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.....For some reason I have a few spare minutes. Rather unusual. I have all my reports and paperwork ready for the Business Meeting. I have a 'to-do' list that is about ten miles long. But there isn't enough time to get started on anything. So I'm sitting here rummaging through Live Journal. :-)

.....Even though there is much happening, it is September Crown that seems to hold most of my attention. For two extreme reasons. I actually like Autocratting events. I like building a Team. I like seeing that Team come together and actually build something cool. Because each Team Haggis is made up of a different set of people, each event shepherded by a Team Haggis is unexpected in its outcome. There are always exciting things that happen.

.....I look forward to building Team Haggis IV some day. I will have stepped down by then and will not feel the absolute need to incorporate everyone in the Barony in the process. I plan on going to certain people and asking them to take on roles for the Team, just so I can see the final outcome. I've got ideas on a Twelfth Night bid. Certainly NOT something that is going to happen for a number of years. But I've got ideas. :-)

.....Although the jury is still out on this September Crown. It's going to happen. Just what adventures happen because of it are difficult to say. We'll see.

.....I would seriously like to take a few moments this weekend to clean the house. It is looking really, really bad. I don't think we've done a complete set of laundry in many weeks now. The cat boxes have been scooped, but really need a cleaning. The kitchen is rather gross. It'll take just a couple of hours to bring it into something resembling close-to-normal.

.....There is a pile of stuff in the garage that needs organization as well. A lot of it will have to go to Crown at the end of the month. It has to move so I can actually get into the garage from the front doors. Most will get loaded into the U-Haul. But there are other things that need to be loaded from there as well. We'll need every single table that we can muster. I've got several heavy duty tables stored in the back, plus a couple of plywood-work stand tables, that can be loaded into the U-Haul.

.....Several people have tried to convince me that we need to camp with the Barony, and there is a part of me that is tempted. But with everything happening and my anxieties about the site itself, I'm still on the 'let's stay in Lobelia' side of things. Which means we have to remember to get some work on her booked. If we get that work done at Imperial the week of Crown, we can drive Lobelia the half-mile to site after the battery work is done. Nice deal. :-)

.....Tomorrow night we'll run up to the picnic and see about the campers and the set-up of site. Gwenllyn has had a rough couple of weeks. I'm hoping that the weekend will be relaxing for her. It should be pretty quiet.

.....TBT wants to do some archery. I'm not sure what I want to do during the day. I'll have to root through my stuff and see what looks appealing. I'll have to fight the urge to want to start taking hay bales to the September Crown site. :-)

.....During the day, probably at several different intervals, we'll be watching the Serjeantry Candidates perform their dance and bardic recitals for the Trials. Several have family obligations to attend later in the day and so will have to finish their performances early. I'm hoping the rest will be able (and want to) stay at least until after the picnic dinner and for the start of bardic to perform. It would be a great way to start the bardic fire session.

.....We did the dancing last year during the later part of the afternoon. So we may end up doing that as well. I need to remind the candidates to not give verbal 'help' during the dancing. That help was not very helpful to Talon on Tuesday. I'm at least partially to blame on that one as well as I was trying to be 'helpful'. The version of the dance music Talon was using was different than any I was used to hearing, so it threw me off. I had to remind myself many times that there are as many variations of steps and music as there are dance ministers in the world.

.....Theodoric is leading the pot-luck dinner on Saturday evening. He'll make sure we have a great main course. If last year's pot-luck was an indication of what to expect, we'll not go away hungry, that's for sure.

.....TBT and Madrun are busy preparing the A&S Siege contest for Saturday. Even *I* do not know what the secret ingredient is this year. It's always a hoot though. I still have the puppet that Mael-Duim made in my image with last year's secret ingredients. :-)

.....We're not camping on site this year, so we'll head off for home late at night on Saturday. And then come back on Sunday for the tear-down of site. I don't think it'll take long. I wish we could leave everything set up for the next weekend's Huntsman's Challenge, but apparently we've been told that everything has to come down.

.....I'm hoping though we still get everything buttoned up in time to get home early so I can get some chores done before we go back to work on Monday.

.....I suppose I should pull myself together for tonight's Business Meeting. It'll be here soon. Oliver's second-to-last. I wonder if he is feeling sad? Or more relieved? I can't tell and don't really want to pry. It's been a tough year for him.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Normally, I can get the voices in my head to all go in one general direction. But today, nothing I do seems to convince them to come together from the five different directions they are currently going. :-) I'm hoping that concentrating on a Live Journal entry will calm them down a little. :-)

.....August is certainly shaping up to be one hopping busy month. I'm looking at my calendar and practically every single day on through September 4th has something scheduled. I think we'll survive, but survive with sanity intact? I am not laying odds on that one yet.

.....This weekend is the Baronial Picnic. I had originally thought that maybe we could camp on site that weekend. That is not going to happen. Too many things to get done. I'll come out on Friday night. Then TBT and I will spend the day there on Saturday. I'm hoping to travel out there Sunday to help with the break-down, and will most likely at least make the drive up there.

.....Saturday itself should be relaxing for the most part. It is mainly a gathering of the Populace to sit together and share some good times. THL Theodoric is in charge of the picnic feasting (at least the main dish), with the rest being provided by PotLuck. The day itself is scheduled to have the Arts & Sciences Siege Competition (which is a lot of fun). The Archery Ranges will be in operation. There are a number of games in the offering as well, like Bocce (maybe glow-in-the-dark if scheduled right :-)).

.....There is some Serjeantry scheduled as well. We'll have a small Court where those who completed their Quests this year will give a summation of what they did, and then declare their Quests for the upcoming year. I'm looking forward to hearing their words, and seeing the reaction from the audience. All who undertook Quests this year completely understood our intent and set the bar high on initial Quest accomplishment. TBT and I are very pleased with the results. I hope the Quest concept as molded by this class of Serjeantry continues to build on the success. It could be a great way to reinvent the Serjeantry all together as a concept.

.....The current class of Serjeantry Candidates have some activity this weekend as well. Their bardic and dance presentations. Which we will NOT make them do as a part of Court. :-) I'm hoping that in a more relaxed setting, the candidates will be more at ease and will involve the audience more into what they present. At least that is my hope.

.....The following weekend of August 11th and 12th is the Huntsman's Challenge as sponsored by Dragon's Laire. It is billed as a Archery themed event, even though there will be other activities as well. TBT and I will go out there during the day on Saturday. I'm going to try again to go out there on Friday to see how the set-up is going. But we'll play that one by ear. On Sunday though, I'd like to be out there to see if maybe we could take a load of hay bales away to the September Crown site. I have not mentioned that to Barnet yet, so I need to corner him shortly. It may not be doable, but it would help reduce the next weekend's workload a bit.

.....I'm actually looking forward to seeing the York rounds shot. Rather an inspiring site watching those arrows arch high in the sky on their way to the target. Not many sites these days can accommodate a York Round, so we're hoping that the archery community in the area will take advantage of the opportunity.

.....The following Saturday of August 18th is the Day of Trials for Serjeantry. The culmination of a lot of angst and hard work from a number of people this year, and not just the candidates. :-) Dame Ellen, I'm sure, has had several hair pulling sessions trying to deal with us. THL Madrun has had a number of interpretation arguments with us as well. But it is all starting to come together. The candidates number eight at this time (Cedric, Morgan, Talon, Jenae, Magdalena, Albrecht, Caius and Nidda). They've been working hard, doubly so if you count all the things they are doing in addition to the Serjeantry requirements. But I have high hopes for them. It'll be a full day at the VFW Hall outside Silverdale.

.....The weekend of August 25th and 26th is the final weekend before September Crown. The last minute opportunity to pull everything together to make the event the following weekend. I'm angsting mightily over the site, overly so. But only because it is an untried site. There will be surprises. But if it can work it'll make a nice event site. This is the weekend where we get the water tank moved to site and all the hay bales (or the second load if we were able to get some moved the previous weekend).

.....I've started putting out informational notes on all the local e-lists about things to expect from the site and the event. People zeroed in right away on the primitive aspects of the site. Which really means that those with mobility issues will have some issues to contend with. We're renting a golf cart from Barnet for the weekend, so that will help a little bit.

.....I think the site is beautiful myself. It has a nice view of the Olympics. Where it is situated allows for a cooling breeze at the warmest parts of the day as well. At least that has been my experience the past several times there.

.....I've also been putting out calls to the local branches asking for any help I can get. They've started responding thankfully. A couple of branches have volunteered martiallate gear to supplement ours. Glymm Mere has volunteered to act as our Waterbearing force for the weekend. Druim Doineann has volunteered a sizable contingent to help at gate. I'm starting to feel a little better. But I'm still hoping for some dedicated groups to help with parking, Lists, and infrastructure set-up / take down. I smoozed the Madrone Seneschale this last weekend to help with the infrastructure. But am still really hoping for more gate and parking help.

.....September Crown will be what it will be. I need to stop stressing about it. No matter how much you mitigate, there will be those who will complain bitterly. And, by that time, I will be so strung out from August that I will have to mind my tongue carefully to not say what I really may be thinking to say. :-) But in a little over five weeks it will all be over and we'll be cleaning up for a well-deserved fall and winter break. :-)

.....Wish us luck!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....We're here, I have a Starbuck Vente Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte sitting next to me and am enjoying the WiFi as I wait for my 6AM flight to Chicago. The Mid Level Boss was only a little grouchy to have to meet me in the lobby at 3AM, but I was just waiting for him to cross the line before I reminded him that it was his choice to do so. :-) I don't think he will though as it means getting home earlier in the day.

.....I did stay awake for Project Runway last night. I just could not get to sleep for some reason. Even after it was over I sat there and stared at nothing for over an hour and a half before I eventually dozed off. That might actually make it easier to fall asleep on the Chicago - Seattle flight, which is always a good thing.

.....I should investigate for next time the possibility of taking a red eye from Indianapolis towards Seattle. I don't know why I have never thought to look. If I packed up and checked out of the hotel on Thursday morning, I could drive straight to the airport and grab a flight and be home like at midnight in Seattle. Would save me some travel time on Friday. I'll have to check for next time.

.....Am trying not to fret about the weekend or everything on the agenda. There is very little I can do about it from here and the fretting just makes things worse. Everything will work itself out and nothing at this time is an absolute emergency. It just feels like missing the past week at home put me way behind. But that is just me.

.....Looks like a lot of people are staying in hotels for J.C. I think we need to put together the list of local hotels in Kitsap County and start advertising them. Might be good to convince people to not camp on site. Although I'm split down the middle on whether or not to fret on space at S.C. But the bottom line is that it is easier to park cars visiting us for just a day on to Imperial Avenue rather then find the space and pack them in for the weekend. So I'm going to keep pushing the day trip and not camping. I'm very curious to see how Three Mountains packs everyone in for J.C. I have no doubts they can do it, I just want to see how tight it gets. Curiosity from a planners stand point if nothing else. :-)

.....It'll be good to see TBT as well. I fret a little less when I'm in her company. She is my rock. Life would be a lot less fun, or relaxed, without her in it. I've missed her.

.....Think I'll enjoy the rest of my coffee before boarding starts.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It actually rained today. The clouds gathered and the air became even heavier and thicker. Everything darkened. The the rain fell, in huge sheets. A heavy downpour that drenched everything. Then just as quickly it all went away, the sun came out and everything is about dry. Except the air, which is full of moisture. A very strange place. :-)

.....This year's conference was interesting. Everyone is tired and feeling just a little frustrated. We argued over things for hours and in the end, when we reviewed the Action Item listing, we came to the conclusion that we did not accomplish a whole lot. But I still think it was important to come together and look each other in the eye and remember who that person is on the other end of the phone line when we're yelling at them two weeks from now to get off their rear and get me the parts or the solution or the engineering instruction or ... as fast as possible. It makes a difference.

.....It was twelve hour days all three days here this week. I'm sorry to have missed seeing Donnan and Callista, but I had a feeling and am now glad I didn't call them. I would have hated to have made plans only to cancel them, again. Maybe next year.

.....Tomorrow's flight leaves Indianapolis at 6AM. The American Airlines ticket counter doesn't even open until 5AM. It is an hour and fifteen minute drive from Bloomington to the Airport. Another fifteen minutes to fill the gas tank and another handful of minutes to check in the rental car. So the Mid Level Boss and I are going to meet in the lobby at 3AM tomorrow morning. I need to get to bed here in a little bit, but the first episode in this season's Project Runway starts in about a half hour. I'll probably fall asleep in the middle of it. But they've promised less drama and more design this season, so I'm hopeful. I'm not sure just why I like Project Runway, but for some reason it has captured my interest.

.....Sigh. A fifty minute flight to Chicago. A two and a half hour layover and then a five hour flight home. I'll get home as fast as possible and run a load of laundry through before hopping into Florence the Wonder Van for the drive to J.C. I'm still holding out hope of being interested in checking out the site tomorrow night. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

.....Lots of people to hook up with this weekend. Lots of things to talk about. I feel kind of like a wimp for doing the hotel room. But with an East Coast flight I don't think I could even contemplate a two hour set up of camp, nor a drive down in Lobelia. Making me even more tired just thinking about it.

.....Not to mention that September Crown and Serjeantry will kick into hyper-drive starting Monday.

.....But I do get to see TBT again tomorrow, that will help a lot. :-)

.....Time for bed.
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.....I found the Saturday Board of Directors' meeting interesting in a number of ways. As TBT mentions, the Board worked hard to be interactive and engaging to the audience. The information presented was interesting from a number of standpoints; and when it wasn't, they tried to move through it quickly.

.....The last time I attended a Board meeting in Seattle, the 'feeling' I received was of a lot more distance between the audience and the Board. That may not have been the intent at all, but that was my takeaway. I found that I wasn't alone in that assessment either. It was about that time period, coupled with all the Foo I read about the Board having to respond, made me think that I would never want to be a Board Member. But after this last weekend, I may have to reassess that opinion.

.....Of course, we're also not seeing the really ugly parts of the process that are done behind closed doors. But if you go into it knowing about it in advance, you can set up some personal protections against it eating up a little of your soul.

.....I was also very reluctant because the personal examples of those I knew who'd been on the Board were those of much work and at least some alienation and separation from the rest of the world. But again, in looking at least at Ljotr, I'm seeing that it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Again, I'm sure it has to do with the personal protections you put into place.

.....Just a musing at the moment really. There are so many other things I want to do as well that even attempting the Board may be something that happens in the far future, if ever. They may take one look at my resume and laugh hysterically. TBT is curiously interested as well, and so may want to make a run at it. She is uber-smart, with the right attitude. I think she'd be a shoe-in as a candidate.

.....The day went by fast. I am glad though I took the laptop and took notes during the meeting. It kept my mind from wandering at all, and gave my hands something to do. Which probably helped make the day go by that much faster.

.....I had a great time at dinner. It was an unexpectedly good hole-in-the-wall Italian eatery in Tukwila. The food was incredibly tasty and plentiful. I even had a sip or two of wine. :-)

.....The conversation was unexpectedly brilliant as well. We delved into the nature of chivalry and the differences in attitude between the West Coast and the East Coast. I hadn't realized the depth of difference between the two. And how unique a place An Tir is. I've always kind of taken a sense of pride in my provincial attitude towards the way we play our game. And I am proud of the way we do things in Dragon's Laire, and in An Tir. But in not seeing how the game is played in other places, there is always the risk in falling into bad habits. Or in believing that your way is the only right way.

.....Or, the opposite, when you see how the game is played elsewhere, and the consequences of how it is played there, you can take sheer and utter delight in how you play the game here. Which is what I started picking up in the conversations of Saturday night.

.....I've always also been a proponent of the Arthurian Romance side of the SCA game. It is what drew me to the game in the first place. That and the Tolkien style of chivalry, courtesy and honour that was added to the mix early in the SCA's history. I've wondered on occasion if that made me something of a nut-case, one of those 'special' people who are avoided. But I don't think so. When I hear the words of others who think along a similar path, and even still others who resonate with that style, it makes me want to go and embrace it even more.

.....I don't think it was coincidence that this conversation happened this weekend. I finished a long and tough road at work. I was coming off of nine months plus of doubts in the SCA due to trying my best and barely making it as a Baron. But I felt my sense of the game renewed a little. Into the cauldron goes a little less hell from work, a little hope for the future of the SCA as a Corporate Structure (tm), and a little renewal of what makes the dream electric and food for the soul. I feel a little refreshed today, and I like it. And it is a Monday to boot. :-)

.....Just need to remember that feeling during those times coming up when others want to mess with my dream. :-)

.....It was hard to get motivated to do anything on Sunday. I was able to get a few things done around the house, but not nearly the agenda I had wanted. But we did manage to get a plan and timetable put together on our Ceremonials, including scrolls and charters. Implementation of said plan is starting and will be in full swing by the end of the month.

.....This week is busy! Tonight we have a meeting with our Serjeantry Secretary. Tuesday is the Baronial Social. Wednesday is the new Fight Practice. Thursday is the Dragon's Pearl Meeting. Friday is TBT's Birthday. The weekend is starting to fill up as well. But at least Friday onward is all fun stuff. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....And here are the notes from the afternoon session:

.....Concerning the gender qualifications of Barons and Baronesses. According to the Office of the Seneschallate there is no specific wording in regards to gender of Baron and Baroness candidates. So it is up to the individual Kingdoms to make the determination in this regard. Those Kingdoms that are allowing, or are going to allow, those of the same gender to wear the Coronets of the Baronies, there is nothing in Corpora to disallow this. However, there is specific verbiage in Corpora in regards to King and Queen / Prince and Princess. The King and Queen / Prince and Princess must be of opposite gender. This was upheld and clarified to state that they must be of opposite gender.

.....The Census has been compiled and vetted and prepared for publication. It will be released a section at a time. The Peers Option discussion was voted to be released and approved. The Same Gender Consort Findings was voted to be released and approved. The Master Cross Tabs Findings was voted to be released and approved. It was discussed that an 'interpretation' of the findings be published, but the Board did not want to release an 'interpretation' as this could lead to an 'interpretation' that was incorrect. The Census findings can be found off of the web-site.

.....Should the Rapier Community have a peerage dedicated strictly to rapier combat? There was a definite leaning towards creating a peerage. So the Board wants to put this question out for specific commentary from the membership. This will be interesting to watch as the Census was not clear as many people answered by stating they wanted peerages for archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, etc. The Board really wants to hear the opinions of the Populace and try to get ahead of this issue. There was a LOT of data as part of the Census and it is taking far longer to compile than anticipated.

.....An interesting point on the Same Sex Gender question. The West Coast favored the Same Sex Gender. The Middle Kingdoms didn't lean one way or the other. The East Coast Kingdoms were generally against Same Sex Gender Crowns. Canada was generally in favor. I thought this was interesting. But the Board did not see a clear direction in the Census and will put this out for Commentary from the Populace.

.....Another interesting point that was brought up. Considering that it is primarily males who fight in Crowns and associate in fighting, will going in this direction eventually bring up a period in time where females would have less representation at the Crown level because Males would fight for Males more readily and females would be represented less? Fighting for Crown is a heavily male dominated event.

.....The Board took note that to make any changes to Corporate policy would require a unanimous vote amongst the Board members. This issue is complex and contentious, and reaching a set of wording and an idea that would work for all will require a lot of work and effort.

.....To send agenda items to the Board, ensure that e-mail is sent to '' and follow up with a phone call, FAX or letter to Renee to ensure that e-mail was received. It is IMPORTANT that verification is received from Renee that the question / Board request was actually received.

.....The Board is considering 1.) dropping the verbiage in question that is currently in Corpora, 2.) putting in verbiage that allows for same gender consorts but putting in protections against those who would use it for their own advancements, and 3.) putting in a more specific definition of 'inspiration' that allows for same gender consort, protects the Populace, and puts the onus on the Kingdoms to better define the concept. This is going to be a tough one to follow through to completion.

.....Ariel wanted the Board to come out with a CLEAR consensus or at least direction and timeline for what they want to do with the same gender question. The Board is working the issue and wants to come to consensus. They want to see the full results of the Census and they really want commentary from the Populace. At the same time they are working through the policy amongst the Board members.

.....Ansteorra is on track to have a same gender Baron and Baron this year, which the Board considers a MAJOR step on the road to consensus of this issue.

.....The Laurel Sovereign of Arms is asking the Board to give them SCA Server space for a heraldic program called 'HERALDSTICK' which mines web-sites around the world for heraldic information and collect the data into one place. An investigation needs to happen before the Board can allow this to happen to ensure all legal and ethical questions have been answered. Questions of bandwidth usage also must be addressed.

.....A combined Multi-State Combined Equestrian Waiver is a non-starter as the rules for each state are so different. So the waiver will be sent back to the Society Marshall for further work and guidance. The current Society Marshall's warrant runs out with this meeting and a six month extension was authorized by the Board, until January 28th. The Society Marshall wanted to go into Corpora and change the order of the 'Rules of the List'. To change Corpora requires a lot of effort and requests for commentary and this suggestion is going to be returned for clarification, as is the remainder of his requests.

.....Chatelaine report was super fast. As was the Chirurgeonate and Legal Committee. The Grand Council report was interesting, if difficult to follow. Most of the suggestions had to do with better communications between the Board and the Membership.

.....The Executive Session notes were then read. They went by quickly, although the fact that the Society Seneschal interviews were underway (with Nedezhda as a contender :-)) was noted.

.....The 'Volunteer Agreement' that required people to give up their intellectual property created in service to the SCA was rescinded. Good news!

.....Affiliates - Associate Kingdoms (Drachenwald, Lochac, etc.) that are members of the SCA Corporate Body, but have their own incorporation internationally. There was some misunderstanding on what the term 'affiliates' meant.

.....Good-byes were then given to Master Ljotr. He is a different voice on the Board and will be missed. Gifts were given, which included a Harley-Davidson T-Shirt (Ljotr now manages a Harley-Davidson store in Canada), another Harley-Davidson / Air Flight Museum T-Shirt, and a hand-made Thor's Hammer. Ljotr then said his good-byes to the Board. Very heart-felt statements were made.

.....The Board Meeting then was officially closed. Then the Subsidiary Meetings (for the separate state incorporations) were then opened. All actions taken on behalf of the larger Board meeting on behalf of the separate incorporations were officially accepted. Then the Subsidiary Meetings were officially closed.

.....Then the 'unofficial meetings' commenced. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....We're here at the Embassy Suites in Tukwila in attendance at the public gathering of the Board of Directors Meeting of the SCA. The Embassy Suites make the hotel guests pay for connection to the Internet. But those who attend meetings down in the Conference Rooms get free access. A win!

.....The Board Meeting itself follows protocol via some form of Robert's Rules. But in actuality is rather loose in format, which makes it easier to ask questions and feel yourself to actually be part of the meeting, rather than as an 'audience' member. Which is the intent. I was here for the last Board Meeting in Tukwila and this one feels a little more loose, which is surprising. Mainly because as introductions were made it was easy to see the ongoing trend to have more of a corporate / business / technology background to be an effective member of the Board.

.....This meeting will be Master Ljotr's last as a Board member. He will turn around and become An Tir's Kingdom Seneschal come Twelfth Night. He's ready as he is not necessarily a Corporate Wonk and I get the feeling that the cumbersome process of being a Board is wearing him out.

.....Just some quick and loose notes as reminders. I may miss things, but I'm sure that others can fill in the blanks.

.....We spent the first half hour or so with introductions around the room, both Board and audience. All regions are rather well represented. And, as mentioned, the trend towards corporate / business / legal professions as members.

.....There was some discussion of the upcoming change to electronic Kingdom Newsletters. The IT folks are about to start play-testing the system now for the launch in the new year of 2012. Things are on track. A link will be sent to subscribers with password information to a central repository. I asked about the role of the stipend when the newsletters go electronic. Starting in January stipends will no longer be given to the Kingdoms. Which, if you think about all the details involved, will become a nice increase in income for Society in the larger picture. So I asked if there were any provisions for Society to provide funding to the individual Kingdoms to upgrade their technology / software to produce newsletters. The Board thought this a good question, but not for this setting and asked me to submit it formally. Which I think I'll do.

.....There is currently one formal proposal for a 50-year celebration from the West Kingdom, and a verbal one from Calontir. The Board needs to put together the criteria requirements for proposal submittals. There is a growing chorus of questions about 5YC, so the Board will step up the pace of putting together the requirements.

.....There was a flurry of approvals for incorporation on the state level. Maine, Mississippi, New York, and Rhode Island were incorporated on the State level. This doesn't mean any changes to the Corporation. The same Board covers the state as covers the International Board. But it does mean additional reporting requirements.

.....Some miscellaneous resolutions for the International branches and newsletter access. Most of it procedural.

.....Nice attendance. Almost all available seating was taken in the audience.

.....Just heard an IT report. Ensuring that the Corporate Officers all have appropriate electronic devices to keep and control data. Renee showed first hand the amount of paperwork that used to be involved in holding meetings and maintaining status. It is an incredible amount. And when you discuss copying and mailing costs, moving these expenses over to electronic media makes sense. But then I am not one that needs convincing. It has been many years since anyone has been heard to say that hard copy will always be a requirement. The keeping, storage and e-mailing of data was also a concern, in regards to future possible litigation and ability to acquire data as required.

.....Gulf Wars is incorporating in and of itself due to the amount of income it generates (in excess of $25,000). Maybe something to keep in mind for June Faires of the future? A reminder was made that Corporate income and financial statements are available for viewing online.

.....A reminder that Wiki-Media images cannot be used within SCA publications as their ownership cannot be nailed down. Every image used in SCA publications, no matter what the source (even a photograph of a primary source), must have a signed statement allowing its use.

.....The University of California, Riverside, is acting as a repository for SCA publications, especially those of an Arts and Sciences variety.

.....There was discussion on the use of private sites as platforms for SCA publications. If the owner leaves for some reason, it can be difficult to recover the publication, data, etc. SCA Corporate, or SCA acquired, web-sites should always provide the platform for official SCA hosting locations.

.......Knowne World Dance Symposium is scheduled for Midrealm in the middle of 2012. Also looks like there will be Symposiums on Glass and Metal-Working in the next year or so. I might be interested in attending one or both of them.

.....The Board makes effective use of Conference Calling, which again makes me want to at least try this method for the Western Regional Pelicans. I need to step up the pace on this one.

.....The Consolidated Doomsday Report is still coming together. As usual, extension to the IRS reports have been requested and accepted.

.....And then the Board broke for lunch. :-) The morning went by rather quickly, actually.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Last weekend was the Baronial Event of 'Last Chance' where all of the Marshallate Championships for the year are decided over the course of a single day. This year we were able to add the Youth Combat Championship into the plan for the first time in a while. The trade off being that we were not able to pull together an Equestrian Championship.

.....The Equestrian Championship itself is awesome. It is quite the feeling to watch the horses and riders work their way through the tasks required of them for a Championship. But the requirements to hold the Championship are equally awesome in their scope of what must be done. There is insurance to acquire. Huge amounts of space that must be reserved for them. Specialized marshalls that need to be enticed to participate. As much as we like having the Equestrians, we keep having to ask ourselves how much of the Barony is willing to put forth the required effort to have them.

.....For TBT and myself Last Chance marked the completion of a year's worth of Baronial Events as Baron and Baroness. As I look back through the year I'm amazed at how fast it went, but how much has changed as well. Talk about a growth experience! Last year at Yule Feast I stumbled through Court like some drunken bull in a pasture. Since then speaking in Court has become so much easier. I still stumble and struggle with the right words to say. But those words come to me much faster and easier than they used to. :-)

.....There is still much to be learned, of that I have no doubt. But the whole thing does not seem the overwhelming monstrosity it was just a handful of months ago. TBT and I are already looking into the next year and putting together plans to better prepare ourselves for those occasions where it was easy to stumble.

.....In some ways I certainly understand a lot better the reasoning why Jacques and Siobhan stepped down like they did and when they did. And in some ways I owe them a little gratitude. On those occasions I mentally decided that I'd had enough and was determined to give that damned Coronet back to Their Majesties, I would think back to that Fight Practice just before my June Faire in 1999 when I learned that they had decided to step down. I remember the how angry I was and it always made me determined to make it through at least the 'required' three years of tenure. I may cross that finish line limping and delirious, but that finish line will be crossed. :-)

.....I breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday thinking that with Last Chance over I could take some time and maybe slow down a bit, catch up with a few things languishing around the house. Which is a total disaster area at the moment. But the calendar is sitting there laughing at me with reminders of things coming up that require attention. But it's not all event related thankfully.

.....This Friday is our first September Crown meeting, where we're going to make our formal introductions and lay out a timeline of the things that will be done over the next year.

.....Saturday is the Emprise of the Black Lion. There is stuff happening there I would really like to witness. But I would REALLY like to spend that time around the house. I'm really torn at the moment. But I'm leaning towards going to the event. It is North of Seattle. Maybe I could entice TBT to go and have lunch with me at the Fish Place in the Northgate Mall. :-)

.....Sunday is a Serjeantry get-together with Madrun. She takes off for a whole month of travelling after that, so it will be our only chance to slog through the program and make sure she has a good handle on what she needs to study and what she is already prepared to handle. Sometime over the next several weeks we also need to sit down with Dame Ellen and figure out the Serjeantry Matrix and her exact duties as the Serjeantry Secretary.

.....The weekend of October 1st/2nd is a trip up to the Clallam County Fairgrounds for a September Crown site visit. Also would like to squeeze in a trip to Serjeantry Trials for Blatha An Oir, just to witness the proceedings.

.....The weekend of October 8th-10th is a trip to the Ocean in Lobelia. Always relaxing. And it's three days this year, and maybe a fourth if I can get the time off. :-) Hmmm, would like to make a new kite, or buy one, between now and then.

.....The weekend of October 15th-16th is the SCA Board Meeting in Madrone. I found the last Board Meeting I attended to be more interesting than I thought it might be. Witnessing at least some of the process of how the SCA works gives you some insight into why some of the decisions are made the way they are.

.....The weekend of October 22nd-23rd is TBT's birthday weekend. We want to spend at least one day at Woodland Park Zoo. Mostly to make up for the amazingly busy August we survived! The Rhys Monster's birthday happened during that time and he felt rather cheated, and I don't blame him. We'll do our best to make it up to him. Woodland Park is a great way to do that.

.....After that there are rumblings of a trip to Virginia. Our next Project will be in full swing by then at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. I'll have to pay a visit at some point. Any later than that and I start running up against the holidays, something I'd like to avoid. So I'm going to see if I can stake that week into the ground and make it stay put.

.....Then we hit November...

.....I had four goals for the Fall and Winter Season. The first was to work on the Serjeantry Program. The second to jump start our scrolls and ceremonials and put them into some kind of logical and complete order (although Caius did an amazing job of doing that to a rather large degree in preparation for Last Chance). The third was organizing September Crown and putting together a plan for execution. The fourth was silk banners. I'm still determined to complete that one. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's not just the name of a song by the Little River Band. :-)

.....I've missed posting in Live Journal. I can tell when things are especially busy as those are the times when posts dwindle down to bi-weekly or worse. But I do enjoy reading the posts of others. I feel a lot more connected with people when I do. Facebook is not very satisfying in that regard. It is nice to see a running commentary on what people are doing and thinking, but it's like a comparison between having McDonald's for lunch and sitting down to steak dinner at Anthony's. One is going to be over in minutes and give you gas later, but it is going to take the edge off of your hunger. The other is going to be tasty, last a while over good conversation, and remain in your memory as something fun for a long time.

.....Facebook has its uses though. I've connected with a great many of my old High School friends there. One of them returned home for a visit last weekend and urged all of us to meet up with him at the Bowling Alley in Port Orchard. Five of us made it there. Things were a little awkward at first, but it didn't take long before we were laughing and remembering old stories of the stupid things we used to do.

.....The look on their faces though was priceless when I walked up. In High School I was a very large guy, and stayed that way for many years. I'm at least a hundred to a hundred and fifty pounds less than what they remember me weighing in High School. Add to that twenty-five years of time and they didn't recognize me at all. They weren't quite sure about it either until I started laughing. That they remembered. :-)

.....Interesting contrasts. All of us started college, but none of us finished with a degree. One dropped out and went into the Air Force. He works as a government contractor in Arizona now. Another dropped out of college to intern at Microsoft. He's still there working code. Third one dropped out after two years of culinary school. Worked for a handful of years at K2 (on Vashon Island) before they moved and is now working at a paper mill in Tacoma. The last dropped out when she became pregnant. And, of course, myself. I went to a year of community college before joining the apprenticeship at the Shipyard. I did manage to finish an Associate's Degree. But I'm not really thinking that counts, to be honest.

.....Even though it has over twenty-five years, Rob still has his '64 Plymouth Fury that he spent over two years in High School restoring. It is a beautiful car. Bone white with turquoise blue leather upholstery. Push button transmission. I remember many a Friday and / or Saturday night cruising up and down the main street in Bremerton, when the Police still allowed the cruise to happen.

.....Work has been brutal lately. We're in the middle of our current Project and starting to ramp up to our testing cycle. Everyone is running around like mad trying to get things done. Mistakes get made in that kind of environment and I was the lucky one who drew the short straw this last go-around. It's been almost eight weeks of trying to keep up with the workload while at the same time appeasing the management who has their microscopes trained on you. All kinds of extra procedures and processes that have to be accomplished now. I get home these days and the only thing I want to do is stare at the ceiling for a while. :-)

.....But being that the test cycle is coming up, we can see completion on the horizon. Just two more months of high energy maneuvering and we'll be done. The workload will drop off considerably for a while. I'm looking forward to the break, and maybe the chance to take some real time off from work.

.....At the next Baronial Polling, I think this is the thing I'm going to emphasize the absolute most. If you have a hectic modern life, think carefully if you want to wear that piece of silver on your head. Because if you thought you would be busy, you don't realize the half of it. It really is like having a second full-time job. And if your regular job is tough and hectic, adding the Coronet to it is going to make it that much more hectic.

.....I'm starting to catch my stride though. I don't think it will ever become 'easy' for me. But I do manage to feel a sense of accomplishment every now and then. I cling to those successes! :-) They are the only thing that keep me moving through the failures at times. TBT worries for me every now and then. She gets worried that I'll lose that softness of character I have and become an uncaring tyrant at some point. I don't think it will ever go that far, I still care what people think of me. Maybe entirely too much. I think the ideal location would be that I could listen to people when they tell me I'm doing something wrong, think objectively as to whether they have a point or not, and then file the information away for future reference. That takes quite a bit of discipline though, and a lot of work. But what a lesson that could be learned from the experience!

.....September Crown is ours! Confirmed at the Financial Committee Meeting at July Coronation. Lots to do, and a little extra time in which to do it. :-) I like that. But time will move quickly and I've got to keep that in mind. I have a number of people who've volunteered to do things. Some of the key positions are already filling, even the ones on which I was worried. I've got the e-list ready to launch, but am dragging my feet just a little. Our bid has the location as being in the middle of Druim Doineann. I've asked their Seneschal about the best way to get them involved, or not. He's discussing it now with the Shire and then I'm sure negotiations will ensue. It's been quiet for the past week and a half now and I'm not sure whether to be worried or not. But Ivan will be at Hot Summer Lights this weekend and I definitely plan to sit down with him for a while and talk things out.

.....Clallam County is so different than Kitsap. Their attitude is so laid back and easy-going. We received a killer deal for the Fairgrounds themselves. Then I hit up the city for the baseball fields next to the Fairgrounds. After a lot of anxiety on my part, they finally came back and gave us the ball fields for free. I was a little surprised at that and questioned it to make sure I understood correctly. But, yeah, for free. I can tell this is going to be an interesting experience. :-)

.....We've got the use of several buildings on site, which will make great locations for both Arts & Sciences, and the Marketplace. Even have use of a kitchen. There are several dozen RV sites, with power (although they cost a bit more per night). Even the use of shower facilities.

.....Having the buildings everywhere will be difficult on the ambiance, so I need to get a decorations coordinator on board as soon as possible. But I think it can work. Ambiance is something that can be built anywhere. Even in the middle of modern conveniences, and I think this might be a good venue in which to demonstrate that. Just need to instill that vision in someone, or mind-meld with someone who already thinks along those same lines.

.....August is FULL! So is half of September! The first weekend is our Summer Madness. Which has been a little rocky. But mine and TBT's desire has always been for it to be a fun and relaxing picnic, expanded to a weekend. So my expectations are pretty easy to meet. :-) The next weekend though is Autumn War. Which is on top of another function already planned. Autumn War starts on Thursday and runs through the weekend. So I may try and see if I can do something there on Friday and still have the weekend for everything else planned. Getting the time off of work may be the hard part.

.....The third weekend of August is Sport of Kings. I'm only day-tripping. Not looking forward to the drive. :-) But have a couple of things I really want to do and support there. If things go my way, maybe a side trip to Powell's? Hmmmm.... :-)

.....The fourth weekend is Tir Righ's Investiture, where the INCREDIBLE Mistress Lenora will become Princess of Tir Righ. :-) She is such an incredibly nice person, and I like seeing good things happen to nice people. I am definitely going to be there for the Investiture.

.....Then we roll into September Crown, 2011. Which is close by, relatively. The unfortunate thing being is that we don't have an adequate vehicle for the task. We're committed to camping the event. We'll have to solve that dilemma soonish. Hmmm, ideas are percolating now. Will have to sit down with TBT and make some decisions.

.....Then Last Chance. Scroll requests are starting to roll to Gabrielle. Have a few more to send her way and see if they can happen. Gotta get that put together by this weekend at the latest.

.....O.K., making myself tired now. Must stop. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The transition to a fully electronic Kingdom newsletter is going to happen at a faster pace than I had envisioned. You ever get the impression that things are moving around you so fast that you, yourself, seem to be a drag on the threads of time? Or is it that I'm just feeling old? I still remember the days when having a 'Printing and Postal Deputy' to the Chronicler was an important job. It went obsolete years ago. The job of Chronicler itself is not long for this world I bet. Web-Ministers are about to rule the world...

"Due to external economic conditions and increased overall costs facing the SCA Inc., the Board of Directors and senior staff have been forced to make over $250,000 in cost cutting measures to the 2011 budget in order to ensure continued operations.

The largest recurring expense for the SCA at the corporate level is the stipend payments made to the Kingdoms for publishing hardcopy newsletters. As our modern society moves increasingly away from hardcopy publishing to electronic mediums, the costs of hardcopy publishing have increased proportionally. Based on the need to curb these costs, and the responses of the membership in the 2010 census, the Board of Directors believes it is essential for the continued financial health of the SCA to transition the organization away from paper newsletters. Accordingly, the SCA has initiated a project to transition all kingdoms to e-newsletters, and is projecting implementation by Jan 1, 2012. Until the SCA has the infrastructure in place to support e-newsletters, the 2011 stipend amount provided by the corporate level for production assistance will be reduced to cover only those aspects required by the governing documents. This will reduce the overall stipend for mailings and production by 60%. The decrease will begin with the stipend checks being mailed after the end of the 1st quarter of 2011. The Board of Directors greatly regrets the necessity of making these changes to the stipend structure, but feels that it is the best of an array of difficult options to execute its fiduciary responsibility to the membership of the organization.

This means that postage will still be covered for all mailing classes, including the expected postal rate increase later this year, but the production stipend will be greatly reduced. Most components of newsletter production costs are controlled at the Kingdom level, including newsletter size, use of color printing, page count due to non-required information, and printing companies utilized. Thus, Kingdom Chroniclers have several tools at their disposal to lessen the impact of the stipend decrease. To further mitigate the financial impact to the Kingdoms, the following changes in required inclusions will be effective with April 2011 newsletters:
• Membership forms will no longer be required to be published
• The list of Board of Director nominees will no longer be required to be published
• Full Society regnum will no longer be required to be published. Contact information for the Kingdom Ombudsman must still be included.
• A statement indicating where to locate the additional information on and/or Kingdom websites will be required to be published.

As additional reminders, branch event announcements are only required to be published for the month in which the event occurs. Should the branch event occur in the first week of the month, publication in only the prior month is acceptable. Please refer to the Chronicler’s Handbook for the minimum event information required for publication.

The Society Chronicler has information available for the printing house in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) that several Kingdoms have already been utilizing for more cost-effective printing and mailing services.

Fundraising that is specifically done for the purpose of newsletter publication is still allowed, but (as always) is at the discretion of the Kingdoms.

The Board of Directors, SCA, Inc. greatly appreciates the time and effort put into newsletters produced at all levels of the organization and is committed to implementing a financially responsible process to provide information to the membership by a blend of electronic and hardcopy media.

Please contact your ombudsman with questions or concerns.

Board of Directors, SCA, Inc."

.....There was a time when I thought being on the Board of Directors would be an interesting job. But the longer I play in the SCA the less I feel that way. The BoD has to get so wrapped up in the legalities and corporate structure of the Moderne Worlde that I think there is a real danger of losing the magic that is the basis of the SCA. It's a very tenuous thread, that connection. And once lost is hard to recover.

.....It'll be interesting to see what the SCA changes into over the next decade or so.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....All the presents are wrapped and sitting beneath the tree. I can attest to a potentially improving economy as I believe that there is a present or two more under there than there was last year. :-)

.....Day started off on a couple of sad notes, but improved. The Rhys Monster had a play date in Seattle. He was up late and tired this morning. It was hard to get out the door in time to meet the ferry. But he is a trooper and managed to get dressed and at least fall asleep in the car. He even managed to wake up early so he could clock into Startcraft for a good hour or so and commune with his online friends. :-)

.....Tried to get Heather jump started this morning. She's a goner for the moment. I started Suzie and connected the two batteries. But even after sitting for a while Heather wouldn't even click when the key was turned. The battery is majorly dead. I think there are a couple of electrical issues happening. She'll have to go in to be checked out. Which means a tow via AAA, probably on Monday.

.....TBT and I spoke at one time of selling Heather as she spends more time sitting in the driveway than actually in service. But shortly after our morning discovery, I was shown why we still have her. I had her full of stuff from both Crown Council and Yule that I hadn't had a chance to put back into the storage unit. Decorations, Gold Key, road signs, pole horses and various other pieces. It was jumbled loosely in a pile in Heather. It took me three FULL trips in the Mazda to get it all put into storage. And I mean FULL trips. Yeah, we need Heather fully functional.

.....I think all of our food shopping is done for the holiday as well. TBT stopped and picked up a few odds-and-ends and then did some leisurely shopping at JoAnn's, where we found a few last minute gifts.

.....Then we went over to the Goodwill and found a wingback chair and side table to put into the Computer Room. It was kind of a monster to get into the house and then the room. But it is comfortable and will make a nice place to read, and watch Hulu on the computer monitor. :-) Tia has already claimed it as her primary bed of choice and is snoozing away. :-) Just have to remember to bring in a spotlight from the basement.

.....We borrowed the truck from Rich and Wendy so I could get the chair home as well as pick up Mom for Christmas dinner here in a couple of hours. Which was awefully nice of them to do. The turkey is cooking in the oven and the house is relatively clean. There are a few things left to clean up, but I'm not too much in a dither about finishing them.

.....I think a nice and relaxing evening, complete with watching the Star Trek Marathon (and maybe putting in DVD's of ST-TNG when the run ends on SciFy :-)) and munching down turkey. And the opening of ONE present as is traditional with TBT (although if it were up to me I'd make everyone wait until tomorrow morning. The anticipation is the best part! :-)).

.....Here's my hoping that everyone who has had an impact in my life over the past year has a wonderful Yule or Christmas, or a Meeting of Fellowship and Good Cheer if nothing else. I'm thinking good thoughts for you all.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm not sure whether it would be fun / interesting to be a psychiatrist / psychologist or not. The past couple of weeks have been interesting studies of how people function depending on what button is pushed. Not in a bad way. But just in a reaction way. If I say a certain word or phrase to one person in a certain tone of voice and posture, they might take it completely differently than this other person over here. It might also be different depending upon the time of day / year / other stimuli in the area. I know that sounds pretty obvious. But how often do you actually sit back and observe reactions with a clinical viewpoint? Normally I don't. I try to think of the outcomes of the things I do and say. But more often than not I'm just rolling along following my own agenda and not usually thinking of the different reactions.

.....Why is that important? Well, it has been interesting in 'tailoring' messages to fit the audience. Both at work and in the SCA. In no way am I saying that I'm especially good at doing this. But maybe it should be something I work on bettering as a Baron. Might help. Although I suppose the downside is that the more time you spend in 'tailoring' messages the less the actual intent or message gets out there. Maybe there is something to be said to sticking to a single and uniquely personal delivery system. :-)

.....Enough musing on the esoteric. Although maybe I can blame the musing on the Solstice today. :-)

.....Sigh! I get to be in to work all day tomorrow. We have Telecom after Telecom scheduled for the morning and visits to Bangor scheduled for the afternoon. But the Mid Level Boss is still thinking that I'm going to be able to stay home on Thursday. My part in preparing for next week's fun is all done. The planning is complete and execution is ready to start. My only real part in tomorrow's fun is as secretary. Although moderator might be closer to the truth. :-)

.....Still feeling my way through the Baron thing. Trying hard to not step on Oliver. Half the time it feels like I'm flailing my arms like some Muppet gone wild. Oliver always proves who mettle and his cool. He offers sage advice and hasn't yet told me to back off, leave him alone and let him be a Seneschal. Good man, that Oliver. Need to find something good to put in his stocking for Christmas.

.....Trying to avoid creating a long 'to-do' list for the break. Although there is certainly a list of things that need to get done. I think though that I'll knock it down to the top ten. If I can get through them, I'll feel accomplished and I can still create a new list for any remaining time left on vacation.

.....Tonight is Fight Practice. Have at least two things to talk about with Oliver. And a Heraldry consultation to do. Also must remember to deliver bag of 'stuff' left at Yule (Rapier Gear). I think that is everything for tonight.

.....Must also remember at some point to clear out all the Baronial 'stuff' that is currently in the van. Kind of nice keeping it all in there instead of in the house. That way it is a.) contained in one location, and b.) ready to deposit at the storage unit. Mainly signs and Christmas decorations. But there is also Gold Key that must be laundered. Adina is actually here tonight week to do this. Maybe I'll be able to put it away as well.

.....Talon also dropped by and resurrected our network. We so totally owe him. Wish our computer system wasn't so precarious. :-)

.....Rumors of a class in Portsmouth for early May. Two weeks of Project Management training. Not sure if early May would be good for that. Oooo, must check and see if it conflicts with May Crown. That would be bad. Which means I'd better start looking at alternative training earlier instead of putting it off.

.....I find myself missing 'people'. I've been so focused at the work thing lately that I'm starting wonder how 'normal' people interact with each. You'd think that SCA events and Fight Practices would be the cure. But for some reason it hasn't felt like I've actually sat down and interacted with people lately. Must make an effort to do that next week.

.....All right, must stop before a start a 'to-do' list before I'm prepared to do so. Certainly a very chaotic entry today. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....TBT and I made our usual run to Starbucks this morning and ran into Brighid the Amused. She is a long time SCA player but is relatively new to Dragon's Laire. We sat down with her and had a great conversation on how she has integrated into the Barony and the difference between how people interact in An Tir versus how they interact in other Kingdoms (like Artemisia, one of her former homelands). We came away from the conversation with a lot of ideas that I'm capturing here, some for easy access later, and maybe for a little feedback from others on how to expand upon them. I don't think any of these are earth-shatteringly new, but I'm seeing them from a new perspective and want to integrate them more in how WE do things in our Courts.

.....1. Integrating newcomers into the SCA: In Dragon's Laire we have a tendency to see June Faire and its aftermath as the be-all-and-do-all of SCA recruiting. That is a generalization, but is true to a large extent. We give out a lot of information at the event itself. We arrange for a Newcomers' Day or two. Then we pretty much leave the new people to their own devices. We might think about this strategy being a round-the-year strategy instead as people are continually hearing about the SCA through diverse means and coming into the game at various times and place. We used to have a very active Newcomers e-list and regular activities, but we've gone away from that.

.....Don't get me wrong, it is the job of the Chatelaine to welcome new people into the SCA and get them involved and interested. THL Theodoric worked hard at gatherings in going up to new people and answering their questions and trying to be a POC to get them off on the right path. But it would be nice to give new people something more. Instead of having Newcomer gatherings just in the summer months after June Faire, maybe we should plan them more often, like maybe once a quarter? If you have them on a regular schedule then eventually they'll be easy to remember and give out to new people who may happen to meet along the way. These gathering could be at someone's house as long as you are expecting just a handful of people. Then you introduce them to what the SCA and give them the 'tour' of the local branch. Who's who, what activities are happening and at what frequency. Then take questions and gauge where their interests lie so you can point them in the right direction. You can also make them feel a sense of belonging right out of the starting gate and they'll actually feel like taking part in activities.

.....This is certainly not a new concept by any means, but we've sort of gone away from it a little and maybe it is time to push this a little more. TBT and I will have to chat with Theodoric and see how we can get this moving.

.....2. Non-Baronial Events and New People: When people first start playing in the SCA they may feel a little intimidated about traveling outside the branch to attend events. They will not know many, if any, people there. They don't know what events will have the type of activities that interest them. They may go to one or two where they have nothing to do and no one with whom to speak and they decide at that point to not go to any more. So TBT and I need to plan events during the year outside of the branch that we advertise widely as being events where we encourage new people to attend and camp and / or play with the family that is Dragon's Laire. Cedric and Brighid did this regularly, but I don't think I ever realized how important this was in making new people a part of the SCA experience. And it is very important.

.....3. Welcoming People To Their First Event In Court: This was a tradition that Cedric and Brighid did that is actually important that TBT and I need to continue. It helps the new people feel included. It shows the established people who the newcomers are. It is an important introduction in both directions. But some people are intimidated about facing the populace. Maybe we could change this slightly. Instead of making the new people face the populace and that intense, in-your-face, scrutiny, we keep them facing the Baron and Baroness as we give welcoming and their tokens. We also need to have THL Theodoric be introduced beforehand as a resource, as well as the Baron and Baroness, for any questions they may have. If Theodoric is O.K. with the idea, we may see about bringing him up first so that we make sure new people can place a face to a name and know whom to find in case of questions.

.....4. Court: Something we found very interesting in the way that An Tir holds Court versus in other Kingdoms is the amount of distance we place between the Thrones and the audience, and then the width of the aisle from the Thrones out. There are huge swaths of territory taken up by empty space. What happens often is that those in the back of Court end up having difficulty actually hearing what is happening in front. In other Kingdoms, Courts are much more intimate. The populace is much closer to the thrones and the center aisle is much narrower. It means less space for gathering, but more of a sense of 'community' is fostered. I never realized that before, but TBT validated that through her own experiences from outside the Kingdom. We may work on our set up for Court to see what we can do to make it more intimate and interesting.

.....Like I said, there is nothing new here. Just things that TBT and I see in a new light that we need to make sure are incorporated into our Courts and gatherings, and dealings with new people. I wanted to make sure I captured them for future thoughts. If anyone has ideas to expand on these items, we'd welcome the input.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Master James warned us at May Crown that the SCA was going to issue a 'Census' this summer to gage the current make-up and thoughts of those who participate in the SCA. It was released this weekend and I went through it.

.....There were relatively few surprises in it. I guess my only real surprise was that I really thought it was going to go more in depth for the pulse of the SCA membership and ask a larger range and depth of questions. But I suppose that makes sense in some ways. The greater the depth of knowledge you seek, the wider the rage of response you receive, the more difficult it is to get some sort of cohesive picture. Especially in an organization as widely divergent as the SCA. In retrospect it somewhat mirrors the U.S. Census in the level of knowledge it requests I suppose.

.....I made sure to annotate my thoughts as clearly as possible. Definitely a preponderance of my thoughts were geared towards 'Pay-To-Play'. There were definitely several opportunities to express and re-express that viewpoint. :-)

.....Stuck my toe into the water of 'additional peerages'. That's a slippery slope. How far do you open the flood-gates? Are we looking at a future of peerages in the field of 'Combat Gossiping'? I'm going to have to see a lot more 'real' dialog on the subject (as opposed to demagoguery) before I come to any sort of personal decision on that point.

.....An interesting question that came up was that of same sex couples holding positions of territorial baronies and even that of Crown. It's not a new thought of course, but I hadn't really thought much on the realities of the concept until today where it was mentioned on the Survey, and in conversation with friends.

.....Personally, I don't think I'm opposed to the concept. Their have been instances in history where two people of the same sex were joint rulers of a land or other. So there is reality based precedence. But in an SCA setting it might be a bit more difficult in some regards. Considering that our 'Dream' is based off a fantastical romance. Arthurian Romance, Tolkien, Victorian Fantasy, these are the foundation stones of the Society. These fantasies require 'gender' roles: Knights in Armor slaying evil dragons, with Princesses being rescued, and welcoming the valiant knight home in victory. Somehow I find it difficult to picture two of the same gender fulfilling these roles. I'm going to have to witness first, or maybe witness the hybrid of how to make this work, before I wrap my brain around it.

.....Bottom line to the survey for me is that if we want the Society to survive than we need to recognize what makes it tick now and what the base population wants 'to get out of it' for the future. I hope that the BoD takes the results and does something constructive with them.

Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was not a bad weekend. I did not get nearly as much done as I would have liked. But I'm still glad I went in any case.

.....TBT and I hit the road in Lobelia by 10AM. I was amazed at how closely we followed our scheduled all day. We traveled the speed limit nearly the entire way, the only slowdown being the construction area over the pass. We had a nice lunch in Ellenburg, and then a final leisurely stroll into Yakima itself.

.....There was a little bit of foo in setting up the R.V. Ghetto. The R.V.'s were stationed between the camping and the parking. Fullbright Park is sooo huge, I don't think it would have harmed anything to let us park just a little closer to the actual event itself. They were expecting over 1,000 people to hit site. The 600 or so who actually did took up less than a quarter of the space.

.....Master Ralg negotiated the space, and we finally set up a short time later. I put up the long poles and banners and even hung up TBT's banner. I wish now that I had more poles as I had more banners I could have hung. It's too bad the collapsable poles are so expensive. I am mulling over various ideas of how to come up with a less expensive method of setting up a twenty to twenty-five foot pole, that still collapses into a length that is transportable. I foresee a wandering trip through Lowes or Home Depot this weekend. :-)

.....Friday afternoon was hot and things slowed down considerably. Master Ralg, Ellen, TBT and myself decided to take advantage of air conditioning and went out for dinner. I'm glad we did. Air Conditioning definitely made the evening better. :-)

.....When I arrived home we wandered the site and found the Baronial encampment. I helped a little in setting things up, but there was no hurry and plenty of hands in the help. The Baronial went up on the erics in no time flat. His Excellency has his own method of setting up the Baronial and I've pretty much discovered that there is no better or worse way of setting up a Panther. The best method is to go with ONE method and move forward smartly. :-)

.....After lots of conversation we went to bed and I pretty much slept well. The evening was not too hot nor too cold. Especially inside Lobelia.

.....Breakfast was early in order that Master Ralg and I could make our 0800 Pelican Council meeting. It started about ten minutes after the hour and ended at about a quarter until 0900. No foo whatsoever. I like those kinds of meetings very much. Some have complained about how often the Pelicans have had to meet at 0800 and I'm not one of them as I love getting the meeting DONE so I can concentrate on other things.

.....I waited around the Baronial for an hour and talked with various people before the Seneschal's Meeting. I finally had a chance to site down with Countess E and Raphaella and talk a little about next year's Culinary Symposium. There has been a little mis-communication and I was glad to see practically everything smoothed out. Even though Dragon's Laire has been a guiding force for the event in the past, I think we all believe that the important thing is that the event itself continue. It matters not whose name is on the forms. Wyewood is running with it this year and I think it will be fantastic. We'll help with whatever is needed.

.....The Seneschal's Meeting was another foo-less event and the hour went by pretty quick. I was supposed to meet THL Elonda after the Noon Exchequer's Meeting to discuss the transfer of Chronicler funding over to Kingdom, but we kept missing each other. Time for Plan B on that one. I think that I'll just move forward on a path of moving the funds out of the Chronicler's Account and sending them to Kingdom, rather than trying to transfer the account. That way I can get it out of my hair as soon as possible.

.....Helped TBT put out Largesse for display before afternoon Coronation Court. We missed the start of Court and I missed the awarding of the Wolfstan's with a Court Baroncy. I had sold Eadric several of my Wolf Pattern Circlets from Ingasbo. He bought at least two of them at full price before I finally had a chance to sell him another at a reduced 'Friends Price'. If I'd known the final destination I think I would have insisted in a far greater reduction in price. Especially after seeing the extra work Eadric put into them with the adding of the pearls and liner (and rivets). He did a nice job on them. I'll have to see if I can get him to take some pictures for me.

.....I'm convinced that the word 'Yakima' is some sort of native salish for 'Hell's Furnace' or something along those lines. Saturday was absolutely and miserably hot. And of course I was a dork and not watching my water intake nearly well enough. I was feeling wretched and was a total grouch by about 1500. TBT and I stumbled back to Lobelia where I turned on the generator and cranked up the Air Conditioner. I was grateful to have had Lobelia on Saturday, that's for sure.

.....After a while, and a lowering of the body temperature, things started looking up and we thought about dinner. Great timing for a Laurel's meeting. :-)

.....A friend of Barnet's and Tsurko's stopped by the encampment and startled me with his disdain of my efforts to conceal Lobelia with banners and poles. Now, I hadn't intended to 'hide' Lobelia, merely dress her up for the occasion. I like the look of banners and flags and such and will continue to do so. But the conversation made me think about the look of the encampment some more.

.....I definitely want a large standard. Two as a matter of fact. One with my heraldic insignia and one with TBT's. In fact I spent most of the early evening tonight pulling out my heraldry books and looking at examples. I think I know what I want. And definitely want it BIG. But several people correctly pointed out that something BIG requires a BIG base, taking up a lot of room to stake it down. I'll have to ponder this some more and come up with a good compromise. But I'm still thinking at least a couple of meters in length. Maybe a meter in height.

.....So, on the agenda this weekend is a.) a decision as to size, b.) collection of wood for a frame, and c.) steal a bit of design time with TBT and sketch out a rough draft of a design I can stick on the refrigerator for a week or two and soak in for final thoughts. September Crown is the deadline. It can happen.

.....Sunday was fantastic! We were off-site by 0800 for breakfast and on the road by 0900. Dumped the tanks just outside of Yakima (thanks for the hint Ralph!) and were home by 12:30. We missed all the bad traffic and road foo and had plenty of time to de-stress and get ready for the work week. :-)

.....Busy day today, but no Big Boss, so it was relatively pleasant. Although he is back tomorrow. Starting to look like no trip to Georgia, which I would have enjoyed, but not the heat. :-) Only four more days until a low stress and easy weekend. Looking forward to it. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Spoke with the South Kitsap Community Recreation and Development Committee (I think I got it right there :-)). This is a group of citizens who act as an advisory committee for the development of certain parkland the County owns and manages in South Kitsap County. About seven years ago several of us attended several of their meetings in the hopes of gaining access to a couple of the parks in the area for the use of events.

.....At the time I had great hopes of using the Howe Farm for an event, maybe even a June Faire. We even made it to the point where we were allowed to use it for one of our Baronial Picnics. It was one of the first times we had the space to do a full York Round, which ended up going way into the night. :-) I remember Loric bringing out his lawn mower to clear out the space the archers used. :-)

.....Unfortunately the Community Group could never come to a consensus on the conditions under which we could use the park for a larger event. They were happy with the way we took care of the place for our picnic and seemed willing to at least consider other options.

.....However, before we made it too much farther the County brought in an ecologist who designated large portions of the Farm as 'wetlands' which made them unusable for many activities. There were strict limits placed on the allowance of vehicles on many portions of the Farm. This put the Community Group into Chaos as their big dream was to turn Howe Farm into a working agricultural learning center.

.....So, we backed off of our plans and drifted away.

.....Cut away seven years. One of the Community Group volunteers works in the Shipyard (go figure :-)) hunted me down recently and told me an interesting story. Seems that the original designation of 'wetlands' was flawed. The original report was based on the fact that sedge grass and other 'swamp' type plants were growing a large distance away from the stream that flows through Howe Farm. A biologist who specialized in wetlands was brought in by the Community Group and wrote a very different report stating that because of the large tracts of cleared land, many birds and woodlands creatures foraged near the stream and distributed seeds from the water based plants far away from the stream, where they grew due to the lack of drainage from rain runoff. Bottom line, there is a lot less 'wetland' area at Howe Farm then originally estimated.

.....So, the Community Group is excited again and someone remembered our interest in the park (I guess there was some discussion started from a couple of attendees to this year's June Faire) and they want to discuss the issue again. Instead of turning the entire site into Agriculture Education, there is renewed interest in using it for actual Parks and Recreation usage.

.....This is kind of exciting. This is a nice large park. It was a rather large farm. There is quite a bit of flat space with relatively few entry points. I do not think it would make a good June Faire site as parking would be problematic at best. This may be a disappointment to them, but we'll see.

.....It is a pretty place. It has a number of rolling hills, and a stream on one side of the Farm. Parking would be a little problematic for a Kingdom Event, but I think it could still be accomplished. I worry a little at how solid the ground would be if we experienced a good rain. But if we scheduled a July Coronation or September Crown there, our chances for good weather would be improved.

.....I was invited to speak to the Community Group at their July meeting. I may drag a few others with me if possible and we'll see. Definitely have to bring over a few people to walk the site.

.....Still not thinking seriously of it yet, but am open to any possibility at the moment.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Grrr, spent several hours this morning trapsing from one end of the County to the other, passing out checks for services needed at June Faire. At one end of the County was Del's for the hay. When I gave them the first check, they took the deposit and gave us the rest. Don't ask me why. So I had to run a second check to them this morning. At the other end of the County was the Party Store for the table and chair rental.

.....Normally, I would just put these things on a credit card and get reimbursed by the Barony. But this last year we deliberately cut up cards and reduced the remaining considerably (by choice). So I had no room to put anything on them. I suppose I could have called the credit card people and had them raise the limits right there, but did not want to do so.

.....So, I understand the reasoning behind why the SCA Financial Policy is to not allow for debit cards. It would be incredibly easy for someone to clean out an account pronto. And there are a lot of 'hacker' issues with which to deal.

.....But a debit card is so useful. And it is not right, or even always the best idea, to put the liability for funds transfers on the back of the populace.

.....So, the SCA set up ACCEPS to allow for credit card use to pre-register for events. Would it be possible for Corporate to set up some financial pool from which they issue out debit cards to branch exchequers? They could set all kinds of limits to these cards. From who could use them, to how much could be taken out each day. I could see all kinds of restrictions put on them. But for an exchequer to have this ability would make a lot of things go faster and easier when paying for event services.

.....From a security aspect, it even makes more sense for all major purchases to go through ONE person (the exchequer) instead of letting autocrat teams make many purchases that the exchequer then has to review before reimbursement.

.....Now, I realize I'm glossing over issues here. But the SCA needs to get itself into the Twenty-First century financially.

.....O.K., done pontificating. Back to work.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I enjoyed May Crown quite a bit, but it sure took a toll on June Faire preparations. It feels like I'm sprinting to catch up in time to make the Faire next weekend. :-)

.....On Friday I met Madrun and her crew down at the Bremerton Ferry for our caravan across Washington State. I enjoyed hearing stories of the exciting life of a Social Worker on the Reservation. Several hair-raising stories. I knew Madrun was accomplished and a trooper, but I hadn't realized just what she did there. I was certainly impressed.

.....We stopped in Yakima for lunch at Miner's, which is a rather famous burger joint. I should have been more careful about what I ate, but the burger looked really good at that moment. I paid for it the rest of the trip as the body couldn't decide whether it really wanted it or not. :-) But it did taste really good.

.....We pulled into Kennewick at about 3PM and signed into the Fairgrounds. We went looking for space within the established camping areas and quickly realized that there was not enough space for the Baronial Encampment. I gravitated towards a shady area behind the Royal Pavilion where I was camped for July Coronation last year. My inclination was to just start setting up and claim possession, but the fact that I've been a part of many autocrat teams where I HATED people doing this that prevented me from actually doing that very thing. We finally struck a pretty good deal with the Camping Team on site. We took a shady, grassy area on the far side of the RV area. It actually worked out brilliantly as it was a.) shady, b.) allowed the entire Barony (whomever wanted to do so) to camp together, c.) we were not far from the erics, and d.) we were near the RV encampment. I think it was a win all around really.

.....After set-up, I was thinking of dinner. Their Excellencies grabbed me by the arm and took me off to Red Robin in town. I should have suspected something was up by how quickly I was pulled into this, but I was tired. After dinner Cedric convinced the staff of Red Robin to embarrass me as much as possible by getting the rowdy portion of the restaurant to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. I turned bright, glowing red. And His Excellency scored the dessert. :-)

.....Saturday was a full day. I was still feeling a little off from the day before, so I didn't have much for breakfast. I kept thinking the Pelican meeting was at 8AM, but was reminded that Their Majesties had sensibly decided to start the meetings at 9AM. The meeting was relatively short and foo-free, which I prefer immensely.

.....I relaxed and visited for a couple of hours before the Processional and Invocation. Which it was announced that Sir Sven was fighting for Sir Raoukinn, which is WAY cool. I happen to be quite the fan of Sir Raoukinn! :-)

.....The Seneschal's meeting at 3PM was also foo-free and thankfully straight-to-the-point. I was not in the mood for a wandering attention meeting and I lucked out. :-)

.....The Finals were truly epic to watch! It was Sir Sven and Sir Tiernan. They both died once and then had a double-kill. The field was deathly quite as the last battle was fought. And then Sir Tiernan won! As much as I wanted to see Sir Raoukinn crowned as Princess of An Tir, I was truly overjoyed to see Tiernan and Miranda with the An Tir Coronets on Their heads. They are truly nice people who will be a wonderful King and Queen. Really, no matter who won the Finals of this May Crown, the Kingdom as a whole won. I really like Crowns that end in this fashion. :-)

.....After dinner, I was dog tired. The wind was epic and I was cold. Part of me wanted to go and wander the camp, but the bed won me over and I went to bed early. I was ever so thankful that I packed a few extra blankets. I stayed nice and warm, no matter how cold the night became.

.....I was still feeling off on Sunday morning, but I drug myself together and started breaking down camp when I was up and dressed. The Financial Committee meeting was set for 9AM and my protege, Isketol, was ready to present a bid for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship (and Bardic Championship) to be held in Dragon's Laire. I knew we were just one of two bids, the other being a really good bid from Adiantum. I was nervous and jumpy and fully expected Adiantum to be awarded the bid. However, Their Majesties and Highnesses brought up several good points, the chief of which was that since Adiantum already had Twelfth Night, it would be more fair to allow Canadians to have less distance to travel for the very next Kingdom Event. I totally agreed and was glad Their Majesties and Highnesses saw the same thing.

.....I was excited during the presentation and did interrupt Isketol on several points with additional information. I felt badly later as I should have kept my mouth shut and let Isketol run with the bid. But I did apologize later and I don't think Isketol will hold it against me.

.....At one point during the presentation Her Royal Highness, Miranda, looked over at me and asked if I and Marquessa Laurellen were on board to help with the event. I said we were and she smiled. I was very grateful for that as it helped me settle my nervousness and made me feel as if I actually mattered. It was cool and she had perfect timing with those words and smile. She was most certainly thinking of the good of the Kingdom as a whole, but still, I owe her a lot for making me feel so much better with that.

.....After that, the meeting became something of a blur. But I did hear Master James present a bid for the Canton of Silverhart (with the Barony of Wealdsmere) to host Twelfth Night, 2012. The trip over the passes in January will be dicey. But I think that Silverhart will be appreciative of having the Kingdom come to them in January and will treat us well.

.....I went off to grab Heather and packed her up in less than an hour, including the stuff I was taking home from Madrun. I had intended on caravaning back with Madrun. But when I was ready to go, Madrun had another hour or so with her household in breaking down their encampment. I was anxious to hit the road and get home. I was still not feeling great and was missing TBT a lot. I felt badly about abandoning Madrun, but she seemed to be O.K. with the plan, so I decided to just roll with it.

.....The drive home went faster than I thought it would. Traffic was not horrible and the weather cooperated nicely. I made it home in about four hours and a little change. I unpacked the important parts of the van and then collapsed for the evening.

.....TBT had arranged for a gathering to celebrate my birthday. In the end Brummbar, Ralph and Ellen showed up. I was grateful that I was remembered (and many people called me and sent me e-mails to say 'Happy Birthday' as well). But after about an hour, I practically pushed everyone out the door. I was soooo tired. :-)

.....Ralph and Ellen gave me this really cool wood turned bowl for my birthday. We have it on display in the Living Room. Rhys made me a glow-in-the-dark bead mobile which is already hanging over my desk at work. :-)

.....This week has been rough though. I'm still trying to catch up with having taken Friday off. And being distracted with June Faire preparations is not helping one little bit. Sigh! It's going to be hard to make it through to next Wednesday unscathed. :-)

.....I finished the last of the contracts under my control (the tables and chairs). Lobelia now has a new refrigerator and generator service. Suzie has a new clutch. Now I just need to get my damned license renewed so I can actually drive these things around! :-)

.....Lots to do! Let's go!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Well, Heather is packed up solid. I couldn't get anything more into her even if I wanted to do so. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it is packed to the ceiling. Madrun brought over some stuff for me to take over to May Crown for her. When I packed it up it didn't take any more room than JR's stuff did for July Coronation last year, so I'm not sure if I just didn't pack as well? Or if I didn't resist my subconscious urge well enough to add 'just one more thing' to the pile? :-) Oh, well, she's done now. No turning back and I'm NOT repacking. Maybe when I pack up on Sunday I'll take a little more care and attention to what I'm doing.

.....TBT and I are going to get up a little early tomorrow and do our usual weekend routine and go to Starbucks for coffee. :-) I'll miss her, but it is only a couple of days. And I'll be back on my birthday. :-)

.....Will get out of Starbucks at 7:30 and hit Safeway for gas and the grocery list. Ice chest is pack. OMG, ICE IS NOT ON MY LIST. MUST REMEMBER ICE!!!!

.....The goal is to hit the 8:45 ferry to Seattle and hook up with Madrun for a caravan to site. We'll be there even earlier than I imagined. Although the reports of snow in Snoqualamie Pass has me a little worried. The van does not do well in the snow and the chains are BURIED in the mass of stuff. I'm hoping that the weight of all the stuff loaded in Heather will keep her more connected with the road.

.....Her fluids have been changed and she's been declared as acceptable to make the trip back and forth. The AAA membership is paid up and the cell phone is charging. I'm as ready for emergencies as I ever can be.

.....I was reminded how good of friends I have this week. Isketol (one of my protege) offered space in his trailer. I declined as I really wanted to pavilion it this weekend. But the offer was really nice. Raphaella offered to feed me this weekend. Considering how busy she is going to be this weekend, I was really touched by that offer as well. Gwenllyn also made sure to let me know that I could never stay hungry or not have a place to stay as long as she was around. Where would I be without Gwen watching out for me? :-) Her Excellency Brighid reminded me that she always kept an eye out for me. And several members of the Rapier Group (Curious Culinary) helped with preparation. Reminds me of how good I have it here. :-)

.....My wish is that everyone arrives on site in full health and happiness and that Crown is wonderful to watch. With Raoukinn being the inspiration she is, I already know it will be epic! :-)

.....Wagon's Ho, Wastekeep or Bust! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Sigh! I've been packing and camping in the SCA for almost twenty-three years now. So why is it that every year, before the first major camping event, it feels like the very first time I've EVER packed a car for a camping event!!!! :-)

.....I pulled everything out of the garage that goes into the van. I unearthed the poles and the ropes and the spikes and the canvas and the carpets and the plastic tarping. Then I pulled out all the bins with throws and tables and chairs and lamps and cooking gear. Then I piled it all around the van. Which was cleaned out and made ready to accept all the donations being made to it in homage.

.....For some reason I kept trying to play with a packing scheme. I couldn't seem to figure out how to pack everything so it fit in the smallest area possible. It looked more like a jumbled mess by the time I was done with it. Argh! But I had made my major milestone of pulling everything out of the garage, so I decided to stop for the evening and start again tomorrow.

.....After work TBT and I went up to Poulsbo and picked up Lobelia for the trip to Clear Creek RV. We have officially paid her off this month. Wow! I can't believe she is ours free-and-clear now. I also can't believe that it has been five years since I took out the loan that transferred her over to me.

.....For being an inanimate object, Lobelia has almost taken on the life of a favorite pet. I actually felt a little guilty going up to the storage unit to pick her up today. Mainly because I felt I haven't been paying enough attention to her. But I plan to make it up to her on the Memorial Day weekend. She is going to be scrubbed down hard and cleaned good and made ready for June Faire and the camping season. She will shine and be a happy RV again. :-)

.....I was amazed that she started up so easily too. A very reliable RV. After sitting for weeks at a time I expected to have trouble starting her up, but not a bit. It was great. Then we took her around the corner to the gas station and put a little gas in her, then the generator started right up. It was struggling a bit, but one of the things we're going to have Clear Creek do is give her a seasonal clean-up (change the plugs and fluids and filters). I think she'll start up a lot better after that's done.

.....Then a new refrigerator! We have missed having a refrigerator a lot!!! It is expensive, but we've been saving up for it. It'll be good to finally get it done.

.....I'll finish packing tomorrow night, and then hit the road by about 9AM on Friday. Hopefully I'll have my act together enough to do that and still make a run to Starbucks with TBT before I take off. I wish she could go, but I understand the score. Rhys is not a huge fan of the SCA and if he is going to tolerate June Faire at all, not going to May Crown is a compromise I guess. Sigh!

.....I need to print out a map tomorrow as well. I think it is like a four or five hour drive to site. Kind of wish I could convince JR to go with me. Last time we went to Wastekeep his non-stop conversation the entire way kept me totally awake. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this time. :-)

.....BTW, Brighid! The Don Julio is already packed! Whoot! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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