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.....It's Thursday night and I have nowhere outside of the home I have to be. What sounds incredibly wonderful at the moment? A nap, followed by dinner, and then bed. :-) I think I'm a little tired.

.....This morning on the Estrella War Feed on Live Journal, this year's Marketplace Map was published. I was surprised by the relatively small number of merchants attending this year. I immediately thought of the first year I attended Estrella, as a booth monkey for Inga at her booth. There were literally several hundred merchants there in the Marketplace. It took up nearly a quarter of the entire site in and of itself.

.....I've heard from a number of people now about the decline in popularity of Estrella War. There are many reasons why, of course. The truth is probably a combination of all of them. I just hope Atendveldt is thinking of the future though. Great Western War has definitely taken off in popularity and is something of direct competition for Estrella. It may be scheduled for another time of the year. But it takes a lot of funding to attend an event like a inter-Kingdom War. If you have to make a choice as to which one you are going to attend....

.....I, myself, miss Estrella Mountain Park a great deal. It was such a beautiful place. Although I recognize the fact that I miss it much like I miss June Faire at Frank Raab Park. It is nostalgia that fuels that emotion. If events are to grow and evolve, things have to change. It is a natural law.

.....Things are slowing down a little at work. We're in a short window between Projects, wrapping up the last one and starting the wind-up towards the next one. Several of the Team are on leave. I find myself with time to actually catch up on the at work 'to-do' list. I have a check list in Outlook I use to tick mark the 'inbasket' and 'outbasket'. But I actually rely on a stack of 3x5 cards with itemized and prioritized notes on them that I can shuffle as needed. Four weeks ago, this stack of cards numbered eight, with at least four to six tasks to a card. This week I'm down to three cards and a Grand Total of Fifteen item them, some of which aren't even due for months. I revel in these moment. Although I wish this time period were more appropriately placed around June Faire. :-)

.....Lot of people on edge this morning due the the shooting of the officer in Gorst. Kitsap County seems to be turning into the West Seattle Ghetto. Between this shooting, and the one at the Bremerton Public School, and the one in Poulsbo just a few days ago. Hope that it is not a sign of things to come.

.....The news caught me by surprise this morning. I don't watch a lot of Television really any more. But there are a few things I still watch regularly, one of them being the news. I'm still an information junkie, both live T.V. and internet. I feel the necessity to 'know' everything possible about everything around me. Whether I need to know it or not. That need to know has actually gotten me into trouble on occasion. But having ready to access to arcane information has helped at times as well, so I'll take the lumps when they show up.

.....But it was eerie watching the news this morning concerning the police officer shot. There were no names and no suspects at 5AM. Although realistically I knew that I wasn't going to actually see anything between home and the Shipyard, I kept 'looking' around me, expecting something to happen at any moment. Somewhat surreal.

.....The February mail brought the next not-so-good bit of financial news today. The retirement account took another hit again last year. Not big as the total contributions for the year exceeded the loss on investment. But that doesn't make it look much better. My retirement is pretty diversified too. Blech! Need to increase the contributions to that account. We haven't reached the maximum amount yet, which is something like $17,000 a year. Need to check on that.

.....I need to get moving on some clean up. If we're getting out of here at a somewhat early hour on Saturday, there are clothes to be cleaned, some rooms to be straightened up, and at least a few things to pull together for a day in Madrone. I may not have the opportunity tomorrow. There is yet another retirement gathering after work. This time though someone I worked with for a number of years. I'll be sorry to see him go. He and I were a lot alike, to the point where we could both be hear laughing a half a building away when we worked together. :-) He himself was a large guy who had a gastric bypass operation here about three years ago. He's done even better with it than I have! And weighs less than 200 pounds now. Although, I do have to say in my defense that he actually took the time to devote to it and certainly is not involved in anything like the SCA. :-) In fact, I get teased constantly about not having my own life and having sold my body for SCA research. :-) There could be some truth in that statement. :-)

.....I also need to clean up the pile of books next to the bed. The book monster is starting to take over the space again.

.....I picked up a Stephen King story over the Christmas Break, and read through it this week. It was a prelude to his fantasy series of The Dark Tower. For some reason, about once every five years or so, I feel this impulse to read one of his stories. Mainly because the premise sounds interesting, I think maybe my perspective has changed, and I've forgotten what those stories are really like. Once again I was introduced to why it is exactly I really dislike his writing style. He seems to have little to no love for his main characters at all. I can understand characters having flaws and being basically human, but to be almost anti-heroes? Blech. I don't mind tragedy at all. Sometimes a noble tragedy is good for the soul. But inhuman tragedy? Isn't the genocide that actually happens in the world enough without having to make more of it up? I finished the book and felt very unsatisfied with it. Although, I suppose in retrospect I should be grateful. It was a relatively SHORT prelude to a larger book. I didn't get sucked into some awful 500-page description of a character that is killed off unceremoniously on the 501st page. I think this book goes on to the recycle pile. Time to find something else a little more satisfying.

.....I think I've probably spent enough time procrastinating on the computer. Time to get something done.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Talon is headed down to Estrella War in another week or so and I'm jealous as I love Estrella. Even the year of epic mud is still a bright spot in my mind. It was such an anomaly considering all the Estrella's I've attended. Although more of mine have been at Estrella Mountain Park than either Schremph Farm or Florence.

.....The first time I went I needed a little convincing. Inga Calle was merchanting that year and I'd been helping her at various events as her set-up, errand boy and assistant. It was actually quite fun as it made me do a lot more traveling outside Dragon's Laire. For the first time I was forced to realize that the Knowne Worlde was a little larger than Kitsap County and Dragon's Laire. :-)

.....Inga actually drove down with all her wares. She did the smart thing right off, she had a pavilion rented through a local outfit who set it up and took it down for her. They knew their stuff to as the pavilion was staked to the ground with twenty-four inch spikes. I especially liked the fact that we didn't have to worry about the set-up and tear down of it at all. It was there when Inga showed up on site early Wednesday.

.....I actually flew down as I couldn't get that many days off of work. I found a cheap ticket aboard Southwest. It was my very first experience with 'Festival Seating'. Oh! My! God! What a riot! I can laugh at it now, but it certainly wasn't funny then. I had no clue what the proper ettiquette was. There were no lines queued up. Everyone just gathered at the top of the gangway in anticipation. I should have had a clue when the attendant clearly made sure she had an exit path before dropping the lines. Before that velvet rope had fallen, the people waiting to board that flight were stampeding down the ramp very much like the proverbial herd of wild buffalo. I was not prepared, but was carried along in the current. Which proved a relatively good thing as I was able to find at least an aisle seat. If I'd actually waited, or had been more polite, things might have been bad.

.....The flight down was also epic in that we stopped at Spokane, Salt Lake City and Reno before touching down in Phoenix at 11PM that night. :-) I hadn't made reservations for a rental car and really hadn't even thought that far, so in a daze I decided to take a taxi. I lucked out in that I managed to hook up with a driver who knew where Estrella Mountain Park was. It was still a $75 trip. Definitely a lesson learned.

.....Made it out to site at about 12:30 AM or so and spent about an hour locating the Marketplace and then Inga. By then I was dead and fell asleep as soon as my sleeping bag was unrolled.

.....The next morning it was in the 80's by 0900. That surprised me for a February. I had come from a mild and rainy Seattle to the desert and had not packed accordingly. I spent the entire weekend in shorts and a loose and light-weight tunic. I'm sure that I looked like someone's creepy uncle. :-)

.....The Marketplace seemed to be crowded the entire time I was there. Customers were talking to Inga constantly. I didn't feel right leaving her there alone, although she probably wouldn't have cared one way or another. But I didn't really leave the pavilion Wednesday or Thursday. Part of that I'm sure was the enormity of the event. I was floored by the sheer numbers of people and the size of the Marketplace alone. It was HUGE. Considering that my primary experiences with large events at that time were all limited to June Faire, which was half the size it is now, Estrella made it look like someone's birthday party in comparison.

.....It was amazing to see the sheer numbers of circlets and crowns and coronets everywhere as well. You could spend the entire event bowing to every person you passed.

.....By Friday I finally managed to make it out to watch a battle on the Warfield. It immediately made me wish I'd made it out there the day before. According to one of the heralds standing near me, there were literally over 1,500 fighters on the field. 1,500 fighters! It was AMAZING! Watching them form up, listening to the increasing volume as the excitement built. Then the drums and challenges. Finally, the screaming and yelling as the two sides ran for each other. Then the CRASH of weapons and shields. It was the most amazing experience, like being on an actual war-field. The adrenaline rush was just unreal. And I wasn't even in armor.

.....Individual battles never seemed to last more than ten or fifteen minutes before a hold was called. But even for a novice like me I could after a while start seeing patterns in the way strategies were laid out and tactics enacted. It was fun to try and anticipate what method each side would use next. But that was certainly never a sure thing. Getting 700+ people on a side to all work to a strategy with minimal preparation time is a massive feat. This is where you can tell who the really brilliant war leaders were.

.....After that I made sure to get out to the war-field for at least one battle a day. :-)

.....That first year I managed to attend several classes in the collegium, get my picture drawn by William Blackfox :-) (which is hanging on the wall in my Computer Room), and prowl the Marketplace for all of those things we never see in An Tir. It was the first time I'd ever seen Duke Torgul actually sitting in a Merchant Booth with his wares (the coolest stuff I'd ever seen!).

.....It was also the first time I experience a 'Midnight Madness Sale'. :-) The Marketplace stayed open until midnight. I was surprised at the numbers of people haunting the Marketplace at 11PM looking for 'the deal'. :-) Although many were drawn by the number of Middle Eastern Dancers performing the Marketplace. I don't know who arranged that, but it sure worked out well. There must have been around a hundred dancers on at least two stages and wandering the Marketplace. People came to watch them in droves, and then 'bought stuff'. :-)

.....I think that first year I slept at the most maybe four hours that first night. If I managed two hours a night after that, I was lucky. Which turned out a good thing for the flight back as I slept most of the way.

.....Good memories. Estrella seems to have lost a little attendance since the early / mid 90's, but the excitement is still there. I plan on going back, that's for sure.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm sitting here at my desk, looking at the monster pile of stuff, and wishing like hell it were Friday. :-) I'm not going anywhere this weekend that is more than a ten minute drive. Hell, I may not even change out of bed clothes all day Saturday. :-)

.....I may feel differently come Saturday morning, but I wouldn't bet against it. :-)

.....So, for Estrella I wanted to bring along my card weaving. But even though it was on a very small loom, it still took up more space than I was willing to cart around at airports and on site. So The Beloved Tamm put together a beginners embroidery kit, complete with felt, thread, needles and fingernail clippers (since scissors are not allowed on airplanes :-)). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed working on the sample piece. Of course my inexperience is easily seen in the wobbly stitches, but I did most of the design that TBT drew out for me, and it made me want to do more.

.....The drumbeat for volunteers to go to Japan to support the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON continues. It is rather amazing the incentives that the Shipyard is offering to volunteers. There is a nice housing and per diem allowance. Regular trips home. A rather nice bonus (as in CASH, somewhere in the neighborhood of $25K in some cases). The drawback is that you are committed to being there for a minimum of three years. Believe me, I've vacillated back and forth so many times on the subject that you could generate electricity from the mental anguish alone. :-) But The Beloved Tamm can not go, so that always tips the scales towards staying put. But maybe some day...

.....Do have to wrap up a number of things this weekend, including the current KAS 'go-do' list. I need to nail down a day / time for a walk through. Looks like Monday of next week may be it. Then I need to nail down Last Chance and Yule Feast. The calendar is solidly booked, we have no official autocrats and time is quickly passing.

.....Wow! I'm looking at June Faire and the realization that I have no OFFICIAL capacity is just mind blowing. :-) I have things that I'll do, but WOW, I may be able to actually tour the Marketplace and play my gemshorn and maybe do a dance demo or two. What a concept! :-)

.....How's that for randomness? Probably a good indication of how chaotic the day is going to be. Wish me luck in riding that wave. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....For me Estrella War will always be at Estrella Mountain Park outside of Goodyear, Arizona. It was where I went for my first Estrella War and all of my best memories of Estrella are held there. But in retrospect it doesn't take a genius to figure out that we were quickly outgrowing that site years ago. People were continuously squeezing in tighter and tighter. And every year you could see the new housing developments of Phoenix getting closer and closer.

.....The Shremph (sp?) Farm site seemed like a good compromise. It was also in the outskirts of Phoenix, but was situated on an actual farm that had a little room for growth. It had some definite things going for it, including size of space and an AWESOME Battle Pit for wars. But it also had its drawbacks, mainly the respiratory distress it seemed to cause everyone and the difficult time the Autocrat Team always had in negotiating terms with the site owners.

.....So, in comes a new site to save the day. In Florence, Arizona. On a site that usually holds huge Country Western Music Concerts. It is HUGE, with lots of room for growth. And it is out in the middle of freakin' NOWHERE, Arizona. Near a large prison as a matter of fact.

.....Here is a picture of the site looking from on top of a hill at the entrance to the park...

.....But the thing that is forever going to stick in my brain from this year's Estrella is the Arizona MUD. It is insidious stuff that clings like some alien goo to everything it touches. I've attended some nine Estrella's now and it has rained before, but never this much for this length of time. It was so bad that our street turned into a bog monster that even captured the Biffy Truck for a good half a day.

.....But, you know, when all is said and done, I think that I'll be back there next year. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm still trying to wake myself up and bring my mind back to 'reality' in preparation for work tomorrow. Estrella War was definitely fun, with many, many memories that I'll never forget. For this year's celebration I actually fought in two days of battle on the warfield! It was more than I imagined it would be and much different than anything for which I was prepared.

.....On Friday morning I was very nervous. I was up at five and made myself stay in my sleeping bag for another couple of hours. I kept running over and over in my mind advice that I had been given at Fight Practice and things that people had thrown at me at various times. It all became something of a jumbled mess in my mind. I finally sighed and started getting up for the day. Brighid and Cedric were getting up at about the same time and we decided that we needed to go and grab some breakfast, which I barely remember eating before running back to the tent to get dressed for the day.

.....It took me twice as long as usual to get my damned armor on my body. I fumbled with every strap. Nothing felt right. I ended up having to get some help from Brighid and Jenae to get my final pieces tied up. Then I ran on over to grab a tabbard from the Royal Encampment. Khalja was handing them out. She asked me who I was as she was handing me that tabbard, which I thought was funny. She didn't even recognize me all dressed up that way. :-)

.....The An Tir armor filed on out to the warfield. Cedric was a true friend. He kept keeping an eye out for me. Trying to boost my confidence by saying all kinds of inspirational things. Every time he noticed me start to stare off into space he'd jar me back into the moment. It was when he started dragging over Dukes and Knights and other prominent fighters of the Kingdom to give me advice and speak a few words of encouragement that I thought I'd better wake up and pay attention. Cedric is a really good friend. I don't think that I would have enjoyed the experience one tenth as much without his support.

.....His Majesty impressed me as well. I did not know a whole lot about him personally before that day. But he took his role of King and War Leader seriously. He made good and fast decisions. Worked hard to inspire people. He encouraged people at every opportunity. I came away from Estrella liking His Majesty far more than I had ever had before. It was rather awesome.

.....The first few warm up battles moved freakin' fast! We were flying across the field. When we met the opponent it really was like a hammer hitting a hard surface. Swords, hammers, pikes and all manner of weapons were flying through the air. It was hard to keep my eyes on all the hundreds of different things that could easily kill me. Although, to be honest. I died fast in my first battle, that's for sure. :-) The second and third saw me live a little while longer, but not much. :-)

.....But the exhiliration is rather thrilling. Of course the fighting isn't 'real', but the feelings are just amazing! The crush of bodies. The yelling of curses, the roar of commands. The striking of weapons and shields. The chaos of battle is just tremendous. It really gets to you. The adrenaline starts to flow and the air is just freakin' charged with electricity! I was doing my absolute best just to hang on for the ride and stay alive for as long as possible.

.....The second series of battles was at a castle, and if anything was even more exciting as it was confined to a much smaller space. Instead of spread out over a field, all the tension was focused into a very small area. Lots of heroic acts by single individuals were inspirational in themselves. I did my best to hold my own, or at the very least, stay alive for more than a few minutes of time. :-)

.....I lasted for about an hour or so at the castle when I started getting really tired out. When my knees started wobbling on me I decided that I was done for the day. But I felt good. I had actually come to Estrella War, dressed up in armor, and fought in battle. And I stayed in the fight for as long as I possibly could. It was a good day. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm so excited about Estrella that it is hard to keep a thought train going for more than a few minutes. :-)

.....The NORWESCON weekend schedule is ALREADY posted! Holy Crap, it's early this year. Fantastic! Looks like some good stuff, as usual. Take a look,

.....The pile of stuff for Estrella is growing on the Living Room Floor, and in the computer room. I'm taking a half day off today to sort and pack. Shouldn't take too long. The hardest part will be taking stuff OUT of the pile to put away because I REALLY do not need it. Got the iPod and camera batteries charging now. The third and last load of laundry went into the washer last night. I'm starting to see the light on getting out of town.

.....Wish that Tamm could go with me. We'd both have a wonderful time I know. Maybe next year.

.....I stopped at a store yesterday thinking about Valentine's Day gifts. I always thought of myself as at least a closet romantic, but I'm starting to rethink that. Everything I saw looked sooooo cheesey. I just couldn't get anything. Yet, when I DID get home Rhys and The Beloved Tamm were waiting for me with chocolate (in cool folding boxes), a balloon, and a stuffed giraffe. And I enjoyed them. Hmmmm, maybe I just need to practice more. :-)

.....Had an interesting conversation last night at Fight Practice. There is someone in the Barony who is a long time player who has done a number of hurtful things in the past. To the point where my first instinct is always to not trust them (which is a big deal in my case. I have several friends who have nicknamed me 'Seal Boy' because of how often I've smiled just before getting clubbed). Well, this person is trying hard to mend their ways. We had a good conversation. I listened to this person's concerns, gave them my take on the situation, and then we talked about how we were going to deal with it.

.....Well, this person actually INTERACTED with me on the conversation, when in the past they would have REACTED first and stomped off. Then they committed to doing things and NOT doing things in order to help.

.....It actually felt genuine as well. I'm starting to feel the need to trust them at least a little bit again, but I'm a little gun shy on this one. At what point do you forgive someone their past mistakes and give them a clean slate on which to start? I'm wrestling with that one.

.....Time for the morning meeting, gotta run.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Last night was the first real night of the 'Estrella Pack Dance' in which one sees just how much 'stuff' one can fit into a suitcase, or in this case, duffle bag. I managed to get the sleeping bag, pad, tarp, Pendleton Wool Cloak / Blanket, pillow, boots, and even a chair into the duffle. But it took two of us to close the damned thing. :-) Hope the zipper holds. With that in mind I threw a couple of straps on it to keep it from actually exploding.

.....Started on the main suitcase wherein I gathered all the toiletries. Tonight starts the garb and clothes sort. It's looking like the carry on baggage may be more important than I gave it credit for being. :-)

.....I'm incredibly jealous of Khalja and Company. I really wish I were on the road to Estrella. There are so many things to see and experience along the way. Maybe next year. Maybe with The Beloved Tamm along for the ride. I'm going to really miss her this year.

.....Sigh! Kingdom Arts and Sciences is going to be a headache before it happens. At any one time we will have 29 judges deliberating entries. The judges room last time at the Silverdale Beach Hotel never had that many in there whenever I was there, but we need to be prepared for that possibility. Plus, this time around we've lost at least one meeting space we had on the first floor, plus a full blown Ithra with which to juggle. AND several meetings that we didn't have on the docket the last go-around.

.....I've got ideas in mind, as does Her Excellency and the A&S Judging Staff. But it's going to take some coordination, some creativity and some cool, level heads. The problem with the typical Dragon's Laire Autocrat Team is that we're ALL problem solvers. With everyone solving the problems on their own NOW, NOW, NOW, instead of thinking things through. Sometimes it leads to a little contention when 'Empire' borders are crossed. But the one thing on which I rely is that everyone involved a.) wants to do a good job, b.) wants this event to succeed, and c.) wants A&S to run smoothly.

.....I'm just as bad as everyone else at the problem solving thing, I'll have to watch myself as well. If Her Excellency and I can work together to herd all those horses in the same direction, I think that we'll do fine. Just have to make sure I have a source of Tylenol at hand. :-)

.....Getting excited about Estrella though, can't wait to be there! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....So, last night I'm sitting on the couch making lists of preparation for Estrella. The rally hard part being that every other time I've gone I've met with people on site who carried stuff there for me (extensive amounts of 'stuff') or met with Inga and stayed in Brunhild (her RV) for the week. So this 'packing light for the airline trip to Estrella' is a new concept for me. :-)

.....It gets freakin' cold at night at Estrella. I've got a good sleeping bag. But, you know, I'm not that 18 year old Boy Scout anymore. Sleeping in the rain in a cotton sleeping bag to earn a merit badge just doesn't work. So I'm looking at wool blankets and seeing if I can find one that'll pack small. A pad will have to go into the assortment somewhere.

.....How many tunics should I take as well. I'd love to take my heavy wool Hungarian Coat. Or the Russian Coat The Beloved Tamm made, but both are exceedingly heavy and are non-starters. I have another cloak packed in Lobelia I think will serve double-duty as a cloak and extra blanket. I'm going to bring along an assortment of odd T-tunics in which to fight and spend the days. The Beloved Tamm would be disgusted, but I suppose that if they disappeared on sight she wouldn't mind too terribly. :-)

.....Would love to bring the Gemshorn. Would also love to bring the Kortholt (I would really like to rock out with Wolgemut on site. Way Cool! :-)). But am not really sure I'm going to get the chance to play. Same thing with cardweaving. How much space should I allott for this kind of stuff.

.....I finally decided to put EVERYTHING on my lists, gather it together and then start being ruthless then. If it can't fit in suitcase, duffle bag or carry-on, it must stay home.

.....At that point I fell asleep on the couch. :-)

.....Oooo, forgot to add the I-Pod to the list. That is definitely a necessity! Along with ear plugs.

.....This will be interesting. More to follow.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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...and not in a really good way. :-)

.....Last night was Fight Practice again. For some reason my second Fight Practice of the year got to me a lot more than the first. Probably because I didn't take the time I needed to for stretching and actually getting the body awake before it started moving in ways no desk bound office geek does on a daily basis. My back was really stiff this morning and my legs were rather sore. I didn't think that I had done all that much last night. Better work on actually working out or Estrella could really hurt. :-)

.....Oliver and Sir John gave me a lot of really good advice on fighting at Estrella War. I was surprized at my own mindset coming into the evening. I've only been really exposed to one-on-one combat. Thinking in the middle of a line of fighters is a completely different mindset. Having to pay attention not only to who is directly in front of you, but who is to their sides, who is behind them, what is flying through the air... Not to mention paying attention to what is happening to your own side. I don't think that I'm going to survive long during the first few battles, but I'll do my best.

.....I came to the realization that I really do not like flying to Estrella. I did it once a handful of years ago and apparently I'd forgotten why I haven't done it since. You are at the mercy of a lot of things that you can not control, like other people's schedules. Plus, you are REALLY limited to how much and what stuff you can bring with you. I'm still not sure how I'm going to get my armor to and from Estrella. Next year, I DRIVE...

.....The Beloved Tamm is really wishing that she could go to Estrella with us this year. This bodes well for possibly getting her to come along next year. I can't wait. :-) It might make it even more of a draw if we talk the L.A. fabric district as an interim stop. :-)

.....Tonight's schedule is a little slower, thankfully. I have to finalize 'The Crier' Doomsday report for signature (Master Pyotr accepted my initial input, which was the easiest it has ever been). Have to connect with THL Angharad at some point over the next week to get her signature. May have to .pdf everything back and forth. Master Pyotr and I are supposed to connect at Ursulmas this Saturday at the Pelican's meeting to exchange paper.

.....The Pelican meeting should be interesting on its own. Their Majesties intend on attending. That always adds an extra layer of excitement to any meeting, no matter how dull it might ordinarily be. And it is Dame Brighid's first as well. Hope that she brings some good munchies. :-)

.....Also have to send out the updated KAS copy. We have people dedicated to almost all the major jobs associated with it. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

.....Have Fun Everyone, Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Greetings All,

.....Tried to log into my computer at work this morning and was denied access to my personal files. But I can still access the internet. Go figure. :-) So I thought that I'd do a little updating in Live Journal.

.....Did a little more turnover of The Crier to Angharad last night. She seemed a little stressed yesterday. But when we sat down and went over things she was a lot farther ahead than she may have thought she was. The October issue should go to print this weekend, all totally managed by her with minimal effort by me. Next in the queue will be the turnover of financial paper. I've got to get my last quarter report into Master Pyotr and make sure that everything balances out correct. Then I'll hand it all over to Angharad as well. Then I'll be done. :-)

.....Already looking for something to occupy my SCA time though. :-) Isn't that bad? :-) Never realized what a drug the SCA is and how addicted I am to it. :-) The withdrawal symptoms are rather intense. :-) I may have to autocrat some sort of event sooner rather than later to get my next fix. :-)

.....This Friday will be the reception of the Beloved Tamm and I at Last Chance. It'll be a potluck managed by Kierran. I don't think that it'll be a large affair. Mainly just a handful of friends. But it'll still be fun to get together and hang out for a while. Now that Brighid has broken her arm, maybe I'll even get her to sit down for a while instead of being the gate goddess all night. :-)

.....I was going to bring Lobelia to sight. But with the Beloved Tamm staying home I think that I'd rather day trip. As the Seneschal now I'm feeling a little guilty at doing that, but we'll play it by ear. Maybe I'll see about asking Petr and Kierran if I can steal a corner of their living room for at least one night if I stay on site really late.

.....Conchobar reminded me last night of Estrella War. I'm definitely going and it looks like a group of us are going to drive down there. I may end up renting a U-Haul and taking a bunch of stuff down there with me. If anyone is interested, let's talk. The more people that get involved, the cheaper it will be to rent said U-Haul. I was thinking of hotelling it, but at this late date the closest hotel may be at the other end of the state. Will have to do some checking as soon as possible.

.....I love the drive down there. I may not want to live in California, but it is MY state and I consider the desert the most beautiful place in America. I always drive through or around Mojave and Death Valley and soak in the sights, as well as stopping in at my favorite hot springs at the southern end of Death Valley at Tecopa. Very rejuvenating!

.....The Beloved Tamm is planning on mucking out the basement this weekend, so maybe I can get to my armor sooner rather than later. Got to get into some kind of shape before Estrella so I'm not a complete dork on the field. :-)

.....Having fun with the cardweaving still. I'm not counting anymore, but have to take it slower so that I can see the pattern each time. I can't wait until I finish this sample weave and take on something larger.

.....Hope your mid-week is good. Take care.

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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