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.....It's happening. In about three days now. :-) Can you feel the excitement in the air? The tension building? Do you feel this overwhelming need to throw your arms in the air and flail them like Kermit the Frog?

.....Maybe that's just me. :-)

.....One day of work down. I have my stand-ins all selected and approved. For the most part, there is one left that needs to be indoctrinated. But all the 'go-dos' have been lined up to either finish tomorrow, or wait on the back-burner until next Wednesday when I get back to work. I'm lucky in one regard as this seems to be a rather popular week to take vacation. There are a lot of people away from work, which means many meetings are being postponed until later in the week, next week. I'm good with that.

.....All the supplies have been purchased. I thought I might need some more marking paint. That is, until Jenae texted me and reminded me of the case waiting for me to pick up at their place left over from An Tir / West War. It was good timing on her part and for me as I was going to stop at Lowes on the way home and buy one more case. :-) We might end up needing some more marking paint. We'll see how things go on Thursday. If I have to do so, McClendon's Hardware is about a ten minute drive away in Belfair and I can buy another handful of cans as needed.

.....All of my SCA clothes have been stuffed into Lobelia. But there is a list of stuff that still needs to get packed. We were going to drop off Lobelia at Imperial this evening, but we saw some good prices on batteries at Costco over the weekend. Between that and Imperial telling us that they have no room to store Lobelia even for an extra day, we decided to risk it and just buy two new hotel batteries and install them. I removed the existing ones right after work and put them in TBT's car. She's going to stop at Costco tomorrow and pick up new ones and turn these in for replacement.

.....Ralg said he'd help with the battery selection and installation, so I feel better about making this decision with the least risk. I'm still worried that there is a power drain somewhere that needs to be found by a professional. But the fact that these are about five years old and have sat through several winters all connected, I'm thinking that we've nailed the culprit down fairly well.

.....Not taking Lobelia to Imperial tonight means we'll have to make arrangements to get her and the U-Haul to site on Thursday. I may have TBT be signed on as a driver on Wednesday as well. She can drive the U-Haul and I'll grab Lobelia on Thursday morning.

.....I think tonight, since Lobelia is still here, I'm going to have to pull together some more stuff to put into Lobelia for the weekend. I've got some stuff bags I can pull out for the regular clothing and other soft goods. It's primarily the food-stuff I'm most worried about getting to site and loaded into Lobelia unmolested. Might want to think about some ice as well.

.....What I really need to do, I think, is take a few moments and write out a list of stuff that needs to be done for myself personally to support September Crown. Otherwise I'm grabbing at loose thoughts and not remembering them long enough to make any use of them.

.....Must not forget Madrun's circlet either! It's sitting in the Computer Room right now. This is my reminder to pick it up and put it someplace I will not forget it. Like maybe in Lobelia now.

.....Tomorrow night is the regular Social at the VFW Hall. I need to ask Aileen about her plans for capturing people who camp on Thursday night. She'll have to have at least a book ready to go for them. As well as site tokens. Don't know about the Site Handouts. They get turned in today to Staples for printing from Angharad. They might be on site by Thursday possibly, but I don't know that for sure yet.

.....Also need to ask Aileen about her volunteers for Friday itself. As is usual, much of the volunteer base will be showing up and setting up on Friday, and so will not be available for gate help until later in the day. It could make for a very long day for Aileen if she is stuck at the gate for a fourteen plus hour day! Will have to see what I can do to shore that up a bit.

.....Most of the questions coming my way seem to be relatively simple at the moment. I've told several dozen people now that there will be drinking water on site. That seems to be an anxious point for a number of people. Having food vendors on site seems to be a hot topic as well. That one is a little surprising as there have not been that many food vendors at Crown Events lately. At least not what I remember. I don't think there were any at July Coronation. The one food vendor at May Crown was part of the Fairgrounds holding the event. September Crown last year did not have any food vendors as I recall. I wonder if the Airport Diner across the street is going to be packed at times with hungry SCA people? They've been warned. :-)

.....The other big question is a 'Day Trip Fee'. Because of the expenses involved we really had to say no to a reduced day trip fee. Many people have been surprised by that. But consider the costs involved. It was $4,000 just in site rental alone. It is not cheap holding events in Kitsap County!

.....Still need to see about a roving patrol of Peers and Peer-Like Object (PLO's) to put their eyeballs on people partying over the weekend and give them the 'an adult is watching you' look from time to time. It generally works well in moderating parties that seem to be getting loud or crazy. We don't need people being any more silly than normal at this site. Especially when we'll be in such close quarters.

.....Also need to talk about radio channels. Team Haggis III will be on a general radio channel for the weekend. But I may end up carrying a second radio to listen in to the camping coordination on Friday. I also need to gently let the Team know that they should consider having a second radio for personal conversations. Some joking and nonsense is fine and helps break up the tension. But I'm not sure everyone really wants to know what TBT and I are going to do for dinner that evening. :-)

.....Have to make sure that my emergency contact list is in order. I have my instructions and address ready for instant clarification. But need to know who my direct contacts are in the Police Department and Fire Department are. I know they reviewed our site plans and know we'll be at Norseland all this weekend as they reviewed and bought off on the Special Event Application. But when I received the license to actually hold the event, they didn't give me that information. I need to make some phone calls tomorrow.

.....Also need to call Hemley's and Hall's Hauling one last time to make sure we're on the same page for deliveries of dumpster and Biffies this week to site. No frantic calls to them on Friday wondering where in the world they are.

.....Time to get moving.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was actually the first weekend since early May where we didn't have five million things scheduled. Both TBT and I both worked hard to try and make sure we didn't book ourselves for anything either. We both needed a weekend to sleep in and catch up with ourselves at least a little bit. All in all, I think we pretty much succeeded. :-)

.....Friday was one of our only two obligations of the weekend. It was 'Fajita Day' at Conchobar and Eilidh's house over in Port Orchard. They traditionally set aside a weekend in June that is sort of a 'School's Out for Summer' gathering. Most of their friend set are public school teachers, so it makes sense. And since Conchobar and Eilidh come from New Mexico, it also makes sense that Fajita's would be the theme of the Bar-B-Que. :-)

.....Both TBT and I were really tired on Friday and it was our intention to simply make an appearance and leave when we could. But I found the food to be pretty good, the conversation nice, and the evening a pleasant experience to sit out and enjoy in the back yard. The only downer were the mesquitos, which were ferocious!

.....After a while, Conchobar and three other friends of his started on some music. They had a couple of amps set up and a full set. Conchobar sang the primary voice. Mainly '80's music. I found myself really enjoying it. I kept remembering with fondness life in the late '80's and early '90's. Hanging out with friends and playing the music of the day in the garage, or in the living room of the Zombie Zone (the 'communal home' we all rented together as that was all we could afford. :-)).

.....After Conchobar played a set, his band took a break and Nidda and Caius grabbed a couple of ukeleles and sang a couple of songs, including my absolute favorite, Hallelujah. :-) Good stuff. But after that, TBT was starting to fall asleep and really wanted to go home. We'd spent a couple of hours there, and it had flown by, so I packed up our stuff and we went home for the evening.

.....Saturday morning was our ritual Starbucks encounter, after sleeping in for the morning. Even I didn't get out of bed until 7AM, which is extremely late for me. :-) Then it was back home and a clean out of Lobelia. Took a couple of hours to pull everything out and then clean her out some. She started right up when I turned on the master switches, but the hotel batteries will not hold a charge for long at all. We will need to replace them before September Crown.

.....Swept her out and put chemicals in the gray and black water tanks, then grabbed TBT to drop Lobelia up at storage. All the gates were open, so it was easy to put away Lobelia. But when we tried to leave, we found ourselves locked out on the wrong side of the gate! Seems that in all the chaos of June Faire we had paid the Storage Unit late. For $19 they had put a lock-out on our code! I was disgusted. $19? I've had Lobelia stored there for over six years now and this is what I get, and we had even paid the rent. Wow! We need to find a new location to store Lobelia, that's for sure.

.....We had a quick lunch and then met Madrun for a visit to the Baronial Storage Units. The stuff picked up from site later, the stuff that made it into our garages anyway. All of this was collected so it could go back to where it belongs. Which is pretty typical for a June Faire, which usually takes three or four trips back to get everything put away. :-)

.....TBT spent time creating and working on a loom, and I spent Saturday evening researching music for my single entry into KBC next year. With much reluctance I finally gave up any thought of performing on the gemshorn. No matter how much I like it, the gemshorn I play is not qualified really to be called period. Although I really like the sound of it. It has a fingering system much more like a recorder. I could cover a hole or two and play something on it, but I really don't have the time to do the research on it that would be required.

.....So, it is back to the Bass Recorder. I'm going to play some Dowland. 'Lady Hammond's Alman' to be exact. An Elizabethan piece that will be fairly easy to document. There is plenty of period source material to detail how it should be played. Even though it was written by Dowland for a Lute, it is very typical of the day to play his music on other instruments, so extrapolation will be relatively easy. I found a score I liked, and even a digital picture of an extant copy of the Alman, so I'm halfway home. Now I just have to play it well. :-)

.....Today was pretty free-form. I did not feel motivated to any large degree. I did manage to extract the bedroom from the masses of stuff accumulated from June Faire and Honey War. Clothes were put away. SCA 'stuff' was collected and put away. You can now see the Hope Chest and the Dresser Drawers for the first time in three weeks. :-)

.....Laundry was done. Clothes put out for the week. Notes started for meetings I had last week. Nothing completed, but starting them all made me feel better. Then a trip to Gwen's for dinner and to say 'Fare Well' to Truly, who will be leaving us within the next couple of weeks. Rather say, but exciting in the aspect of travel. Sometimes I wish I could travel more. :-) Now, if I could get over my hatred of actually moving, I would be more motivated to find new places in which to travel for work. :-)

.....This week looks to be a little slower than last. THANKFULLY! Items to remember for this week include:

* Complete notes and Action Items from Western Regional Pelican Meeting of last week.
* Complete notes and Action Items from September Crown Meeting of last week.
* Complete arrangements for July Coronation support.
* Get insurance information to Tsuruko so she can submit for Site Insurance and Equestrian Insurance.

.....There are a host of others, but those are the big ticket Must Do's.

.....Time for bed I think.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....We're at the Annual Family Outing at Pacific Beach. TBT, the Rhys Monster and I are camped out in Lobelia in the RV campground of the MWR site. The weather has been a little off this year, but not bad. The beach is as beautiful as ever. I could watch the ocean continuously for hours. The companionship has been good. Three of us in the confined space of Lobelia has been mostly fine. I've mainly been worried about TBT, who came down with a bad cold / cough last week and has been slowly recovering. Today has been the first day that she has been reasonably 'herself'. The Rhys Monster is his own creature on his very own planet. Which makes it a challenge to live in a confined space with him for an extended time period (I'm told the same attitude applies to all teenagers), but we've managed to remain on good terms, which I'll call a win. I've only felt like biting his head off once or twice when I've found his dirty clothes or food scattered about. But I've been a little on edge myself between worrying about TBT and de-stressing from the hectic pace of work.

.....I've managed to avoid plugging into my e-mail more than twice this year. That is rather unusual for me. I usually go into withdrawal if I haven't checked into my e-mail three or four times a day. But I really did need the break and time away from the computer, which is good for me. But I knew that I would have to plug back in at some point. :-)

.....Just saw the word from Countess Melissa that Her Excellency Amanda was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Which makes me all kinds of sad on many levels. But I'll do my best to maintain a positive attitude as that is what it takes to live after such a diagnosis. And Amanda is certainly tackling it upfront with a positive and challenging attitude. If anyone can beat it through sheer will, determination, and positive attitude, it would be her.

.....I'll never forget working around her at 3YC when Countess Melissa managed The Daily Progress. Baroness Amanda just has this, air, about her that is not of this planet. It is a serene regalness that she carries with her whether she is in an SCA persona or in her 'real life'. If she wanted to she could be a Saint without having to even be a member of the Catholic Faith.

.....I fervently wish her the very best, and all my hopes!!!

.....The kite weather was not good yesterday. I could get none of my box type kites to stay in the air to save my life. I finally gave up after an hour or so and watched those who had Delta type kites, or stunt kites, fly them in the limited air movement. The wind picked up later in teh day, and the Rhys Monster demonstrated some really nice moves on his kite. But we didn't try again yesterday.

.....This morning though we trooped on down to the ocean and pulled out the kites and success was had! I launched by Dragon Box Kite right up into the air. It was flying fine, so I tied it to the Gwen Mobile, and pulled out the Box Star Kite. It was beautiful! I had a little bit of a rocky start, but finally got it into the air. I let the string out to its four hundred and twenty five foot limit and let it fly there for a while. Then I started having a problem in that it started to spin and do loop-de-loops. I started pulling it in before it did something crazy, and was glad I did so when it did a huge loop and dove to the ground. I did get it up in the air again, but kept it on a shorter tether.

.....Traced it down to the probability that it was the rather cheap string I was using. It wasn't a nylon kite string with a high tensile strength. It was a plumbing string line we found at Lowes. I could not pull it apart, or tear it without a knife. But what was happening was that it was starting to unravel, or untwist, which was causing it to spin. I need to get a better line for it. I also need to get a good reel for it as well. The reel I was using was not working well. Would also like to try a swivel on it, and put some stringers on it as well.

.....Found out why the $10 kite from Harbour Freight is the $10 kite from Harbour Freight. :-) The bottom line, as always, is 'you get what you pay for'. :-) It is beautiful, but is not balanced well and is made from a cheaper material. We might be able to get it to fly at some point on its own, but it will take some work. Although I'm liking the idea of attaching it as 'line laundry' onto the line with the Star Box. :-)

.....Went to Galway Bay in Ocean Shores for dinner last night. The Irish food was good. The music was TERRIBLE. But was good for a laugh. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, to the point where I was starting to feel sorry for the poor guy. It takes a little guts to put yourself in that position. But still, if you are going to be a professional musician, you need to change your tempo from time to time, change your range, sing music that you can actually sing, and play something besides a synthesizer from time to time. Think the Lounge act from 'The Blues Brothers', but completely devoid of talent. I think I was more disappointed because I was really expecting, hmmm, IRISH MUSIC. :-)

.....Back home tomorrow. Time to get psyched up for the second certification at work this week. This will be the big one. After that one, it really will be downhill from there. Wish I knew what I will be doing at work next month. With the new 'Product Line Management' no one really knows how things are going to play out.

.....Next weekend is the SCA BoD Meeting in SeaTac. I'm actually looking forward to it in the hopes that I'll get some sort of indication of the current mindset and direction of the SCA Corporate. It might go some ways to figuring out how things are going to look for the next couple of years.

.....Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing Countess 'E'. She's always fun to be around. :-)

.....Almost 5:30. I think it is almost dinner time. I should get back to Lobelia before I miss out on grilled steak!!!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was a pleasant weekend at Pacific Beach. The weather was rather cooperative really. The RV Park had only a handful of other campers in it. There was really little to no weekend foo. My only regret is that we couldn't stay out there a few more days. :-)

.....On Friday we made it out of town close to noon. We probably could have made it out earlier, but I was taking a leisurely approach to the day and wasn't really anxious to make it anywhere by any particular time. TBT was excited though, and wanted to get out to the beach as soon as possible. So I finally picked up the pace and finished the laundrey and packing.

.....Lots of road foo was to be had though. We came up to the shooting outside of Allyn (although we didn't know any of the details at the time). Ended up having to turn Lobelia around on a two lane road and taking a detour. Lobelia is much more nimble than she looks though and made it around in fairly short order by taking the Grapeview Loop around all the road happenings.

.....In Hoquiam we were stuck in all of the construction mess there. By the time we made it on to site, we'd been on the road for almost four hours. Almost twice as long as it should have taken. But the destination was worth it. The ocean was beautiful and the weather was awesome. We set up Lobelia in her spot in nothing flat and I took a quick walk on the beach. I love watching the ocean. Could do it for hours on end if allowed. :-)

.....Everyone else made it in within an hour or so after our arrival. Ralph and Ellen had started much earlier than us and had secured our location. We arrived next. Then Bernie & Tsuruko and Richard and Gwen a short time later. Then still later Tom & Guiseppe and finally Loric & Eileen.

.....I sat and yakked for a while, but ended up going to bed fairly early. I call it all camping. But can it really be called camping when you have full power for a microwave, cable television to two TV's in the RV, central heating and running hot water? It was very comfortable camping, that's for sure. :-)

.....Saturday was beautiful. There were some clouds overhead during communal breakfast, but it burned off fairly quickly. We went down to the beach before noon and started flying kites. At one point we had ten flying at one time. I just had my old dragon box kite, by Loric and Richard each had some really colorful and cool looking kites. TBT and Rhys flew his stunt kite and did a really great job with acrobatics. They each had it in the air far longer than ever in the past.

.....After a couple of hours of kite flying we all gathered in the park for lunch and then after an excursion to the local kite shop, we each went our separate ways for the afternoon. Some took naps. I went and soaked in the hot tub for a little while.

.....Dinner was the only real disappointment for the weekend. The Pacific Beach resort is an old government site converted to a DOD resort. There is a restaurant on site and nothing available in town. So we usually eat there at night. This was my third or fourth year at the restaurant and as ususl the food was not good. I'm still trying to recover somewhat. I think that next year I'll be part of the crew that makes the run down to Ocean Shores. Sure, it is a half hour or so drive. But Galways and authentic Irish (and good) food is located there. It'll be worth the drive. :-)

.....Everyone slept in today, with a leisurely breakfast some time after 9AM. Then a leisurely pack up and move out. The drive home went fast. But I was sure tired by the time I made it home. I did some readying for the work week, checked and answered e-mail, worked on the June Faire Board stuff, and then basically collapsed. I think that the minute I hit send on this thing I'll be asleep. :-)

.....For being over a decade old, Lobelia is still running great. She was a good by. Need to get her cleaned out moved back to storage. We have a trip with destiny and Mickey Mouse next weekend. :-)

.....And a whole laundry list of things that must be done this week. Including my last Business Meeting as Seneschal on Thursday. I've been trying not to think on it too much as it will make me sad. But I need to get and stay organized so I turn over something worthy to Oliver.

.....Hmmm, must get a good 'to-do' list done. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....We hadn't heard anything from Clear Creek RV in several days and I hadn't received any return phone calls to the messages I left there, so I stopped by on the way home from work to find out the latest status. Everyone in the County is pulling their RV's out of storage in time for Memorial Day, so Clear Creek was hopping. Apparently, Lobelia has been done for a couple of days now, we just never received a phone call. Or, maybe we did and it is buried on the phone somewhere. :-)

.....Well, the damage was rather intense. For a replacement refrigerator the total came out to $1,800. The generator service was another $120. Updated tabs, which were done on the way out to Silverdale, was another $115. For a grand total of $2,035.

.....Damn! There goes the piggy bank for the time being. No new phones for us for a while. No new nothing for a while.

.....Actually, I'm starting to give serious thought to the comparisons between RV camping and Pavilion Camping. I'm starting to wonder if RV camping is really worth all the extra expense.

.....Let's see. I spent $28,000, plus interest, for the RV. Storage fees are over $1,200 a year. It takes over $300 to fill the gas tank. Normal upkeep is over a $1,000 a year. Invariable, SOMETHING breaks or needs replacing at some point. Conservatively, that's another $500 at least.

.....Compared to pavilion camping. The Panther was $1,200. The 'extras' maybe another $500. Heather, the van, cost $12,000. Her normal upkeep is maybe $500 a year. SOMETHING breaks on her, hmmm, every couple of years, so I'll give it another $500 a year. It costs $80 to fill the tank, and a full tank will get me all the way across the state, and then some. I love the 'perioid' encampment. I like camping in general. I was tired after camping in the pavilion last weekend, but I still enjoyed it.

.....I'll give you that the hour or two set up and then tear down is a pain in the rear. Not having refrigeration and a bathroom / shower are something that I would miss (and did miss). A warm and dry bed is another consideration. But the expense though. The comparisons are not looking good at the moment.

.....I think the only thing really stopping me from taking this to the next step is that we'd probably get next to nothing trying to sell Lobelia. And having Lobelia has been fun.

.....Obviously needs a lot more thought. And maybe some time to put this into better perspective. Maybe making decisions after a major financial shock is not the very best time to make a financial decision.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Greetings All,

.....I'm all packed and ready to head out in Lobelia. She's making me a little temperamental. I had a difficult time getting the refrigerator started. But after a little clean up operation and leveling Lobelia out on the road in front of the house, we have operable conditions again. The water pump is going like mad but I'm not getting a water out of any of the faucets. But Master Ralg tells me that is probably due to the fact that the pump is slowly filling up the hot water tank. I get water when I open the hot water tank and I'm getting a little out of the outdoor shower nearest the water tank itself. And Master Ralg has a tendency to know of what he speaks. So I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best and see what happens.

.....Would be a major bummer to have Lobelia on site and no water. :-) But it is a good warm up run before June Faire. Gives me two weeks to get things fixed.

.....Not looking forward to the gas station and the final fill up. But thems the apples you pay to have an RV.

.....Should be on the road between 9AM and 10AM. Looking forward to a nice and easy ride to Crown. Have lunch in Yakima and be in line when gate opens up.

.....Wish that the Beloved Tamm were going with me. :-(

.....Everyone have a safe trip and see you on site.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was a pretty good day today. I woke up to the Beloved Tamm in the house, ALWAYS a very good thing! I get some reminder of how beautiful she is and I carry that picture throughout the work week. Somehow it helps, especially when the week is really bad.

.....Anyone with spare fingers, please cross them to help in any way possible to ensure that the Seattle Real Estate market stays good. We want the house sold as soon as possible so that we can get her moved over here! :-)

.....More boxes from the Beloved Tamm's house went into the basement. More 'stuff' came out. With the removal of more I started feeling a little more comfortable about how much space is actually available for use down there. I am starting to see in my mind's eye the lay-out with her workshop and the entertainment area. It'll be cool.

.....Ophie came on over today to clean the house upstairs. I was a little embarrassed. I had totally forgotten that she was coming and the kitchen and my room were both a mess. I'm strange, I like having the house at least straightened up before the housekeeper shows up. She doesn't seem to ever be phased, but I get the feeling that some of her clients do not treat her so well. I just love how much work she puts into cleaning up, the place always looks a thousand times better.

.....The afternoon brought Lobelia time. I went and started Spring cleaning inside the RV. Cleaned out the furnace and refrigerator area. Cleaned up the Dry Air stuff. I think that I'll leave them out for a little while longer, at least until the first event in May with Lobelia. I also put up the picture that Their Majesties gave me at Twelfth Night. It was an illuminated picture that proclaimed that Their Majesties Amalric and Caia slept in my RV at Kingdom Bardic last year. I thought it a very cool idea on Their part and love having it hanging up in Lobelia. :-)

.....Had a quick dinner at Cedric and Brighid's house (they made these pulled pork tacos that were mmmmmmm, good). Then I ran home to catch the Loreena McKinnet concert on PBS. I love her music. The concert was FANTASTIC! Even on TV. She's going to be in Bellingham on May 16th. I may have to break down and just go.

.....The concert had everything on the new album. She played a lot of her older stuff as well, including my absolute favorite, 'The Old Ways'. I listen to that over and over again sometimes on the computer when I'm putting together The Crier. Very cool. Easily transports me to a time and place that is very 'elvish' in its make up. Is it just me or is Loreena looking more and more Sylvan the older she gets? :-)

.....Hopefully the purists among you don't hold this preference against me too much. :-)

.....Time for bed. It was a good day, even if I didn't get my 'to-do' list done. Hope it translates into a good week as well. June Faire meeting on Tuesday. Gotta have my agenda scoped out by tomorrow night. Could be something of a busy week.

.....Hope that everyone has a good week! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....May Crown was fun as usual. :-) And as usual, a learning experience! :-)

.....Camping in Lobelia rocks! Especially when it is hot (you have air conditioning), wet (you have a solid roof over your head), the biffys are crowded (you have your OWN toilet!!!), the ground is uncomfortable (you have your own bed). And the very best part!!!??? It takes you 10 minutes to set up and ten minutes to tear down to hit the road!

.....What made this trip so exciting though was how much more fun staying in Lobelia is when you weigh over 200 pounds LESS than you did the year before. I could go ANYWHERE in, under, over, around, through the RV easier and faster than I ever could before. Driving was a breeze now that I can actually fit comfortably in the chair and set the steering wheel at a comfortable angle. I could fit in the shower comfortably and actually move in there.

.....And this is the ULTIMATE wonder (disgusting as it is :-)), I can now actually sit on the toilet and close the door to the bathroom!!!! :-)

.....I had such a good time in Lobelia that I really want to take all this next week off so that I can go camping in it. :-) Sigh! Back to work tomorrow I go.

.....I made it to site around 1630 on Friday. I met Brighid and Cedrid at the Indian Hill Rest Area and we went into Ellensburg for lunch, then to site. Set up and wandered for a while. Helped some others set up. Set up the Baronial Pavilion, and then did dinner (with Ralg and Ellen) and then did dinner again (with Brighid, Cedric and the bunch).

.....Wandered around site on Friday evening. For a while with Brighid, Countess Elizabeth and a very drunken Gwendolyn of Castle Court. Gwendolyn is one of my Deputies (Listings) and she is an amazingly talented and organized person. It was rather good to see her just hanging out and having some fun. :-) Brighid and I finally left them at Gulenay's vigil and wandered back to the John Wolfstan encampment. They are a very cool group. Sir John has a dedicated household and they work hard at making things look and feel right. His wife Alyna is very nice and of course his Squire Eadric and HIS wife Katerina make a nice addition to their household.

.....Spent some time with the irreverent Rapier Boys of Dragon's Laire (and their cohorts). They are a lot of fun! I really like them all. They also work hard at setting up a really nice encampment. A lot of Panther and Panther-like pavilions and all kinds of accouterments(the hanging lights were a nice touch).

.....I went to bed at around midnight. It rained most of the night.

.....The next day I didn't feel all that hot. So it was only a light breakfast before Pelican meeting at 1000. Finally came to the realization of why the regional meetings and process goes the way it goes and why it is so slow. At any given Kingdom event you only have one hour for everyone to come together and come to a consensus. With three Principalities and two other regions, that hour goes by freakin' fast. Any serious contender needs to have their ducks in a row to make it through the process. Sigh!

.....Wandered through the afternoon. Watched some of the finals, attended at least part of the Investiture Court. Saw Duke Gunnar made a Lion of An Tir (way cool). Took a trip to see the wonder of the the 'Pee Grotto'. I would say more about this, but promised Brighid that I would let her talk about the experience. :-)

.....GOT MY BOOKS AUDITED BY THL SARA!!! :-) Actually, it was a pleasant experience. I spent several years as the Dragon's Laire Exchequer and it was not my favorite place in the SCA. I absolutely HATED the Doomsday Report. But I found out later that the reason I hated it so much was that no one had ever sat down and showed me how to do it right. The budget for the Kingdom Chronicler's office is so much smaller in comparison that it is a lot easier to see how everything fits together and works. Now that I have figured out how to do the report correctly, it isn't so bad. Sara reviewed my books and pointed out a few things I could do better and signed me off as successful. I was gratified. :-)

.....I was surprized with several Birhtday Presents during dinner that evening. I generally don't like Birthday presents. Mainly because I'm always forgetting someone's special occassion and feeling guilty about forgetting. Or driving myself nuts trying to figure out what someone wants for a present. I thought long ago that if I stopped promoting the need for presents, people would stop giving me presents and the vicious cycle would end. But it doesn't! :-) For which I am grateful. Guess I'll just have to figure out how to deal with the guilt. :-) Mistress Gwenllyn got me a hanging Trailer Trash Pink Flamingo for the RV. Mistress Tsuruko got me a stuffed Pelican and THL Eileen got me a set of Pelican earrings. :-) Hey, presents are cool I guess. :-)

.....BUT, the best present of the day came from Marquessa Laurellen. She gave me a locket of her hair! :-) I have a locket of Nimue's hair that I keep in a glass charm that I wear to all SCA events. I haven't decided whether I need to braid the hair of the two most beautiful women in the SCA together and place them in one locket or two get a separate one just for Marquessa Laurellen's. I'm leaning towards a separate one. The beauty and genius of both Marquessa Laurellen and Nimue must be appreciated separately, in their own environment. Like fine wine, mixing them would just ruin the taste. :-) But beyond the freakishness of such a request, having a locket of Laurellen's hair will be an inspiration, as it should be. :-)

.....Woke up Sunday to a bunch of meetings. The first one was cancelled, although the heralds called it and we scrambled to make it. :-) It was the Financial Committee Meeting. But having a cancelled meeting meant BREAKFAST. :-) Which I just had time to make before Curia. I had this nicely written report. If I had just read it I would have been fine, but I'm not a wonderful public speaker and missed about half of what I was going to say. Did the same on the July Coronation report. Her Excellency Brighid jumped in with some important information. I snapped at her just a little bit and now His Highness thinks I'm mean. Sigh! What a way to make a first impression. Made it through the Seneschal's meeting at 1130 and then ran for the RV. Was revving up the engine at 1145 to hit the road.

.....Everyone was nervous about the soft ground, especially Master Ralg and HE Barnet. They weren't sure that they were going to make it through the bog. I put Lobelia in drive and gunned her across the field. Then Master Ralg yelled at me and damn it, I slowed down, and promptly sank into the bog! Damn! Damn! Damn! I tried inching my way out, and sank some more. Tried going back and forth, no luck. Revved the engine in several different directions, still no luck.

.....But a cool thing happened. At least a dozen people all just appeared and started helping. Several people threw would in the mud ruts. Several people even tried to help push. I really was gratified for the help. It was a good reminder about the real generosity of the majority of the people who play in the SCA. Finally had Richard hook a tow rope to his truck and between the two of us managed to get out of the bog. I helped fish out the wood from the mud and then hit the road. Found out later that right after I left they opened a back gate to let everyone out. So my bog experience was a lesson for everyone. :-)

.....Made it home in a little over four hours. Really good time, relatively little traffic on the road. Lobelia is sitting in my driveway now. I think that I'm going to just leave her there until June Faire. It'll give me a chance to really clean her out for the year.

.....See you all later, Aaron / Arontius.
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Woo! Hoo! Just about to hit the road! Lobelia (my RV) and I are going to hit the 0900 Seattle-Bremerton Ferry, be in Seattle around 1000 and hit I-90. With any luck I'll be in Moses Lake between 2PM and 3PM.

See as many of you as possible at May Crown! :-)

Arontius / Aaron.


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