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.....On this date, a decade ago, Tammie Dupuis and I stood in the Living Room of her beloved South Seattle home and said our wedding vows. Every year since just gets better and better. My only regret? Not having married her ten years before that. smile emoticon:-)

.....You are my sun, my moon, my glitter, guiding northern star that brightens my very soul. Love you forever! Happy Tenth Wedding Anniversary!

.....With obligatory wedding anniversary sonnet ... :-)

My early journies lacked a purpose clear
An aimless wandering through many lands.
Then Love took pity and leaned close to hear
My cries to fill the space my heart demands.

Glass wings a window to another world
A prism freeing light in many hues.
Seen in exstatic light as she is hurled
In sudden motion to release her muse.

This dragonfly forever draws me near
A guide whose beauty in a spell binds me.
Her flights of passion drive away all fear
New wonders revealed she leads me to see.

Love's wisdom sent me a soul searing fate
Forever to be with this perfect mate.

.....All My Love, Aaron.
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.....Thinking much thinkiness about TBT today. Wishing she could see herself like I see her, a wonderful, beautiful, dynamic, creative, intelligent woman. One of these days I'll get a sonnet to sound just like I see her. Got lots of practice to do in the meantime. :-)

With silvered tongue the mirror does beguile,
Bold images proclaimed by the herald's horn.
To her unwitting eye a taunting wile,
The dia-mond flash illumes what does adorn.

In voices shrill shout the unruly curves,
In battle age does march across the skin.
The fading of her hair no longer serves,
As time conspires with glass in wicked sin.

My love will be the sword to prove my worth,
To sweep aside these whispered lies in glass.
For beauty given as a gift at birth,
Will only grow as lights at Candlemas.

Your radiant beauty glows from within,
And shines without on my heart you did win.

.....With Much Love, Aaron.
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.....Some people have muses who are angelic and come wafting in on a light breeze to fill their protege's minds with thoughts of grandeur and wonder.

.....Mine seem to be a troop of psychotic flying monkeys. :-)

.....I was trying to think of something cool for TBT in spirit of St. Valentine's Day. But the muses took me in a slightly different direction. At least I can proudly say that TBT was the inspiration. :-)

A canvas white bespeaks of mystery.
The vast expanse of open space enthralls.
An invitation to write history,
To claim our place from empty desert sprawls.

A practiced hand with bold waves storms the scene,
Lines driven by will colour fills behind.
From nothing it is life this hand does glean,
A flame unquenchable with God entwined.

Eyes shining from reservoirs within.
A talent given as a precious gift,
That springs forth to inspire all therein.
Made great by love by which her hand does lift.

Exalted wonders bring a breathless hush.
As love is given life by beauty's brush.

.....With Love, Specifically for TBT. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....August was one long month. Let's make a pact amongst ourselves that we'll never do four events in a five weekend period ever again. Shall we? No matter how 'easy' three of those events are represented to be. :-)

.....I have to say though that as predicted September Crown turned out much, much better than I anticipated. My nightmares and anxieties were many, to the point that I was having a difficult time both sleeping and concentrating at work. But none of my nightmare scenarios turned out. Not to say there weren't challenges aplenty. But they were all challenges that could be overcome. And more importantly, everyone who arrived did so with an attitude of working with what they were given and not complaining bitterly about it. Which made things much, much easier.

.....There are lots and lots to write about. The thank you note to the Baronial e-list was incredibly long and it is still missing a large number of people on it. There were a number of people who suddenly 'appeared' when needed, performed miracles, and then faded away. I was working on a naughty peer trick over the weekend and have since decided that I'd rather have this peer trick instead, the ability to have people 'appear' and save my behind when needed.

.....Although, the Stupid Peer Trick (tm) that I was seriously contemplating was kind of funny (only at the moment though). I observed Dame Brighid Ross entering a Biffy and made ready to tip it over on its side. She didn't think that was funny at all and simply said that it emphasized the 'Stupid' part of the name a little too much.

.....There was a Live Journal entry of several weeks ago where I talked about the supposed 'obligation' one might have to include all comers in a Team if you were the Baron or Baroness. Both Brighid and Khalja noted immediately that it set the Team up for possible failure if you ended up including someone who did not work well with a Team. Which is exactly what happened on Team Haggis III. I spent more energy and aggravation on one person than I did the entire rest of the Team combined. That person ended up making mistakes and I ended up truly blowing up at them as we were setting up the event. I've never done that before and never want to do that again. But it was an incredibly valuable lesson in making sure your Team can work well together and with you before you even start.

.....The site itself has a lot going for it, and a lot going against it. I'm really on the fence as to whether or not it would make a good June Faire site. There are parts of the grounds that are as hard as cement. But could we utilize other parts of site better and just avoid the really bad portions? We were a little tight this weekend due to the space taken up by Equestrian Activities. If we eliminated Equestrian and used this area for camping would we then have enough space to work the site? I'm still thinking on that one.

.....We need to get more creative on sites though. I need to make another run at the Port Orchard Airport I think. And this time I think I'll go around the Tractor people and go straight to the owners. It has the risk of ticking off the Tractor people, but if we can get our toe in the door of the site, maybe we can make it work for us. I think I want to make another run at the Howe Farm as well. The Community Group running with it has been unable to go anywhere with any of their plans. Now might be a good time to approach them with ideas on making a little income and working to improve the site.

.....Yeah, I'm already thinking of a Team Haggis IV. But it isn't going to happen in the next year or so. I'm also thinking it might be a Twelfth Night, for which I have another set of ideas I'm combing through. But I need a long break, and I need to concentrate on getting a few things done on the home front.

.....We get next weekend free to sleep in and do as little as possible. The only obligation being the removal of the water tank from the September Crown site. In two weeks is a Book Fair in Seattle. I forget what's happening the fourth weekend, but the fifth is Last Chance. Which reminds me that we have things to get ready for it.

.....The big thing to concentrate on now is TBT's elevation in January to the Order of the Pelican. Can you believe it? I managed to keep my mouth shut about it. That is quite the accomplishment. :-) But I'm rather excited. Plans are already moving forward. We're using Madrun's elevation e-list as a starting point, as well as the Master File from Madrun's elevation as a baseline check-list for everything that needs to be done.

.....If others want to be involved from the ground floor, let me know and I'll add you to the e-list.

.....I'm sitting here and basically staring at a pile of 3x5 cards, filled with 'to-do' lists that have been accumulating over the past couple of months. I should really consolidate them here shortly. But I'm really tired and finding it difficult to concentrate on any one thing for more than a five minute stretch. I'm seriously happy that September Crown was successful. But I'm so glad it is over. August was a really, really long month.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Can you believe it?! Today, Friday the 13th, July, 2012, makes it five years that we've been married.

.....I still think that it is by far the best decision I ever made. Nothing else even comes close. You are the wisest, smartest, most perfect woman I know. I sincerely lucked out.

.....Love you, TBT. Happy Anniversary. With many, many more to follow.

.....Aaron / Arontius.

.....P.S. And, really, if we can survive this Coronet gig. We can survive ANYTHING! :-)
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.....I rather like these short weeks broken by holidays in the middle. Although I think the majority of those working in the Shipyard took the even more intelligent approach of taking a few days off on either side of the holiday, or the entire week. The Parking Garage was practically empty this morning. I was able to sit at my desk and get caught up with things that have been lingering for a while. I'm on the hook to be back to work for Thursday and Friday, so it is possible that I might actually get ahead a little bit. Which would be nice.

.....I'm being good right now while everyone else takes leave so that when I start eating up the leave for events in August and September that I'm not given much grief. September Crown alone is probably going to eat up at least three or four days of leave. I'm going to try and resist taking leave around the Picnic and Huntsman's Challenge, but we will see what happens.

.....The weekend saw some productivity, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I managed to do some cleaning of the house on Saturday. The kitchen was washed down, with several severe lectures to The Rhys Monster to not mess it up until at least TBT had seen it! :-) The bedroom and computer were cleaned out and vacuumed, along with the hall. Then the laundry was done.

.....After that I spent the afternoon trying to clean out my e-mail inbox. Did manage to reduce from almost 500 down to below 300, so I called that at least partially successful.

.....Then spent some time working on an FAQ for the Norseland Site. It was a very interesting week in that regard. The Equestrian Community had been doing a little research on the September Crown site and ran across some Internet sites talking about Norseland being a remediation site, with a meticulous cleanup effort after many years as an Army Base, a Landfill and a Trailer Park. The Equestrians were worried, after reading these reports of a HazMat clean-up, whether the site would be hazardous to their horses in any way. They were legitimate questions. We had been told the site was safe for human use, but humans don't generally roll around in the dirt and eat the local vegetation.

.....So Tsuruko, as the Equestrian POC, started asking questions of the State Department of Ecology. It did not take long at all before we started seeing an avalanche of e-mails from the State, the County, and the Port speaking about the site and what plans we had for the site. It was an intense day or two. So intense that the people leasing us the Site, the BMP, told us to take them out of the picture until something was ultimately decided. I had one conversation with the BMP where he was upset enough that he suggested we move the event. This was a non-starter as far as I was concerned. I spoke fast and as persuasively as I could and basically talked him off the ledge and told him that we'd deal with all the legal entities and let the BMP know the results when it was all over. They ultimately agreed to that plan and I breathed a short sigh of relief.

.....In the end we held a Teleconference with representatives from the State Dept. of Ecology, someone from the Kitsap Public Health Office, the Port of Bremerton, and Tsuruko and myself. It was a very friendly conversation. The state gave us formal permission to hold September Crown on Norseland and informed us that, among other things, the site was perfectly safe for the plans we had for it and that the area designated for the Equestrians was never even part of the remediation efforts. We came away with a formal statement to that affect (which I've already received in the mail), direction to the final sampling report online (of which I now have a copy), a POC for people to call if they have more questions of the State POC, and well wishes for a good event. I breathed another sigh of relief after that call.

.....Only thing left to do now is to have the Equestrians actually tour the site to make sure the area in question will work for their Tournament. This is supposed to happen in the next couple of weeks.

.....FAQ was put together and will be part of the September Crown web-site shortly.

.....Sunday was a day of migraine. I did not accomplish much at all. I did push my rear out the door in the afternoon to meet Albrecht and Magdalena so we could give them a day shade and a few other things from storage for use at An Tir / West War. I was barely holding it all together at that point, but made it through. I felt a little badly for taking off when Ralg was still trying to organize things. But I wouldn't have been a whole lot of help at that point. I went home, pulled out stuff for Monday and then went to bed for the remainder of the day.

.....Did some research on the internet last night and caught up on some more e-mail. Spent a little bit of time with TBT. Probably should have spent some more, but I was on a mission and intent on finding a few things out. :-) Yes, I can be stubborn on occasion. :-)

.....TBT was told over the weekend, jokingly from what I understand, that she does not put forth a whole lot of effort as Baroness. I may have to find out what exactly was meant by that as hearing it would have bothered me a great deal. I acknowledge quite frankly that this job of Baron and Baroness is one big assed job. No one person can do it effectively alone. TBT and I bring both brain and brawn to the table to manage this job at all. I'm not even saying we're even being very good at it. I'm just saying to even try to be effective requires a lot of effort, a lot of good ideas, a lot of management skills, a lot of intelligence, and a lot of perseverance. The only things that keeps me from feeling completely overwhelmed on occasion is TBT being right there helping me and managing situations with which she has experience or things of which she is just better at dealing with. There are things that I just take over because there are details that just bore TBT to death and she just doesn't like dealing with. I think we make a pretty good team in that regard. If anyone were to say to me that either one of us works any less than the other, I would say they were utterly and completely wrong, with a few additional remarks just to make sure my meaning was not mistaken.

.....Had to get that one out of my system as it really was bothering me a lot last night. I probably need to just let that one go unless it is mentioned to me directly.

.....And, I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow. Which is a good thing. Along with a picnic with lots of good food. That Richard can grill a rather fantastic steak! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....This?! Is funny. :-)



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....This is called 'speed sonnetry'. Not to be confused with 'speed dating', although they are very similar concepts. You meet for a very short amount of time with a concept which you have to impart as much impression as possible as clearly as possible, while maintaining a certain amount of charm and wit.

.....Well, I tried. :-) And it was for TBT on a Valentines Day. :-) And it was done in under an hour.

As Venus rising from divine embrace,
A beauteous gem glimmering on high.
All else is dim and pale next to her grace.
The creatures of light on her do draw nigh.

I gaze in wonder at this wondrous light.
My heart a welcome captive in love's grasp.
My memory forever etched with sight.
Her ev'ry curve cause my lungs to gasp.

As time flows swiftly towards eternity.
Its passage only increases the love.
And gazing on this face of majesty.
Shows God's great presence with gifts from above.

To cherish this treasure is my desire.
As beauty quenches my heart with sweet fire.

.....Happy Valentine's Day, TBT. You are definitely my favoritist Valentine of all. :-)

.....Love, Aaron.
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.....It was an interesting day today. Started off with a trip to Sequim. We came to the conclusion in December that the Clallam County Fairgrounds just weren't going to be large enough for September Crown. During that time the Druim Doineann Seneschal, Ivan, asked me about another site he'd been checking out just outside Sequim. This was something of a twist for me as I was in the process of moving the event to a site down here in Kitsap County. But because I was so adamant about keeping Druim Doineann involved in the planning, I said that I would take a look at the site and consider it.

.....The Google Maps of it actually looked promising. It was on a bluff overlooking the Dungeness Spit. The fields looked open and groomed. The roads, while slightly narrow, were direct and manageable. Yet, a couple of things still bothered me. There seemed to be a lot of residential houses around this 'Farm'. The comparison of sizes of fields versus lawns versus fenced areas did not bode well for all the promised 'open' area. So I was a little leery, which is why I didn't say a whole lot about it. But I wanted to give it a shot.

.....TBT decided she wanted to ride up with me. She looked a little tired, but wasn't coughing or hacking, so I relented. She went to sleep before we hit the Hood Canal Bridge. I almost decided to turn around at that moment, but instead kept the fan blowing hot air into the car, and tried to just keep things quiet.

.....When we arrived, this is what we saw of the Farm:

.....The wind was fierce and biting! I walked out the area for camping, parking and event site itself and I could pretty easily see it wasn't going to work. It might fit upwards of 500 campers comfortably, but when you hit the 800 to 1,000 number mark, with all of their elaborate encampments, the farm would be quite squeezed in terms of space. September Crown regularly sees a minimum of 800 people, and at least two years ago, it had over 1,200 people register at gate. Even in this time of economic down turn and the relatively remote location, I think we’d see at least 800 people up there and the site would be hard pressed to camp them all.

.....It was a pretty site though, so I kept walking and that was when I met the owner. He met me with something of a tense "what are you doing on my property" expression, but he was polite. He allowed me to explain why I was taking pictures of the place BEFORE he called the police. :-) When he had heard me out, he didn't seem all that eager to play host to a medieval encampment. And when I looked at how close all his neighbors were in reality, with all of their high end vacation-type homes, I could see that they probably wouldn't enjoy it either.

.....Like I said though, it's a pretty site. I hope that Druim Doineann ends up using it for something at some point. I left a little disappointed, but largely relieved. I had half-expected to find some place that would end up being a better alternative then our Norseland site and having to scramble to put a third new bid in place. Now, I can go ahead and move forward with a clear conscience.

.....The drive back was quiet, but intense. Part of the way the rain pelted the car, but when we went above about 500 feet in elevation, the snow pounded the road hard enough to start sticking. I started getting a little worried at that point. But thankfully it changed to strictly rain by the time we hit the Hood Canal Bridge. I went home as quick as I could and TBT went ahead and fell right asleep. Whatever cold has her in its grip is really knocking her around!

.....The other part of the day I was hit by e-mails of Serjeantry. One person asked me for information on what was needed for the Letter of Intent. Another person e-mailed TBT and myself with their intention to submit a Letter at Candlemas. To date, that means one confirmed and completed letter, one intention to submit, and at least three or more others with serious inquiries. I was a little overwhelmed. Serjeantry is something that was a big thing for me in my own personal decision to put my hat in the ring for Baron. It was something of which I spoke passionate volumes with TBT in why it was a good idea for us to submit. Serjeantry Trials in 2011 was better than I thought it might be, and things just seem to be looking even better this year.

.....Everyone looking at entering this year's class is looking at it with a serious eye. No one seems to be making a frivolous decision. I can see real commitment. It's seriously an exciting thing to see.

.....It was a good afternoon for me and TBT. All the foo from the past year of being Baron and Baroness didn't smell nearly as bad as it did just a few months ago. These are the moments I need to remember the next time Joe Bob tells me I'm an idiot for not doing things his way, or Jane Doe tells me I'm unchivalrous for not taking her side over another. A few more of these moments would even convince me to stay beyond three years.

.....Well, maybe not. It would take a couple dozen more to do that. Might as well be honest about it. Being Baron is not a good long term job for introverts like me.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The 'Super Sekrit' Project that TBT is working is pretty awesome. I can't say any more as I was sworn to secrecy. But I was definitely impressed. But, really, is there anything that TBT CAN'T do with flair and brilliance and beauty? :-)

.....It did not take long at all for life to speed up epically after the holidays! I was informed today that NAVSEA is going to perform a material audit of one of my jobs of FY'11 next March. A preliminary look has already been done and I'm already answering about a million questions. It's going to be a busy three months at work!

.....Then there is a two week trip to Norfolk to fit in there at some point. I'm trying to maneuver it so that it happens AFTER Candlemas in February.

.....Almost ready to make the long drive to Twelfth Night on Friday. Sharing a ride with TBT, Madrun, Gwen and Tsuruko. We'll keep each other awake if nothing else. :-) Hoping for an early start on Friday. It'll be a severe lesson on packing light.

.....Need two sets of clothes (modern) and two sets of garb. Need the circlets and the cloaks and the 'bling'. Need the door 'banner' and want to bring the camera. Would also like to bring the lap top.

.....Friday is a Baronial gathering in our room. We're leaving the ice chest at home to save space, so we'll have to shop for snacks in Coeur d'Alene. Will need some plates and serving utensils as well.

.....Pelican meeting on Saturday morning. My agenda and supporting material will be printed out tomorrow at work. I'd like to go to the Seneschal Meeting later in the day. I'd also like to touch base with Master Ljotr again. I'm looking forward to seeing him as Kingdom Seneschal again. :-)

.....Nothing needed for Court except for something to keep my hands busy. Might be a good time to have TBT teach me how to knit. I've been asking her to teach me for a while, but we've never had the chance.

.....Kingdom Rapier Tourney on Saturday night. Dragon's Laire has at least three participants. We need to remember to bring tokens, any leftover munchies we have, and some bottled water to support our fighters.

.....Also would love to hit Her Excellency Elisabeth's room. They are having a Madrone, and guests, gathering in her rooms. :-)

.....Sunday morning at 0900 is the Financial Committee Meeting. Would like to discuss the Regional Feast and get a ruling. No matter what that ruling is we'll at least be able to finally move forward with the concept at that point. I know that Renart is getting antsy and would like to start seriously planning. Can't blame him. So this will at least be a decision point.

.....Also need to update the budget for September Crown. We've had some changes forced on us that exceed our 10% overage. Sigh! But the changes will ultimately be for the better.

.....Then it will be time for the long drive home. With Ursulmas and Candlemas approaching quickly on the horizon. Seriously need to sit down and generate a comprehensive 'to-do' list. There are a lot of things that need to be done soon and I'm losing track of some of them. Can't let that happen.

.....Now I'm really tired. Time for bed. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius
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.....One usually associates New Year's Day with thoughts of the future. Of making resolutions (that are usually broken fairly quickly). Me? It was a day of reminiscing. I didn't make any kind of progress on anything worthwhile really. But I still had a good day none-the-less.

.....TBT and I went out for our usual trip to Starbucks this morning. Upon return home I puttered on the computer for a while. For some reason I was in a mood to watch 'The West Wing'. One of my all time favorite T.V. series. YouTube has quite a number of good scenes in little snippets. I must have watched a good hour or so of them before finally getting annoyed that I could only watch short snippets at a time. :-)

.....So, after taking care of a bunch of laundry and working on the new banner for a while, I get a phone call. From Brighid, 'Hey, we're having a 'West Wing' marathon over here. Wanna join?' I really wish she'd stay out of my brain. It's a messy place. Just sayin'. :-)

.....We must have watched at least four episodes from the first season. They weren't even my all time favorites. I still want to see the one built around 'The Carol of the Bells' where Leo tells Josh the story of a friend helping out another friend who's fallen into a hole. Or the one where Admiral Fitzwallace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, gives his opinion on 'gays in the military'. There are lots and lots of good lines in that series. I'd give a lot to see a President Bartlett in office.

.....The clean up of the garage this last weekend netted a few saves and reminders. I had thought that all my old files and Crier copies were packed for storage in Rubbermaid sealed containers. For some reason some of the very best stuff was in a cardboard box that was near the garage door (dealing with humidity and temperature issues) and had 'stuff' piled on it, slowly destroying it. I'm glad I caught it when I did.

.....At the September Crown where Her Excellency Sineidin made the announcement that An Tir was hosting a 4YC Celebration in Randall, Her Excellency Amanda approached me with a box of old papers that she was intending to toss, but thought that someone might want them. In that box was a set of copies of the first few years of 'The Crier'. It's amazing how far we've come since the days of one page issues of 'The Crier'. :-)

.....Issue No. 1. One page of announcements. :-) Master Ralg will sigh in exasperation at my saving copies of stuff like this, but I personally like being able to have this connection to the past. :-) Although, it might save a good deal of space if I were to scan these into electronic storage? Hmmm, I wonder how much it would cost to have someone do it for me?

.....In my travels to nostalgia, I also found this:

.....TBT has always been HOT!!!! :-) I think I'm one lucky guy. :-)

.....And she only gets better with time. I'm looking forward to another year of walking by her side. :-) Here's to a great 2012! A Dragon Year! Or a '5' Year! Depending upon which superstition happens to amuse you the most. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm on a Live Journal feed for Psychology Today, which had the below article posted:

"6 Reasons It's Good When Grown-Ups Get Married.
Published on October 8, 2011 by Gina Barreca, Ph.D. in Snow White Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Marriage puts your life into an entirely new context, especially if you are fortunate enough to get married as a grown-up. By "grown-up" I mean over age 30.

Getting married as a grown-up implies that you've gone through The Relationship Gauntlet, meaning that you have been beaten down and emotionally flayed by at least a couple of earlier relationships. It can be assumed, then, that you are not entirely naïve about the possible pains as well as pleasures of a committed relationship. You're doing this on purpose; you're not getting married because you can't find a decent place to live on your own or because you found a great white dress on sale.

After 30, you're not getting married just because your friends are, thereby making a wedding the equivalent of everybody getting together after work for appetizers at Applebee's. And, most importantly, you're not getting married because you think somehow it will absolve you from the necessity of forging your own existence.

You've realized, in other words, that the benefits of being in a long-term relationship are as follows:
1. Somebody knows when you don't come at night and he or she can call the police.
2. Somebody will tell you in no uncertain terms if what you're wearing is inappropriate.
3. Somebody has power of attorney.

There are also a few other benefits, which include the following:
1. You can have breakfast and dinner with a consort for whom you don't have to make brilliant conversation (but if you happen to come up with a good line, they'll get the joke).
2. One person knows exactly what you're like when you're at your worst and at your best, and this person will remind you that both are temporary conditions. You'll be supported and encouraged when you're low, but when you're successful, you'll also be reminded - usually with haste - that not only is humility a virtue, it is one you personally should cultivate.
3. You have an ally under all conditions, in all situations. When you're backed into the toughest corner, you know you're not there by yourself.

The future is unknowable and remains unmapped. That's why to have your life's best companion at your side remains essential. Because even if you aren't quite sure where you are, when you are together, you're home."

.....This really rather resonated with me. I passed through my twenties and most of my thirties thinking that marriage was something I didn't need or want at all. I had grown up used to taking care of myself and ensuring that all of my own needs, whether emotional or physical, were met. Room-mates and friends were a big help and greatly appreciated. But when I moved into a house by myself, it was amazing how good it felt to come home to the silence. To everything situated just the way I had left it last. My own, boundaried, world. I thought my life was complete and well-ordered. :-)

.....When I started nearing forty I occasionally mused over what I was missing by not having a long term relationship. I'd never considered the possibilities; and really, never made myself 'presentable' to the possibilities either. :-) But I didn't give it a whole lot of thought.

.....So, cue the moment when dating TBT became a reality. In some ways it was like a lightning bolt striking my life. But in other ways it was something I'd basically been expecting it to happen. Isn't that a strange conundrum? Especially considering how surprised I was that someone of TBT's caliber would even consider going out with someone like me. Reconciling the two vastly different thought processes is something I've never been able to do.

.....I was also someone for whom Arthurian Romance and Tolkienist dreams make up a lot of the way I think, so the entire situation seemed like something totally out of character as well.

.....There is a part of me that wishes I was actually a lot more the romantic in how I relate to TBT, but in reality I think of TBT as my best friend first. The person I can rely upon above all others. Which is why the Psychology Today article above made such total sense. I could have written it. :-)

.....I've basically answered the doubts in my own mind by reminding myself of the following:

.....1.) Love as a concept is a lot more complicated than anyone gives it credit for being. It certainly isn't something that is black-and-white, or something that can be learned from a textbook. It nothing at all like you read in the average fantasy. And is something that is unique to every single person and relationship.

.....2.) Arthurian romances rarely, if ever, ended well at all! Even Tolkienist romance was stiff and reserved for the most part.

.....I guess I just need to practice my own version of 'romance' more. As long as TBT is happy, which will make me happy in the process, that's all that really counts. As much of a cliché as it is, it is still true. :-)

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.....Tomorrow is TBT's birthday. We're combining it with The Rhys Monster's birthday and going to spend the day in Seattle at the Woodland Park Zoo. The weather does not look that great, but if nothing else the crowds will be smaller. A plus as far as I'm concerned. We're also talking about hitting Pike's Place Market. I'd love to, but after a handful of hours at Woodland Park, I'm not sure this is going to stay in the Itinerary.

.....It was kind of a sqweaker today as to whether or not the Mid-Level Boss was going to ask me to come in for at least part of the day tomorrow. We're still dealing with the change of Fiscal Year from FY'11 to FY'12. The actual change came on October 1st. But the computer systems that handle our finances are apparently unhappy with the number 2012. Maybe there is a little Mayan Silicon Blood running through their proverbial veins?

.....Last night was our first indoor fight practice at the Pendergast Soccer Park. The whole area has sure changed. The last time I spent any time up there was when Fight Practice was held in the National Guard Armory. We drove up there and I didn't recognize the place! Brand new buildings and a lot of relatively newly cleared land. After looking at it, it kind of makes a little more sense as to why they are so reluctant to let us have the Armory for Fight Practice again.

.....Nineteen people signed up and paid on the roster last night, not including most of the observers. We pulled in $144. Which paid for last night's practice and started paying on next Wednesday's practice. A nice momentum start. It felt good to get it deposited today. We'll have to see what we can do to keep that momentum going for the next eleven weeks of practice.

.....The actual practice area is approximately 40 to 50 feet across and maybe double that in length. Certainly enough for all the fighters who attended last night. The lighting was good. The air was warm, but not too warm. There were bleachers for observers to watch. But what I liked the absolute best was the Astroturf surface of the practice area. Spongy and comfortable on the feet. I think this is going to work out rather nicely.

.....To start off the practice nights, both the Rapier and Heavy Fighters held a Tournament. The Rapier Tournament itself finished rather quickly. The finals consisted of THL Caius and M'Lord Ambrose. M'Lord Ambrose came away the victor. The Heavy Tournament finished about thirty minutes later in a final between Master Andras and M'Lord Albrecht. Master Andras was the victor.

.....Both victors won a set of feast gear handcrafted by Mistress Gwenllyn Potter, presented by the most gracious TBT. I think they were both happy with the honours given. :-)

.....By the time 9PM rolled around everyone was tired and left quickly. But we did manage to speak to Caius for a few moments. We're on a roll to pick up the pace on the scribal arts in November. Which is going to include the creation of a new Master Ceremonial. We've been limping along for the past year and it's time to start pulling it all in and creating something useful. Caius is going to the Heraldic Symposium the first Saturday of November, then we'll get together and actually pull everything together into something coherent. It'd be nice to get it all finalized prior to Yule.

.....Tonight is the meeting of the Dragon's Pearls. It should go fairly quickly. Maybe not as quickly as the recent Wyvern meeting went. :-) But at the very least we'll establish meeting dates for 2012.

.....Saturday was going to be a bardic gathering over at Tim and Truly's. But I think that the gathering is going to be pushed on over to the A&S Day Camp on the 29th. That Day Camp is going to be busy. Between the garb classes that TBT wants to teach. To the dancing we want to work with the Serjeantry Candidates for practice. The Heraldic Testing we want to do (although the actual doing is still up in the air. Not sure if the candidates, as a group, are ready on such relatively short notice). The Bardic performances we want to try. There will be a lot happening. But the good part is that we have the VFW Hall for as long as we want on Saturday, so we'll probably have some sort of potluck Saturday evening.

.....On Tuesday we also talked about maybe seeing if a couple of people would be willing to put together some soups and breads or something similar for lunch at the Day Camp. Must remember to speak to TBT on that, and Madrun, as soon as possible. Certainly it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. But there are no restaurants within walking distance. And only a little mini-mart down the road. Although Silverdale proper is just over the hill from the VFW Hall, and it has restaurants aplenty.

.....Sir Richard and Kathy are stopping by this weekend as well. I think we're going to do lunch and then geek out a while in the laboratory of TBT.

.....I sent off a note to the Board about the financing of Kingdom Chroniclers after the discontinuance of the stipend. It took only two days for a response. Which was a politely worded, 'Thank you for your concern. We'll monitor the situation, but we do not think it will be a problem.' I was not sure what I was expecting, so I was not fussed at all. I filed it away for future reference and made sure that THL Godith had a copy. I don't think that Godith, or any near term Chroniclers of An Tir, will have any problems with having the technology and software to put out 'The Crier'. But not all the Kingdoms are financially well off, so it will be interesting to see how things settle out in the long run.

.....Madrun will be home in the next day or so. I've missed her, so it'll be great to see her and hear the actual stories of her cross-country trip.

.....Then Sunday we have nothing scheduled, at least right now. I'd like to keep it that way. There was something to go to every night this week. I need to catch up with myself! :-) Although, Mom keeps poking at me to get into her storage unit and unburying her Christmas decorations. I probably should do that on Sunday, but not looking forward to it as they are BURIED and would require extensive excavation.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I am reminded from time to time that I am probably the luckiest guy on Earth as I am married to the most beautiful and talented woman on the entire planet.

.....Happy Fourth Anniversary, Tamm! I love you! :-)

.....A day never to be forgotten. Standing in the Living Room of her house in South Seattle. So nervous I was shaking and couldn't speak in a straight line to save my life. :-)

.....But things only seem to get better and better as time goes by and I look forward more and more towards spending the rest of my life with this woman.

.....Love, Aaron.
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.....It has been a somewhat hectic week. We're starting a major new Project at work and the number of details that have threatened to blow up has been staggering. Although that is not a complaint. The last time we started a major Project of this size I was working for The Big Boss who made life equivalent to about the seventh or eighth plane of hell. The current structure is a dream in comparison. So if things are a little rough and hectic, I am more than willing to take them in stride. And, of course, in about four week's time, when things are in full swing, the issues will calm down a degree and we can concentrate on getting things done.

.....After September though? I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen. My workload drops off considerably. There are multitudinous rumors floating around. I should probably poke around and make sure I have some sort of exit strategy.

.....Looks like a trip to Indiana sometime in June for another Battery Conference. This last week it was scheduled for the week immediately following June Faire. I think we might have been able to push it out at least a week. I'm crossing my fingers. Ouch. I could just imagine the fun of parking Lobelia on Sunday and getting up Monday for an early morning flight. :-)

.....This Tuesday at Fight Practice we saw The Rhys Monster in armor and in action. Lots of support from the fighting community. It was supremely cool to watch and I was excited for Rhys. Watching TBT was fun as well. She was so proud and excited, glowing like a 1,000 watt light bulb. :-) The Rhys Monster seemed to enjoy it as well, which bodes well for the future. I think it would be fantastic if he were to pick it up as a hobby he liked to do.

.....It certainly helped having all the comeraderie of the other fighters and all the attention and positive support and attention. He doesn't get a lot of that with spending so much time on the computer. So maybe this will also be an encouragement for him to get out more.

.....This was a little corner of my soul that was sad. I felt a little bit on the outside as I watched Rhys and wished again that Rhys were my son and not another's. As soon as I shine a spotlight on that feeling I know how silly it is. If Rhys were mine and TBT's, he wouldn't be Rhys. And Rhys is perfect the way he is. But, I can't help feeling every now and then that I'm missing out on something. It is a regret that I had to answer before I married TBT. But I still can't help but feel that regret from time to time. Oh, well, some things just can not be solved and you just learn to live with them.

.....I'm amazed some times how well TBT and I actually get along. The number of fights we've actually had since getting married is so low that it is hard to remember the last one whenever we have one. :-) But we are typical in one regard though. Packing! We both have a completely different style of packing and trying to pack together should be a non-starter! :-) This week has been a tough one though, so we ended up on Thursday night pulling the camping stuff from the garage. As we looked for various bits and made a pile of stuff to load into the truck, our different styles clashed. I had a few edgy words and had to clamp down on my tongue several times. I have a rather methodical system of putting stuff away and pulling it out again. TBT is much more free-form. But we managed to get it done with no yelling or screaming. Whoot!

.....Even made a trip to Lobelia. Part of me wished we could have just brought her along for the trip. But camping will be fun too. So we'll have fun. The truck is very nearly loaded. Just a few bins left to put into her. Gwen is supposed to be here around 8AM and then we're going to meet Madrun at the ferry. The Rhys Monster will be home for the weekend. It's never good to force him to another SCA event just before June Faire. :-)

.....Got my Pelican notes packed. My other notes packed. I have a couple of books. Baronial pavilion. Food. Actually, I'm tired of thinking of the list, so I'll stop now. :-)

.....Madrun's birthday tomorrow! It was a good day for all of us when she stepped into Dragon's Laire and our lives. Huzzah! :-)

.....May Crown! Here we come! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Don't know if TBT will be up to posting tonight, although she might later. But just in case I wanted to give you all the latest.

.....We met her back in her room around 6:30PM after she was brought back from the recover. She was still incredibly woozy, but remarkably coherent. The nurse came in shortly after and said that she was 'combative' upon first waking up from surgery, so she had some added dosage of anesthesia to work through.

.....We sat with her for about an hour and a half or so. She would fall asleep and wake up at intervals. We'd talk with her a bit before she'd drift off again. When Rhys started getting antsy, I thought I'd better take him home. After the excitement of the past week or so, I was a little wrung out myself. I will sleep well tonight for a change.

.....Doctor Chun, her surgeon, said the Gall Bladder was inflamed, but not as bad as he had suspected. He prodded for some stones in some of the surrounding tubes, but didn't find any. He didn't have to actually cut her open, it was all done laproscopically. But he pronounced things as looking very good internally.

.....While he had the chance he snapped a bit of liver to check as well. There is still the matter of the anemia that is puzzling the doctors quite a bit. They aren't sure what is causing it and are going to run the liver through some tests.

.....So, we plan on showing up at the hospital early tomorrow and taking her home. Hopefully by 9AM or so. The surgeon wants to have one more blood work done on her before he'll send her home.

.....Thanks to all for the well wishes and prayers. Thank you Gwen for taking care of Rhys. Thank you Madrun for sitting with TBT when I couldn't. Everyone's thoughts and deeds are greatly appreciated.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I wish I made more time to post to Live Journal. I am always checking into it to see how others are doing, what they are thinking, what's happening in their lives. I always seem to feel like the runner in the marathon who is at the tail end of the pack just doing his best to keep ahead of the street sweeper. :-) But I usually find that I'm not alone back there and that fact helps me catch my breath and take off again. :-)

.....You know, KAS / KBC wore me out! And I was neither the Autocrat or the Competition Coordinator! :-) On Monday I was an absolute zombie. Tuesday and Wednesday weren't much better. Thursday was Migraine hell day. But I started feeling better on Friday, which turned out to be a good thing.

.....I found KAS / KBC fun and fulfilling though, even though it was a work out. Friday was a breeze for set up. I helped Oliver, Renart and Tegus set up the Baronial Pavilion in the back of the hotel. After that the day mainly consisted of sitting around watching the hotel put up banners and set up gate. Had lots of good conversation with people though, lots of good friend time.

.....I lucked out and had two things to judge on Saturday. The first being a recorder piece by Galeron in the morning. It was a complex Italian version of an Estampie (a dance piece). He played it as a recital piece, with lots of ornamentation. The judging panel had mainly positive things to say about it. But I was thoroughly astounded when I found out that he'd only really been playing that piece for two weeks prior to KAS / KBC. I wasn't sure what to think of that. On one hand, the fact that he did as great a job as he did with only two weeks of practice showed what a great musician he was. But the fact that he only spent two weeks practicing for a Kingdom Championship made me gulp a bit. But he did demonstrate his considerable abilities on a recorder, as well as quite a depth of knowledge. I ended up mainly being impressed.

.....The afternoon judging session was with Jahnkin and his Bertrand oratory. I found the subject matter extremely interesting. It was easy to see that Jahnkin was absolutely in love with what Bertrand did as he was passionate about the style of Bertrand and what Bertrand exposed in Society. But as a performance Jahnkin just wasn't sure where to go with it. I think if he had given the performance some fire and passion he might have taken it much farther. It was fun talking to him about that very thing later in the weekend. I found I had an easy time talking to him about that very thing as I have the same problem with my Sonnetry. It's fun to write, but to perform it with passion? That's the hard part. :-)

.....Spent most of the rest of the day wandering around site and doing my best to recognize the good deeds of the Baronial Populace, which were many. This Baron gig is hard work! :-) But I did make it out to witness Dame Gwen's KAS pottery demonstration and was impressed with the depth of information presented. She could easily have filled another hour or so with just facts and demonstrations surrounding her Pipkin alone. It'll be interesting to see what might happen to KAS / KBC in the future if the single item approach we're proposing at the Baronial level makes it to the Kingdom stage.

.....On Sunday, I was given an ultimate complement. Maestro Giuseppe was looking to be running late for the KBC Sunday judging. I was asked if I would consider jumping into her spot for the day. In spite of myself I was flattered to have even been asked. Giuseppe showed up right at the stroke of the hour, but I was not fussed at all. Even to have been asked was an honour as far as I was concerned and so it made my day. :-)

.....By Sunday evening I was already in Zombieland, but TBT and I still managed to get our e-letters out to the list with all of our thank-yous and acknowledgments. I'm still surprised at how much people pay attention to those e-mails. This is especially true when you forget someone, or spell their names wrong. :-) But I think we finally managed to do it right as the usual suspects didn't say a word. :-) Maybe we'll figure this thing out yet.

.....Think good thoughts for TBT. She is tender right now and will be for a while. No fat in her diet at all and she must make her medical appointments. I might sick Gwen and Madrun on her, but I think even the threat of that will do the deed for me. :-) Although as bad as she has felt over the past week I think will do the deed actually.

.....July Coronation Marketplace Applications are starting to hit the lists, inquiries are starting to come in. I need to get up to Edgewater Park and find out just how much real estate we have with which to work.

.....Lots more to say, but we have to get moving. I probably should have started this earlier today. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Morgan Freeman as Bilbo!? The One Ring reported that MGM is really courting Mr. Freeman to play Bilbo in the upcoming movie version of 'The Hobbit'. Don't get me wrong, I actually LIKE Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption is a favorite of mine), but I just can't picture him as Bilbo Baggins. I can't get my mind to go there. Hmmmm....

.....Starting to see some incredible pictures from Burning Man in Nevada. The living artwork displays were the biggest and most sensational ever. It was the most attended Burning Man ever as well. Organizers are starting to worry about the lasting damage to the Playa itself from all that humanity making a home there for even that short a time in the summer. In the desert environment it takes much longer for the land to absorb the human 'presence' and go back to its original condition. The thought is that attendance may have to be limited to an even greater degree next year. I'm actually in agreement as the commercialism is starting to bleed into various aspects of the event this year. The first time I see Coca Cola sponsoring the painted body bicycle ride is the year I stop even thinking I want to go there.

.....Seeing all the pictures made me miss the desert a LOT. We have a week in October to explore. I was thinking that we go through Sequoia National Park and then buzz through Death Valley. National Geographic did an interesting story of the moving rocks of the racetrack. Rocks that seemingly move across the playa there with no visible signs of how. Scientists are theorizing that ice forms from moisture runoff from the surrounding mountain range and the rocks 'slide' across the frozen dry lake bed.

.....Sigh! I was again reminded tonight of the Barony's missing heraldic files. When THL Maryn Grey passed the office on at the end of her tenure, I helped her pack three boxes of reference books, a file box of devices from Shire and Baronial members that had passed the gauntlet, and a box of miscellaneous supplies. The Barony has none of it now. The Herald's Office is not the only office to suffer this fate (Gads! I still remember the really nice looking Elizabethan Garb a former Golk Key officer 'sold' to raise money for her office). Just makes me sad and frustrated. Her Excellency gets frustrated with me when she has to argue with me on even getting rid of really BAD Gold Key garb. In reality I know this stuff is not worth using as polishing rags on the workbench. But every time I think of what we've lost in the past I find it difficult beyond reason to give up ANYTHING and store it like a bad pack-rat. Need to find some balance I guess.

.....Tomorrow Night is the Baronial Polling. The Polling itself will be on one side of the VFW Hall starting at 6PM. I'll start the September Business Meeting on the other side starting at 6PM, and see if it is possible to make it a record breakingly short meeting. So as to give people as much time as possible for writing remarks on the polling form. It'll all be over by 8PM.

.....With THL Rycheza taking over as Chronicler this month, I'm looking forward to seeing The Flames again. She has made it a personal mission to solicit for articles and 'stuff' to fill the pages. I have an essay on being a protege that will be done in time to go into the October issue. But I'm hearing of other stuff being written that sounds like it will be good. I'm supposed to do some heraldry consultation later this month, so maybe I'll do an essay on heraldry. Supposed to do some dance instruction as well and can think of a few things I can write on that subject as well.

.....Lady Adelheid is promoting a German food Social for this month that will take place during the polling. It'll be interesting to see what foods show up. TBT and I need to figure out what we want to bring.

.....TBT is headed to Dragon's Mist this Saturday to teach a metal smithing class. I currently have nothing on the agenda. Although there are probably things I should be doing. Must consult the list. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Looks like the H1N1 Faeries flew over our house this last week and dropped a little present off to celebrate TBT's birthday.

.....TBT has been battling this thing since last Friday and there were several times I thought that she was getting better, than she'd turn around and get worse again. There was at least one time last weekend where I was on the verge of hauling her off to Harrison Hospital and getting her checked out. The only things that held me back are a.) She if far more stubborn than I am, b.) I am VERY familiar with the Harrison process and knew that it would be a four plus hour wait to be told to go home and drink plenty of fluids, and c.)I personally hate it when people hover around me in my sickness. I just want to be left alone and be sick. TBT is kind of the same way. In fact our last fight had to do with a bout of sickness during which TBT wanted to play Mom and I snapped at her. I'm not very nice sometimes. :-(

.....TBT was very tired this evening when I arrived home from work and just wanted to sleep some. So I gathered my stuff and went on over to Fight Practice. After Practice we all went out to dinner as usual. My cell phone hasn't been working well lately and I didn't get any of the three phone calls that she sent in my direction. So TBT called Brighid and asked to talk to me. TBT told me to come home as soon as possible. She was ready to go to the hospital. Now that sent chills sparkling through my entire body. Remember, TBT is more stubborn than I am. When she admits to being ready to go to the hospital, it's BAD.

.....I rushed out of the restaurant and did my best not to get any tickets on the way home (or get into an accident). In retrospect I probably should have called an ambulance, but that might have been over the top. TBT was listless and doing her best to put on her shoes as I walked in the door. I hustled her and Rhys into the car and once again did my best not to get a ticket on the way to the hospital.

.....As usual, Harrison made us wait for A LONG TIME before taking TBT into an emergency room (like almost three hours). Vitals were taken, an X-Ray was taken, TBT was examined and the doctor calmly gave his verdict. He was more than reasonably sure that TBT had H1N1. I think that we were in shock for a little bit. The media has done a very good job at scaring the bejezzus out of us with H1N1 hysteria, so to be calmly told that TBT has it was ever so slightly jarring.

.....The doctor continues on though by saying that H1N1 is very widespread now, and very common. Rhys and I both have it now, although Rhys is only showing mild symptoms and I seem to have escaped it all together (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood). TBT was concerned about what would happen with Rhys having it and the doctor continued to explain that Rhys was a healthy 12-year old boy and H1N1 would most likely affect him no worse than the usual yearly flu. He went on to tell us all kinds of information that reduced H1N1 from some nightmare disaster to an almost everyday illness. The only reason it affected TBT so severely was because she had a lung issue inherent to her family.

.....So he gave TBT an albuterol treatment and we bundled ourselves back into the car to make the run to the open-all-night pharmacy in Silverdale (amazing! in Kitsap County!) to get prescriptions filled. And now we're home. I'm torn between going into work tomorrow and breathing heavily all over the mid-level boss and the Big Boss, or just calling in sick and sleeping in a while.

.....Hmmm, I think I'll sleep in a while. Hopefully TBT gets a restful and quiet night's sleep for a change.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Hey, TBT is headed in your direction with the Rhys Monster for a day of Kid Time. Her back is really giving her a bad time. Any chance I could convince Morag to give her just a little bit of back-love to help with that?

.....Let me know if there is something I can do in return at some point.

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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