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.....The weekend went by so fast. Wish I had another day or two to get caught up with a few things.

.....Spent most of the morning on Saturday wrestling with the computer and the iPod. They didn't seem to want to talk to each other and the desktop was being more frisky than usual. Finally kicked itself into CHKDSK mode and spent the rest of the day reading all the hard drives. But when I finally checked in again later in the evening, it seemed to have cleared itself up and it even obliged in a conversation with the iPod. Oh, well, as long as it was only temperamental and not dead. I should be happy.

.....Went with TBT and some others to see 'True Grit'. I'm a heavy John Wayne fan, so I was really not sure about this movie. But enjoyed it far more than I anticipated. The story itself was engaging. Loved the characterizations. The language was way cool too. Definitely worth a second look. And, really, it was so much different than the John Wayne version that I could easily, in my mind, separate the two into totally separate genres.

.....Went out to do some shopping at JoAnn's and then stopped for dinner at Taco Bell. Bad Move! Had their taco salad and nachos. The shell was oily and tasted outdated. The 'cheese' sauce totally came out of 7-11's second hand bin. Went away feeling slightly 'off' and that feeling didn't really leave until Sunday afternoon.

.....Woke up for the usual Starbucks run on Sunday, with just enough time to spare to get a handful of chores done before running off to the Manchester Fuel Depot for the Sunday Fight Practice.

.....What a turnout! By time all was said and done there were at least five heavy fighters and maybe eight or ten rapier fighters. A large group of people were watching as well with handwork to do. A good turn out. Pernell even showed up with work to do on one of the shop lathes. Go Pernell! :-)

.....Lots of excitement generated though. The Blatha An Oir Rapier Marshall went home and immediately posted about the huge hall available for practice and urged people to carpool to the next one in February. Jahnkin may end up having more people at his Sunday Fight Practice in February than normally show up for work on a daily basis! I doubt he is worried though. :-)

.....Spent a lot of time watching the heavy fighters. Must remember to acknowledge the rapier fighters as well next time.

.....Busy week in the offering. Tuesday night starts TBT's 'Rectangular Construction Class'. We had originally scheduled a Serjeantry discussion for that Fight Practice, but we're going to push out the timetable for that to happen. Originally we were going to take letters of intent at Candlemas. There are still a handful of things to work out, and we decided to not rush things. So we're going to have a discussion at Candlemas, with letters of intent to be accepted at June Faire. I hadn't wanted to wait that long. But there has been so much to do that things haven't been as organized as they could have been.

.....Ursulmas next Saturday. Must remember to pick up mats from Lobelia so I can pass them to Cedric and Brighid on Tuesday. They plan on being on site on Friday and will lay out the mats on some good territory for Dragon's Laire. The mats are rather large, so we should get enough space for everyone to gather for the day. Plus, having the mats on the ground will make it nice for others to bring carpets to lay on top.

.....The day will be long, but enjoyable I'm sure. Not sure how long Court will be though, and should probably be prepared with something to do.

.....I think there is at least one other meeting this week. Must consult the calendar before bed. We've been doing relatively well on the quest to meet with the various sub-groups of the Barony. Don't want to miss any one by accident. If people think something is worth getting organized to do than it is important for us to recognize them for taking that step.

.....Hmmm, I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting too and I can't seem to remember what it is. Need to stop this now and go log on to the calendar. Time for bed anyway.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I had thought about going back to September Crown today to watch the Tournament, but TBT still wasn't feeling 100% this morning and we did end up sleeping in some today. By the time we did our usual Starbucks run it was running almost 11AM and I gave up all pretense of thinking of going back to Chehalis. Although part of me is now wishing I had gone. It sounded like an epic finals, between Duke Thorin and Sir Skeggi. With Sir Skeggi as the victor.

.....I was just starting out my term as Kingdom Chroniclet when Sir Skeggi last wore the Crown. I learned a LOT during that reign. :-)

.....Yesterday was actually a good day. After coming to the conclusion that TBT was not going to come with me I made it on the road before 8AM. I think I bought out everything Albertsons had to offer in the way of pita bread, which was the donation of TBT and myself for the Crown feasting tables.

.....It was a two hour drive to site, but it was fun to rock out to music and a noise level the was probably higher than is recommended for keeping ones hearing intact. :-) The drive went by fast and the site was relatively easy to find.

.....Glymm Mere has a nice site in this farm, I hope they use it for other events in the future. Although it was a little disheartening to realize that this site was noted to be many dozens of feet under water during the last big flood of the area several years ago. :-)

.....Once on site I found the R.V. encampment right away and parked the Subaru in the space I had saved for Lobelia. After getting dressed I started schlepping stuff to their various locations. The shoes and dog kennel went to the Baronial Encampment. The ton of pita bread went to Her Excellency's pavilion.

.....I meant to go to the Chronicler's Meeting, but I ended up talking to various people I haven't seen in a while. I was actually glad I had that opportunity as it was good to catch up with people.

.....The Seneschal's meeting was interesting. It was scheduled online and by Master James for Saturday, but for some reason the site copy had it scheduled for Sunday. It was only a small gathering, but good conversation was had. I thought it was interesting that Master Ljotr and Viscountess Nedezdha both wanted their old jobs back. :-)

.....I wandered through Merchant's Row after that and stuck my head into the Apprentice Tea. I ended up looking at Madrun's stellar cardweaving for a bit. Her silk weaving is absolutely brilliant. I was going to chat a bit longer, but the organizers wanted to slap a name tag on me and have me REALLY stay a while, but I wasn't really interested. :-)

.....I took a small nap while waiting for the Pelican Meeting. then had an interesting conversation with Jahnkin and Adelheid on Sargeantry. It helped straighted a few ideas out in my mind. No matter who is selected to wear the next Coronets, it will be interesting to see where we end up taking Sargeantry.

.....The Pelican meeting went a lot better than I expected, albeit an hour and fifteen minutes long. :-) We may need to learn something from the Laurel's. They were in-and-out in less than a half hour. ;-)

.....After a quick dinner hour it was time for the Royal Contenders gathering on the Erics. In reality it was a lot different than what I envisioned. But I quite enjoyed the results. The Irish Rovers and the Culinary Guild (with Rycheza and Matt in charge) had a fantastic offering. As did a large number of other groups.

.....The actual introduction of the 'Contenders' was lengthy, lasting well into the night. But I think the idea ended up being a good one for pageantry and maybe saving some time in the processional the next day.

.....They were not even two-thirds done before I started getting really tired and it was starting to get dark. I wanted to get off-site before full dark hit as I wasn't sure of the road. So I high tailed it out of there, right after Gwenllyn and Talia.

.....The drive home was actually not bad, and I was never in danger of falling asleep after getting pulled over three times by the police for a burned out head-lamp. :-) But I made it home by 10PM and crawled into bed.

.....Today was much slower, but I did get a few things done. I finished up a circlet order, which was exciting in its own right as the orders have been on the slow side this year. Then TBT and I went out for lunch and a little shopping, including the purchase of new headlights for both of our cars. :-) Which were changed out fairly rapidly upon return to home.

.....We finished the day with dinner at Gwen's where TBT is working on the still that Gwen made me. TBT is glazing it in Fleur-De-Lys' and arabesque patterning in glazing colors. It's going to look quite cool.

.....'Clash Of The Titans' was on the viewing agenda. It wasn't GOOD, but it wasn't horrible either. :-)

.....On tomorrow's agenda are the chores that need to be done before the work week starts, and Mom will want to get some shopping done. I should check the iPod as I think there are other things I wanted to get done as well.

.....YAWN, Aaron / Arontius. :-)
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.....This was mentioned on an SciFi Feed, a Goro Miyazaki (son of Hayao Miyazake) produced animated film. I like the Ursula K. Le Guin stories, and if Goro learned all of his father's animated film secrets and story-telling ability, this could be quite the entertaining picture. Although it is another one of those set of stories with a depth to them that could really go BAD when translated to the T.V. or movie screen (think 'Dune'). I think I'd like to see it though.

.....IMBD has the write up here: <>

.....Here is the synopsis: "Tales from Earthsea. Something bizarre has come over the land. The kingdom is deteriorating. People are beginning to act strange... What's even more strange is that people are beginning to see dragons, which shouldn't enter the world of humans. Due to all these bizarre events, Ged, a wandering wizard, is investigating the cause. During his journey, he meets Prince Arren, a young distraught teenage boy. While Arren may look like a shy young teen, he has a severe dark side, which grants him strength, hatred, ruthlessness and has no mercy, especially when it comes to protecting Teru. For the witch Kumo this is a perfect opportunity. She can use the boy's "fears" against the very one who would help him, Ged. Written by Anime News Network."

.....I thought TBT, and maybe the Rhys Monster, might be really interested though.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....You know, I'm quite picky at how my King Arthur is portrayed on screen (with the possible exception of Monty Python :-)). My nose goes up in the air whenever I watch a Shakespeare adaptation (EDITED, OMG!!!). And watching Tolkien interpretations usually makes my stomach crawl.

.....But, for some reason I'm looking forward to the upcoming Robin Hood movie. Go figure. With Russel Crowe, none-the-less (and I'm certainly NOT a fan of Russel Crowe).

.....The only reasons I can figure is that I grew up reading many different re-telling of the legend and that I was really young when I watched in delight as Errol Flynn battled Basil Rathbone for the heart of Olivia DeHaviland. :-)

.....So, if Errol Flynn had played Aragorn, would I have liked Peter Jackson's poor attempt at Tolkien, better? Something I'll have to ponder I guess. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....We were over at Gwen's last night and watched 'Army of Darkness'. Lot's of quotables from that movie. Definitely a guilty pleasure as it is a very BAD movie! :-) But funny none the less, at least to me. :-) I had to go and find a few icons for this today. :-) This icon has one of my favorites from the movie. :-)

.....I'm not sure if this is making up for it, but I caught 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' on T.V. A Terry Gilliam favorite of mine. Not necessarily a 'good' movie either (I'm not entirely sure what the critics thought of it). But it's one of those movies I can see a million times and still watch it again. :-)

.....Was drooling at the Amazon Web-Site and saw that Guy Gavriel Kay is coming out with a new book soon. 'Under Heaven' is the name of it. Looks like it is going to be set in a Ancient Chinese setting. Kay is one of those authors who can be really, really good or really, really boring. I absolutely love 'The Fionavar Tapestry' trilogy. 'The Sarantine Mosaic' is excellent! But I was bored with 'Tigana' and 'A Song for Arbonne'. 'The Last Light of the Sun' (a 'Norse' retelling) was an absolute bore. We'll see how this one turns out. I haven't read a whole lot of good stuff lately and am in the mood for some good epic fantasy.

.....Definitely a lazy day. Only completed a few chores (cleaned litter boxes, took out the trash and cleaned the kitchen). I should probably do more, but probably will not. Three day weekends are definitely rejuvanating. :-) And it was a long and frustrating week last week, even without the Big Boss on site. Next week does not look promising either.

.....I did call Mom to see if she wanted to get her weekly shopping done. She stalled for a few minutes and then sheepishly asked if I would call her tomorrow as she wanted to finish watching the Daytona 500 on T.V. I hung up laughing. The Rogers' family Oklahoma roots shine through once again. Reading Tolkien is probably the only thing that prevents us from being total White Trash. :-)

.....TBT and I went to Druim Doineann's 'Holly and Ivy' event yesterday. TBT went there to teach a couple of classes. I probably should have stayed home and done some chores, but TBT was planning a discussion on the subject of a Royal Patron. I was interested in hearing this discussion and seeing what kind of questions would be asked by the citizenry of Druim Doineann, so I tagged along.

.....I was remembering the time when Dragon's Laire was interested in having Royal Patrons and we sought out Earl Sir Strider and Countess Kathryn to fulfill this roll. There were some objections to doing this back then and I was curious to see if Druim Doineann had the some sort of dissension. But really I should have known better. Dragon's Laire in the late '80's was a much different place than Druim Doineann in 2010. The citizens of Clallam and Jefferson Counties have a different mindset than those who reside in Kitsap County. Comparing the two for similarities would be like comparing apples and mushrooms for taste. They just shouldn't be compared.

.....TBT emphasized how a Royal Patron could bring the Kingdom into Druim Doineann and introduce people and concepts and arts and expertise that wouldn't normally travel to Druim Doineann. This would be of great advantage to Druim Doineann. They want to learn new art and new ways of doing things, so I could see this as being a good thing for them.

.....They mentioned the fact that they have a very rural outlook on things and don't necessarily want to change that a great deal. I hadn't thought of that per se. One of the things that really drew me to the SCA was the pageantry. The chivalry and 'aires' and formalness that comes with dealing with great people and noble concepts. These are things that bring a little thrill to my being as they are things that touch my soul.

.....I'll have to give this some thought and remember it when I think of Druim Doineann. The things they want aren't necessarily the things I cherish. After the discussion I looked at my conversations with them, and observed the conversations they had with each other, in a new light.

.....Lots of good conversation during the day with Her Excellency Brighid, Conchobar and Eilidh, Ki and Eliza, Madrun, and others. A good day all in all.

.....A long day too. We made it back into Silverdale around 6PM and went looking for someplace to have dinner. Silverdale was just packed with people out for a Valentine's Day dinner! All of our favorite places were crowded. We finally ended up going to our 'Crappy Chinese Buffet' as we hadn't been there for a while. And I was reminded why rather quickly. :-)

.....Then we ran over to Gwen's to pick up Rhys, where we found the entire household caught up in Farmville! A whole new batch of corrupted people! :-) We watched 'Army of Darkness' and then caught this week's episode of 'Project Runway'. Sigh, another guilty pleasure of mine. Kinda embarrassing too. The guys at work I think would tease me completely if they knew I watched it. :-)

.....Hard to believe that next week is Candlemas. I'd like to pull out my gemshorn and play some at the event. I do not think I'm doing any judging, but there will be some interesting things there to see. If I'm properly motivated, maybe I'll bring some dance stuff too.

.....Maybe we can persuade RedBow to bring one of her new Ocarina's and play something for us too. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....TBT, Rhys and I met Tsuruko and Ellen on Bainbridge Island today to watch 'Mongol' at the Lynnwood theatre. I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I might. The photography was beautiful, from the landscape to the battle scenes, it was really well done cinematragraphically (if that is indeed a real word :-)). Seriously made me want to jump on a plane and visit Khazakstan and the Mongolian Steppes.

.....The characterization was quite well done also. The story jumped a lot at times but there was still a solid plot in place. I am not enough of an offianado of Genghis Khan's life to know how close the story followed his life (as known), but certainly made me want to read more on the subject.

.....The costuming seriously grabbed TBT's attention though. She was thinking that the costuming was pretty authentic. It looked really good to me. I'd like to have an outfit or two of that style.

.....This was supposedly just the first part of a trilogy of movies. I'm looking forward to seeing the next one.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Did you all see this? (Taken from )

LOTR Vets in Terry Pratchett’s ‘Colour of Magic’ on Sky One
Posted in: Christopher Lee, Sean Astin

LOTR veterans are lending their talents to Sky One’s upcoming Easter weekend broadcast of Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Colour of Magic.’ Sean Astin has a feature on-screen role as Twoflower, while Christopher Lee voices ‘Death.’ For complete details, check out the official ‘The Colour of Magic’ website. Thanks to Rowena_Boat for the heads up!
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.....Taken from the LJ SciFi Feed...

Stargate: Ark Debuts In March

Stargate: The Ark of Truth, a feature-length movie that continues the story of SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate SG-1, debuts on DVD March 11 from MGM Home Entertainment.
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.....It's just one of those mornings, I guess. Hopefully it is a sign that today will be more laid back than the rest of the week was. :-)

.....A friend sent me the below CNN review of the upcoming Beowulf movie. I have read Beowulf many times (and many different translations :-)), but I don't have the same emotional investment in seeing it on the movie screen as I did with Tolkien. For one thing, there is no way anyone in our century could even hope to accurately translate the language and poetry of Beowulf to a modern production. No matter how it is done it'll be so different as to not even be comparable. Unless you went with something that tried to emulate the story-telling / vaguely operatic style in which Beowulf was originally told, in which case there would be no way you could sell this to the general public. :-)

.....Be that as it may, I'm curious to see how this works. Mainly because I saw The Polar Express and found it to be rather creepy. The computer imagery is amazing, but the blank look / lack of any real life in all the characters eyes really jarred me. We'll see if it is any better here.

.....Aaron / Arontius.

.....By Tom Charity
.....Special to CNN
.....(CNN) -- History is repeating itself. More than 50 years ago, Hollywood embraced big-screen formats (CinemaScope, VistaVision) and 3-D to protect the movie business from television. Now, with the box office under threat from at-home viewing, industry watchers have noted spectacular returns for features released on the large-screen IMAX circuit.
.....So, though it's also going out in conventional theaters, there's no question that Robert Zemeckis envisaged his CGI-animated epic "Beowulf" for IMAX 3-D. (Zemeckis knows the value of IMAX -- the format's biggest feature-film hit is his 2004 film "The Polar Express.") When it comes to riding a golden fire-breathing dragon into a blizzard of oncoming arrows, a bootleg on your desktop just isn't going to cut it.
....."Beowulf," the original action-adventure yarn -- it's the oldest epic narrative verse written in the English language, dating back to the eighth century -- has been spiked with enough risque business and healthy splatterings of gore to make it unsuitable for kids (the rating is PG-13). But it's a full-on feast for the rest of us: exciting and even exhilarating at times, with considerably more shading than the bloody "300."
There's precious little poetry in this free adaptation by screenwriters Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, but their sharp spin on the story puts a psychological face on the ancient fable.
.....The story concerns the title warrior, who arrives in Denmark in the year 507 to do battle with Grendel, a giant, pustulant, suppurating demon that terrifies the Danish court whenever they're in their mead cups, which is often. Beowulf is voiced by Ray Winstone, whose motion-captured alter ego is a buff blonde who looks more like the young Sean Bean.
.....If there's something irritatingly cocky about a Geat who strips naked to fight a supernatural being on equal terms (Zemeckis goes to "Austin Powers" lengths to hide Beowulf's manhood), his adversary is a curiously sympathetic figure resembling a refugee from Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds exhibition.
Sure, Grendel has an anger management problem, but then he is stuck with appallingly noisy neighbors, egged on by a beer-bellied Dionysus, King Hrothgar, the demon's own dad (Anthony Hopkins, whose paunch is one 3-D effect too many).
.....Beowulf wins this bout, but hasn't reckoned on tackling the monster's mum (Angelina Jolie, also semi-tastefully au naturel).
.....If there's something perverse about assembling a cast like this (Brendan Gleeson, John Malkovich and Robin Wright Penn are also on duty) only to coat them in a kind of cosmetic digital wax, the actors' personalities do come through, and the facial rendering is less creepily plastic than in "Polar Express." In as much as Beowulf himself is capable of nuance -- doubt, shame, regret, as well as courage -- it's there on screen, right along with his rippling biceps and his nasal hair. Only the dull and robotic eyes give the game away.
.....So is this the future of cinema?
....."Beowulf" is an excellent showcase for the advantages of computer-generated animation. When Grendel's mother emerges from the slime as the delicately airbrushed Angelina, her feet are cloven stilettos and her long ponytail curves behind like a dragon's tail. It's quite a costume. (And if La Jolie isn't feeling quite so pretty one day, presumably her motion-controlled simulacrum could extend her prime for as long as audiences care to watch.)
As with traditional animation, if the economics are right, CG seems a good fit for larger-than-life stories: comic book adaptations, sci-fi, horror and myth. It's a significant chunk of the market.
.....But don't bet on the 3-D portion of the equation staying the course. It's fun to see the Paramount logo and feel like you could start climbing that mountain, but after we've been poked and prodded by spears and swords, escaped falling masonry, admired heaving bosoms and plunged into icy depths, the novelty becomes a distraction. The glasses have improved, but not enough. They're still an encumbrance, and you get ghosting and blurring along with your lap dance.
.....And, oddly, 3-D's biggest flaw is false perspective. Too often figures stick out against the landscape like cardboard cutouts in a pop-up book. In a pagan spectacle like "Beowulf," that can be passed of as part and parcel of the pageantry; but in the hands of a less skillful storyteller, it could soon become a pain in the (flat) behind.
.....But "Beowulf" mostly delivers on its promise. Expect long queues at specialized screens, and more exhibitors jumping on the technology in time for James Cameron's "Avatar" in 2009.
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.....I allowed myself to sleep in this morning until 8AM. Had some diet soda, my vitamins and protein shake, and went to work. :-)

.....Down in the basement was THE MONSTER. A HUGE pile of clothes, eight to ten feet in diameter and about five and a half feet tall. It was the majority of the Gold Key clothing owned by the Barony. I've been washing it a load at a time ever since June Faire. The thirty-fifth load went through the dryer this evening. I folded and loaded about eight bins before noon. Loaded another six after dinner. The pile has been reduced to about three bins full of clothes. I have to buy a few replacement bins tomorrow to put this clothing into and then take them to the storage unit. Then I'll be DONE with it.

.....It should be a requirement that every long time player in a group have a chance to do a little bit of every office that makes up a branch. That way you can truly appreciate what that officer does in the course of an event. I know with certainty that I NEVER want to be the Gold Key officer. :-) I promise to never again complain about lugging Gold Key bins to or from an event. I know that it could be a lot worse, I could be running the office! :-)

.....Got the two lawns mowed! Huzzah! They look a hundred times better even though they still need a lot of work. Can't wait until July Coronation is over so that I can do some of the other stuff that needs done. The trimming the weeding the cleaning. I love my back yard when it is all cleaned up. It feels very much like some glade in a forest.

.....Fixed the garage door. The mechanism stuck in a gear and I had to take it apart, including unwinding the cables. Took a lot of cursing and swearing and bruised knuckles, but I finally fixed it.

.....Got the shopping done, my own laundry finished and was still able to get pretty much caught up on July Coronation 'Must-Go-Do-Its'. I feel pumped up and ready for the week. :-)

.....Got to spend some time with Laurellen yesterday. Got the grand tour of the house. Saw some excellent stuff that she had been using for show-and-tell at her embroidery class. I was super impressed! Got to see the work upstairs. I'd hire Laurellen to contract for me anytime. :-)

.....Went and saw X-Men, which was hmmm, O.K., but disappointing. And cheesy. When Professor Xaviar dies, do they HAVE to make him face the camera and give that cheesey smile to it? Ugh! I half-expected Luke Skywalker to jump out and start attacking storm-troopers or Michael Valentine to suddenly discorporate. Very cliche-ic, but the movie was filled with cliche.

.....You know what I think would make a cool movie, or better yet, a long mini-series, would be Heinlein's 'Stranger In A Strange Land'. It's my favorite Heinlein. It would be difficult to get it into a three hour movie, true, but a well done mini-series might make it work.

.....After the movie went to this really good Japanese restaurant. One of those where the chef works on your meal right at the table. The food was really good. I'll have to go back there again.

.....Well, off to get a few last things done before the week starts. Gonna be another busy one.



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