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.....My list isn't nearly so extensive as others. But have too many things going on to keep them all straight. Live Journal makes a good way to organize everything into one place.

.....Looks like I have Friday off. Not that the KAS / KBC Team necessarily needs a lot of help on site, but it'll make me feel better. I feel kind of guilty that I took such a 'hands off' approach to the planning of the event. I didn't want to step all over Isketol when doing his first Kingdom Event. But certainly no one ever anticipated how things would go. A Lessons Learned for me.

.....For tonight:
* Pack Dame Gwenllyn's belt for tomorrow delivery. Did not get the metal pieces put on it like I wanted, but I worked with it enough to where I have solid ideas of where I want to go.
* Dig up umbrella stands from back year to use as free standing posts around scribal if necessary.
* Pack both Baronial Banners.
* Pack both personal banners (both mine and TBT's).
* Root around for any other banners we have at home.
* Pull out clothes for the event (sandals, pants, tunic, belt, danglies, hat, and coronet).
* Put Baronial Chairs in car for transport to site.
* Put together any remarks / scrolls needed for Court.
* Pull together five years of Crier Exchequer reports for Elonda.

.....Still no documentation for either item I'm judging. Thankfully I have some awareness of both items. But should probably do a quick review of:
* History of Medieval Recorder music.
* Musical notation.
* Geographic styles.
* Historical survey of poetry.

.....Will be on site by 0800. Confer with Oliver as to where we want the Baronial Pavilion. Renart should be on site fairly early, so we'll get it put up pretty quickly.

.....After that there shouldn't be much left to do, other than help people as needed in other areas.

.....I suppose though that strategically offering help to Ellen, but staying out of her way might be a good thing. I'm sure she will be in manic mode. I would be in her position. :-)

.....There is an 'Exchequer Training Session' scheduled for all day on Saturday. I'm tentatively scheduled to attend. I'll do my best, but the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that I'll spend very little time there. It may have sounded like a good idea for the Training Session at KAS / KBC. But in retrospect I kind of wish the Exchequer Community had thought about it a bit more as attendance will most likely be problematic.

.....Print out schedule of presentations for the day and ensure that either TBT or myself attend each of the Championship entries for Dame Gwenllyn and THL Jahnkin.

.....Make sure to have enough tokens for any Dragon's Laire presentations in the A&S Displays. Make sure to meet and shake hands with anyone from Dragon's Laire with an entry.

.....Ensure that TBT and myself go through the Children's presentations, with tokens in hand to give out.

.....Ensure that TBT and myself go through the Fight Practice ourselves and devote some time in watching, as well as thanking both Sir Raoukinn and Don Talon for their efforts in making it happen.

.....I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting. I'll print this out and see if I need to add to it.

.....I'm thinking there is at least one party Friday night at a local bar. One vigil at the hotel.

.....One dinner scheduled for Friday evening as well. Can't forget about that one. Not sure if I need garb for that one or not.

.....TBT and I gave up our room at the hotel. Part of me regrets doing that as it would have been nice to be 'on the scene'. But that is a savings of at least $200 that can be better spent elsewhere.

.....KAS / KBC will happen and will be a nice event. Not anticipating a profit this time, but certainly a lot of lessons learned from it that can be used in the future.

.....Hmmmm, what am I forgetting?????

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Things have been really busy for a while now, which is a contributor as to why I haven't been posting much lately. The other being a sensitivity towards the things I say these days. I have been surprized on a number of ocassions lately with something I've said being taken in a way that was not intended in the slightest. Even to the point of my going back and re-reading the things I wrote trying to figure out just how they were interpreted they way they were. :-)

.....But that's whining I suppose. So I'll stop. The main reason I AM posting this morning is that the Shipyard Intranet is down at the moment and I can't get into a lot of my usual programs and am at a standstill for about a half hour. So what do I do when I have a few free moments? I go and Live Journal. :-) Which I actually miss, to be honest. I wish people posted more to Live Journal. I wish *I* posted more to Live Journal. But that time thing, you know. I'm going to have to figure out a way to clone myself. :-)

.....The Baron and Baroness gig are still a very full time job. I am in constant awe of Cedric and Brighid these days. I don't know how in the world they were able to do all the things they did. I can barely keep up with the priority items on the Baronial 'to-do' list. I am learning the fine art of 'priority surfing', which means you do what you can with a project as quickly as possible before moving on to the next issue, crisis or Project. The nice thing about this method is that you can 'touch' a lot of things. The bad thing about this method is that you never actually FINISH anything. Which means that satisfaction is fleeting at times.

.....But progress still happens. Serjeantry is finally starting to move forward again. We had originally wanted to accept letters of intent at Candlemas. We had to push that out to June Faire as our vision wasn't lining up with any sort of written process. It still isn't in concrete yet, but we have enough on paper to start the process. We have an organizational kick-off later in March and will accept letters at June Faire. We have at least a couple of people with solid intentions of participating and being our test subjects. So let the party roll!

.....Her Excellency Inga of Avacal sent me a copy of their Serjeantry Program. There is a lot of good stuff in there! If she let's us we're going to steal sections of it for inclusion in our program. I liked the way it was worded as well. It follows my own philosophy to a large degree. I grokked it immediately. I've got an introductory broad sheet ready to pass out to potential candidates now. I've got our kick-off meeting of March 23rd as my deadline to have the in-depth pamphlet of Serjeantry ready to pass out to candidates. After that the next deadline will be June Faire, with the letters. The following step will be the Trials themselves, which will be scheduled according to how many candidates we have and what their intent is. Yes, this year will be the year of learning for Serjeantry. :-)

.....This weekend is Candlemas. Still on the learning curve with regard to running Courts. We learned much from Yule, mainly dealing with processionals. So we now have a written processional (thanks Tsuruko!) that will be easy to follow. Our Court is scheduled and written and relatively short (less than an hour). So we're good to go there. The learning curve for this Court was our own preparation. Her Excellency and I kept making our own internal assumptions on having all the 'stuff' ready to go and realized yesterday we were missing a few key elements. One more lesson learned for the NEXT Court. But THAT Court is June Faire, so we'll take the extra time we need to prepare for that one.

.....June Faire is looking good. There is the usual chaos of course. But I don't think that you can ever escape chaos completely when planning something on the scale of June Faire. What you do is manage the chaos to the best of your ability and be ready to punt as necessary when something unexpected happens. My favorite phrase from 'Shakespeare In Love', 'It's a Mystery.' :-)

.....I'm liking where things are going with June Faire though. The Marketplace moved to the top of the hill. This reduced the number of merchants by a few because of the amount of territory availble. But we are still going to get a decent variety. Plus the fact that Poppa Thorir's camper is better hidden this year on top of the hill behind the barn, instead of sticking out in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Improvement already! I'm also liking how all the 'demo' aspects of the Faire are being concentrated around the Modern Gate, to make them as visible to the modern attendance as possible. We still need to work out the bleachers and their dressing around the Erics as that has the potential to be an eye-sore if not covered properly, but at least we're thinking of it now.

.....And Sir Raoukinn's Tourney Circuit is coming through June Faire this year! FANTASTIC! We need to do more to advertise this, and make it something special for the fighters who will be in attendance. TBT and I are musing over different ideas on this, but need to come to a decision soon. Wow! Only three months left! Ouch!

.....Something else we need to work out are our 'progresses' through site. I know it is very Rennaissance Fair-ish, but when 'Queen Elizabeth' walks through the Faire with Her Court and banner bearers and trumpeters and pomp & circumstance, people really go gaga for that scene. We think that something along this line would work well for June Faire. Now, can TBT pull it off in style? Well, it'll be a challenge. But we'll do our best. :-) Sigh! We may even want to ask Trumpet Man to take a tour with us. Although TBT has a line on a good piper as well, so maybe a 'progress' with bagpipes would be fun. :-)

.....Then it is off to July Coronation. Dragon's Laire is taking care of the Marketplace for the event that is officially being hosted by Aquaterra and Midhaven. I put together a Marketplace Application and am about to launch. But I need to do more to see if I can get someone else to work with me on the Marketplace. Someone who has a little more spare time than I do. I can still do a lot of the heavy lifting, but if someone else can become 'the face' for the work, it would be nice. The people I've approached so far are all super busy with five hundred things of their own already, so I'm still looking.

.....Still have to make it thorugh KAS / KBC though. Dragon's Laire is hosting again, for the third time at the Silverdale Beach Hotel. The Autocrat is having life issue, which made me a little nervous at first. But after taking a step back and looking critically I relaxed a little:

* It IS our third time at the same venue, with virtually the same staff at the venue.
* The current Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences lives in Dragon's Laire AND is the Deputy Autocrat (Go Ellen! :-)).
* No Marketplace to worry about this year.
* No series of classes or lots of extra meetings to worry about this year.
* The competition schedule is already pretty much set and the Competition Staff looks all ready to go.
* The hotel already looks great. We could ditch decorations all together and the place would still look fantastic.

.....The more I thought about things, the less I worried. KAS / KBC will happen and it will be great. So let's roll with it! :-)

.....Sigh! Time to go and do battle with the IT Deities again! Wish me luck!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....As far as Kingdom Events go running the Kingdom Arts and Sciences not exactly the most difficult event for an Autocrat Team to run. But for some reason I'm still having a problem recovering from it. I can understand taking a week or so after like June Faire or July Coronation, but KAS? Monday was hard to make it through work, and yesterday was just as bad. I'm feeling a little better today though, so I'm hopeful that today will go better.

.....I find it interesting that it isn't just a physical recovery though. Whenever I am an Autocrat Team Chairman for a larger event I always seem to have a short bout of 'post event letdown'. It seems to be a general malais of feeling a sense of disappointment and maybe a little sadness. This actually surprised me with June Faire last year. It was an event for which I was not at my most prepared and even though it went well I was looking forward to its completion and getting it out of my hair. But even so I still felt a sense of loss after it was over.


.....Finally starting to look forward to going to NORWESCON this weekend (starting tonight actually). There was a day or so there where neither TBT nor I really wanted to go. I actually offered to cancel our room at the hotel and TBT surprised me by saying that she still wanted to go. I'm starting to get excited again. It'll be a good break from everything else that has been on our plates lately. A chance to geek out with other strange people. With NO SCA OBLIGATIONS IN SITE!!!! :-) Amazing how much the SCA takes over ones life. It's like some demented case of kudzu infestation at times. :-)

.....The following weekend is Crown Council. It's only for a day. I'd skip it all together except there is a Pelican's Meeting there and I promised a couple of packets of information to be presented. I'll just keep reminding myself that it's only for a day. It's only for a day. Then NOTHING in April. Then NOTHING in April. I'd like to keep it that way. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning? What a concept!!!! :-)

.....Gotta run, hope to see others at NORWESCON.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....On Saturday I had the priviledge to judge an entry in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship. It was a Merovingian / Latin poem from the Sixth Century. I was fascinated with the subject and enjoyed the presentation immensely! One would think that it would be difficult to fill up an hour's worth of time talking about a poem of eight or so lines, but I was scratching my head and wondering where the time went when Mistress Gwen walked by with the five minute card in her hand. :-)

.....I am no Latin expert by any means, mainly a smattering of self-taught 'college' Latin so that I could translate a few things for myself. When I was e-mailed the documentation I went ahead and pulled out my old Latin dictionary and grammer, and even pulled out TBT's reference information to brush up on it. I knew that I faced someone of some depth of intensity as the documentation was FANTASTIC. Thorough and broad-ranged. I knew that I was going to have a tough time keeping myself from going 'DUH' at any given point. :-)

.....But I kept to the areas of which I could speak and not be a complete idiot and left those areas dealing with Latin composition and pronunciation to the other two judges, who have had more Latin than I and who also pulled out their old Latin grammers to brush up on it. :-)

.....But I found very little on which to comment, other to say how utterly impressed I was with the entry. I made a couple of suggestions for things I might have tried or done differently, but they were suggestions only, from the point of view of a poet. The presenter struck me as more of a scholar with a love of the construction of language, as versus someone who likes to write poetry. I wish that I would have had the opportunity to ask the presenter that question so as to hear the results. I was curious to see if my supposition was accurate.

.....Sir Richard geeked out a little on this and poetry in general. We both were really intrigued about the part that passion plays in the formation of poetry. We both have noticed that it takes a little bit of real emotion (or a little insanity) to create poetry of real depth. We talked of authors such as Byron and Frost and thought how people like Byron could tap into their insanity to produce poetic beauty. The mark of a truly good poet would be the ability to write a poem on a subject of which they knew nothing or had any emotional connection and make this poem one that would evoke emotion in others. The bottom line question being what would it take for someone living a mundane and relatively sane life to tap into a muse that would produce passion enough to write poetry of depth and substance.

.....We have both noticed that if we don't have an emotional investment in a particular subject whatever poetry we produce is rather boring or uninspiring.

.....So we left the conversation with an unresolved question. But we did decide that we needed to collaborate on poetry again. I agreed that I'd start. No sonnetry this time. We're going to write Anglo-Saxon heroic couplets. The hard part being that we have to brush up on our Middle English to that we can write it in the Middle English, paying attention to spelling and meaning so as to fit in a Middle English context. Should be an interesting exercise. :-)

.....Argh, already 8:30! Time to go to bed. 4AM will be here way too fast!!!! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....KAS has been wonderful for the most part. Everything that we wanted to have happen did happen as planned for the most part. And it all turned out to look pretty damned cool. I had the opportunity to geek out wonderfully when I was on a judging panel for a poem written in a Latin / French (Gaul / Merovingian) Style. And I got to geek out even more when Sir Richard and I talked in depth on the roots of poetry inspiration and muse. But more on that later.

.....There had to be one thing that marred the wonderfulness that was today. It 'harshed my mellow' because it totally upset TBT to the point where I wanted to go up to the cause of this problem and tell them what an ass-hat they were, in triplicate and in detail.

.....If you know TBT at all there are certain things that you can take for absolutes. She will be honest and straight forward with you. She is not vindictive. She is kind and generous with her time. She's smart as hell, and has the common sense that tempers it nicely. She's first in line to lend a hand as needed. I could go on and on and on....

.....So, she has this member of her judging team who has been a total pain-in-the-ass for months now. Who's been non-communicative, or when in the loop has been graceless at best and just plain snotty with e-mails. To the point that the frustration level has just driven everyone involved insane.

.....Today, this person was relatively polite at first, but became increasingly scathing as the day drug on to its conclusion. TBT wants to do the right thing and give this person the benefit of just having an off day. But this person's actions are starting to affect the feelings and emotional well being of the rest of the team. TBT is angsting hard over what to do and what the best course of action is going to be.

.....I wish that this person would really pull their head out of their ass and actually see what they are doing. If they just took thirty seconds to review the words they use and how they are treating people who are working hard to do the right thing, maybe they'd feel just a little ashamed of the hard feelings they are causing.

.....Argh! While I don't ever wish harm to come to someone. A good raging case of head lice might do the trick. And maybe a few warts judiciously applied as well.

.....Just sayin'...

.....O.K., I feel better now. :-)

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....It was so quiet and peaceful on the road trip into work. Then WHAM, I walk in the door and chaos is wrecking havoc. People are running around with their proverbial hair on fire. Looks like an overturned hornet's nest. In fact, it sounds like one as well. But there isn't a whole lot I can do at the moment, so I'm updating Live Journal. :-)

.....Good final KAS meeting last night. Everything looks to be well in hand. Pretty laid back event this year. All the lay-out maps were given to me and I'll go and turn them over to the hotel this evening after work. The restaurant has been working on a menu for us that I'll get from them this evening as well. I'll go ahead and post that on all the local sights, and see if Yvon will put that on the web-site.

.....Looking forward to getting there on Friday. They have an event happening on Thursday evening, so we can't get in there early for set up. But the hotel looks pretty nice and is well laid out already. With the hotel setting up all the tables, chairs, etc, there really isn't a WHOLE LOT for us to set up. Maybe some decorations. The Marketplace Merchants will need help schlepping their stuff into the Marketplace NOOK. Gate will probably need a little assistance. But otherwise it should be a low stress weekend.

.....I even get to do a little judging. That should be interesting. I always learn a lot and have a fun time wrapping my brain around someone's artistic creation. If I can't be an artist myself, I can soak in what others have created. Right? :-)

.....Baronial Arts Night tonight at the house. TBT is giving out Largesse Bags. Might be a pretty packed house. Must plan escape routes. :-) I'll be off in a corner with at least one bag, and probably polishing circlets as well.

.....Tuesday is Fight Practice. All the Armored Boys will be in Blatha An Oir. But the Rapier crowd will be in full swing in Bremerton. And I'm sure that the artistic crowd will be busy as well.

.....Wednesday is the Storage Unit run. Not a whole lot needed for KAS. Some signs, some cones, and whatever decorations we can find.

.....Thursday is prep time for KAS. Make sure to pack the bags, have the emergency autocrat kit fully stocked. Make sure that everyone has a clear idea of what they are doing.

.....Then we're off and running early on Friday. :-)

.....Then it'll be time for NORWESCON the following weekend. I can't wait!!! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's Friday and I can almost TASTE 3:40 PM when I shut down the computer and run out the door of the office. Sigh, only nine hours, 33 minutes and 12 second left before freedom. Am I obsessive? Only slightly so I think. :-)

.....Tonight I get to work on some circlets and then will finish them tomorrow morning. Then I get to go through all the Ingasbo e-mail traffic and get delivery notices sent out. By the time this weekend is over I should be able to start with a clean slate as far as Ingasbo orders go. Am looking forward to getting some new designs going, making a batch for June Faire, and maybe earning a little extra pocket change to spend on things.

.....Jenae was so happy with her almost-done circlet that I showed her on Tuesday. Which made me feel good. That will be the first one out of the hopper and she'll have her very own. Doesn't have daisys on it, but Renaissance-styled flowers will work if you don't look too closely.

.....Updated KAS copy went out to all the lists last night. Started my final 'this-must-get-done' list in support. We'll have our final planning meeting on Sunday at 4PM at my house. It should be a short meeting. KAS is not the most complicated of events for an Autocrat Team and the hotel makes a nice setting that doesn't require a great deal of prep work to make ready for KAS. Just need to make sure that we're not forgetting anything.

.....Then there are no autocratting adventures for a while, which is rather strange. I'm on the hook for a few things at June Faire, but I'm not IN CHARGE of anything. I feel kind of naked for some reason. :-) But I can definitely use a break. No autocratting adventures until next year I think. By the time January rolls around I'll probably be firmly in Autocrat Withdrawals, shakes and everything, and I'll want to autocrat SOMETHING. Just have to see if I can make it something smallish and avoid a Kingdom Event. The branch could use a break as well. :-)

.....NORWESCON in two weeks! I'm getting really excited about being there. And TBT will be there as well! AND she is a panel speaker! She is just going to blow them all away. Bet she gets invited back the following year before this NORWESCON is even over. :-)

.....Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CEDRIC!!!! Have fun at Oasis War! Oasis War is a lot of fun. Part of me wishes I were going too. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I think that I'm fighting off a cold or something. I just felt run down all weekend and am still feeling it this morning. If it really is a cold I hope that it just does it and gets over with before KAS in two weeks. Hope that I'm not altogether crabby for the next couple of weeks, would definitely make Her Excellency Brighid's job harder at KAS. But she thrives on challenges. :-)

.....I did manage to get a few things done over the weekend though. I have eleven circlets roughed out and edged and sitting on my workbench. One of them a flower pattern just for Jenae. Hope that she likes it. Received a new order on Saturday. Will have to see if I can fit it into the mix and get it done this upcoming weekend along with this current batch. Maybe Ingasbo will help pay for NORWESCON. What a concept! :-)

.....Not sure when I'm going to get the chance to work on circlets next though. Have got to get KAS updated tonight. Tomorrow night is the Business Meeting. Have a KAS Pow-Wow with Her Excellency on Wednesday. Will see if I can sneak in some workbench time on Thursday. Next step is polishing, which is the long park of this scenario.

.....FINALLY got the driveway cleaned up! It has been a disaster since the great migration from Seattle last summer. It has been weighing heavily on my mind for a month or so (like the one ring :-)). So I finally took some time out on Saturday and put stuff INTO the garage, picked up the trash, put the patio stuff behind the house, and generally made things look better. Took like two hours or so, but made me feel a hundred times better.

.....Worked on KAS updated copy yesterday. But every time I sat down for more than ten minutes at a stretch I fell asleep. But I got through most of the updating. Just have a few more tweaks to make and then I'll blanket the e-mail lists with the updates. Thankfully, Her Excellency and I have a good team. They are really on the ball, now if could just join them on the court I'd feel a lot better. :-)

....Gotta run. See you all later. Be careful, it's Monday. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm sitting here at my desk, looking at the monster pile of stuff, and wishing like hell it were Friday. :-) I'm not going anywhere this weekend that is more than a ten minute drive. Hell, I may not even change out of bed clothes all day Saturday. :-)

.....I may feel differently come Saturday morning, but I wouldn't bet against it. :-)

.....So, for Estrella I wanted to bring along my card weaving. But even though it was on a very small loom, it still took up more space than I was willing to cart around at airports and on site. So The Beloved Tamm put together a beginners embroidery kit, complete with felt, thread, needles and fingernail clippers (since scissors are not allowed on airplanes :-)). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed working on the sample piece. Of course my inexperience is easily seen in the wobbly stitches, but I did most of the design that TBT drew out for me, and it made me want to do more.

.....The drumbeat for volunteers to go to Japan to support the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON continues. It is rather amazing the incentives that the Shipyard is offering to volunteers. There is a nice housing and per diem allowance. Regular trips home. A rather nice bonus (as in CASH, somewhere in the neighborhood of $25K in some cases). The drawback is that you are committed to being there for a minimum of three years. Believe me, I've vacillated back and forth so many times on the subject that you could generate electricity from the mental anguish alone. :-) But The Beloved Tamm can not go, so that always tips the scales towards staying put. But maybe some day...

.....Do have to wrap up a number of things this weekend, including the current KAS 'go-do' list. I need to nail down a day / time for a walk through. Looks like Monday of next week may be it. Then I need to nail down Last Chance and Yule Feast. The calendar is solidly booked, we have no official autocrats and time is quickly passing.

.....Wow! I'm looking at June Faire and the realization that I have no OFFICIAL capacity is just mind blowing. :-) I have things that I'll do, but WOW, I may be able to actually tour the Marketplace and play my gemshorn and maybe do a dance demo or two. What a concept! :-)

.....How's that for randomness? Probably a good indication of how chaotic the day is going to be. Wish me luck in riding that wave. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Last night was the first real night of the 'Estrella Pack Dance' in which one sees just how much 'stuff' one can fit into a suitcase, or in this case, duffle bag. I managed to get the sleeping bag, pad, tarp, Pendleton Wool Cloak / Blanket, pillow, boots, and even a chair into the duffle. But it took two of us to close the damned thing. :-) Hope the zipper holds. With that in mind I threw a couple of straps on it to keep it from actually exploding.

.....Started on the main suitcase wherein I gathered all the toiletries. Tonight starts the garb and clothes sort. It's looking like the carry on baggage may be more important than I gave it credit for being. :-)

.....I'm incredibly jealous of Khalja and Company. I really wish I were on the road to Estrella. There are so many things to see and experience along the way. Maybe next year. Maybe with The Beloved Tamm along for the ride. I'm going to really miss her this year.

.....Sigh! Kingdom Arts and Sciences is going to be a headache before it happens. At any one time we will have 29 judges deliberating entries. The judges room last time at the Silverdale Beach Hotel never had that many in there whenever I was there, but we need to be prepared for that possibility. Plus, this time around we've lost at least one meeting space we had on the first floor, plus a full blown Ithra with which to juggle. AND several meetings that we didn't have on the docket the last go-around.

.....I've got ideas in mind, as does Her Excellency and the A&S Judging Staff. But it's going to take some coordination, some creativity and some cool, level heads. The problem with the typical Dragon's Laire Autocrat Team is that we're ALL problem solvers. With everyone solving the problems on their own NOW, NOW, NOW, instead of thinking things through. Sometimes it leads to a little contention when 'Empire' borders are crossed. But the one thing on which I rely is that everyone involved a.) wants to do a good job, b.) wants this event to succeed, and c.) wants A&S to run smoothly.

.....I'm just as bad as everyone else at the problem solving thing, I'll have to watch myself as well. If Her Excellency and I can work together to herd all those horses in the same direction, I think that we'll do fine. Just have to make sure I have a source of Tylenol at hand. :-)

.....Getting excited about Estrella though, can't wait to be there! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....So, yesterday we had a meeting with the Catering Manager at the Silverdale Beach Hotel concerning Kingdom A&S. I handed over the deposit check and told him that everything was a 'GO' from our side. He handed me a copy of the contract with the word 'TENTATIVE' on it. When I asked him about that he told me that he needed to put a final version together and get his management's final buy-off on it. I was rather disappointed by that. I was hoping to pull the trigger last night on advertising for KAS. I was told though that I needed to hold off until the 27th or 28th. At that time room reservations will actually go to our number of rooms and people making those reservations will get the SCA discount, which in itself will be a $20 per night savings versus the standard price. So it will pay to hold off for a week before making that reservation.

.....Her Excellency and I walked the site and started discussing what we would do with each section. This is where the virus kicked into high gear. We both started geeking out on lay-out and got excited over the possibilities. It really ends up looking a couple of birds squawking and flapping over a favorite treat as our voices raised and we interrupted each other with ideas. I'm sure that it is a funny site to watch from the outside. :-)

.....Two tracts of Ithra are a for sure thing. And we scouted out a space for a third. It is in the exercise area, so we want to take Pernell there first before we call it good. But I think it will work.

.....We scouted out a separate storage room that we think will work for a judges 'kabitzing' room and allow us to have the big room they used last time. I really want to see the guilds go into that room and given space to expand and actually set up nice displays that will not have to be taken down each night. Way cool.

.....Both hospitality rooms are under our wing for meetings and royalty, so that will be nice. The hotel took out the kitchenettes, but the rooms look very nice and will function well for the intended purpose, especially if we ask the hotel to take out the extra bed and put in more chairs.

.....The restaurant is preparing a nice menu for us in mind. They've got 'medieval' ideas. Her Excellency looked a little skeptical at that, but I'm excited to see their proposal. I like the fact that they are so willing to get this involved. :-) I think that HE Brighid is excited about the fact that they are going to develop a menu that will keep people at the hotel.

.....For some reason I thought that the Oxford Suites across the street was associated with the Silverdale Beach Hotel, but they are a completely different outfit. So we'll concentrate on getting the SBH filled FIRST before shuffling over there. The SBH is offering a good price for rooms, so I don't think that it will be a problem.

.....The remodelling job done on the SBH turned out great. I think that people will like it when they see it. The bar and restaurant are completed and the Espresso Stand is in full operation. So if people were happy in 2006, they will really be happy in 2008.

.....I'm excited, I think that this is going to be fun. :-)

.....Team Haggis 2.75 e-list will be out shortly. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Well, I'm a little more surprised than I suppose I should be. :-)

.....At Crown Council last weekend, His Highness pointed out that our proposed dates for KAS in 2008 were on Easter Weekend. Talk about a V-8 moment. No one reviewing the bid ever even gave thought to that. I, of all people should have recognized that date as it is NORWESCON weekend. D'OH!!!

.....I didn't panic quite yet as at the time I made the reservation there were still a couple of other late March / early April weekends still available. The problem is that we're getting such a late start at planning for this that it should have come as no surprise that everything in March and April was booked solid at the Silverdale Beach Hotel.

.....Kitsap County IS a little behind the times, especially when compared to the lands across the water. The Silverdale Beach Hotel has the largest meeting space for the best price available. Reservations for meetings and conventions start at least a year in advance. If the Kingdom has viable bids available to them, they should keep this in mind.

.....But, be that as it may, the Catering Manager at SBH combed through his records and came up with a pretty good strategy. The weekend before Easter, March 14-16, had only a few minor groups taking space. He volunteered to move them to either a different venue or a different weekend to make room for us.

.....That was unexpectedly cool. I'm really liking the SBH. They have done absolutely amazing things for us without even seeing any money yet.

.....The only problem with March 14-16 is that it also is the Summits Coronet Tourney. I wasn't sure how The Summits might take our scheduling KAS on top of them. But at this point we really were at a point where we either went for it, or Madrone was asked to step in with their bid. So I put together an e-mail to The Royals asking them to make a decision with the three options at hand: Summits Coronet Weekend, Easter Weekend, or the Madrone bid.

.....This morning I woke up to an e-mail from Her Majesty telling us to go ahead and plan for the Summits Coronet weekend. I was a little surprised, but grateful.

.....So, there you go. The Kingdom of An Tir Arts and Sciences Championship, as autocratted by the Barony of Dragon's Laire (as headed by Team Haggis, HE Brighid Ross and Arontius of Bygelswade :-)), will be on March 14 through 16, 2008, in Silverdale, Washington.

.....We're meeting with the catering manager on November 28th to score room prices and talk turkey on final pricing, so more to follow.

.....But, wow, we're good to go! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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