoping that 'The Silver Chair' would make it into theatres eventually. It would be a difficult movie though. Much of it is done in very drab settings, with a lot of dark dialogue. 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' is probably the last of the Narnia books that could make an easy transition to the big screen. Although as I type that I think I could be wrong as 'A Horse And His Boy' would make a good adaptation as well. I guess we'll see.

.....Saw a preview for 'Thor'. It was cheesy, but intriguing at the same time. I may have to go and see it. I'm still trepidatious though as it could easily be another 'Clash of the Titans'. It certainly had that look to it and I found myself listening for Liam Neeson voice. :-)

.....Off to bed now, but thinking of the 'to-do' list for tomorrow. A couple of circlets top the list, along with maybe my Sekrit Santa gift. I've no clue what to get my recipient as I know them not at all, and haven't found out much with google-stalking. Guess I'll have to shoot and hope for the best.

.....But I get to end the day with cooking by Petr and Kierran. Mmmmmm, always a good thing. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I actually had a good time at Last Chance this weekend. I'd been anxious for the past couple of weeks about a.) the weather reports which became increasingly gloomy as we approached the date of the event, and b.) the site of supreme anxiety, the Uplands of Port Gamble (based on the Epically Nightmarish Swamp Faire of 2008). But the event was, in the end, a success.

.....Saturday was bright and clear, and HOT, all day long. With all the rain we had over the week, the humidity was really high, which was a little uncomfortable at times. But it was never unbearable. Certainly nothing in comparison to a hot, Georgia, afternoon. I was glad I dressed in layers though, with a light linen tunic as the bottom layer. I could lose layers as needed, and then put them back on as the evening slowly cooled down.

.....We were on site by 1000 Court. As the Heirs we were expected to sit next to Their Excellencies in Court. They warned me that the view and the 'feel' was a lot different when looking out at the Populace as opposed to being a member of the Populace and watching Court. They were definitely right. Sitting up in front there you are the focus of a lot of attention. I watched Their Excellencies to see how they did things, how they acted, and how reacted to cues from the Populace. It was interesting as I had never paid that much attention to those kinds of details in the past.

.....I definitely want to change some of the Ceremonials. I think that TBT does as well. I wrote a lot of the original wording for Their Excellencies when They first stepped up. I was somewhat proud of the words at the time. But they have not stood up well to the wear and tear of history. For one thing they are far too wordy. By the time all the words are read so much time has gone by that people get distracted. We really need to tighten things up. Their Excellencies had already started that process. But we want to convert these to an even more Anglo-Saxon feel. I'd like to also do some conversion to a style closer to a period feel. Which is problematic. If no one can understand what is being said, than they are less inclined to be interested in any part of it.

.....What would be really cool would be a conversion from the current prose to a more poetic format. It really isn't skaldic, although that style is close, but an early anglo-saxon style of poetry was really sing-song in execution. I've listened to scholastic representations of what they most likely resembled and it has a really cool sound. The only trick might be to convert modern english into that style. The nice thing is that in reality an anglo-saxon poetic scroll and ceremony might be easier for a herald to read and say than the current verbiage. We'll see what we end up producing.

.....The final Court was rather emotional. Being Their Excellencies last Baronial Court They had a lot of words They wanted to say, and tokens to give out. I only hope that TBT and I can engender the same loyalty and dedication that Their Excellencies have produced in the Populace.

.....The feast was really good. The Culinary Guild did a fantastic job with the Port and Chicken they grilled during the day. Add that to the side dishes that everyone contributed to the table and certainly no one went away hungry, that's for sure. After dinner, lots of good conversation was had, some music and revelry under the Poof-Ka (the 'Pavilion Formerly Known As'). I wish we could have stayed longer, but TBT and I were tired and wanted to make sure we could pick up Rhys and make it home while still coherent enough to drive.

.....Today went along rather nicely. We were on site by 9:30AM and the Captain-Of-The-Guard Tourney was already in full swing. It was a lot of fun to watch and the combatants were intent on doing their best. Caius finally won and anyone who took the time to watch the Tournament could not doubt their sincerity and desire to want to be Captain of TBT's Guard. TBT may have been reluctant to actually have a guard before we began this process, but watching the dedication of those vying for the Captain's position brought home the beauty of what they did. It was very cool.

.....Break-down of site started around 11AM and we were off site by Noon, which is wonderful for a Last Chance. We ran stuff to the Storage Unit, had lunch, did chores and are now getting ready for the work week. There are lots of things to think about. But right now I'm thinking of one thing at a time and doing my best to stay awake long enough to get laundry for the week. :-)

.....Need to check the 'to-do' list. The next couple of weeks are going to be busy.

.....Zzzzzzzz, Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The past handful of weeks have been interesting, ever since the word starting coming out on Their Excellencies stepping down later this year. It's pretty much been a given that myself and Marquessa Laurellen will submit our names for consideration and we've had a number of rather intense conversations with various people on our perceived strengths and weaknesses. Most of those perceptions are not new to me. But there have been a couple of real eye openers. It's already been interesting how different the process is this time versus either of the previous runs.

.....This will be the third submission of my name for consideration. I remember the first time I went through this approximately ten years ago. It was myself and Catelin Spenser. I remember the night we gathered in her computer room at her little house in Bremerton. We were so excited as we crafted that letter full of references to Arthurian Romance and Mythos. In our minds eye we were seeing quests and pageants of chivalry and all manner of courteous meetings at the Round Table of our creation. We were so naive. But the dream was so real and seemed so attainable at the time.

.....We were not selected on that occasion, and it was probably a good thing as we really weren't ready to lead the Barony out of the Maria years. The Barony was a broken place at that time and the very best thing that could have happened was Ralg and Tsuruko.

.....The second time I submitted my name it was with Talia. I went into it with a very different attitude this second time. There was a lot less of the dreaming and a lot more of the theatrical. Probably why Talia and I hooked up. We were riding the same coat-tails others were with dreams of pageantry and color this time. The Barony of Dragon's Laire storming across the Kingdom with the banners flying and the cries of the people doing their best to 'speak forsoothly'. Again I think I was rather naive as I had a vision but I didn't have a clear path on how to take all the various different groups of people in the Barony and have them move forward as one. That's always the trick though.

.....So, now we're at the third submission. Or about to be. And I'm asking myself a lot more questions than I think I ever did before. Serious questions on what is happening in the Barony. What can be done to improve things. What good things can be emphasized. What would I do differently. These are all good things to think about and I'm giving it all serious thought. But I wonder where the dream is. I need to work more on connecting with it. It's all well and good to be serious and come up with serious ideas and solutions. But you can't lose sight of the dream, it's just as important as the serious solutions. Or else, why bother?

.....I think the other real change is the person with whom I'm submitting. With Catelin and Talia, at the end of the day we went our separate ways. So there was definitely a certain amount of autonomy. The demons I fought with myself were my own and I didn't expect Catelin, or Talia, to fight them with me or for me. But this time I am married to the person submitting with me. Nothing is done alone. The demons we both fight we have to fight together. It sounds good maybe on the surface, but it is not all good as the sharing of those demons can be a lot of work for both.

.....I am missing those heady times with Catelin tonight a little I think. And I certainly need to think a little less and dream a little more.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....So, I'm on the phone with His Excellency Cedric the other night and he starts talking about preparations for a Baronial Polling to happen at the end of this year. I stop him and say, 'You mean, your confidence polling, right?' To which he replies, 'No, our polling for Baron and Baroness.' I'm REASONABLY SURE that he was pulling my leg, but for a few brief moments it threw me into a panic. As Seneschal, I certainly do not look forward to wrangling a polling.

.....But after that conversation and for a day or so after I started thinking about how much things have changed under Cedric and Brighid and how much they would change under the next couple, whomever they would be. That is neither good nor bad, it just IS. When Master Ralg and Tsuruko Sensei stepped up as Baron and Baroness, they had their own style and it fit our needs at the time. We were a broken Barony trying to repair itself and being given one last chance. I doubt that anyone else at the time could have pulled it together like they did.

.....Then when Cedric and Brighid stepped up, they took us into a new direction and it has worked wonderfully. Sometimes it is tiring being the Labrador Retriever Barony of the Kingdom. But it is a good feeling knowing how much we've contributed to the overall well-being of the Kingdom. We've done Kingdom events at a moments notice, contributed tons of largesse, physically supported Kings and Queens whenever needed, supplied the Kingdom with officers when the call went forth. We do it all and part of that is due to the energy that Cedric and Brighid put forth on everything they touch and every person with whom they connect.

.....So, when His Excellency brought up the subject of a change I started thinking about who would succeed them and how much things would change around here. Without a great deal of thought I could come up with a large number of couples who'd make outstanding candidates, who would bring their own unique style to the Barony and take it into a new direction. I personally think that is a sign of a healthy Barony, that ability to field a large number of viable Baronial couples.

.....TBT and I have discussed being considered as B&B. If Their Excellencies are serious in wanting to step down in the next year, we'd have to say no to even the possibility. But we talked about our abilities and what we'd bring to the Barony. We talked about what direction we'd take the Barony and what goals we'd like to achieve. It is rather exciting to think about those possibilities. If you have a strong group of seriously motivated and good-hearted people, there really is no limit to what you can accomplish.

.....But there is a real down side as well that has to be considered. It takes a LOT of REAL WORK to be Baron and Baroness. It really is a full time job in and of itself and you really almost give up your social life in the 'real' world if you actually want to do a good job as Baron and Baroness. I've worked pretty closely with Cedric and Brighid on a number of things and the amount of committment that is required is unbelievable. I don't think that most people take that into account when they think about the job. I think that most people see the good parts only.

.....And, to be honest, if a Baron and Baroness are doing a good job what the majority of people see only is the good parts. They don't see all the hard work, angsting, frustrations and fatigue that sometimes happens behind the scenes. Think of any play of which you've ever taken part. Think about the chaos that happens behind the scenes. It's the same thing in the SCA.

.....I first thought of being Baron a while back and ran with Catelin during the polling when Master Ralg and Tsuruko Sensei were selected. I had NO CLUE of what I was thinking of doing. I had a little better clue when I ran with Talia, and the thinking process on my part was considerably more intense before deciding to throw my hat into the ring. And now that I'm thinking about it for a third time I am actually thinking, 'Do I REALLY want to do this? I just don't know.'

.....HOPEFULLY, His Excellency was pulling my leg and plans on staying put for a number of years still. I'm not sure I want to handle the obligatory drama at this time. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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