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.....I may have to go to sleep early tonight. I keep drifting off in front of my keyboard here. But this is my only half-way free day this week and stuff must be done! I feel incredibly unorganized at the moment. I'm hoping that by thinking this through a little bit and putting it all down here will help with at least getting me going in the right direction.

.....Lobelia must be mucked out. She is still a mess from raids earlier this summer. The linens are mostly washed though. I need to sweep out and clean the floors, the bathroom and the kitchen area. A vacuuming would be nice. Then I'll feel like maybe stocking her with clothing and the bins of stuff we pulled out for An Tir / West War. If I can get that far tonight, I'll feel ready for more complete stocking tomorrow.

.....We are combining kitchens over the weekend with some of our RV-mates, which is always helpful and appreciated. We have a shopping list of food to buy. So I need to pull that out of e-mail and make that the start of our 'to purchase' list.

.....Laundry needs to be started. We're mostly through the pile of epicness that was An Tir / West War, but we must be diligent.

.....I've got my merchant list and map ready to go. Must pull out the long tape measure and make sure it goes into Lobelia. Must also pull together a handful of marking spray cans to use in marking out merchant spaces. I need to grab a paint wand for sure. Also need to make sure that the rest of the merchant checks get placed in Lobelia so I can turn them over to the Midhaven Exchequer, or at least the Autocrat, this weekend.

.....I may not get to it tonight, but must stop by the Storage Unit tomorrow and pick up the Baronial Pavilion. I need the roof and at least two walls. I need poles (and should count them out so as to not pick up many extra), then ropes and stakes. Need to also pick up the front leg extensions. Also need to remember to check on a sledge hammer to drive stakes. Plastic sheeting and carpet for the floor of the pavilion. I'm still undecided about what chairs to pack for the weekend. In 2011 we hardly spent any time in the pavilion, so is it worth it to have the multi-part chairs with us? It means a lot of extra parts of which to keep track, and more space it takes up. I'll have to check in with TBT on this one.

.....Saturday is full of meetings. Need to print out the Pelican agenda and have it ready to go. Also need my extension warrant for exchequer ready to go so that Etiennette and Marike can sign off on it. I might also have one ready to go for my deputy Exchequer, Ralg.

.....We're going to talk about the An Tir / West War Financial Committee document. I've got multiple copies of it ready to go so that everyone who wants one for reference has it available. But I need to read through it again. I'll have a fresh eye from having survived the War this year. There might be things that I now know will not work well and can pen-and-ink changes on my master copy.

.....Need to remember the An Tir / West War financial information from this year. I've got checks to pass out to Liesel and to Terra Pomaria. NMS numbers have been figured out, but I don't know if I'm going to have any spare time between now and Friday to get the proper forms filled out and the check into the mail. I should at least be able to prepare it for second signature by Ralph. I do need to log these final checks into the Spread Sheet so I can at least give Jenae and Magdalena a 'final' report to report numbers for their event.

.....Merchants arrive at Noon on Friday. I've got to be on site at least by 10AM. I doubt I'll be able to be there earlier. Need to double-check ferry schedules. I think we'll be O.K. if we catch the 7AM ferry. Which will probably mean a late night tomorrow night. But Merchant Row is all straight lines. I'll probably work on not being my usual anal-retentive self and just mark out the frontage (and not worry about the back ends). The merchants I have in the list are reasonable for the most part. At least I see no real Drama incoming. So they should be fairly flexible. I'm steeling myself for the almost inevitable arrive of Dain the Silversmith. I'm torn as to whether or not I can allow him to set up a booth. We have the space. I need to print out a few extra copies of the Marketplace application just in case.

.....I need to give Rhett a call like right now and see if I can catch him and get a cost for the straw bales (and a mailing address). Jenae wants to essentially give him a deadline to respond, which is what we need to do. But I feel a little strange letting approximately a $1,000 payment go away like that. So I'm going to give him at least another couple of days, up to a week, before I just stop trying to get a response out of him. $1,000? I wouldn't just let something like that go away. Wow!

.....O.K., I'm feeling a little more organized now. At least I have a plan on moving forward. Oi! Wish that things weren't so busy at work. I'd love to just take tomorrow off so I could get organized!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The weekend at July Coronation was mainly filled with good things. I actually enjoyed it for the most part. I could have done without the really hot weather. I could have gone without some of the foo supplied by members of the Populace who seem particularly bent on having a miserable time in hell and dragging as many others along for the ride as possible. But thankfully, this part was minimal. I'm still on the fence as to whether it is something we 'fix', work around, or just ignore all together.

.....I did feel guilty a couple of times for staying Friday and Saturday nights in a hotel room. But after a flight home from Indiana and a quick turn-around down to the event, I would say in hindsight that this was probably the best decision. I made it home around 1PM or so. After packing and chores it was at least 4PM to 4:30 before we actually hit the road to site. I was already feeling rather zombie-fried by that time, so by time we made it to site itself after checking into the hotel room, I'm amazed I was coherent at all. :-)

.....Madrun makes an absolutely fantastic traveling companion. Just sayin'. :-) We talked the entire way down and the time just flew by. It may have been three hours to site, but it barely felt like an hour or so to me. We talked ideas and gossip and silly things we were thinking we might try. A great trip all together.

.....TBT's back was seriously acting up by the time we made it to the Ranier Budget Inn. So we got her unpacked and then Madrun and I went to site to put stuff into the Baronial and attend Her Royal Highnesses gathering, as well as the vigils happening that night. We never did make it to any of the formal functions, but we did manage to unload stuff and set up banners and such.

.....It is the simple things that are sometimes the absolute coolest. When we made it to the site, the Baronial Pavilion was all set up and ready for us to put stuff underneath it. Albrecht and Magdalena said they were going to do that, and I believed them. But to actually get there and see it all set up made me appreciate it having been done that much more. Like I said, it is sometimes the relatively simple things that make you the most grateful. :-)

.....Countess Aryanna and Count Brendan were set up right next to the Baronial. Countess Aryanna is one of those scary smart people you see from time to time who can just glance at you and basically 'know' all of your thoughts and motivations just by how you carry yourself. There is a reason why she is TBT's mother. :-) We chatted for a bit until it started getting dark.

.....Madrun and I wandered around site for a little bit. We did manage to find Renart and Aelianora. Renart was lending a hand to the Virgin Countess Inn. He worked like a dog all weekend. The food smelled really good. I never did buy any though. That was definitely a loss on my part. Madrun and Aelianora geeked out for a while as only real brainiacs can, until I started falling asleep on my feet. I interjected at the next intake of breath and asked Madrun if we could go back to the hotel. She is a good sport and quickly backed me up on leaving for the evening.

.....I zonked out almost immediately back in the room. I am surprised I lasted as long as I did. A 3AM Indiana wake-up is a Midnight wake up at home. So I had essentially been up for almost 24-hours, with just a short nap on the flight home. Unlike TBT, I had no problems with being able to fall asleep. Although the internal alarm clock awakened me almost immediately at 5AM, and I just could not get back to sleep. Stupid internal alarm clock!

.....TBT and I had breakfast in a local cafe just around the corner. Really good food and an incredibly nice wait-staff. I'd eat there on a regular basis if they were local.

.....Off to site. We finished pulling everything out of Florence, the Wonder Van, and set up the Pavilion for the day. By the time Court had started it was full of people. Just the way I like it. There may be plenty of people who do not like us as Baron and Baroness, but it will not be from lack of trying to include them as members of the Baronial Family, that's for sure!

.....My two active Protege were busy all weekend. Aelianora geeked out on Arts & Sciences, especially with her Embellisher's Guild duties. Adelheidi involved herself with at least a half dozen different activities, from Royal Retinue for Principality and Kingdom, to Baronial Retinue duties, all the way to helping organize and put stuff away all the way until she absolutely had to leave. I have good Protege's and am continually proud of them. :-)

.....TBT and I made sure we handed out tokens to the fighters of the day. There were a handful in the Rapier Tournament. Alaricus competed in the Kingdom Protector. We even had a fighter in the Squire's Tourney. Lord Soren made a good showing. I know it had to be at least a little intimidating to face all those heavy duty fighters, what with all the Knights of the Kingdom standing there and watching. Soren did a great job, and was fortunate enough to score sponsorship in the Tournament by none other than Sir Octamasades. I absolutely agree with what His Majesty said the next day about Sir Octamasades being one of the absolute most chivalrous people in the Kingdom. I think that Soren was a good match for Octa.

.....The morning Pelican meeting went better than I was thinking it might. It was an easy hour. The meetings in the afternoon were easy and informative as well, being the Seneschal's and Exchequer's. I only went to the Seneschal's Meeting as I'm a seriously nosy person and an information junkie big time. But I'm not alone in that regard as Dame Rosamund was right there beside me. :-)

.....court was epically long, but there was much to be done. Several members of the Baronial Populace were recognized for the work they did for the outgoing King and Queen.

.....Of course, the biggest news of the day was the placing of Madrun on vigil. Such a great moment. There was much screaming and shouting. I think she received the loudest ovation of the day. As it should be. She will make a fantastically wonderful Peer.

.....I also was extremely pleased to see Vilius placed on vigil for Knighthood. He is one of those really nice guys who works hard and always seems to do the right things. I thought his recognition was such fantastic news. With both him and Sir Rauokinn being Knights, it will be a wonderful thing to see one of them take the Sable Lion Throne. Their reign will be glorious!!!

.....By the time Their Majesties Vik and Astrid completed Their Coronation Court, we were all tired, tired, tired. We pulled our stuff together and rambled back to the hotel. There were at least thirty of us for dinner at the Mexican restaurant across the street. The food was great! The amenities, maybe not so much. By the time the third or fourth moth had fallen into someone's dinner, we were getting to that point of 'Ew'.

.....The next day was another series of meetings. All of them went well and fairly quickly. The first was the Kingdom Financial Committee, where Dame Ellen supported her apprentice's bid for KAS / KBC next year. It went through easily. The second meeting was Curia, which was mercifully efficient even though I teased Brighid incessently. :-) But one thing that came up was the set up of a Financial Committee to support An Tir / West War in order to make it stand up by itself as an independent entity. Much like Estrella or Pennsic. This is such a great idea! I wish I had thought of it first. :-) Magdalena had evidently already been talking about it. And Etiennette brought it up to Curia to where it was heartily promoted by His Majesty Vik. I volunteered to pull the SCA Corporate structure off of the SCA web-site and start the discussion. This might be kind of fun actually. Certainly exciting.

.....The last meeting was Noble Estate. I did get a plug in there to request help from the surrounding branches of the Western Region for September Crown. It was immediately supported by Madrone, Glymm Mere and Aquaterra. Another great moment.

.....Then the long drive home, which again went amazingly quickly due to great conversation (and a stop at the Drive-Through Starbucks in Kelso :-)). By the time we made it home though, I was tired. I put out my usual message of Baronial happenings at July Coronation. Then asked the Populace to support Hot Summer Lights. Then went to bed. I was done!!! :-)

.....Now to just make it through the long week!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....We're here, I have a Starbuck Vente Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte sitting next to me and am enjoying the WiFi as I wait for my 6AM flight to Chicago. The Mid Level Boss was only a little grouchy to have to meet me in the lobby at 3AM, but I was just waiting for him to cross the line before I reminded him that it was his choice to do so. :-) I don't think he will though as it means getting home earlier in the day.

.....I did stay awake for Project Runway last night. I just could not get to sleep for some reason. Even after it was over I sat there and stared at nothing for over an hour and a half before I eventually dozed off. That might actually make it easier to fall asleep on the Chicago - Seattle flight, which is always a good thing.

.....I should investigate for next time the possibility of taking a red eye from Indianapolis towards Seattle. I don't know why I have never thought to look. If I packed up and checked out of the hotel on Thursday morning, I could drive straight to the airport and grab a flight and be home like at midnight in Seattle. Would save me some travel time on Friday. I'll have to check for next time.

.....Am trying not to fret about the weekend or everything on the agenda. There is very little I can do about it from here and the fretting just makes things worse. Everything will work itself out and nothing at this time is an absolute emergency. It just feels like missing the past week at home put me way behind. But that is just me.

.....Looks like a lot of people are staying in hotels for J.C. I think we need to put together the list of local hotels in Kitsap County and start advertising them. Might be good to convince people to not camp on site. Although I'm split down the middle on whether or not to fret on space at S.C. But the bottom line is that it is easier to park cars visiting us for just a day on to Imperial Avenue rather then find the space and pack them in for the weekend. So I'm going to keep pushing the day trip and not camping. I'm very curious to see how Three Mountains packs everyone in for J.C. I have no doubts they can do it, I just want to see how tight it gets. Curiosity from a planners stand point if nothing else. :-)

.....It'll be good to see TBT as well. I fret a little less when I'm in her company. She is my rock. Life would be a lot less fun, or relaxed, without her in it. I've missed her.

.....Think I'll enjoy the rest of my coffee before boarding starts.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It actually rained today. The clouds gathered and the air became even heavier and thicker. Everything darkened. The the rain fell, in huge sheets. A heavy downpour that drenched everything. Then just as quickly it all went away, the sun came out and everything is about dry. Except the air, which is full of moisture. A very strange place. :-)

.....This year's conference was interesting. Everyone is tired and feeling just a little frustrated. We argued over things for hours and in the end, when we reviewed the Action Item listing, we came to the conclusion that we did not accomplish a whole lot. But I still think it was important to come together and look each other in the eye and remember who that person is on the other end of the phone line when we're yelling at them two weeks from now to get off their rear and get me the parts or the solution or the engineering instruction or ... as fast as possible. It makes a difference.

.....It was twelve hour days all three days here this week. I'm sorry to have missed seeing Donnan and Callista, but I had a feeling and am now glad I didn't call them. I would have hated to have made plans only to cancel them, again. Maybe next year.

.....Tomorrow's flight leaves Indianapolis at 6AM. The American Airlines ticket counter doesn't even open until 5AM. It is an hour and fifteen minute drive from Bloomington to the Airport. Another fifteen minutes to fill the gas tank and another handful of minutes to check in the rental car. So the Mid Level Boss and I are going to meet in the lobby at 3AM tomorrow morning. I need to get to bed here in a little bit, but the first episode in this season's Project Runway starts in about a half hour. I'll probably fall asleep in the middle of it. But they've promised less drama and more design this season, so I'm hopeful. I'm not sure just why I like Project Runway, but for some reason it has captured my interest.

.....Sigh. A fifty minute flight to Chicago. A two and a half hour layover and then a five hour flight home. I'll get home as fast as possible and run a load of laundry through before hopping into Florence the Wonder Van for the drive to J.C. I'm still holding out hope of being interested in checking out the site tomorrow night. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

.....Lots of people to hook up with this weekend. Lots of things to talk about. I feel kind of like a wimp for doing the hotel room. But with an East Coast flight I don't think I could even contemplate a two hour set up of camp, nor a drive down in Lobelia. Making me even more tired just thinking about it.

.....Not to mention that September Crown and Serjeantry will kick into hyper-drive starting Monday.

.....But I do get to see TBT again tomorrow, that will help a lot. :-)

.....Time for bed.
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.....There are many other things I should be doing right now, but what I'm doing is procrastinating instead. It's somewhat humorous to think that I'd write in Live Journal to escape working on priorities at the moment. :-) And did you ever have one of those days where you got into the car after work and then suddenly found yourself pulling into your driveway, with no memory of the drive home? Yup, it was one of those days too. :-)

.....It's looking increasingly likely that the trip to Indiana will be the week prior to July Coronation. I'm striking out on finding someone to transport the Baronial and set it up at the event (not to mention bringing it home). I proposed to TBT that we be essentially packed for J.C. before I leave for the week, and then take off for J.C. that Friday afternoon. The plan would be to check into the hotel and then run out to site to set up the pavilion for the weekend. Then take it down after Curia on Sunday for the trip home. TBT is reluctant to go with that plan as it really does call for two nights at the hotel instead of just one. A hit against the budget she does not want to make. I'm also not sure how in the mood I'm going to be to run to an SCA event after a week in Indiana and a rather long plane ride.

.....There is still the possibility that I may not go to Indiana at all. The Mid-Level Boss is definitely going and with the Projects we currently have in Planning and in Execution he is thinking that he may want to leave me at home.

.....There hasn't been a lot of interest in a Baronial Encampment at J.C. With An Tir / West War coming up quickly and then back-to-back Baronial events in August, not to mention September Crown in Dragon's Laire, I can see something of what is driving that reluctance. We finally found someone to corral the encampment itself, but if I can't find someone to take care of the Baronial Pavilion, I may just beg for space with Madrone or one of the other cousins. I'm sure the J.C. Team would like to take back any space they can get.

.....If I could get someone to take responsibility for the Baronial Pavilion, I'd be set! I could just go home from the airport on Friday and then start out for the event early on Saturday, in time to make the first meeting (not sure if it is a Laurel or a Pelican). It'll mean a very early start, but it would be worth it to get put away from the week and in an SCA mindset.

.....The requirement at J.C. for encampments to be hauled in from the road seems to have made some people decide to not camp for the weekend, but day trip or go to a hotel instead. This may actually help the Event Team as I know they've been worried about fitting everyone in on site. It is a pretty site though. I was there last year for Sport of Kings and thought it a nice place to have an event.

.....With Elisabeth managing a Baronial Encampment, we need to give some thought to a Baronial gathering on Saturday night. I'll mention it at the next Business Meeting and on the e-list and see if there is any interest at all.

.....I do want to be at Curia on Sunday though. There have been a couple of issues with the September Crown site. Mainly dealing with Equestrian. I'm aiming to come to full resolution by J.C., and want to make sure I relay the final story to those who care before everyone's attention turns to camping at September Crown.

.....After J.C. I plan to start spamming e-lists on a weekly basis. Angharad is helping me with expanded Event Copy now. I want to emphasize the challenges of the site. The site is built on terraces, which means that going from section to section means traveling. Not conducive for those with mobility challenges. There will be complaints. I'm glad Barnet is going to let us rent the golf cart for the weekend. It'll help a lot.

.....My hope is that the nice and level grassy fields, along with the views of the Olympics (not to mention the amphitheatre affects of the hillsides) will factor into everyone's collective memory of the event. We'd like to use it for events in the future, and this will be the trial run for those events. It probably would have been better to trial run it on something else before Crown, but at $4,000 a weekend that isn't exactly a great option. Land is not cheap in Dragon's Laire!

.....Need to start pushing for content to go onto the September Crown web-pages. The Arts & Sciences Team is preparing a nice set of activities. Merchants are starting to line up. We can post their listings. The Martiallate is starting to get organized. We should be able to at least list the activities that will be happening around the Crown Tournament itself. There may be a lot of details still missing, but by J.C. I would like to have enough content to get people interested in Crown.

.....Hmmm, need to put together a list of FAQ's to put on the web-site about the Event Site itself. As well as a listing of the local amenities. I think I'll work on that this weekend. I'd like to give Aelianora a lot of stuff now so that she can maintain later instead of having to react to emergencies.

.....I've got hundreds of notes of things that need to be done for S.C. as well. Need to get them organized this weekend. Many of them are go-dos that others are working. But I want to keep them in my consciousness as a check-list for later. People are working hard in their respective areas, which is making me happy. Aileen and Marion are coming up with strategies for gate. Tsuruko has been all over the Equestrian Requirements. Theodoric has been thoughtful on parking. So I'm telling myself to concentrate on the things I need to be thinking about.

.....With TBT away from home this weekend it'll be kind of quiet. Cleaning the house will be a priority. But maybe I'll go visit some people I haven't seen for a while. I dropped in rather unannounced to Cedric and Brighid's last Sunday and actually enjoyed the visit. I may do that again. May drop in on a few others as well.

.....A new person last night at the Social approached me about a new Renaissance Faire he would like to hold in Kitsap County. I immediately counseled my brain to not shut down the conversation immediately and just listen. :-) His plan is to purchase ten acres of relatively flat land and then clear it of logs and grass it in preparation for a Faire. He approached me to ask how much interest there might be in having the Baronial Populace provide atmosphere and support. I wasn't quite sure how best to answer him. What I finally said was that he should make plans in such a way to where he is not relying on a volunteer organization such as our to provide support to his Faire. He needed to have a plan in place before he made financial commitments, plans that took care of the land and the payments involved should he have several years of no income from any events held on his property.

.....I was reluctant to bring up Ron Cleveland by name. But I finally did so and advised him to go and talk to Ron. I'm not sure of the wisdom of that suggestion, but I wanted to be fair minded. Ron was making his Faire work for him for a while. If this guy could take what worked for Ron, and leave behind what didn't, maybe he could actually get something to work in Kitsap County for him.

.....The chances of success are against him, but if I had the funding, the energy and the ambition, I think I'd want to do something similar. So why not encourage him? :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The first reason I had to miss An Tir / West happened today. I had to attend my very first formal critique meeting at work. Last month I was in a hurry in trying to get a formal agreement established on who was responsible for what tasks on a job we were about to start. Because I was in a hurry I bypassed several steps in the process and the agreement was incorrectly signed off as complete.

.....Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal as these agreements are non-binding in any real shape or form, but because of the type of work involved my mistake gained instant attention from people whom you really want to avoid if at all possible.

.....I went into the gathering and stated right off that I made a mistake and then immediately worked to correct it as soon as it was recognized as a mistake. However, I think that the reason the Navy likes to do these critique things is very much like some people rub the noses of pets into the mess they make. The very awfulness of the nose rubbing is a serious reminder and deterrent against doing the same thing in the future.

.....After two hours of digging into the weeds of the issue, I was drained. But I survived Round 1. Round 2 is the 'Management Brief' in about two weeks. The Boss told me that it would be fine and he is the type of person who wouldn't tell me that if he didn't believe it, so I took comfort in that. I was also reminded by others that people I highly respect have several critiques under their belts and that having my first at the twenty-four year mark was not necessarily as bad as I thought it was.

.....I would have preferred to have gone my entire career without having to go through this process myself.

.....I'm in a whinny mood tonight. I did not feel well yesterday and feel tired and crabby tonight because of it. I think it was something I ate as I was up and down all night. Ever since the surgery my stomach and intestines do not have the teflon coating they used to. Things I used to eat with no problem cause me all kinds of grief these days. It has been interesting as things I used to love to eat I've been avoiding. The most depressing being some spicy foods.

.....Then there are the merchants. The deadline for the July Coronation Marketplace was three weeks ago. I extended that deadline to last weekend. And I'm still getting frantic requests to get a copy of the application and space saved. And the worst part is that the people giving me the most grief are the same people giving me the same excuses for being so late as they gave me over ten years ago when applying for June Faire two weeks before the event. Sigh!

.....I think the reason I'm so whinny is that I would rather be at An Tir / West War where everyone else seems to be. I need to stop moping and start thinking of everything I'm going to be able to get done this weekend because I'm not at the War.

.....Tomorrow is Friday and the start of a three day weekend. So I think I'll also take comfort in that. I have a long laundry list of things I want to get done. But there are a few fun things on the list as well. There is a Bar-B-Que planned for Saturday. That'll be nice.

.....I think I also sold a couple of circlets as well. If the orders actually do come through I think I'll have enough in the hopper to get another sheet of designs ordered and delivered. My stock is starting to run low and I haven't had the capital to stock up.

.....I should get the garage straightened up so I can get the circlets done. It is rather a mess, especially with June Faire 'stuff' piled up everywhere. And it would be good to go through that stuff anyway in preparation for July Coronation. Which reminds me that I have to go up to Poulsbo and bring Lobelia down to be cleaned out in preparation for July Coronation.

.....Now my 'to-do' list is starting to wander. I need to stop the wandering and make up a 'to-do' list for the weekend. If I can get at least a little organized maybe I'll actually get a few things done. :-)
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.....Long day at work today. Although not nearly as bad as it could have been. I was able to access my e-mail a couple of times last week in Crane and so was able to stave off the most critical of crises happening while I was away. Today was just the clean up of the mess left behind. It also helped that there is definitely the signs of a vacation exodus at work. Lots of open spaces in the parking garage.

.....Which obliquely reminds me that if I want to take TBT and the Rhys Monster to the Shipyard Family Day in August, I've got to get them registered before Friday. Must remember!

.....Ran into Madrun this evening at Fred Meyers, where I once again wished that I was going with everyone to An Tir / West War. Sigh. :-) Oh, well, I need to stop torturing myself and concentrate on getting things done. I thought it was awfully nice of Madrun though to try and make room for me and my stuff in case I wanted to travel to the event with them.

.....But a three day weekend to get things done is rather appealing as well.

.....Lobelia is coming down to the house for some cleaning.

.....Must finish some circlets sitting on the workbench now.

.....Must finalize the Marketplace for July Coronation. The list will be completed. The mapping done. Confirmation Letters printed and mailed.

.....Must get with TBT and get our Coronation letters written. The twice yearly report is overdue. Need to get the letter of recommendations finished and sent out as well.

.....September Crown bid must be finalized. Which means I need to remember to e-mail Ivan of Druim Doineann and get the required written permission. I wonder if he is off to An Tir / West War this weekend? I'd better e-mail him tonight.

.....Would also like to clean out the garage, which is still feeling the affects of the June Faire hurricane. We'll need a bunch of the stuff piled there for July Coronation.

.....Mateusz saved us a day and time at the Poulsbo PUD Meeting Room for a Baronial June Faire meeting in July. Need to take a little time with TBT and Oliver to define the format so that it is as productive as possible.

.....I think there is a Birthday Bar-B-Que to fit into the weekend as well. It's going to end up being a busy weekend I see. Better put together my priority lists before I start forgetting too many things.

.....Hoping everyone has fun at An Tir / West War. The Barony is going to have its own encampment. If TBT and I were going to be there we'd be encouraging at least one potluck and a Bardic or two. I'm hoping that those who do go plan on doing something together as a group. But maybe it's a good thing they are left to their own devices. They may make it the weekend without having to hear the dreaded 'Baby Shark!' :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Not sure I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow, but as ready as I'll ever be. :-) With next weekend being the Independence Day weekend, I'm half-expecting to see a large number of people missing this week. Wish I could be one of them, but there is just too much happening that I can't miss.

.....There will definitely be an exodus of people headed to An Tir / West War this week. With the site opening on Thursday, I suppose a large number will leave on Wednesday and take a little extra time with the trip. Which sounds like a good idea.

.....The Baronial Encampment sounds like it is going to be fun. A nice sized group, and diverse in temperament. Good company. Maybe next year I can join in on the fun.

.....Was a rather busy weekend here though. Saturday morning was a July Coronation meeting up at Sable Rose Emprise with Duchess Angharad. Started off on a hesitent note, but once everyone started talking the ideas and conversation started rolling.

.....THL Alan ap Niel has taken on the role of 'Event Cartographer'. He's been coordinating the efforts of everyone who needs space and territory at J.C. But he's not the one making the contacts and coordinating the actual needs. It is working out rather well. It is a lot like the SCA Coordinator for June Faire, but with less responsibility. I love the way everything is getting organized on the central map. Maybe the SCA Coordinator here at June Faire could get a deputy to do the same thing, and just concentrate on making the face-to-face contact with all the required officers, people, etc. Hmmmm....

.....The Marketplace is going to be easy to lay out. Alan has it all on two straight rows. Only a few corners to worry about. My biggest worry will be to ensure that the merchants who don't want to be next to so-and-so are not set in the wrong location. Those who need to face north, or east, are facing in that direction. Those who need to be close to biffies, or their cars, or.... It's the usual criteria, but this arrangement sure makes things easy on me.

.....We're still planning on being on site on Thursday, later in the day. We'll probably end up marking out the frontage and putting out stakes with the individual names on them. But that may be the extent of things. But I'll know for sure by next weekend.

.....Deadline is today for post-marked applications. I'll be looking for them up until next Saturday, and will then call it good and lock down the map. We have twenty two confirmed now. From the most recent flurry of e-mail, I expect to call it next Saturday at thirty merchants.

.....I could have stayed another hour or so, chatting up the planning of J.C., but TBT had another obligation and we had to leave. Ran down to a wedding where TBT was putting together her upside down wedding cake. Took her between two to three hours for this to happen. But I didn't in the least. When I realized my help was not needed I found a nice corner in which to hang out and read from the Nook for all that time. Anne McCaffrey books were read by the gross, and then Edgar Rice Burroughs. I didn't even realize several hours had passed until TBT started bringing her utencils to the car.

.....It was a nice looking cake. I think that TBT has posted pictures on Facebook.

.....Duchess Angharad is getting married in August and TBT might end up doing the cake. AT least it seemed like it might just happen from the conversation on Saturday. It is a heavy Scottish theme. Cake topper included. :-) Her Grace had an invitation waiting for us. I was flattered that TBT and I had been included. It might have been TBT, but I'll still take the invite. :-)

.....Sunday was all about getting ready for the work week and getting caught up on e-mail 'go-dos'.

.....Worked on some circlets as well. I think that I might start selling some here soon. There have been a number of inquiries. Armor pieces covered all flat surfaces available in the garage, so had to be creative to open things up. Hopefully I didn't lose any pieces in the process.

.....By not going to An Tir / West next weekend, I'll get the chance to get caught up on a number of things. The final J.C. Marketplace map with be completed. The September Crown bid will be finalized. A number of Serjeantry items will be done. It'll also be nice to slow down a bit and get caught back on a few brainless things.

.....Envious of J.R.'s new motorcycle. I have been thinking of one for a while. Hmmm....

.....Now I'm falling asleep. Time to go to bed...

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Well, I'm sitting at Gate A7 at SeaTac Airport. Waiting for a flight that leaves at 11:25PM for Dallas - Fort Worth. Will, hopefully, end up in Indianapolis at about 8:00AM on Monday morning. :-) Once again it's off on an adventure to the wild jungles of Crane, Indiana, to listen to a group of people discuss the triumphs and challenges of installing and maintaining batteries aboard submarines. :-)

.....Actually, it looks like it may be a little exciting this time. Lots going on in the battery world these days. Not entirely sure if it is going to last just the week, or stretch into two. We've been told to prepare for the eventuality. But if things go my way, I'll still be able to bask in the glowing intelligence of Mistress Callista and Sir Donnan. :-) We'll hope for the best.

.....It has been almost a non-stop rollar coaster ride since about KAS / KBC. From there it was a trip to NORWESCON and then the uphill slog through May Crown to June Faire. Even after that we went to Lionhearts last weekend and were slated to go to Honey War this weekend. At least for a day trip. But on Friday I looked at the piles of armor pieces stationed at various locations around the garage and finally had to admit defeat. There were just too many repairs to be made in order to get the armor operable again.

.....I went into TBT's room to say that I would be happy to cheer her on from the sidelines. We started talking about everything we needed to get done before I left on my trip on Sunday and we finally decided that we needed to stay home. It was a tough decision, and I felt guilty all weekend long. But as I sit here in the airport I feel much happier than I would have felt scrambling around all day today trying to get everything done in order to take off. I'll take the guilt if it helps preserve the relief.

.....Although the guilt pangs hard at times. From the sounds of things, Dragon's Laire really rocked the event hard! Took home several major prizes and awards and helped Blatha An Oir rule the day! I do feel a little sorry for Johann and Francisca. A little. :-)

.....Even managed to get the notes done from our Regional Pelican Meeting in May as well as the agenda for the meeting that is set to happen this Thursday. I think this will be the first one I've missed since I became a Pelican. I think. But things are rolling rather well at the moment, so I don't anticipate any surprises. I certainly don't think I'll be missed, which is a good thing.

.....Finally heard back from the Clallam County Fairgrounds folks this weekend. We are getting everything we asked for, including several buildings, the entire arena, and all the open lands, for $1,350. Wow! I wish we could get that kind of deal in Kitsap County! So now I just have to finalize the costs of a handful of biffies and get the trash issue squared away, and I'll have the bid for September Crown, 2012, ready to fly! Only thing really flapping in the breeze at the moment is the official acknowledgement from Druim Doineann that it is O.K. to hold the event in their lands. I already have a verbal from their Seneschal, Ivan, that we can go ahead. Just need to get it in writing. Wish we could have been able to do this with Princess Lenora of Tir Righ in attendance. :-)

.....Had a good talk with Brumbar this weekend. He is building himself another suit of armor and volunteered to help repair mine. Is is a magician at armor making and we'll get it all repaired in no time. I think we'll even be able to get TBT into something adequate. Just in conversation it is looking like we might be able to field something by Autumn War. At least that is the goal.

.....Looking on the horizon, the schedule is not as intense as the run up to June Faire. But there are still a lot of things to plan. July Coronation will be here before we know it. Looks like we'll have about twenty or so merchants in the Marketplace. Which should be easy to map out. Gwenllyn can't be on site until later on Friday, so it looks like it will be myself, TBT and Madrun doing the lay-out. But with only twenty merchants, and the main roads already laid out, things should go fairly quickly. I do NOT miss the days of June Faire when we fielded upwards of eighty merchants. With all the duplication of merchandice, it just doesn't make sense to have that many. Unless, I suppose, you're worried about mark-up. Hmmmm....

.....We'll be in Lobelia for J.C. weekend. We'll have the Rhys Monster with us. Camping and the Rhys Monster do not a fit make. But we finally broke down and decided that we weren't taking Lobelia out enough. We need to start talking it up for a Dragon's Laire encampment. We'll need to find a camp wrangler sooner rather than later. Already have space reserved on the Eric for the Baronial.

.....First weekend of August is our Summer Bardic and Picnic. Some interesting plans are in the roaster now. I keep emphasizing that we want to keep this low key and non-stress. It is just a leisurely picnic and community camp out. Although I'm liking the Arts and Sciences ideas, and the bardic fighting tourney ideas. Some good ideas in the offering. I am really looking forward to a good bardic fire. Wish we could do a pit firing, but I doubt that OPG would like that a whole lot. :-)

.....Then Autumn War right after Summer Bardic. We weren't planning on camping at Autumn War, but if TBT and I are in armor that might change the dynamics a bit. But I think I'm still in favor of a day trip adventure. We have a little time before we have to make up our minds on that one.

.....September Crown down in Chehalis. Already slated as a camping adventure. We'll need to find a Camp Wrangler for this one as well.

.....Then Last Chance the weekend after. Wow! The events really stack on top of each other! At least this one is close to home. Just a couple of blocks away at Silver Spurs.

.....Freakin' busy summer! Think I'll go and check my e-mail and see if anyone posted results from Honey War. I saw something from Baroness Elspeth, but am hoping for more. :-)

.....Wish that TBT were going with me. I think she'd have as much fun traveling as I do.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It feels somewhat strange to be posting in Live Journal. It's been a while. But at the same time, it somewhat feels like returning home. :-)

.....May was the month of May Crown and June Faire. The Month of Madness. :-)

.....May Crown was actually a lot of fun. We had decided early on that Lobelia was more impersonal and that we should do our best to actually camp with the Barony. So we pulled together items from both of our camping kits and packed up the Gwen Mobile and drove to the event with her. We actually caravanned with Madrun, which was fun in its own right. :-)

.....It was hot on Friday there. All of us were melting before we completed setting up our pavilions. I did my best to help Madrun and Dillon set up their new Panthers. The groundcloth kind of threw me for a loop at first. But when I saw it put together I was rather impressed. The plastic backed sodcloth really seals up the pavilion well, and helps place the pavilion itself when followed. I really do like Panther products. Maybe some day TBT and I will be able to afford one we both like. I sure wish I had not sold off my big round one. Sigh!

.....The Baronial Bardic on Saturday night started off a little rocky, but gained momentum. TBT and I ended up calling it a win. Although the eternal threat from now onwards is if no one comes up with something better, I'm going to sing 'Baby Shark' until either I'm blue in the face, or someone comes up with something better. :-) But Gwenllyn was a real trouper and plied the crowd with several songs to get them into the spirit. After that we had a number of musical entries, stories, anecdotes, jokes, etc. A very good way to get teh Barony to come together.

.....After May Crown, it was the final slog to June Faire. Every year I feel like a virtual June Faire newcomer as it seems every June Faire is brand new in complexity and size. You'd think that after twenty-three June Faire, I'd have the routine down by now. Nope, not on your life. Every year it is a scramble to the finish line. Although this year being Baron alongside TBT may have added to the complexity. At least a little bit. :-)

.....Because Rhys was with us, we camped in Lobelia and fell in love with her again. We had decided that we were going to actually camp the major events this year. But we're re-evaluating that and have deicded that at least at July Coronation we're going to be camping in Lobelia. We'll just have to figure out some way to engage the Barony so that we do not feel so separated from them. Maybe we could get teh RV's stationed near the Baronial Encampment somehow. Hmmm.

.....Took a tour of the new July Coronation site the weekend before June Faire. It is remarkable! Going from Mount Vernon to this site in Sedro Wooley was a huge step UP! It is a huge grassland beside a river in a rural part ofthe County. It has a beautiful view of the mountains and LOTS of space! I think that July Coronation is going to be pretty spectacular.

.....The Event Team has worked hard to include the surrounding branches in the planning efforts. I think it is working out pretty well actually. Dragon's Laire is in charge of the Marketplace. Each local Barony is taking on some separate aspect of the running of the event. The camaraderie seems pretty easy going. I'm liking the Regional Identity being created. Let's see if we can keep it going.

.....The weather for June Faire this year was fantastic! Finally! After several years of fighting off the rain and mud, it felt good to be blessed with the sun for a change. There was still mud and stranded cars in places. But they were minimal and manageable.

.....By the end of the day on Thursday most of the infrastructure was up. I was sitting there looking at Master Ralg and fretting over what in the world was I forgetting. :-) I rather like that feeling actually.

.....I liked the Arts and Sciences Village. It had a lot to see and witness. I also liked the Marketplace on the top of the hill.

.....The Erics needed work. I liked their location a lot. They were a central focus for the Public Demo. Plus, they were easily accessed for armor drop-off and pick-up. But we hadn't given enough thought to size and shape. But it was a valuable Lesson Learned for us to use next year. We have heard some grumbling and will need to ensure that we react early and forcefully next year to counter that. Having a Tournament Level set of prizes helped, so we'll have to push that again next year.

.....Having the Equestrian not in their 'usual' place this year was interesting. That was A LOT of unused space. If we'd had more time to plan, we certainly could have done a lot more with that space. But the Equine Virus that shut down Equestrian did not give us much warning. We were already looking at the space and going, hmmm, we could move archery more to the East and enlarge the Marketplace. Hmmmm.... I'm a Pelican, always thinking about those things.... :-)

.....Court was awesomely smooth. TBT put forth her Countess skills and organized it within an inch of its life with the help of Tsuruko. TBT is pretty smart you know. :-) Glad one of us is. :-) Caius is REALLY starting to come into his own as a super Court Herald. He was absolutely fantastic. Even I was more relaxed than I had been at any earlier Court. Give me a couple more events and even speaking spontaneously will start becoming easier. :-)

.....Lots more details that are percolating, but not right now. I'm going to bed. Because it is 9PM and I CAN. :-) Only two more days until the weekend. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Only Part I because I left the iPod Touch at work, with all of my notes on the subject 'safely' ensconced within it. Sigh! :-) But this is more than enough at the moment so that I don't lose track of anything.

.....There is a lot to do:

1.) Pelican Meeting, May 12th

* Gather consensus on presentation prior to meeting.
* Print out copies of agenda.
* Make arrangements for carpooling.
* Can I take Friday off of work?

2.) Mayfaire, May 14th

* Largesse for new Baron and Baroness?

3.) May Crown, May 20th - 22nd

* Slat bed for Laurellen.
* Pull out pavilions.
* Finish silk banner.
* Meet with Adelheide to talk over lay-out of Baronial Encampment (and find out what the plan is).
* Talk about a pot-luck gathering for Saturday night with the populace.
* Talk with Jahnkin on arrangements for Baronial Encampment to be a Bardic Campfire Gathering Point.
* Make arrangements for food for remainder of weekend.
* Print out Pelican Agenda. Any items of interest for Western Region?
* Discuss transportation of Baronial Pavilion to site and make arrangements for set-up.
* Ensure all who are competing in the Crown Lists from Dragon's Laire are recognized (are there enough tokens?).

4.) June Faire, June 1st through June 6th

* Speak to Oliver and Tegus about Mantel Project.
* Set-up Saturday night gathering. Include location, food, bardic activities (song book).
* Spiffy prizes for Heavy Tourney Circuit and Rapier Tourney Circuit (strategize with Gwen).
* Approximately 8-10 additional medium to larger prizes for out tournaments (strategize with Gwen).
* Speak to archery community to ensure prizes are covered.
* Speak to Sir Raoukinn on scheduling of Heavy Tourney Circuit (include Jahnkin in conversation).
* Speak to Monsignor Talon and THL Carlos on Rapier Tourney Circuit scheduling (include Jahnkin in conversation).
* Speak to Jahnkin on overall marshallate activity scheduling - must have tentative schedule by May Crown.
* Double-check arrangements for U-Haul. Put out announcements for Wednesday packing of U-Haul; Thursday unpacking on site; and Sunday re-pack and re-delivery to storage of all Baronial property.
* Towers needed at gate.
* Torches needed on Erics.
* Contact Equestrian Community on Whidbey Island, Midhaven, Aquaterra, Madrone, and Stromgard and discuss entry in Baronial Equestrian Championship (to back up Tsuruko).
- Discuss additional help for Tsuruko at same time.
* Plan two to three 'Progresses' through site in style of Renaissance Faire.
- Ask Their Majesties / Their Highnesses if they'd like to join.
- Progresses include Their Excellencies in full regalia (including Baronial Cloaks), several carrying banners, at least one herald making announcements, and a trumpeter or piper.
- At least one 'Progress' will hand out an award.
- At least one 'Progress' will travel through Marketplace.
* Make inquiries for bleachers and finalize price.
- Does this include transportation / set-up? If not, how much?
- Need 'bleacher dressing'.
* Invitations for Their Royal Highness and local Barons & Baronesses in progress.
* Make list of Baronial Awards and ensure that scrolls and necklaces will be ready.

5.) Circlet Order - Ingasbo

* Finish circlet order currently in queue.
* Order a new sheet of designs?

6.) July Coronation, July 15th - 17th

* Visit new site and take measurements of Marketplace.
* Map out Marketplace.
* Post results to merchants currently in queue.
* Current helpers in queue: Arontius, Laurellen, Gwenllyn, Brummbar, Madrun (and Dillon?).

7.) Serjeantry

* Set up a meeting with Cedric, Andras and Arion on archery requirements.
* Finish re-write of manual.
* Send note to e-lists to have potential candidates speak to Baron and Baroness prior to June Faire.
* Make arrangements for 'Serjeantry Court' to accept Letters of Intent. Make announcement.
* Need study guide prepared and ready to hand out at 'Serjeantry Court'.

8.) Summer Bardic Circle, August 5th - 7th

* Bardic Tournies / Ongoing bardic circle.
* Invite local bards specifically to participate prior to event.

9.) Miscellaneous

* Check in with Kierran on canvas project.
* Meg's college assignment write-up.
* Letter to Crown for awards recommendations.
* Letter to Crown for fighting help.
* Request update on bid from Clallam County Fairgrounds for September Crown bid.
* Make a date with Aelianora to talk web-site.
* Finalize plans with Ian on new awards.
* Finalize A&S, Bardic, and Scholar Championship Procedures with Madrun.

.....This list is going to get rather lengthy I'm thinking.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's a rare Fight Practice that is a little bit of a slower pace than it has been of late. Helen is teaching a class on sewing in part of the room. There are a small number of other regulars. But most of the rest of the crowd seems to be absent this evening. I know that at least a handful of people are helping Cedric and Brighid remove carpets from the home in Poulsbo. But am not sure where everyone else is this evening.

.....Not necessarily a bad thing. I haven't had a chance to catch up on Live Journal for a number of days.

.....Last Saturday we managed to wake ourselves up early enough to make it out the door by 0700. We had a 0755 ferry to catch to Edmonds, with a 0930 meeting in Mount Vernon to meet with the July Coronation Autocrat Team and walk the site. We took the drive at a fairly leisurely pace and still drove into the parking lot at precisely 0930. That actually made me feel good in that the drive from Edmonds to Mount Vernon is not that long. Less than an hour.

.....We will not be able to set up much on Thursday at Edgewater Park as the contract is pretty strict about not setting up infrastructure before Friday. But we're going to politely ask if we could at least chalk mark lines on the field. I'd very much like to go up to site on Thursday and set up lines before the Merchants arrive on Friday. I've deliberately kept the advertising low key as the space alotted is compact. I'd like to aim for no more than thirty five or so merchants in the Marketplace. But we'll see. Pastische is already in the queue though. :-)

.....Edgewater Park is somewhat deceptive in size. When you first park in the parking area you generally think the park is rather small. But when you walk from end-to-end it is actually a distance. I'd say approximately the area that Wastekeep had for July Coronation last year. Bryson gave us a map of the park with the following dimensions: 536' by 468' by 594' x 310' by 700'. This is just the grassy field portion and does not take into account the RV area and the separate parking areas. There are also a couple of break-out park areas that can be used in a pinch for overflow camping.

.....But it will be tight.

.....We settled on the area for the Marketplace. It will be close to the RV area. I'm going to capture a set of parking places in that area for those of the merchants who need handicapped parking. The gate from this area opens right from parking into the Marketplace. Good location.

.....I have seven merchant applications now. I'm going to post on a weekly basis how much territory we take up so that Bryson can keep track of the space on his master map.

.....I took a group of pictures that I'll post as soon as I can get them off of the camera. They'll show the park location right next to the Skagit River and the close proximity of downtown Mount Vernon. I think a goodly number of people might actually decide to stay in the hotels that are really close by. We will certainly not lack for grocery stores or restaurants either.

.....We took off from Mount Vernon at around 1100 and headed south. Around noon we were in North Seattle and decided we wanted lunch. Neither of us were familiar with the Northgate area so we went bumming around the mall to see what we could find. There was an Oriental Buffet place called 'Bluefin'. I'm used to the Kitsap County version of this place, affectionately known as 'Crappy Chinese Buffet'. But I'd forgotten how much classier everything is in Seattle. The food was actually REALLY GOOD. Fresh made sushi by the gross. Yum.

.....We drove the rest of the way to Madrone and set ourselves up for the Madrone feast. After several hours of good conversation, some good music and dance, it was time for the feast. I definitely ate well this day. All the food was really good.

.....Sunday was a little less hectic. Birthday breakfast for Bernie over at Gwen's. Then time at home trying to clean up a few things and get ready for the work week.

.....I've managed to work on the new banner every night since then. It is about two-thirds done now. Only one color left to apply. It doesn't look spectacular, but I think that it will look pretty cool flying over our encampment at May Crown. I think I can finish the painting / dying by this weekend. I need to get it steamed and washed, which I think I can also get done this weekend. Then I'll have to subtly beg TBT to roll the edges and put a staff link on one end so I can fly it on a banner pole. I can't wait. :-)

.....Next banner will be same length. It will have twice the Or and Argent Checky. It will have the red and black bars for the Baronial Populace, along with the double-headed dragon. It will have the Team Haggis badge next, and then elements from my device. I'll keep the early dragon, but have a seme of quill-pens behind it. A motto bar would be nice as well.

.....Need to pack for NORWESCON this weekend as well. It's almost here! :-)

.....Looking forward to May the big event is May Crown. Space has already been reserved on the Erics for the Baronial. I need to make some sort of arrangement to do something in it for the day. Maybe some munchies and water at the very minimum. Adelheidi is running with the Baronial Encampment. I'd very much like to see if we can get the Barony to host some sort of bardic gathering there on Saturday night. I'll have to remember to talk to Jahnkin and see if we can arrange something. Something at least a little organized.

.....Disjointed post this evening. Am rather tired and sleepy. Going to be a somewhat longish week. Dinner tomorrow night at Brian and Janes. Thursday is a Dragon's Pearls meeting (which is very local at the very least). Friday is still free at this point. Saturday looks to be a trip to a huge fabric sale in Tacoma. I think there is something happening on Sunday, but I can't remember what.

.....Almost time to go. Crowd is definitely small tonight.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I have been subscribing to 'Mother Earth News' for at least twenty-five years now, and have collected every issue ever published. I'm not exactly a farm geek, I leave that for intelligent people like Aelianora. But maybe someday, with a little more time on my hands, I would like to have a garden, raise some chickens, keep some bees, and do some of those things that would promote the self-sustainability front. Managing time has never been my strong talent though. :-)

.....In the latest issue there is a big pull-out section advertising a 'Sustainability Fair' to be held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. The problem? It is the same freakin' weekend as JUNE FAIRE! Wah! The list of classes though is rather spectacular. There are classes on building gardens, setting up solar power and wind power on a small scale. Lectures on raising sheep and chickens. I think the SCA crowd would especially geek out on the classes for beekeeping, cheese-making, flax raising and processing.

.....If Brandy see this entry, I really think she should go. Several lectures on sustainability are planned and I really think she'd enjoy them. If anyone is interested, the web-site is here:

.....Is it sad that I already think about the things I want to do when I'm no longer the Baron? :-) That first year I plan to get a hotel room and spend every single waking moment at the Northwest Folklife Festival the weekend prior to June Faire and not even think about the SCA. :-) I know, sacreligious! :-)

.....Yesterday was a trip to Lacey to worship at the altar that is DAEDIN THE MAGNIFICENT!!!! :-) Actually, it was a bowl painting party sponsored by Mistress Morgaine, but it was held at Daedin's house. It's a worthy cause, the bowls were produced by Mistress Morgaine and Dame Gwenllyn, are painted by volunteers, and then auctioned off for charity. I saw some fantastic designs being created. I came close to actually painting a few times, but I was having too much fun gossiping and laughing with the folks in the dining room. Brighid's apprentice, and her husband, were there. Along with Francisca. Good conversation and good snackies. A nice way to spend a day. I felt a little guilty, but explained it away internally by telling myself that I did my part by bringing the talent down. :-) TBT painted two bowls that I thought were beautiful. :-)

.....Friday was an animated discussion about Serjeantry at the Pancake House. Madrun had had a chance to read through the detailed hand-out for Serjeantry and had a goodly number of talking points. 90% of which I could easily see her point and make mental notes to make changes accordingly. There was that 10% though that I was having a difficult time grokking. I was of the mind-set of making all the styles of Serjeantry the same level of difficulty by making them all do what I considered the same types of activities. Madrun argued the unfairness of making someone on an A&S track do more than what they needed in a martiallate track. It was a stimulating discussion, and I was won over for the most part. And there will be several sections broken out that concentrate on individual styles. Still wrapping my brain around how to conceptualize 'separate but equal'.

.....This Tuesday we have our Serjeantry discussion scheduled to be held at Fight Practice. Not the best venue. Even more so if the weather is bad and we're all squeezed inside. But time is running short and if we're going to take letters of intent at June Faire, then we need to get moving on the process. There have been a number of people interested. This will be our third try at kicking this thing off. I hope that we haven't lost the momemtum.

.....Work has been interesting, even more so than usual. Hard, but amusing at the same time. The government is struggling hard at learning how to do more with less and become more efficient. It has led to some interesting ideas. The part that worries me, but amuses me at the same time is that the 'new and improved' processes are being developed by Senior Management, people all in their 50's and 60's. But their generation is leaving in droves, and these processes are going to have to be run by the Gen Y's and the Millenials coming into the workforce now. What motivates the older generations is not going to work on those in their 20's and 30's. They have a completely different outlook on how life should run. I'm not saying that it is bad or good. It just is, and not taking that into account is going to hurt at some point.

.....Just before I left work on Friday the Comptroller's office called. Last year a large group of managers had been 'keyed' incorrectly into the DFAS database. What that meant was that a large group of us managers were allowed to accrue time and a half if we worked overtime. Being Supervisory Managers, we're not allowed to get time and a half. We get either Comp Time or a reduced time. Luckily for me, my management has been so adamant about 'NO OVERTIME' that I only had one hour on the books for the time period in question. If I needed to come in early or stay late, I just did it as I didn't want to argue for it. The Comptroller on the phone had started with me as I was affected the least by the 'correction'. Ultimately, I'll see a reduction of approximately $23 on my next pay-check to cover the incorrectly paid overtime. I can live with that. However, there were some Managers on the larger Projects with hundreds of hours of overtime on the books. One poor soul is going to have to pay back approximately $12,000.00 in incorrectly paid overtime. The question posed to him will be, 'How do you want to pay that back?' I can't even imagine that. I feel for that person a lot. Wow!

.....Next weekend is the Madrone Baronial Banquet. Our tickets have been paid and we will be there! :-) It'll be interesting to see how a Madrone feast runs. I was surprised last year at how different an Aquaterra feast is from a Dragon's Laire feast. So I'm curious to see the cultural differences in how Madrone feasts go. I think that Mistress Gwenllyn is going with us, so it'll be fun. And we'll still have Sunday to do things at home.

.....But before the banquet we are making the run up to Mount Vernon to meet with the J.C. Planning Team and look over the Edgewater site. I'm rather excited to see the digs and take some measurements. Hopefully I'll remember to bring a camera as well. It would be good to get a few pictures. When the Marketplace is set I can post the listings, their locations, as well as a couple of views of where the Marketplace will be. I advertised the Marketplace Applications on the An Tir Merchant's E-List, but not widely distributed it. I'm still not sure how many merchants we're going to be able to squeeze in there. But I have already received four applications, with checks. And have sent out many others to individuals. Among them Pastiche, who'll hopefully make the trip.

.....Master Garraed put the Sonnet Coronet on hold in Facebook to guide us through some 'Heroic Couplet' exercises. His thoughts being that maybe going back to some of the basics would help both those of us who are a little rusty as well as encourage some few of those holding back because they think it is beyond their capability. No one has responded yet. I need to work on some today if I can block a little free time. Hmmm.

.....NORWESCON in only a few weeks! I can't wait!!!! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I wish I made more time to post to Live Journal. I am always checking into it to see how others are doing, what they are thinking, what's happening in their lives. I always seem to feel like the runner in the marathon who is at the tail end of the pack just doing his best to keep ahead of the street sweeper. :-) But I usually find that I'm not alone back there and that fact helps me catch my breath and take off again. :-)

.....You know, KAS / KBC wore me out! And I was neither the Autocrat or the Competition Coordinator! :-) On Monday I was an absolute zombie. Tuesday and Wednesday weren't much better. Thursday was Migraine hell day. But I started feeling better on Friday, which turned out to be a good thing.

.....I found KAS / KBC fun and fulfilling though, even though it was a work out. Friday was a breeze for set up. I helped Oliver, Renart and Tegus set up the Baronial Pavilion in the back of the hotel. After that the day mainly consisted of sitting around watching the hotel put up banners and set up gate. Had lots of good conversation with people though, lots of good friend time.

.....I lucked out and had two things to judge on Saturday. The first being a recorder piece by Galeron in the morning. It was a complex Italian version of an Estampie (a dance piece). He played it as a recital piece, with lots of ornamentation. The judging panel had mainly positive things to say about it. But I was thoroughly astounded when I found out that he'd only really been playing that piece for two weeks prior to KAS / KBC. I wasn't sure what to think of that. On one hand, the fact that he did as great a job as he did with only two weeks of practice showed what a great musician he was. But the fact that he only spent two weeks practicing for a Kingdom Championship made me gulp a bit. But he did demonstrate his considerable abilities on a recorder, as well as quite a depth of knowledge. I ended up mainly being impressed.

.....The afternoon judging session was with Jahnkin and his Bertrand oratory. I found the subject matter extremely interesting. It was easy to see that Jahnkin was absolutely in love with what Bertrand did as he was passionate about the style of Bertrand and what Bertrand exposed in Society. But as a performance Jahnkin just wasn't sure where to go with it. I think if he had given the performance some fire and passion he might have taken it much farther. It was fun talking to him about that very thing later in the weekend. I found I had an easy time talking to him about that very thing as I have the same problem with my Sonnetry. It's fun to write, but to perform it with passion? That's the hard part. :-)

.....Spent most of the rest of the day wandering around site and doing my best to recognize the good deeds of the Baronial Populace, which were many. This Baron gig is hard work! :-) But I did make it out to witness Dame Gwen's KAS pottery demonstration and was impressed with the depth of information presented. She could easily have filled another hour or so with just facts and demonstrations surrounding her Pipkin alone. It'll be interesting to see what might happen to KAS / KBC in the future if the single item approach we're proposing at the Baronial level makes it to the Kingdom stage.

.....On Sunday, I was given an ultimate complement. Maestro Giuseppe was looking to be running late for the KBC Sunday judging. I was asked if I would consider jumping into her spot for the day. In spite of myself I was flattered to have even been asked. Giuseppe showed up right at the stroke of the hour, but I was not fussed at all. Even to have been asked was an honour as far as I was concerned and so it made my day. :-)

.....By Sunday evening I was already in Zombieland, but TBT and I still managed to get our e-letters out to the list with all of our thank-yous and acknowledgments. I'm still surprised at how much people pay attention to those e-mails. This is especially true when you forget someone, or spell their names wrong. :-) But I think we finally managed to do it right as the usual suspects didn't say a word. :-) Maybe we'll figure this thing out yet.

.....Think good thoughts for TBT. She is tender right now and will be for a while. No fat in her diet at all and she must make her medical appointments. I might sick Gwen and Madrun on her, but I think even the threat of that will do the deed for me. :-) Although as bad as she has felt over the past week I think will do the deed actually.

.....July Coronation Marketplace Applications are starting to hit the lists, inquiries are starting to come in. I need to get up to Edgewater Park and find out just how much real estate we have with which to work.

.....Lots more to say, but we have to get moving. I probably should have started this earlier today. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Then I had better hurry up and get my 'to-do' list done! I don't think that I'll have time after the Rapture. :-) I guess the world is supposed to end a little sooner than 2012. There is a group of people traveling across the country with the warning that the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. Which is grossly unfair, TWO DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY AND TWELVE DAYS BEFORE JUNE FAIRE!!! At the very least you'd think that heaven could wait just a few more days? :-)

.....At least you should catch the road-show:

.....Lots of things on the 'to-do' list. Which is funny. You'd think that the top five would all involve KAS / KBC. But that event is being so efficiently run by THL Oliver and Dame Ellen that I feel like a fraud being the Baronial 'host' for the festivities. :-) I arranged to take Friday off from work so I could help out, but looks like it might be a fairly relaxing day. I did promise to set up the Baronial Pavilion for use as Dame Gwenllyn's Portable Pottery Studio. But that'll take all of thirty minutes to do.

.....We have a room reserved at the hotel, but TBT never intended on actually sleeping there with Rhys being at home alone. I am going down the list of people involved with KAS / KBC and finding that most of the Baronial Populace is going home each night as well. SBH could be a lonely place after hours. I'm starting to seriously vacillate on whether or not to even keep the room. Especially since Oliver arranged to have one of the meeting rooms available as a Baronial Common Space. Need to make a decision by Tuesday.

.....Have the silk banner on the frame. TBT put down the first few lines. I want to take at least an hour a couple of nights this week and keep working on it. The goal is to have personal banners ready to fly at May Crown. Eric space has been reserved. Now just need to figure out how to get the Baronial Pavilion there and how we want it set up. Need to also make arrangements for a Camp Coordinator to start putting together a Baronial Encampment. A couple of people have sort of volunteered. Will need to get that moving.

.....Started passing out the Marketplace Application for July Coronation. Need to get it posted to the J.C. web-site, the An Tir Merchant's YahooGroups page, and then out to the general populace. Should go fairly quickly. Now we just need to get to the site to take pictures and measurements of the Marketplace. Am tentatively thinking of April 9th in the morning before we go to the Madrone Banquet.

.....Populace site walk-through for June Faire on March 16th (Wednesday) at 6PM. TBT and I will give a guided tour of how things are going to look for June Faire this year. The significant changes being the switch between Erics and Marketplace. Would also like to see who shows up and maybe help some of the newer people who don't feel connected to the event 'find their place' if at all possible.

.....March 23rd will be our first discussion on the topic of Serjeantry. We're handing out the basic overview now. On the 23rd we'll go into details and talk about the timeline involved. There are still some things to crunch. Countess Inga gave me a copy of the Avacal Serjeantry Manual which has a LOT of good stuff in it. I'm trying to see how much I can include now. Will have to come to some firm decisions on the final direction on the weekend of March 19th. I want to have a clear road when we have the discussion. Well, as clear as possible. I think this first year will definitely be one full of learning moments. :-)

.....Need to pester the Clallam County Fairgrounds on their bid. I haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks now.

.....Need to also come to a decision on a picture for the Wyvern Canvas Project (tm). But that is TBT's department thankfully. :-)

.....Am getting sleepy. Let's go to bed before I start inventing more things to do. :-)

.....ZZZZZzzzzzzz, Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Things have been really busy for a while now, which is a contributor as to why I haven't been posting much lately. The other being a sensitivity towards the things I say these days. I have been surprized on a number of ocassions lately with something I've said being taken in a way that was not intended in the slightest. Even to the point of my going back and re-reading the things I wrote trying to figure out just how they were interpreted they way they were. :-)

.....But that's whining I suppose. So I'll stop. The main reason I AM posting this morning is that the Shipyard Intranet is down at the moment and I can't get into a lot of my usual programs and am at a standstill for about a half hour. So what do I do when I have a few free moments? I go and Live Journal. :-) Which I actually miss, to be honest. I wish people posted more to Live Journal. I wish *I* posted more to Live Journal. But that time thing, you know. I'm going to have to figure out a way to clone myself. :-)

.....The Baron and Baroness gig are still a very full time job. I am in constant awe of Cedric and Brighid these days. I don't know how in the world they were able to do all the things they did. I can barely keep up with the priority items on the Baronial 'to-do' list. I am learning the fine art of 'priority surfing', which means you do what you can with a project as quickly as possible before moving on to the next issue, crisis or Project. The nice thing about this method is that you can 'touch' a lot of things. The bad thing about this method is that you never actually FINISH anything. Which means that satisfaction is fleeting at times.

.....But progress still happens. Serjeantry is finally starting to move forward again. We had originally wanted to accept letters of intent at Candlemas. We had to push that out to June Faire as our vision wasn't lining up with any sort of written process. It still isn't in concrete yet, but we have enough on paper to start the process. We have an organizational kick-off later in March and will accept letters at June Faire. We have at least a couple of people with solid intentions of participating and being our test subjects. So let the party roll!

.....Her Excellency Inga of Avacal sent me a copy of their Serjeantry Program. There is a lot of good stuff in there! If she let's us we're going to steal sections of it for inclusion in our program. I liked the way it was worded as well. It follows my own philosophy to a large degree. I grokked it immediately. I've got an introductory broad sheet ready to pass out to potential candidates now. I've got our kick-off meeting of March 23rd as my deadline to have the in-depth pamphlet of Serjeantry ready to pass out to candidates. After that the next deadline will be June Faire, with the letters. The following step will be the Trials themselves, which will be scheduled according to how many candidates we have and what their intent is. Yes, this year will be the year of learning for Serjeantry. :-)

.....This weekend is Candlemas. Still on the learning curve with regard to running Courts. We learned much from Yule, mainly dealing with processionals. So we now have a written processional (thanks Tsuruko!) that will be easy to follow. Our Court is scheduled and written and relatively short (less than an hour). So we're good to go there. The learning curve for this Court was our own preparation. Her Excellency and I kept making our own internal assumptions on having all the 'stuff' ready to go and realized yesterday we were missing a few key elements. One more lesson learned for the NEXT Court. But THAT Court is June Faire, so we'll take the extra time we need to prepare for that one.

.....June Faire is looking good. There is the usual chaos of course. But I don't think that you can ever escape chaos completely when planning something on the scale of June Faire. What you do is manage the chaos to the best of your ability and be ready to punt as necessary when something unexpected happens. My favorite phrase from 'Shakespeare In Love', 'It's a Mystery.' :-)

.....I'm liking where things are going with June Faire though. The Marketplace moved to the top of the hill. This reduced the number of merchants by a few because of the amount of territory availble. But we are still going to get a decent variety. Plus the fact that Poppa Thorir's camper is better hidden this year on top of the hill behind the barn, instead of sticking out in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Improvement already! I'm also liking how all the 'demo' aspects of the Faire are being concentrated around the Modern Gate, to make them as visible to the modern attendance as possible. We still need to work out the bleachers and their dressing around the Erics as that has the potential to be an eye-sore if not covered properly, but at least we're thinking of it now.

.....And Sir Raoukinn's Tourney Circuit is coming through June Faire this year! FANTASTIC! We need to do more to advertise this, and make it something special for the fighters who will be in attendance. TBT and I are musing over different ideas on this, but need to come to a decision soon. Wow! Only three months left! Ouch!

.....Something else we need to work out are our 'progresses' through site. I know it is very Rennaissance Fair-ish, but when 'Queen Elizabeth' walks through the Faire with Her Court and banner bearers and trumpeters and pomp & circumstance, people really go gaga for that scene. We think that something along this line would work well for June Faire. Now, can TBT pull it off in style? Well, it'll be a challenge. But we'll do our best. :-) Sigh! We may even want to ask Trumpet Man to take a tour with us. Although TBT has a line on a good piper as well, so maybe a 'progress' with bagpipes would be fun. :-)

.....Then it is off to July Coronation. Dragon's Laire is taking care of the Marketplace for the event that is officially being hosted by Aquaterra and Midhaven. I put together a Marketplace Application and am about to launch. But I need to do more to see if I can get someone else to work with me on the Marketplace. Someone who has a little more spare time than I do. I can still do a lot of the heavy lifting, but if someone else can become 'the face' for the work, it would be nice. The people I've approached so far are all super busy with five hundred things of their own already, so I'm still looking.

.....Still have to make it thorugh KAS / KBC though. Dragon's Laire is hosting again, for the third time at the Silverdale Beach Hotel. The Autocrat is having life issue, which made me a little nervous at first. But after taking a step back and looking critically I relaxed a little:

* It IS our third time at the same venue, with virtually the same staff at the venue.
* The current Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences lives in Dragon's Laire AND is the Deputy Autocrat (Go Ellen! :-)).
* No Marketplace to worry about this year.
* No series of classes or lots of extra meetings to worry about this year.
* The competition schedule is already pretty much set and the Competition Staff looks all ready to go.
* The hotel already looks great. We could ditch decorations all together and the place would still look fantastic.

.....The more I thought about things, the less I worried. KAS / KBC will happen and it will be great. So let's roll with it! :-)

.....Sigh! Time to go and do battle with the IT Deities again! Wish me luck!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was my first Saturday in a while where I didn't have to be anywhere. As well as the only free one for a handful to follow. And do you think I could actually sleep in? Naw, I woke up at 4:30 and finally stopped trying about 5:30. :-)

.....I was able to take off from work at 2:30 and ran to the theatre to meet TBT and the Rhys Monster so we could watch Harry Potter. The movie was not bad. It was long though, but there were a lot of details and backgrounds missing. I could see the logic behind some of it, but the details really become important to the end game. So it will be interesting to see exactly how the movie wraps up next July. I suppose that it is hard to get all of the details on to the movie screen. But I was a little surprised in that most of the previous movies were very faithful to the books they were following, even down to a lot of the details. This one not so much so. More liberties were taken.

.....Makes it sound like I hated it, which I didn't. It was actually enjoyable.

.....Looking forward to 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' next month though. The previews look pretty good. Although it is evident that the story line has changed, so we'll see.

.....Still trying to get my brain wrapped around a 'to-do' list for the weekend. But brainstorming:

* A couple of circlets.
* Grind and paint bell (and ask Eleanor if I can borrow her tripod for Yule Feast).
* Clean computer room, bedroom and bathroom.
* Transfer files to portable hard drive in preparation to wipe computer.
* Block out ceremonials for Yule and chart out day.
* Ensure that we have completed ceremonials for Championship and remaining fealty groups.
* Outline Sargeantry and talk to various people to join discussion group.
* Do laundry.
* Take Mom shopping and help with a few chores.
* Deposit Crier checks and update records.
* Look at e-reader.
* Review 'to-do' list for upcoming weeks and update.

.....That's enough for one weekend I think. How much of it will I actually get done? I have no clue. :-) The nice thing is that next weekend is a four day holiday. I'm looking forward to it. Then in four weeks and a little change will be Christmas vacation. Nearly three weeks of must leave to use! I'm salivating at the thought. :-)

.....When we come back to work in January there will be a few changes to work through. The former Big Boss will be gone for real. It's not like he has been involved much in our daily lives lately, but the presence is still felt in a big way. I've passed him a good half-dozen times over the past handful of weeks. It's been interesting. They've been variations of what happened the week before last. I was sitting at a desk in the Admin. Building, talking to the Resource Manager, when he walked on by. I tensed up immediately, expecting some stinging comment or command. It was one of those weird scenes where something horrible is about to happen and time just seems to slow down as you witness every detail. In this case though, he saw me and looked for a few seconds. It looked like he was trying to recall what my name was. He then continued walking and didn't say a thing. At first I felt a great deal of relief. Then I was rather angry. How could someone that evil, who had caused so much agony for four long years, be so casual and non-chalant. Finally, I just laughed. Both at the fact that I had such a strong reaction, then because of the fact that he had already erased me so completely from his life. I'm just glad that I will not be part of his life anymore starting in January. :-)

.....We asked OPG to let us have Port Gamble for July Coronation next year. They came back and formally said no. I was a little surprised. They've never said no completely to us in the past. But then came the real answer. All three days that weekend are booked solid with weddings. Each of those weddings brings in a minimum of $3,500. That's a lot of money when compared to the scope of what we bring to town for the weekend, how much space we take, and how little we pay them in comparison to the amount of territory and support we take up. But what it means to us is that we're looking through alternatives. I've got an application at the Fairgrounds and feelers out to at least one other location. Oliver has a site or two to check out and Jahnkin is going to see what he can stir up with the local military installations. Doesn't look all that great at the moment though.

.....I wonder if we're going to see snow this weekend? The weather reporters are showing snow up in Bellingham and they are talking snow for down here later tomorrow. I could be driving through the snow on Monday on the way into work.

.....Dusty Strings sent me their latest e-mail sales brochure. There was a picture of the last Harp Symposium there. And in the back row of the class was Master Connor from Three Mountains. :-) I'm going to have to grab that picture and send it to him. Just looking at the Class Agenda was making me wish I had the time and the funds to go some time. Looks like a lot of fun.

.....Angharad is going a good job at promoting bardic activities again. I keep wanting to pull out my recorder and / or gemshorn and play some music. I wonder if there would be enough interest to form a regular consort of some type. Would be a lot of fun to have at least a mini-concert at Candlemas. :-)

.....I know I'm getting old now. Was in Safeway a few days ago and I was absent-mindedly humming along with the elevator music that the store was piping over the intercom. I was paying close attention to it at first. Then all of a sudden I stopped short when it percolated into my brain just what was playing. It was Guns 'n Roses, 'sWeet Child O' Mine', set to elevator music! Oh, Wow! I had to laugh! This was hard rock much that I remember vividly from my early twenties. This was stuff I remember hearing at ten million decibels rocking out at the King Dome in Seattle (and not being able to hear for a week afterwards). Amazing! :-) I wonder if Axl Rose was embarrassed at all when he signed for the release that allowed this to happen. Although, you know, it didn't sound that bad for elevator music. :-)

.....Enough randomness for the time being I guess.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....For me, J.C. was actually pretty good. There isn't one thing to which I could point and say 'That made the event for me'. But there were a number of things that happened that made me feel pretty good.

.....The drive down was epic. There seemed to be traffic everywhere. From Shoreline where we dropped of Rhys, all the way through Olympia, and then again through Portland, it seemed to be one slowdown after another. But Heather ran well, and I don't get enough time as it is to spend alone with TBT. So even though the drive was long, I enjoyed spending time talking with TBT. Made me realize yet again what an absolutely amazing woman she it. :-)

.....We made it to site with enough time to actually set up in the daylight before it was our time for gate duty. I waited until the last minute to pack up the van, and thought for sure that I was forgetting major pieces of encampment. But the truth was that I think I brought too much. Which was kind of cool as even though I was packed, Heather was not PACKED. I could have put more stuff in her. Wow! I think that I finally am getting a hang on this camping thing. :-) I never want to go back to those days when Heather would be STUFFED, and still have three or four feet of carpeting stack on her roof. Ack!

.....Although, to be honest, I'm with TBT in one regard. I also missed having Lobelia, with air conditioning and a shower. Just sayin'. :-)

.....I loved the look of the pavilion all set up. Just need a few things to tweak. I REALLY want to get our silk banners done (for TBT and myself). I thought the ones flying on Their Excellency's and Chonchobar's pavilions looked fantastic. We need more decent chairs as well. I really want to make some of those folding 'X' chairs. I love the look of them. But our encampment looked pretty good.

.....When all was set up I ran to gate as Dragon's Laire had a 9PM to 11PM watch duty. Eric and Mona had started early. There just weren't enough volunteers to go around and the Gate Coordinator snatched them up as soon as they made an appearance. :-) I sat down at the cash box and it was immediate chaos as we had picked a time slot that was extra busy. I was doing my damn-dest to keep up, but a line was still forming. Thankfully the rest of our shift started showing up. Then Her Excellency Brighid showed up and started organizing things. By that time I was trying to do five things at once and it really wasn't going well. :-) But things calmed down mightily in fairly short order, and were just about dead when we clocked off of our shift at 11PM.

.....I was tired by that point and went to bed. I liked the bed set up. It was a queen sized folding bed with an inflatable mattress on it. TBT did not like it, but I thought it was rather comfortable myself. I slept pretty good. As we get more organized I would like to see us actually make a bed that is comfortable for both of us, but still breaks down to as small a space as this one had. A good goal, for the future. :-) We're still working on combining two set of gear. It's amazing how much duplication of STUFF TBT and I have.

.....The next morning I was up fairly early and lazed around a little, until I noticed that TBT was almost late for her Laurel's meeting. She didn't get a lot of chance to get ready for the day. Wish I had thought about throwing more water and food at her. She might not have felt as bad as she did later in the day if I had.

.....Pelican meeting at 9AM. Good for the most part. Although I puckered up a little when His Royal Highness asked the Secretaries for their contact information. I mentally ran through what I have done over the past year as Secretary of the Western Region to measure against what I THOUGHT I should have done. Of course I felt deficient, but that is something I can't help so I tried not to let it bother me too much.

.....Had a run through the Langental encampment and was introduced to SPECIAL gummy worms. I'm going to have to get some sugar-free gummy worms and try them in Everclear. Sounds good, actually. ;-) Ran through the Marketplace. Spoke with a number of people. Actually accomplished a few things in support of An Tir / West reconciliation. Made me feel accomplished. :-)

.....Attended the Seneschal(e)'s Meeting. The last one ran by Viscountess Ned. Some good discussion. I'm not entirely sure that His Excellency James fully understands what kind of group of malcontents he is now leading, but he certainly heard an earful at this meeting. :-) He'll do fine as Kingdom Seneschal. But he definitely has a different feel and take on things from Ned, which will take some getting used to.

.....Khalja was in top form at the Meeting. With good questions. I need to hang out with her more. She's a hoot! And uber-intelligent as well.

.....I stopped and congratulated Ned a little while later and she gave me a hug and thanked me. And actually sounded sincere in doing so. I was convinced by that time she thought of me as nothing more than one more freak in the Grand Dork Parade of An Tir. Made me feel good that maybe she actually didn't have me in that column of people. :-) I will miss her. I thought that she did a good job as Kingdom Seneschale.

.....Then it was time for the Endless Court of Good-Bye for Vik and Inga. It was LONG, but lots of cool stuff. They were an excellent King and Queen. I hope they do it again some day. Some cool awards were given out. I was happy to see Gwen recognized for all the largesse she gives the Kingdom.

.....Coronation itself was one of the better ones. I enjoyed the Skaldic aspects of it. The writing was rather well done. I wish that more Coronations had this level of detail (at a minimum) put into them, would make them more interesting to attend.

.....Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid were madly running around. They are taking on major player positions during this reign and were busy making arrangements for various activities in support of Cedric and Elizabeths Coronation and Court. Made me think that it might be interesting to do something again at a Kingdom Level. May have to ponder that for a bit.

.....TBT was NOT feeling well by this time and I was starting to get anxious. She was pale and clammy and very lethargic and unresponsive. I thought about throwing her into the river (which probably would have done her some good). But we finally came to the decision to break down camp and hit the road. I scrambled at this point. I wanted to get our stuff into Heather before dark, and it was getting late. I also wanted to be at Cedric and Elizabeth's first Court. There was a Pelican Ceremony scheduled and I thought it VERY important for the Western Regional Secretary be there as it was Duchess Angharad, who resides in the Western Region. I made it work, but I ran back and forth several times, which wore me out. :-)

.....I had our good neighbors Deirdre and Madrun keep TBT busy while I packed and ran around madly. We were camped near Renart, Aelianora, Anne and Oliver. I had been hoping to sit down with Aelianora at some point over the weekend and just talk for a while. But there never seems to be enough time at an event to do that sort of thing. :-) We said our good-bys, then took off. We immediately started feeling better when we made it to the plateau and out of the river valley. It was far less oppressive topside.

.....We met Gwen and Rich for dinner and then hit the road. Made it home by about 2AM. Not too bad. The traffic is very light at that time. :-)

.....And it gave us Sunday to relax and get ready for the upcoming work week.

.....As I said, I came away from Coronation with a positive feeling. On to other events. Looking forward to September Crown. By that time we'll be discussing our own bid for September Crown next year. It'll be my third Crown event, which means that I'll have fulfilled my goal for Kingdom Events. Will have to figure out a new goal. :-) Will also be nice to have all the cool people of An Tir come and visit us again here. :-)

.....O.K., time to run.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Did you know that there is a sequel to 'The Dark Crystal' in the works? 'The Dark Crystal' is one of my favorite movies, but I'm not sure that a sequel can even be done without the genius of Jim Henson.

.....You'd think that my first post after June Faire would be about June Faire itself. It probably should be while everything is still fresh in my mind. But I'm wanting it to percolate for a little bit before I write myself notes on what I saw. There was lots to observe. Mostly good, a little not-so-much. But it was definitely one of the better June Faires in terms of lay-out and camping.

.....Cleaned out Lobelia yesterday and am going to get her to her Storage Unit tomorrow. I think that I'm wearing out the patience of my neighbors. I have her as much over the curb as possible, but she still sticks out into the street quite a bit. :-)

.....Bunch of camping stuff still in the driveway. In the mad dash to get everything into the Baronial Storage Unit on Sunday, I still managed to bring home several tubs of Gold Key garb as well as a handful of miscellaneous Baronial items. One of these years I'm DETERMINED to ensure that nothing Baronial makes it into my garage after June Faire. :-) I can dream, can't I? :-)

.....Time to start gathering stuff together for An Tir / West War. I'm thinking that this weekend will be a major push to get the garage organized to the point where all the camping gear in located in one area. I'm pretty close actually. Between TBT and myself it is interesting just how much camping 'stuff' we own. Some of it is going to recycle. Definitely some of the carpets.

.....Went back to work today. Found out that I didn't miss a whole lot, if only because I'm still in Purgatory in order to get my qualification done. Although that didn't stop the Mid-Level Boss from poking at me to do other things for him 'under the radar of the Big Boss'. Sigh! But at least I'm almost done. Now if I could only clear the June Faire cob-webs out of my brain and remember all the information I was absorbing just BEFORE I went to June Faire, I'd be much better off.

.....Had a dentist appointment today as well. Kudos to a dentist who is fast and efficient. Even if his demeanor is on the quiet side. But the verdict was fast. Two Crowns needed pronto. One tooth is probably a total loss and will need to be removed before it shatters. Blech! But he did say that I had excellent oral hygiene. He said it several times. He had very little scraping to do. Wish that translated into more wholesome teeth.

.....I don't know how people are going to drag their rears to Honey War this weekend. I'm dog tired and I wasn't even in charge of anything at June Faire. Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid are all ready to start packing up for a weekend of war. My body is not up to that challenge. Good Luck to them. :-)

.....Although I suppose that maybe I'll be wishing that I was at Honey War by this time on Saturday. This is the day scheduled as the Memorial Service for James Del Emrys (MKA James Howard). I've got to call over to the house and get the details, but I'm reluctant to make that call.

.....Due to the James Memorial preparations I ran into a couple of other High School friends in Facebook. Facebook is amazing me at the networking that it is doing. In High School I ran around with a Geek Squad, and on Sunday the last of the five of us checked in. Even more amazing considering how far flung all of us are. I'm hoping that sometime this summer I can get them all together into a reunion of some kind.

.....An Tir / West War is next in the queue though. The big ticket items are done. We have Biffies and Trash arranged. The site contract has been sent to the owner. Now it is just getting all the smaller purchases ironed out. I've decided that I want to be there. But TBT does not. So I'm now torn. I'll most likely go, but will miss her. But I'm determined to see if I can swing both of us being at July Coronation. Wish me luck.

.....Also gearing up to get our September Crown bid finalized and sent to Kingdom. I thought that things would come together fast after June Faire was over, but with the epic goodness that the new lay-out proved to be at June Faire this last weekend, I'm mulling over whether or not we need to site the bid in Port Gamble. Then I had another curve ball thrown at me. There is a possibility that the owner of the Port Orchard airport might relent a little and let us use the property for an event. Maybe even a Crown event. Just need him to commit to a date that would work for us.

.....Also need to nail down a new location for Business Meetings and Fight Practices.

.....Lots to do this summer. I'm happy that June Faire turned out as well as it did, but also glad that it is a done deal for this year. :-) Now to start the recruitment process for next year's June Faire Board of Director. :-)

.....Ooooo, the new I-Phones are looking pretty good now! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Trying to catch up from having taken Friday off for July Coronation. The desk is not TOO bad thankfully. The piles of stuff look fairly manageable. But I have not yet seen the bosses yet, so that could change in a hurry. :-) Although I am hesitantly hopeful as the parking garage was pretty empty this morning.

.....Taking Friday off and getting an early start on the road worked out FANTASTIC. Ronan was good company. I'm not much of a talker on the road, but he kept going and going and going. And the good part was that he did not require a constant stream of reply from me. All of which made the many miles of road go by faster than had I been by myself. :-)

.....When I filled the gas tank in Kennewick and did the calculations, it looks like Heather got 20 miles to the gallon. That is fully loaded with two big guys along for the ride. Excellent! Lobelia would have done about 15, so taking the van worked out pretty good from a financial standpoint.

.....I also found that I enjoyed having an encampment set up. I think that the secret finally sunk in. Instead of having ten tons of STUFF to haul in and set up (spending up to FOUR hours in doing this in either direction), I brought just enough stuff to feel comfortable and look reasonably good. I enjoyed the look and it was entirely manageable. I may have to leave Lobelia on another event or two later this year.

.....Lots of interesting conversations at J.C. over the weekend. Still digesting it all. I think that I'm going to enjoy this reign. The King and Queen both showed quite a few brains as well as maintaining a sense of straight-forwardness that was rather refreshing at times (although a little scary at others :-)).

.....Hearing about Ciaran on Sunday was a shock. I've known him for a long time, well over a decade now that we were on a first name basis. Most recently, he an I were part of the judging team that judged Ursula's Latin Poem. I remember relying on his knowledge of latin grammer, which was pretty extensive. He had a lot of knowledge over quite a wide range of topics. He will be missed.

.....The drive back took a little longer than the drive to site. Both Ronan and I were TIRED. Heather did a good job, although I am losing the power steering pump. There seems to be a leaky seal as I don't seem to lose power steering fluid when driving the surface streets, but when on the highway the liquid seems to drain right out. I'll have to get Heather into the shop sometime soon. By the time I was home, I had about enough energy to get everything moved into the house, the food put away and clothes pulled out for today before I basically collapsed. :-)

.....This week doesn't look too bad. We'll hope for the best. The fighters are all deserting us tomorrow to attend a Blatha Fight Practice. We're going to try a pot-luck / BBQ thing at the church. Hopefully we'll get a little interest. I'll have to remember to post something of a reminder on the Dragon's Laire e-list if I don't see anything from Kassandra when I get home.

.....Hope everyone has a good week. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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