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.....Tomorrow is TBT's birthday. We're combining it with The Rhys Monster's birthday and going to spend the day in Seattle at the Woodland Park Zoo. The weather does not look that great, but if nothing else the crowds will be smaller. A plus as far as I'm concerned. We're also talking about hitting Pike's Place Market. I'd love to, but after a handful of hours at Woodland Park, I'm not sure this is going to stay in the Itinerary.

.....It was kind of a sqweaker today as to whether or not the Mid-Level Boss was going to ask me to come in for at least part of the day tomorrow. We're still dealing with the change of Fiscal Year from FY'11 to FY'12. The actual change came on October 1st. But the computer systems that handle our finances are apparently unhappy with the number 2012. Maybe there is a little Mayan Silicon Blood running through their proverbial veins?

.....Last night was our first indoor fight practice at the Pendergast Soccer Park. The whole area has sure changed. The last time I spent any time up there was when Fight Practice was held in the National Guard Armory. We drove up there and I didn't recognize the place! Brand new buildings and a lot of relatively newly cleared land. After looking at it, it kind of makes a little more sense as to why they are so reluctant to let us have the Armory for Fight Practice again.

.....Nineteen people signed up and paid on the roster last night, not including most of the observers. We pulled in $144. Which paid for last night's practice and started paying on next Wednesday's practice. A nice momentum start. It felt good to get it deposited today. We'll have to see what we can do to keep that momentum going for the next eleven weeks of practice.

.....The actual practice area is approximately 40 to 50 feet across and maybe double that in length. Certainly enough for all the fighters who attended last night. The lighting was good. The air was warm, but not too warm. There were bleachers for observers to watch. But what I liked the absolute best was the Astroturf surface of the practice area. Spongy and comfortable on the feet. I think this is going to work out rather nicely.

.....To start off the practice nights, both the Rapier and Heavy Fighters held a Tournament. The Rapier Tournament itself finished rather quickly. The finals consisted of THL Caius and M'Lord Ambrose. M'Lord Ambrose came away the victor. The Heavy Tournament finished about thirty minutes later in a final between Master Andras and M'Lord Albrecht. Master Andras was the victor.

.....Both victors won a set of feast gear handcrafted by Mistress Gwenllyn Potter, presented by the most gracious TBT. I think they were both happy with the honours given. :-)

.....By the time 9PM rolled around everyone was tired and left quickly. But we did manage to speak to Caius for a few moments. We're on a roll to pick up the pace on the scribal arts in November. Which is going to include the creation of a new Master Ceremonial. We've been limping along for the past year and it's time to start pulling it all in and creating something useful. Caius is going to the Heraldic Symposium the first Saturday of November, then we'll get together and actually pull everything together into something coherent. It'd be nice to get it all finalized prior to Yule.

.....Tonight is the meeting of the Dragon's Pearls. It should go fairly quickly. Maybe not as quickly as the recent Wyvern meeting went. :-) But at the very least we'll establish meeting dates for 2012.

.....Saturday was going to be a bardic gathering over at Tim and Truly's. But I think that the gathering is going to be pushed on over to the A&S Day Camp on the 29th. That Day Camp is going to be busy. Between the garb classes that TBT wants to teach. To the dancing we want to work with the Serjeantry Candidates for practice. The Heraldic Testing we want to do (although the actual doing is still up in the air. Not sure if the candidates, as a group, are ready on such relatively short notice). The Bardic performances we want to try. There will be a lot happening. But the good part is that we have the VFW Hall for as long as we want on Saturday, so we'll probably have some sort of potluck Saturday evening.

.....On Tuesday we also talked about maybe seeing if a couple of people would be willing to put together some soups and breads or something similar for lunch at the Day Camp. Must remember to speak to TBT on that, and Madrun, as soon as possible. Certainly it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. But there are no restaurants within walking distance. And only a little mini-mart down the road. Although Silverdale proper is just over the hill from the VFW Hall, and it has restaurants aplenty.

.....Sir Richard and Kathy are stopping by this weekend as well. I think we're going to do lunch and then geek out a while in the laboratory of TBT.

.....I sent off a note to the Board about the financing of Kingdom Chroniclers after the discontinuance of the stipend. It took only two days for a response. Which was a politely worded, 'Thank you for your concern. We'll monitor the situation, but we do not think it will be a problem.' I was not sure what I was expecting, so I was not fussed at all. I filed it away for future reference and made sure that THL Godith had a copy. I don't think that Godith, or any near term Chroniclers of An Tir, will have any problems with having the technology and software to put out 'The Crier'. But not all the Kingdoms are financially well off, so it will be interesting to see how things settle out in the long run.

.....Madrun will be home in the next day or so. I've missed her, so it'll be great to see her and hear the actual stories of her cross-country trip.

.....Then Sunday we have nothing scheduled, at least right now. I'd like to keep it that way. There was something to go to every night this week. I need to catch up with myself! :-) Although, Mom keeps poking at me to get into her storage unit and unburying her Christmas decorations. I probably should do that on Sunday, but not looking forward to it as they are BURIED and would require extensive excavation.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Wow! This week of vacation is sure going by fast. In only a few short days it'll be time to go back to work. And it's not like I've been lounging around the house in my underwear watching the Tele. either. :-)

.....Trying to catch up with a little housework today. The kitchen was a disaster area from Christmas. Dishes piled everywhere. I have pulled out three bags of trash already. But I am seeing results, as in I can see the floor again and at least a couple of the countertops. :-) The cat litter boxes are all done as well. So my two least favorite jobs will be done shortly and I can move on to other things.

.....Yesterday was mainly spent in conversation with Sir Richard. As usual over the Christmas holiday we met for lunch and conversation. And as usual I budgeted maybe two hours of time to actually have lunch and converse. And almost four hours later we were saying good-bye. :-) He met me half-way though, in Shelton, at the El Sarape. You wouldn't think of Shelton as a Mecca for Mexican food, and I can safely confirm that it isn't. :-) But it wasn't terrible either.

.....Lots of good advice about being a Baron. Things and little tips that hadn't even crossed my mind on how to run Courts and deal with 'people'. Managing everyone's expectations and egos is probably the hardest part of the job and good advice is always appreciated.

.....Comisserated on the direction the SCA as a whole is taking. It has certainly changed in the decades since both Sir Richard and I started playing. Lots of ups-and-downs. But this past year I've heard from a number of people who think the SCA as a whole might be in a bit more serious trouble than ever before. Like maybe dissolution and re-emergence. One or two I might dismiss as off-hand thought, but when you start hearing that tone from a spectrum of respected people you start thinking of the possibilities. We'll see what happens. I don't think anyone is quite willing to throw in the proverbial towel just yet.

.....On Tuesday we had a re-visit from the group who wants to start the Hood Canal Scottish Highland Games in Belfair later in 2011. Oliver sat and talked with them a while and basically laid out what support we could and could not give. I think they were hoping for more from us, but there is only so much we can really do. And as Oliver pointed out, they can do a lot more on their own as a 'for profit' group rather than hanging on to our 'not-for-profit' status and attitude.

.....Monday was a really good de-briefing on the last Bardic Championship. What worked and what could be improved. Both TBT and Madrun had good ideas. I asked lots of questions to understand all the aspects. We have some good working goals. Although none of this can be done in a vacuum. Once the ideas are exposed to full public scrutiny things might be massaged and changed due to things we hadn't thought of doing in the first place. I always try my best to take that into account. There is no such thing as 'black-and-white'. :-)

.....Sunday was Migraine Day! What a loss! It might as well not existed. Which sucked mightily as I wanted to go and talk with Countess Elisabeth on a number of things, mostly pertaining to Serjeantry. Plus I would have had a captive audience to debate the ins-and-outs of the proposal. Oh, well, we're still progressing.

.....Saturday was Christmas itself. I made out pretty good actually. :-) In some ways it is hard for TBT to buy for me, in the same way that it is difficult for me to buy something for her. We both either want 'things' that are highly expensive, or when we actually want something reasonably priced, we go and buy it. :-) But I did get a model Stonehenge. :-) TBT picked me up a copy of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which I actually liked. She also picked me up Season 3 of Farscape. One of my favorite SciFi / Fantasy serials. Also got a new wireless keyboard and mouse from Rhys for when we finally get the new computer up and running. :-)

.....My Mom gave me her 'hand me down' Nook for Christmas. It's the black-and-white model and is really rather nice. Even though it is, only :-), in black and white the text is very nice to read and the organizational content is easy to follow. I enjoyed it almost immediately. I actually like it more than the Pandigital hand-me-down that Mom gave me a couple of months ago. It is a color model, but it is kind of clunky in how it operates in comparison. Plus is a lot heavier than the Nook. I liked the Pandigital, but now that I'm playing with the Nook I'm liking it a lot more.

.....Although, with things like SmartPhones and iPads, are eReaders really going to be around for long? It amazes me how fast some of today's technologies go obsolete! I'm still trying to grasp the fact that CD's are nearly extinct and DVD's are next on the chopping block! Wow! I'm feeling old!

.....O.K. Back to work at house cleaning. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Yesterday was actually a good way to end the week, although I started off resistant. I had a lunch scheduled with Richard in Olympia. I fell into my newly usual pattern of watching 'The West Wing' and being rather lazy, which is not good as it means very little gets done. When 10AM rolled around I was having a hard time collecting everything to get into the van to make the drive. I also wasn't looking forward to a drive to Olympia. How's that for epic whining! :-)

.....But thankfully I just did it and the drive was actually quite pleasant. Richard accepted my being late with his usual good grace and we headed out to a Bar-B-Que place located in an off-the-wall turn out of the highways to Aberdeen.

.....Good Bar-B-Que! I had the lunch special of pulled pork, chicken and beef. Very good stuff. And I WAS stuffed by the end of lunch.

.....As is also usual, Richard and I started talking and hours went by without my even noticing it. We've been making this a yearly tradition now. Every year I say I'm going down for an hour or so and I am always still amazed when four or more hours go by. :-) That's what happens when a year's worth of conversation has to be done in a short period of time.

.....I'm not sure why that is, but for some reason I like bouncing my thoughts and ideas off of Richard and listening to his take on life. It helps me see things with a new perspective and usually ends up invigorating me with excitement for the new year and new ideas for me to persue. Richard is a very inspiring person, someone whom I admire. With definitely a few more brain cells than myself, and a surety of spirit that I sometimes lack.

.....I also left his house with a box of Tolkien books! Most of which I already had, but a few titles I didn't. I realized later that the synposis of The Silmarillion was one I didn't have. I have one from a different author. So this was a very cool find! And I was already reading through it before bed. :-)

.....Most of the rest of the books will go into the 'Tolkien Lending Library'. A phenomena I do not promote widely, but which a few select people know. :-)

.....Richard also introduced me to a new Middle Earth Board Game called 'Middle Earth Quest'. It looks really good, and a lot of fun to play! The rules are complex and full of details, but of the intelligent sort. A full game takes about four hours to play, which could be problematic. But still looks fun. Richard sent me a link to the rules online. I think I'll read through them and pass them along to TBT. Maybe we could get a game together sometime over the Holiday Break? Hmmm.....

.....Even though I was horribly late leaving Richard's, I had to stop at the Trader Joe's in Olympia. I sure wish that Kitsap County could have a Trader Joe's. We are so redneck over here though, I am not sure we could convince them to set up a store. But I'm still hopeful. Central Market is always crowded and it is a variation of Trader Joes. So we'll see.

.....I picked up some Jo-Jo's for Rhys and then hit the road. When I realized just how late I was I made frantic cell phone calls to TBT and Brighid to make sure someone got word to Rebecca that it was not on purpose and that I was going to be just a little late in getting over there. We'd been invited over to watch the Christmas Ship's make their passage from the Bremerton Yacht Club through the Port Washington Narrows.

.....I resisted the temptation to speed through Shelton and Belfair (I do not have the Cop and Ticket Karma that TBT has. They always seem to catch me. :-)). But still made it home in pretty good time. We ran over to Rebecca and Tym's in time to watch the festivities. Rebecca and Tym were fantastic hosts and we had a really good time over there. We also learned a lot of the Jewish traditions of the 'holidays' which was interesting in itself.

.....Rebecca gifted me with a stack of Shakespearean Plays in booklets from 1908. I thought that they were way cool and I was happy to receive them.

.....By the time we made it home I was tired but happy. I read a little Tolkien and then fell asleep. :-)

.....Now I have a list of things to get done!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Friday night started off with a cook-out over in Port Orchard. 'Fajita Night' was the theme. Conchobar grilled the pork and several others made at least four or so types of salsa. It was very good. They were celebrating the end of the school year. Almost made me wish I were a teacher. :-) The conversation was good, so much so that I was reluctant to leave. Especially when the subject matter started gravitating towards the Sargeantry, what it was, how it was obtained and what it should be to be a member. But by 9PM Rhys had had enough of the adult conversation and the children that were younger than he. It was time to go home.

.....On Saturday TBT had a play-date with Mistress Gwenllyn in her pottery studio. She was there most of the day and it sounded like she had a great time. I stayed home and worked on a circlet order for [ profile] freewaydiva. I knocked out three circlets by a little after noon. They still need a final polish. But she is coming over to a class next weekend and they'll be done in plenty of time for her to pick them up.

.....At about 2PM I went and did some grocery shopping for Mom and then got ready for a road trip to Olympia. By this time TBT was back home and about to run Rhys off to The Goddess Nim's (TGN) house for a Rhys play-date with her children.

.....It was such a beautiful day on Saturday. The weather was warm and summer was in the air. I had all the windows down and the sun roof open. I had bad '80's music playing in the CD player. Styx was primarily in the queue and it was turned up loud. I felt young and was having a great time. The wind was blowing and if I pretended hard enough I could almost remember what it was like to have hair again blowing behind me in the wind. :-)

.....Saturday was Sir Richard's birthday party at his house. Talk about a contrast in parties. Friday's was full of people in the 20's and maybe 30's. Saturday's was all about people in their 40's and 50's. I knew that I was on a different planet when the conversation turned to all the mailers people were getting from AARP. :-)

.....I'm glad I went though. Richard is a good person and I consider myself to be lucky to have him as a friend. It was a good turn out for him. Among the attendees were Sir Walter and Katriona. She cornered me to ask questions about Glymm Mere possibly hosting a Kingdom Event. Glymm Mere hasn't actually hosted a major event since their Twelfth Night about ten years ago. Katriona is initially thinking of holding their event at Dragon Sphere Park. I urged her to check out places more local. She was reluctant thinking about how expensive everything is these days. But I reminder her that the Kingdom is doing pretty good right now financially and that they could afford to help with the bill. She hadn't considered that direction and I could see the wheels turning. I told her that I'd urge Dragon's Laire to help in any way that it could.

.....I took off around 8:30 and headed home. It still felt good to be on the road and I again had the windows down and the stereo blasting. This time it was Cinderella, Gun's 'n Roses, and Whitesnake. I felt like I was in my 20's again. By the time I hit the corner where Hwy 3 head's off to Silverdale I almost took the right so that I could run and catch the Saturday night cruise in downtown Bremerton. I miss that cruise. It was a lot of fun and the place to people watch and be seen. The Bremerton police were amazingly tolerant as well. We got away with a lot. In Port Orchard where I lived in my 20's, anywhere more than two people in their 20's gathered, the Port Orchard Piglets would instinctively gather, something like Gabriel's angelic forces surrounding the legions of hell. Good Days. :-)

.....Today was 'Death to Hedge'!!! TBT took some awesome 'before-and-after' pictures. Bernie and Tsuruko came over with their chipper-shredder and we cut the entire hedge down. About 95% of it now consists of a pile of chips in the back yard. It was a lot of work, but the front yard looks so freakin' different now! Wow! The front yard and driveway look like they are twice as big now. But everything looks so much more neat and tidy, and just better all around. Even the sailors across the street commented on how much better the front yard looks. I hadn't realized how scraggy and unkept the hedge was. We even knocked down the hedge behind the mailboxes. I think the neighbors will be happy with that one. Except for the fact that I think that the hedge there was the only thing keeping that string of mailboxes upright. :-) We'll have to fix that.

.....Now I just have to stay awake long enough to get my laundry for the week done. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I? Have a framed picture of TBT and Rhys now sitting on top of my computer at work. You all have my permission to be jealous. :-) As I fend off all my co-workers who wonder why this good looking lady would be hanging out with a weirdo like me. :-)

.....June 23rd is His Excellency Sir Richard's birthday. When I was just starting to get my feet wet in the SCA I met Sir Richard as he was taking over the production of The Crier. Immediately he proved to me why he has the title of Knight, and it wasn't due to his prowess on the field. It was the honour that traveled before him like an ethereal presence. I was in awe and I didn't even know him. The years since then have only added to his character and I consider it a wondrous honour to call him a good friend of mine. Happy Birthday Richard!!!

.....I've been reading with interest TBT's posts on splitting up of the Kingdom. Of course it is an ever revolving discussion that has had many incarnations. So much so that sometimes my first reaction to hearing it start anew is to wince in anticipation of the painful arguments that will ensue. But, you know, we've been talking half-heartedly about carving out some sort of Principality within the Western Region for a while now. As TBT keeps telling me, if the spark ignites a flame, why not run with it?

.....The only issue I see that will prevent this from taking off completely is the need for a single charismatic leader to carry it forward. I sometimes would like to be that leader (assuming that I could become charismatic in the first place :-)), but the part that always prevents me from REALLY opening my mouth is the dedication and effort that will be involved. This will be a real committment, for upwards of five years (or more). There will be times that this person alone will be the driving force. There will be times that are painful. There will be times where the odds are a thousand asshats on the Step(pe)s to one, you. I look at all of the STUFF that is currently on my plate and think twice before opening my mouth. But I keep thinking about it. And if someone else were to pick up that mantle and place it upon their shoulder, you bet that I'd be there to help them. I would love to see the West Sound be a Principality. It'd be wonderful!

.....Picture in your mind, Prince Cedric and Princess Brighid. That's a pretty cool looking picture, if I do say so myself. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Hey All,

.....When I joined the SCA the very first Knight that I could say actually PERSONIFIED Knighthood in the SCA for me was Baron Sir Richard. One of the people I absolutely admire the most. One of the reasons I was adamant that he be at my Pelican Ceremony.

.....He has crossed over to the Dark Side and joined LJ. Please friend him.

.....[ profile] srfbgm

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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Greetings to my Friends,

Well, I was a little overwhelmed by the response to my first posting. :-) I'm always a bit surprized by the number of firends I have, I count myself very lucky in that regard. Thank you.

Wish I had more time to keep up with Live Journal. There are so many things to do these days. But here is something that I wrote with Sir Richard. He does this Sonnet exercise where he throws out the first two lines and then I respond with two new lines of my own (we split the final two line between each other). Then we critique each other. It is a lot of fun! Especially when the two people involved a.) like sonnetry and b.) have very similar tastes but divergent opinions on things as Sir Richard and I do. :-)

The cord awaits, just breathless for a chance
To find in noble trinity rebirth;
Around, a solid compass to enhance
The empty heaven's gift of untold worth.

The Father nurtures sacred sparks of fire
That warm the Ghostly dancers to the root;
And now they sing the warming hymns of choir
As holy Son plays passion on the lute.

Pavane becomes a Galliard as they race,
Each other's eyes now draws them toward their goals
As lovers meet in glorious embrace,
A fearsome union that consumes their souls.

The fires of life burn strongly with desire
The quest for love enflames and hearts inspire.

With Love, Arontius / Aaron.


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