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.....I finally made the decision this morning to not attend Sport of Kings. I'm bummed in that I wanted to spend time seeing people at the event, spend time with TBT, and work out with Renart in the kitchen. But at the same time, it is a whole day that I can have at home to get caught up on a few things. I'm feeling really behind at the moment and would very much like to get to a point where I am actually learning and performing as the Kingdom Exchequer, rather than simply reacting to whatever new situation happens to hit my computer on any particular day. Oy!

.....I did get to help at least a little tiny bit Sport of Kings (or SpOrK, as some call it :-)). On Tuesday I pulled out my 12x12 and awning, with all its associated parts, and delivered to Renart at the Tuesday Social for use at Sport of Kings. A group flew in from Avacal and needed shelter that they couldn't bring with them.

.....There is a little corner of my mind that rather wishes I had not accepted the work of putting together a bunch of circlets for Their Majesties. Mainly because it has taken much more time than I had anticipated. On the other hand, I'm hearing good reports coming in from people who are really appreciating the receiving of them. Plus, it is a paycheck of a sort. So I don't have a whole lot of room to complain, so I should stop now. :-)

.....Tomorrow morning TBT will hit the road at 6AM for her trip to Sport of Kings. I plan to hit the workbench shortly thereafter and get started on the next batch. We're still at the point of having twenty-five cut and drilled and ready to go. I have five more to drill and then I can start the edging and facing process. I've budgeted four hours to make that happen tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, it isn't going to be quite as easy as it sounds to get started. I've spent the past several weeks filling the garage with empty plastic storage bins and the remains of July Coronation. I'm going to have to spend the first hour or so clearing out enough space to get to the workbench and out the garage door. I need to do that anyway to get started on packing for September Crown. The packing of which will start next weekend. If I go ahead and get the pavilion and accessories pulled out of the garage and staged in Lord Flasheart, I'll feel much more in control of September Crown preparations.

.....Tomorrow morning on circlets, with a break for lunch. In the afternoon, the plan is to move the remaining items from the Heated Storage Unit to the Large Storage Unit. It is not very much at all. Some portable closet pieces, some bins of craft supplies, and some odds-and-ends. The most difficult item will be the shelving unit and the filing cabinet. I'll leave them for last and if they are heavier than I want to deal with, I'll wait until sometime next week and get some help. The Large Storage Unit has some space for the loose bins on the back shelving unit. I need to organize some of the garden hoses, but that will not take long. Than everything will go neatly on a shelf. There is still a lot of clean-up to do in there, but I need it to happen on a weekend where I have some help. This isn't going to happen until sometime this Fall. It would be nice to have it happen BEFORE Yule Feast, but I'm not confident on that at this time. September, October and November all look full of commitments already.

.....I'm budgeting three to four hours for that move. After that I should be able to plan for a turnover of the smaller unit to the complex before the following weekend and the Barony will have one less bill to pay.

.....After that it'll be on to excavation of the Computer Room. Last week, the wall of boxes in the Living Room was completed. There is still an enormous stack of them in the Dining Room, but all of them are filled with items to be sold on E-Bay or equivalent. Sometime over the next month or so, either TBT or myself will make arrangements to have 'someone' take possession of them and go through the effort of photographing them all and listing them. TBT is thinking of someone out of Tacoma. I'm still hopeful I can find someone local who'll take care of them for us. It'll mean less transportation, and it would be nice for the commission to go to someone we know and like personally. But we'll see. It will take some time and effort to make the sales operation happen, and the commission we have in mind may not be worth it for someone who does not really do this sort of thing for a living. And really? I just want the bins gone!

.....There are still a few piles of loose things left to go through in the Living Room. There is one huge pile of bags, briefcases, computer cases, etc. I need to go through that pile and segregate between 'keep' and 'Goodwill'. There are some nice, padded, computer bags in there. I just don't know if they would work with anything we currently have. There is also a pile of loose beading and embroidery supplies. There is a nice organizer for all this stuff ready to accept all the materials. I just have to sit down, sort through it all and make it happen. After that point I'll clean out the Living Room and we'll be ready for the upcoming Christmas Season. :-)

.....So, what does one do with all the 'stuff' that is too useful or 'cool' to go to Goodwill? Well, one puts it in the Computer Room for future sorting. That may not have been my smartest move. It was already a very crowded place. It's much worse now. There is one path between the door and the desk chair, complete with an obstacle course of stuff to trip you up just in the getting there! Then HUGE mounds of stuff from the floor to the second or third shelf of the bookcases in there. I've managed to knock over the piles several times now while entering and exiting the room. It was bad enough to where I spent at least an hour on Wednesday, and again on Thursday, to try and reclaim some control of this space. I did manage to do some re-organization, and threw out a couple of piles of paper products. It is marginally better now. But a good couple of solid hours is needed to tame this beast to any degree. I'm looking at the East side bookcase and thinking that it is time for a selection of books located there to go away. They are titles I know I'll never read again and are just taking up valuable real estate. I think at least a third to a half of this bookcase can conceivably go to Goodwill. After that point, I can move a metric butt-tonnage of files to the shelving. I'm salivating at the thought. I never imagined a time where empty floor space would actually be sexy. :-)

.....Wherever I end up on Saturday though, Sunday will have to be about excavating the Bedroom. It became the secondary repository of stuff recovered from bins in the Living Room. Mainly in the form of linens and empty stacking boxes. TBT wants to take some time to go through the closet and get rid of a bunch of stuff. But I find it difficult to believe that we'll get to that point before December. The clothes themselves will be fairly easy. It is everything else stored in the closet that will not. I know I have a huge pile of artwork and pictures in there that I have no clue what should happen. There are a number of framed awards. Several large wooden carvings from Maryn Grey. At least one or two painting from people I have known personally and like. None of these things are things I can just casually toss in the trash pile. TBT will probably want to package them up for storage in the garage, but even that is problematic and a large portion of this still will not fit nicely in a storage box! Sigh. I need to start thinking of a solution. Depending on how much the awards and the artwork mean to me personally, I might just opt to make them go away. Hmmm...

.....Still no word from Society on NMS clarification. This could be taken as good news on some levels. Tir Righ had a Level 2 event last weekend that was not advertised in The Crier and that they had geared towards not having to charge for NMS. However, under the newly 'clarified' rules, events that advertise in local newsletters or on local web-site or now liable to collect for NMS. This event of Seagirt's was advertised locally, mainly as a demonstration event to try and recruit new members. We officially asked for an exemption specifically for this event as the 'clarification' came via e-mail approximately a week before the event itself. We did not get a reply, but are running with that at the moment as acceptance of the exemption. We have put out the word though and have warned as many as possible in An Tir that the rules are changing and to get prepared.

.....Actually, I think the part of this 'clarification' that makes people the most nervous is whether or not the Society will declare even Fight Practices that ask for funds from those attending to defray the cost of the site use will have to pay NMS. I've already been warned that this will cause quite a commotion and possibly open rebellion. Although, to be honest, I don't blame them for the warning. I'm personally of the same opinion. But I'll have to obey the rules handed to me. If this is a move towards 'Pay to Play', I would have implemented things differently. But maybe this uber-gradual approach is for the best?

.....With September Crown quickly approaching, I'm starting to get a little nervous in regards to preparations on behalf of Exchequer duties. We're starting to get organized on the Signature Card transfer on the Friday before Crown, but still have to come to a final solution on where and what time. As well as making sure everyone involved can actually be there. I still need to finish my agenda for the Exchequer's Meeting on Saturday of September Crown and send out an e-mail to the e-list to see if there are any other burning topics that Exchequer Corps would like answered. Then I have to pull together all the documentation I need to support the Financial Committee Meeting of Monday morning. Etiennette has promised me that I'll see her Priority List / Check List this weekend sometime. With that list I should have a good game plan of what I need to put together over the next two weeks.

.....Society put out a call for audit material yesterday. The State of California requested a number of items from the SCA that involves all of us. We're required in this round to provide copies of the last bank statement of 2014 and a listing of 'donations' processed through An Tir over the course of 2014. With the Doomsday Reports in hand, this should be fairly straight-forward. Not necessarily easy, but fairly straight-forward. Etiennette is running with this at the moment as she knows exactly where to go and how to pull it all together. I have a pretty good idea of how this is going to work, but Etiennette has promised me that we'll sit down sometime in the next couple of weeks and go through her process for gathering all this information. Then we'll see how close my thought of the process and how it works in reality match.

.....The July Coronation Kingdom Profit Check arrived yesterday. I still have to get with Attia and Nadezdha on reviewing the final report for An Tir / West War so I can write the check of profit and get it deposited. Between the two we should see an increase for a change instead of the loss we've been seeing most of this year.

.....Many, many irons in the fire at the moment with the Exchequerate. A KAS / KBC bid hit my e-mail yesterday. From Glymm Mere. I'm actually happy to see it, probably almost as happy as Julia. :-) At initial glance it looks pretty good. The hotel gave a pretty good price for the space. The bid is missing a few items that have been included in the budgets of the past couple of KAS / KBC events, but I don't think any of the items are Earth-shattering. I am going to do some quick comparisons this weekend and probably give my thumbs up before Monday.

.....At some point on Sunday I need to take some time to sit down and organize my 'to-do' list for the Exchequer Office. If you aren't paying attention you could drown in the details very, very quickly. That's going to be my biggest challenge over the next six months I think. I should have taken this on with much less distraction so that I could concentrate on learning the processes. I think my error was in comparing my thought of what it would be with what moving into the Office of the Chronicler was like. There is a large amount of detail in managing a publication that is actually printed (as it was in my tenure), but in comparison to the detail level involved in managing the Exchequer's Office, it is not much of a comparison.

.....Today, being the 18th birthday of The Rhys Monster, we were talking about going out to dinner or something. I was given no details, but that is not unusual. :-) I am thinking dinner would be a good thing now and should go find out.

.....And here starts the weekend. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm rather sleepy today for some reason. I was last evening as well. The weekend demands do not look incredibly intense, so maybe I can catch up on my sleeping a little bit.

.....Last night we were visited by the three ghosts of....hmm, wrong story. :-) We were, however, visited by three people who wanted to either drop off stuff, talk or otherwise catch up on things. Actually, something of a rare occurrence.

.....Gwen stopped by first. We chewed on her copy for the Baronial Picnic this summer. It already looked good, but as I like lots of details in what I read, I added stuff for her. She can always edit it away if she so chooses. We talked about the largesse bags for a while and whether or not the Barony would do the next set or not. I am encouraging not as this summer is going to be supremely hectic for all of us, considering that we have the expanded picnic, the Huntsman's Challenge, and then September Crown to work towards.

.....We also talked about the one entry Arts & Sciences / Bardic / Scholar Championship concept the Barony started implementing this year. The more we work on it, the more exciting it actually becomes. I still want to sit down with Madrun and TBT and wade through the Bardic portion. I'm very much a proponent of adding a section emphasizing the basics: i.e. for a musical piece the Challenger would have to run through a series of standard drills or equivalent to prove their basic musical acumen (scales, musical notation, basic musical theory, etc.). This might take the place of the progression portion of the 'object' entry. But that is a very preliminary thought. More to follow.

.....I'm starting to get excited about a Bardic entry. I was pulling out books this week on Morris dancing with the thought of performing one. A Morris Dance would require quite a bit of research, more so than say a recorder performance. But I'd also been thinking that it is about time a Recorder Consort come back to play in the Barony. If the Single Entry is a spring board for some music, maybe we can continue the music for dedicated performances at Yule or something. A dedicated goal always helps regular practices stay regular. :-)

.....Sometime during Gwen's visit Conchobar stopped by with the second largesse bag completed by Eilidh. It was nicely done. I thought all the bags turned out rather nice, and were very much reflections of the person working on them. No two of them looked alike and I thought that to be a good thing as some of them really 'popped' from the individuality put into them. Elen's bags are especially intricate and look really good. Although I'm partial to the bag that TBT is working. Yeah, I'm biased. :-)

.....Madrun is, when she has the time, going to put together a bag for me to work on without a due date. I actually had fun working the small one I received from TBT some four or so years ago. It's a great way to keep the hands busy during meetings, gatherings and such.

.....Our Inga of Dragon's Laire showed up a short time later, just as Gwen was leaving. She had more Inkle Weaving done by Adena to put into the largesse pile. She also wanted to get some feedback from TBT on the largesse bag she was working. Hers looked great as well. Some elaborate outlining in many colors with definite plans for the interior of the beast. I think we almost have her convinced to sign up to Live Journal as well. :-)

.....Tonight is the new Fight Practice day and time. From 6PM to 8PM at the OSSC for the next handful of weeks, before we move Fight Practice back to the VFW Hall. It'll be interesting to see if a new day or time helps with the numbers at all. I'm mulling over whether I want to go or not. I suppose I'd better decide in a hurry.

.....The June Faire Board meeting of Tuesday night was interesting in another regard. I was more of a spectator than someone on the ground floor, and it was an interesting viewpoint from the perspective of someone who has been actively participating in June Faire for over twenty years now. On several occasions I really found myself just on the verge of saying, 'We tried that at this June Faire and it didn't work very well because of X.' Yes, there it was, Old Timers Disease. I do have to say though that I managed to not let my mouth betray me for the most part. What I did do was whenever the thought came out I would write it down so that I could think about it for a while. If it was worthy of mentioning, I'll make a note and mention it to Madrun or Magdalena. If it really isn't applicable, I'll just forget it. As it was, I did trip over myself at least once. The road signs. The road signs were a big deal the last couple of years we were at Frank Raab Park, then they sort of faded away. I mentioned that we'd done signs in the past and to check and see if we had any left in storage (they might have all been tossed long ago). It is always better for the group to at least talk it through. What might not have worked ten or twenty years ago might work very well now. Like I said, interesting perspective. And really, I can do without the eye roll that invariably comes from the listeners when an old timer actually does say, 'We used to do that and....'. :-)

.....I wish more people would come back to Live Journal. Although I do understand the appeal of Facebook. I am not in love with its fast pace and crowded atmosphere though. It could be the Friends List I have though. I have a handful of highly political people on it. Some of whom have no hesitation in putting out some of the most outrageous stuff. Usually I just ignore it, but some of the time it just catches me for some reason. I don't know why. Although I learned my lesson in trying to correct a highly rabid person. He mis-quoted President Washington (a mis-quote that is all over the internet) and I sent him a note with the correct quote. He took it as an attack on his political position and I received a two page reply of vitriol. I just deleted it and took him off my list. Several others are nearing that same point.

.....Someone posted a seriously inflammatory image on Raphaella's Facebook page yesterday and I had to think seriously about whether or not it was time to clean house on my Facebook account to make sure I don't have 'friends' on there who would do that sort of thing. In the end though I stuck to my timeline. But from now on people only get one chance with me. I don't mind viewpoints I find unpleasant. But when used to bludgeon me I call foul and clean up begins.

.....Tomorrow the Mid Level Boss goes away on leave for a week and a half. I was put in charge for the time he was away. Usually he puts one of the Execution Managers in that spot. But it does mean I can't call in sick tomorrow and make it a three day weekend like I was kind of thinking of doing. :-) But all of us in the office are on leave next Thursday and Friday. There is a large scale security drill happening over the next week and it's been advised to take leave if possible. No one needed to ask me twice. :-)

.....If I want to go to Fight Practice, I suppose I'd better start pulling myself together.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Tell me why we're doing this again? Oh, yeah, we're going to see some great Arts, Sciences and Bardic being performed and displayed on behalf of the Kingdom Championships. I gotta keep reminding myself of that. It is too early to be up and not headed to work. :-)

.....I suppose that staying up until Midnight wasn't the most brilliant of ideas either. Both TBT and I are a little zombie like this morning. But everything is packed and ready for the arrival of Florence the Wonder Van's appearance. We'll load her up and hit the 7:20AM ferry. Of course, with a stop at Starbucks along the way.

.....It seems strange to not be packing a dozen bins or so worth of 'stuff'. I've got one suitcase, one bin and my backpack, and I'm sure that TBT would say that I've still packed way too much stuff.

.....Let's see, I've got garb for two days. I've got clothes for return trip. I've got toiletries. I've got the bling and the Coronet. Food is packed. Vitamins and protein are packed. The documentation is packed. Victoria (the GPS) is packed. Enhanced Driver's License is packed. New SCA membership card is packed. I think I've got everything.

.....Looks like I get to judge one entry with Angharad and another with Brighid. Hopefully, we'll keep the geekdom arguments to a minimum. But the entries will be fun to argue. The documentation for all the items I have leave lots of room to learn more and ask lots of questions.

.....It'll be very interesting to hear the Latin being spoken. Or will it be sung? And what will be the justification for style? :-) The Terza Rima will be exceedingly interesting. It is done in a thoroughly modern English. I struggle with that immensely myself as using more period language and grammar styles sounds very strange to me unless I really work at it. That's still the chasm I have to leap.

.....Was hoping that Renart and / or Aelianora would have been at the Business Meeting last night. I was looking in the mail the other day at a circular packet of coupons and there was ne in there for a CSA Farm up in the north end of the county. I was curious to see what they thought of them. 'Abundantly Green' is the name of their farm. Gotta remember to ask them about it.

.....The meeting was light on attendance, but not as light as I suspected it might be. But the group approved the picnic going to two days, even at the possibility of a funding loss (although small in scope). I was surprised to hear that. But, you know, you camp and do the SCA to get away from the 'Modern Lifestyle', so I suppose it makes sense to a degree.

.....Now I'm rambling, more than usual. Time to get ready to go. Pinticton, B.C., here we come. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


Feb. 28th, 2012 04:50 pm
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.....The Enhanced Drivers License arrived in the mail today. That is eleven calendar days after applying for it. That's rather quick. I shall put away the passport and use it to get across the border this weekend.

.....Although I have to say that I do not photograph well. That squinting at the camera while laughing made me like like I was not all together there. Add in the flushed face and I could have been at the local pub getting my picture taken after my seventh or eighth beer. :-) Oh, well, it'll have to do.

.....It keeps trying to snow. It's looking pretty steady at the moment actually. The latest forecasts call for a warm up slightly by the weekend, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'm aiming to take I-90 over Snoqualamie and then head north at Cle Elum and Wenatchee. We'll be in Florence, the Wonder Van. But Madrun has chains for her, so we should be all right if the worst should happen.

.....Need to finish reading through all the documentation. I'm actually going to enjoy my judging as the documentation I'm reading through is extremely thorough and very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing all of these items presented. Looks like a good year for KAS / KBC.

.....Actually, I'm more worried about travel to the Social tonight, Fight Practice tomorrow night, and then Business Meeting on Thursday night. Hope that people drive safe.

.....Wish I could skip on Thursday to finish packing. But that probably would not look very good. :-)

.....I'd take Thursday off of work if I could, but our NAVSEA sponsors are visiting us next week for a Program Review meeting. NMCI picked this week to have a systems meltdown. Access to our files and folders would turn off and on like demented Christmas Tree lights all day today. I managed to somehow finish the formal agenda. Still need to finish the Powerpoint Presentation though. Only two days left and a lot of information to gather. Sigh!

.....Have to remember to pack the Heraldry tonight. Someone wanted a consultation. Although Ian also e-mailed the list and said he'd be there. If the snow doesn't keep him home, and he does indeed show up, I think I'll push the client in his direction. Although I need to keep an eye on that so Ian doesn't overwhelm them with his ideas of what is right. He pretty much knows his stuff though.

.....Loading the car with a box of cobblers gear as well that Sir Fiach gave us over the weekend at Madrone's Arts & Sciences Championship. Looks like a show anvil and a bunch of shoe blanks in various mens and womens sizes. Pernell is a leather worker who specializes in shoes and so might be able to tell us if these will be useful to the hobbiest's around here.

.....Might want to get started with loading the car now. The falling snow is looking rather intense. I think I'll go and check the weather report again.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's probably a good thing that we had nothing planned for this weekend, and that it is a three day weekend, because we is sick! TBT is collapsed on the couch downstairs. Asleep, and has been for hours. I thought I was getting better, then the throat starting getting sore again. The ears clogged up again. Yuck! I hope it doesn't get any worse.

.....The line up for KAS / KBC was e-mailed out to everyone last night. I'm up for judging three bardic entries. The titles were more tantalizing teases than any real base to start researching. I hope we see some documentation in the next few days.

.....One is an instrumental for an instrument that could be any number of items in a branch. Just some quick internet searches ended up adding more questions than were solved. I'll definitely have to see the documentation to see the intent.

.....Another was a poem in a rhyming style fairly common in period. So again, it'll have to be the intent of the poem that dictates how it is judged.

.....The third one is rather intriguing in that I believe it is going to be a Latin poem. I am hoping that it'll be performed in Latin. Latin poetry has a nicely lyrical ring to it if done right. And, of course, thinking of the typical liturgical chant usually done in Latin. Although I don't think this one is going to be eclesiastical in nature.

.....But that is all another two weeks away. A lot could change in that time. I might end up judging none of these things. Which would be rather sad. Especially after a really long drive to site! Gotta remember to unearth the passport. I think I know where it is, but need to actually have to put my hands on it.

.....Glad tomorrow is Friday in any case. The past handful of weeks have been somewhat hectic and I'm looking forward to a little down time. I still would like to get a few things done. Namely a working 'to-do' list for the next month or so. We've got some Serjeantry scheduling to do, as well as some decisions to make.

.....Would like to wrap up some things for September Crown. ACCEPS is ready to launch. Just have to review the form and make a few minor tweaks to it. We'll probably be live with pre-registration in a week or so. Would also like to get the Marketplace Application completed as well. Bronwyn has the July Coronation application as a go-by now. She takes off for Disneyland in a week or so, so I'd definitely like to get this squared away soonest. Then we can put it on the September Crown web-site and announce its availability.

.....Madrone A&S Championship next weekend. I think a group of us are going to be there.

.....Would also like to do some house clean up as well this weekend. And maybe take the stuff in Heather to the landfill. After that I think a weekend of sleeping in and generally not doing much more is in order. I've got a huge stack of books next to the bed that are begging to be read. Maybe Sunday or Monday will be spent entirely in bed. :-) Sounds amazingly lazy but fun. :-)

.....One more day of work to do though. I think that it is time for bed.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Had an interesting conversation last night over at Gwen's that is still rattling around in my brain this morning. We were looking over Gwen's judging sheets from KAS / KBC last weekend to see what the judges all had to say. What things they found 'challenging'. What things they liked. And how exactly they gave out these comments. I found it interesting first off the range of styles in what comments were given. I'm sure that there was some attempt to be consistent on the comments given, and for them to be informative and constructive, but you could really see the judge's individual style in what comments were given and how they said them.

.....While looking over a couple of the comments there was discussion on how to transform some of the ideas and suggestions into actual improvements for future demonstrations. Then the thought was expressed about how, in a certain way, and considering Gwen's vast knowledge and experience, that statements made could be taken as condescending or patronizing. Not the case, but read in a certain light one could really infer that.

.....When I thought back to the comments I made on the judging sheets I turned in at KBC I could read several of the comments I made as patronizing if read out of context. And, you know, considering that I was in a hurry and usually distracted, I scribbled my thoughts out as thoroughly as I could and moved on to the next issue. When I really should have spent some more time thinking about how my comments would be taken. And whether they would actually be useful.

.....That was certainly a personal revelation for me, to store in a few brain cells for future reference. But it led me to ask those assembled if there were ever considerations for giving classes on how to judge entries in an Arts & Sciences or Bardic Competition. The general consensus was that it has been considered and discuss, but generally dismissed as those who really needed it probably wouldn't take it.

.....The more I think about it though, the more I think something like this would benefit someone like me, who is not an artistic genius, but wants to improve. Especially if what they say might have an impact on what someone does in the future.

.....I suppose though that the learning process does go in multiple directions. If I were a competitor with an entry at KBC and was being judged, we could make the judging session a lot more interactive. If the judge asked me a question on intonation or tonal quality, I could ask where he / she noticed a lack. I could then play that section to see if there was a way I could improve my technique. Or if I were reciting poetry and someone questioned style, we could take a closer look at the entry to see how improvements could be made in word useage or flow.

.....But this runs against the time restrictions of a competition as is currently run. You'd have to allow more time for interaction. But this is something that is already noted, as Gwen did last weekend. She used up every single allotted moment she had and she said she could have easily spoken another hour on just details of her piece.

.....Now, am I intrigued enough to pull out my damned recorder or gemshorn and do something this next year? Maybe not. But I am intrigued. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I wish I made more time to post to Live Journal. I am always checking into it to see how others are doing, what they are thinking, what's happening in their lives. I always seem to feel like the runner in the marathon who is at the tail end of the pack just doing his best to keep ahead of the street sweeper. :-) But I usually find that I'm not alone back there and that fact helps me catch my breath and take off again. :-)

.....You know, KAS / KBC wore me out! And I was neither the Autocrat or the Competition Coordinator! :-) On Monday I was an absolute zombie. Tuesday and Wednesday weren't much better. Thursday was Migraine hell day. But I started feeling better on Friday, which turned out to be a good thing.

.....I found KAS / KBC fun and fulfilling though, even though it was a work out. Friday was a breeze for set up. I helped Oliver, Renart and Tegus set up the Baronial Pavilion in the back of the hotel. After that the day mainly consisted of sitting around watching the hotel put up banners and set up gate. Had lots of good conversation with people though, lots of good friend time.

.....I lucked out and had two things to judge on Saturday. The first being a recorder piece by Galeron in the morning. It was a complex Italian version of an Estampie (a dance piece). He played it as a recital piece, with lots of ornamentation. The judging panel had mainly positive things to say about it. But I was thoroughly astounded when I found out that he'd only really been playing that piece for two weeks prior to KAS / KBC. I wasn't sure what to think of that. On one hand, the fact that he did as great a job as he did with only two weeks of practice showed what a great musician he was. But the fact that he only spent two weeks practicing for a Kingdom Championship made me gulp a bit. But he did demonstrate his considerable abilities on a recorder, as well as quite a depth of knowledge. I ended up mainly being impressed.

.....The afternoon judging session was with Jahnkin and his Bertrand oratory. I found the subject matter extremely interesting. It was easy to see that Jahnkin was absolutely in love with what Bertrand did as he was passionate about the style of Bertrand and what Bertrand exposed in Society. But as a performance Jahnkin just wasn't sure where to go with it. I think if he had given the performance some fire and passion he might have taken it much farther. It was fun talking to him about that very thing later in the weekend. I found I had an easy time talking to him about that very thing as I have the same problem with my Sonnetry. It's fun to write, but to perform it with passion? That's the hard part. :-)

.....Spent most of the rest of the day wandering around site and doing my best to recognize the good deeds of the Baronial Populace, which were many. This Baron gig is hard work! :-) But I did make it out to witness Dame Gwen's KAS pottery demonstration and was impressed with the depth of information presented. She could easily have filled another hour or so with just facts and demonstrations surrounding her Pipkin alone. It'll be interesting to see what might happen to KAS / KBC in the future if the single item approach we're proposing at the Baronial level makes it to the Kingdom stage.

.....On Sunday, I was given an ultimate complement. Maestro Giuseppe was looking to be running late for the KBC Sunday judging. I was asked if I would consider jumping into her spot for the day. In spite of myself I was flattered to have even been asked. Giuseppe showed up right at the stroke of the hour, but I was not fussed at all. Even to have been asked was an honour as far as I was concerned and so it made my day. :-)

.....By Sunday evening I was already in Zombieland, but TBT and I still managed to get our e-letters out to the list with all of our thank-yous and acknowledgments. I'm still surprised at how much people pay attention to those e-mails. This is especially true when you forget someone, or spell their names wrong. :-) But I think we finally managed to do it right as the usual suspects didn't say a word. :-) Maybe we'll figure this thing out yet.

.....Think good thoughts for TBT. She is tender right now and will be for a while. No fat in her diet at all and she must make her medical appointments. I might sick Gwen and Madrun on her, but I think even the threat of that will do the deed for me. :-) Although as bad as she has felt over the past week I think will do the deed actually.

.....July Coronation Marketplace Applications are starting to hit the lists, inquiries are starting to come in. I need to get up to Edgewater Park and find out just how much real estate we have with which to work.

.....Lots more to say, but we have to get moving. I probably should have started this earlier today. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....My list isn't nearly so extensive as others. But have too many things going on to keep them all straight. Live Journal makes a good way to organize everything into one place.

.....Looks like I have Friday off. Not that the KAS / KBC Team necessarily needs a lot of help on site, but it'll make me feel better. I feel kind of guilty that I took such a 'hands off' approach to the planning of the event. I didn't want to step all over Isketol when doing his first Kingdom Event. But certainly no one ever anticipated how things would go. A Lessons Learned for me.

.....For tonight:
* Pack Dame Gwenllyn's belt for tomorrow delivery. Did not get the metal pieces put on it like I wanted, but I worked with it enough to where I have solid ideas of where I want to go.
* Dig up umbrella stands from back year to use as free standing posts around scribal if necessary.
* Pack both Baronial Banners.
* Pack both personal banners (both mine and TBT's).
* Root around for any other banners we have at home.
* Pull out clothes for the event (sandals, pants, tunic, belt, danglies, hat, and coronet).
* Put Baronial Chairs in car for transport to site.
* Put together any remarks / scrolls needed for Court.
* Pull together five years of Crier Exchequer reports for Elonda.

.....Still no documentation for either item I'm judging. Thankfully I have some awareness of both items. But should probably do a quick review of:
* History of Medieval Recorder music.
* Musical notation.
* Geographic styles.
* Historical survey of poetry.

.....Will be on site by 0800. Confer with Oliver as to where we want the Baronial Pavilion. Renart should be on site fairly early, so we'll get it put up pretty quickly.

.....After that there shouldn't be much left to do, other than help people as needed in other areas.

.....I suppose though that strategically offering help to Ellen, but staying out of her way might be a good thing. I'm sure she will be in manic mode. I would be in her position. :-)

.....There is an 'Exchequer Training Session' scheduled for all day on Saturday. I'm tentatively scheduled to attend. I'll do my best, but the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that I'll spend very little time there. It may have sounded like a good idea for the Training Session at KAS / KBC. But in retrospect I kind of wish the Exchequer Community had thought about it a bit more as attendance will most likely be problematic.

.....Print out schedule of presentations for the day and ensure that either TBT or myself attend each of the Championship entries for Dame Gwenllyn and THL Jahnkin.

.....Make sure to have enough tokens for any Dragon's Laire presentations in the A&S Displays. Make sure to meet and shake hands with anyone from Dragon's Laire with an entry.

.....Ensure that TBT and myself go through the Children's presentations, with tokens in hand to give out.

.....Ensure that TBT and myself go through the Fight Practice ourselves and devote some time in watching, as well as thanking both Sir Raoukinn and Don Talon for their efforts in making it happen.

.....I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting. I'll print this out and see if I need to add to it.

.....I'm thinking there is at least one party Friday night at a local bar. One vigil at the hotel.

.....One dinner scheduled for Friday evening as well. Can't forget about that one. Not sure if I need garb for that one or not.

.....TBT and I gave up our room at the hotel. Part of me regrets doing that as it would have been nice to be 'on the scene'. But that is a savings of at least $200 that can be better spent elsewhere.

.....KAS / KBC will happen and will be a nice event. Not anticipating a profit this time, but certainly a lot of lessons learned from it that can be used in the future.

.....Hmmmm, what am I forgetting?????

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....That's kind of unusual for me. Maybe it really IS one of the harbingers of DOOM!!! The one that is scheduled just DAYS before my 44th birthday. :-)

.....Arrived home to a note from a disgruntled customer. They did NOT read the instructions at Ingasbo and went ahead throwing money in my direction for a circlet that was not in stock and would not be anytime soon. They were VERY put out when they received my e-mail to let them know that what they wanted they couldn't have. Demanded to know when they'd receive their refund. I made sure that happened immediately. Rude customers who don't read instructions are never fun.

.....But they tend to be balanced out by those who are actually pleasant. I had another customer, who again did not read the instructions before sending money my way. But politely asked if the circlet they wanted really was in stock and if so, how soon could they have it? A little politeness goes a long way really. It is rather amazing. I went ahead and gave them a deal on a larger circlet of the same design I had in my completed bin. They will be getting it for the same price as the smaller size. That's definitely what you get for being polite immediately following a dork. :-)

.....Responded to a handful of e-mails. Anne reminded me that I should post a note about the 'tour' TBT and I want to do next Wednesday of the June Faire site and our lay-out tweaks.

.....Am getting excited about KAS / KBC. Makes me wish I were the Autocrat again. :-) But that would take away from Oliver's fun, and I certainly don't want to do that. :-) But even with all the planning foo surrounding the event, it'll end up being smooth and fun. I like that about Dragon's Laire. :-)

.....Then there's Ian. Sigh! A good person and a hard worker. But a maniac in all ways dealing with Society. No secret either, I've told that to him in person on many occasions. :-) But I do my best to find things for him to do. The latest being a number of heraldry projects for awards that TBT and I would like to add to the Baronial awards listing. My e-mail inbox was inundated with a plethora of ideas from him today. Any other Monday I would have run screaming. But I actually took some time to answer his latest couple of e-mails tonight. He was happy, and then immediately refilled the e-mail inbox. :-)

.....But the biggest chunk of time this evening was spent on the silk banner. TBT and I stretched it on the frame yesterday. This evening I took the gouda tipped bottle of black and went over all of the outlines. I was a little wobbly at first, but the lines slowly started improving as I started to get used to the flow of the gouda from the tip. From a distance it doesn't look half bad. Don't get too close though or the wobbly lines will hypnotize you. :-)

.....TBT would have done a much better job with it, but I really want to learn how to do this right. I have visions of many more banners in our future.

.....TBT will go over the lines once the gouda dries to make sure that I did indeed make all the proper connections. We might be actually painting sometime this week. That would be way cool.

.....The banner is looking very Victorian in nature. It has the Kingdom's Or and Argent Checky, then the Gules and Sable of the Barony. Then I took elements of my device and TBT penciled them on the remainder. The Python is very stylized Anglo-Saxon. But the winged cat heads look like they came from the '60's. :-) It was my practice piece and it will be a banner flying at May Crown, so I'm not going to whine. :-)

.....But in my mind though I was seeing the next banner take shape. The Python on it will be very 1350. I might put a seme of Quill Pens around it, a la The Black Prince. It looks cool in my mind, but will have to see it on paper.

.....I think that the next one will have the Team Haggis badge on it as well, between the Baronial Colours and the personal device elements. I'll have to make the Winged Sheep a lot more buff though to fit in with the device elements.

.....Am actually contemplating a tweak to my personal device. I've never been happy with the winged cat in the base. It looks cool on its own, but in conjunction with the Python it just makes the whole thing look too 'busy'. I know, think heraldically, not artistically. But still...

.....Just don't know if I want to run the heraldic gauntlet again though. They are a tough crowd. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Then I had better hurry up and get my 'to-do' list done! I don't think that I'll have time after the Rapture. :-) I guess the world is supposed to end a little sooner than 2012. There is a group of people traveling across the country with the warning that the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. Which is grossly unfair, TWO DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY AND TWELVE DAYS BEFORE JUNE FAIRE!!! At the very least you'd think that heaven could wait just a few more days? :-)

.....At least you should catch the road-show:

.....Lots of things on the 'to-do' list. Which is funny. You'd think that the top five would all involve KAS / KBC. But that event is being so efficiently run by THL Oliver and Dame Ellen that I feel like a fraud being the Baronial 'host' for the festivities. :-) I arranged to take Friday off from work so I could help out, but looks like it might be a fairly relaxing day. I did promise to set up the Baronial Pavilion for use as Dame Gwenllyn's Portable Pottery Studio. But that'll take all of thirty minutes to do.

.....We have a room reserved at the hotel, but TBT never intended on actually sleeping there with Rhys being at home alone. I am going down the list of people involved with KAS / KBC and finding that most of the Baronial Populace is going home each night as well. SBH could be a lonely place after hours. I'm starting to seriously vacillate on whether or not to even keep the room. Especially since Oliver arranged to have one of the meeting rooms available as a Baronial Common Space. Need to make a decision by Tuesday.

.....Have the silk banner on the frame. TBT put down the first few lines. I want to take at least an hour a couple of nights this week and keep working on it. The goal is to have personal banners ready to fly at May Crown. Eric space has been reserved. Now just need to figure out how to get the Baronial Pavilion there and how we want it set up. Need to also make arrangements for a Camp Coordinator to start putting together a Baronial Encampment. A couple of people have sort of volunteered. Will need to get that moving.

.....Started passing out the Marketplace Application for July Coronation. Need to get it posted to the J.C. web-site, the An Tir Merchant's YahooGroups page, and then out to the general populace. Should go fairly quickly. Now we just need to get to the site to take pictures and measurements of the Marketplace. Am tentatively thinking of April 9th in the morning before we go to the Madrone Banquet.

.....Populace site walk-through for June Faire on March 16th (Wednesday) at 6PM. TBT and I will give a guided tour of how things are going to look for June Faire this year. The significant changes being the switch between Erics and Marketplace. Would also like to see who shows up and maybe help some of the newer people who don't feel connected to the event 'find their place' if at all possible.

.....March 23rd will be our first discussion on the topic of Serjeantry. We're handing out the basic overview now. On the 23rd we'll go into details and talk about the timeline involved. There are still some things to crunch. Countess Inga gave me a copy of the Avacal Serjeantry Manual which has a LOT of good stuff in it. I'm trying to see how much I can include now. Will have to come to some firm decisions on the final direction on the weekend of March 19th. I want to have a clear road when we have the discussion. Well, as clear as possible. I think this first year will definitely be one full of learning moments. :-)

.....Need to pester the Clallam County Fairgrounds on their bid. I haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks now.

.....Need to also come to a decision on a picture for the Wyvern Canvas Project (tm). But that is TBT's department thankfully. :-)

.....Am getting sleepy. Let's go to bed before I start inventing more things to do. :-)

.....ZZZZZzzzzzzz, Aaron / Arontius.


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