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.....I woke up from a dream where I was greedily lusting after some beads. And as should be the case in all situations where greed is involved I was left with nothing. :-) Which, while frustrating, is a good life reminder. :-)

.....It's been interesting in that I don't usually dream, or I don't remember having dreamed when I wake up. But three days this last week I had dreams vivid enough to remember after waking. Wish I had written them all down now.

.....The rain is somewhat bothersome. We're supposed to be at a benefit Pancake Breakfast this morning at Port Gamble. The cooking area is covered, but not much else is. I was hoping that the rain would hold off a while, like mid-day. :-)

.....I met another Live Journal Friend yesterday. I find it interesting how this process is working. Most people I get to know in 'real life' first, then I get to know them 'better' in Live Journal. But over the past couple of years there have been a number of people with whom I learn who they are first in Live Journal, and then I meet them in person. The experience has always been interesting mainly because the vision I had of them, built from reading their Live Journal entries, usually bears a much difference resemblance to who they are in person.

.....I met [ profile] brandywilliams yesterday. An author of four books who always struck me far more, formally, in Live Journal. But in person is so much more gregarious than I would have figured. A very nice person though. I was very happy to have met her and spoken with her. And authors always are respected in my world view. :-)

.....We were at a dinner at Madrun's house. Her Family-Of-Choice were all really nice. I was again reminded how important your 'family-of-choice' is really. I certainly know how supportive mine has been over the years. They've always come through for me.

.....But what I most covet from Madrun's house? Her book collection! Guess I really am a bookaholic. :-)

.....Started my own Baronial Succession Death March yesterday. Made up my list of things that 'must be done' before I step down as Seneschal. The list is long but I managed to bite into it yesterday a bit. Although part of that time was spent in gnawing down my e-mail inbox. Started with 1,800 messages in the inbox and ended the day with 833, so we're making progress there.

.....The real work though starts later today when TBT and I get together with a few people and map out our major 'to-do' lists and prioritize it all in support of the Succession in November. I'm somewhat dreading it as I'm sure that list will be massive in scope. :-)

.....Now I've just boggled my mind and have to go and re-set it before I can continue forward. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Welcome Moira! Otherwise known in the 'Real Worlde' (tm) as Shelly Womble.

.....Her Live Journal handle is [ profile] shellywoo.

.....You need to friend her with abandon. She's a really nice person and a great addition to the Barony of Dragon's Laire. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....For some reason I've had a couple of Russians friend me on Live Journal. I can't tell if they are spam accounts or not. They have actual journals, with entries on them. But I'm a little nervous as I don't necessarily want to open myself to getting spam'ed. But I also subscribe to a couple of Russian feeds and they might have friended me as a connection to one of them. So I'm not sure. Sigh. I may have to start friend-locking my list. I don't really like doing that, as it is one more thing to have to remember. But that and other considerations is making me think that I need to start moving in that direction.

.....I need to clean up the Friends List as well while I'm at it. There is a number of people who have friended me that I have just never bothered to friend back. Not out of hatred or anything, probably just out of sheer laziness. Time to get more observant I guess.

.....Received an interesting phone call from the new owners of the fruit stand in Port Gamble. I guess that Tiny closed up her shop earlier this year and Port Gamble have given the stand to new owners who have previously spent a lot of time at the Kingston Farmer's Market.

.....Dealing with Tiny was always problematic. She always hated June Faire weekend. She complained about the traffic June Faire brought. She complained about supposed 'vandalism' done to her booth over June Faire weekend. She complained about shoplifting supposedly done in her booth over June Faire weekend. I always dreaded what new complaint she would bring forth to us in 'celebration' of June Faire. I was not sorry to hear that she has moved on to bigger and better things.

.....The new owners are excited to have their stand open over June Faire weekend. They are farmers who deal in locally grown produce, fruit and vegetables. They want to speak to us and see what they can stock up on that our populace will buy. They also want to talk about extended hours so that they can sell food stuff to us after the modern public has left for the day.

.....They also want to dress up the stand so that it 'fits' the ambiance of June Faire. AND, they are thinking it might be fun to get into garb for the weekend as well. They were VERY excited. :-)

.....I hope they are not disappointed in us. We do not behave like the 'Modern Public' and may not necessarily buy much stuff from them. But I'll do what I can to promote them and their produce. I'll post to the lists and see if I can generate a little enthusiasm.

.....I think that I will also give them a quick and easy way to get a hold of us in case of 'issues' that arise during June Faire. We are a strange group, and the traffic will still be intense. The lady told me that she has attended June Faire for several years, so she has supposedly seen what things are like at June Faire. But I'll, delicately, give her a run down of what to expect. :-)

.....I definitely need to enlist Talia's help in that as well.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....First it was Anne Brynley ([ profile] centaur11, now it is Morag ([ profile] birdmatrix). Are people starting to think that Face Book is the way to go and Live Journal should be abandoned? I hope not as I actually prefer Live Journal to Facebook. LJ is a lot more detail oriented, and moves at a little slower pace. Face Book is almost ADD to me. I like reading details about what is happening to people and what they are thinking. I suppose that this means that I should get off of my posterior and actually POST more than I have. It's been a rough couple of months though and it has been hard to dig up the energy reserves to put some thought into it. Maybe I should think of it more as a good mental exercise instead, something to make my mind just a little more flexible as I age (rapidly, it seems).

.....Here's hoping that those still on my Friend's List continue to stay there. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Yes! Lady Kierran Moncrieff of Dundee, known in the Modern Worlde as Debbie Dolle, founding member of Consortio de Draconis, has been assimilated! Now the Live Journal Universe has its Feast-O-Crat Extraordinaire! :-)

.....Please friend her with abandon! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....THL Branwen told me yesterday that she had no idea just what 'Live Journal' was. She started laughing at the shocked look on my face as I thought EVERYONE knew what Live Journal was. :-)

.....But after I described Live Journal and everything we did and say on it, she was very curious and interested in signing up. I asked her if she trusted me and she said 'yes' with a very trusting look on her face. Poor girl. So I said that I would set up a Journal for her and all she would have to do was log in and start reading. :-)

.....So, I need a new Journal Name for our good friend Branwen. She is the formal Seneschale of the Shire of Druim Doineann who recently moved down to the Three Mountains / Terra Pomaria area. She is a wonderful person who has supported many events run by Team Haggis. Whenever I form Team Haggis, as a matter of fact, I always make sure to include her in a key role. She has always come through.

.....Any ideas? What information do you all need to know in order to select her Journal Name?

.....Let me know.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It is rather a cool thing that Nidda, [ profile] manikenxl, has joined Live Journal. Although it was rather inevitable I think. Many people have been pestering her for weeks to hurry up and join in on the fun. As TBT keeps reminding me, Live Journal really is the new Illuminati. :-)

.....Nidda is an artist in the Barony known for her puppetry at this moment. Although, being an artist, I'm sure that other artistic endeavours will be highlighted. There have been a number of artists who are relatively new to the Barony that are kind of inspiring to us older members. I may not be an artist, but I can be inspired to try creative things and pretend to be an artist, which is fun in its own way. :-)

.....Broke my usual Monday night rule of staying home and hibernating and paid a visit to Casa de Brighid and Cedric last night. As really is usual for a Monday, I was pretty brain dead and not very bright. But it was fun to chat. Was definitely impressed with Cedric's new stainless steel helm that he put together. It was rather an intriguing concept. Some company cut out a flat pattern in many pieces of 12-gauge stainless steel. When Cedric received it he had to pound out the pattern and then rivet it all together. It was a lot of work, but the results were rather spectacular. I guess that Talon found the company online. It's amazing what you can find online.

.....Sat and talked on Sargeantry a little with Brighid. She is still really wrestling with how she is going to approach the Trials, and even the concept of Sargeantry, itself. The more we talked the more I sympathize with her. There are a lot about which to think. The Trials themselves are a pretty sound concept. But we've discussed ways on how to enliven the concept, and especially on what you do after you've attained the rank. Mostly it seems to be just a title with very little to do. But you don't want to make it your standard labor pool either. It should be something interesting and something that still challenges the members after they've become members. But again, as has been pointed out to Brighid by others, you don't want to make it something that puts the members under a microscope or something that makes the whole concept tedious or 'a job' for the rest of their SCA careers. There is a lot on which to think. I don't envy her having to bring this all together.

.....But, of course, I have ideas. :-) All of which involve my dreams of the Arthurian mythos. :-) Which will add to her headache before we're done, but which I think are rather cool in their own way. :-) Although every time I start talking about them TBT laughs at my journeys into philosophy. Not necessarily something that always translates well in the SCA. :-)

.....More to follow, I'm sure.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Her Live Journal account has been deleted? Is everything O.K.? She's a super busy woman, and am just hoping that her account wasn't deleted due to something not-so-good.

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.....I hope that the Birthday Clause brings you everything you could want and then some for your birthday.

.....We've missed seeing you at Pelican meetings and posting on Live Journal. Come back and play with us sometime. Please?

.....I still tell people that my absolute favorite event in the whole world was your 3YC! :-)

.....Happy Birthday [ profile] jjjlllvvv!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Wow! It really is a growing Live Journal universe, Morte (Margret) is on Live Journal now. Wonder if she'll post any of her PodCasts here. :-)

.....LJ handle is [ profile] hrmortcia

.....We need to friend the heck out of her. If you haven't already, I may be WAY behind the times. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Greetings All,

.....Just Ronan mentioned last night that he had an LJ User Name and I finally tracked it down this morning. Way Cool! He needs lots of friends on Live Journal! Please go and friend him now!!! :-)

.....[ profile] greywolfe64

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....Hey All,

.....When I joined the SCA the very first Knight that I could say actually PERSONIFIED Knighthood in the SCA for me was Baron Sir Richard. One of the people I absolutely admire the most. One of the reasons I was adamant that he be at my Pelican Ceremony.

.....He has crossed over to the Dark Side and joined LJ. Please friend him.

.....[ profile] srfbgm

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....Because I'm evil and was taught just how to be evil by this person, I'd like to welcome him to LJ land and invite others to FRIEND him. :-)

.....WELCOME, Master Ralg,

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...Dame Ellen Fraser (known in the modern world as Ellen Winnie). Her LJ handle is and she needs friends. :-)


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