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.....TBT was born on this day, a day to be celebrated above that of any other birthday! :-)

.....I don't have a whole lot to offer, but I did put together a small sonnet as a sign that she is the most important thing in my life.

.....Happy Birthday, Tamm. :-)

The cresting waves command awareness keen,
As heralds proclaim with resounding crash.
My Amphitrite guides harness serene,
Of fearsome beasts that roll beneath her lash.

Gyrations wild in sparkling patterns blaze.
Twined dancers in endless complex swirl.
She leads the music in time with her gaze,
The melodies are crafted thoughts that whirl.

Her raven beauteous dramatic mane,
That frames her face in gloried prominence.
The sea sprays from her form in laughing rain,
My senses heightened from her eminence.

Forever on her wave will I exalt.
My upward cries of faithful love will vault.

.....With Love, Always, Aaron.
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.....TBT crosses a milestone today. A very special day. The celebration of her Birth Day. :-)

.....She is the most special and beautiful thing to ever enter my life. I wish my sonnetry was more up to the proverbial task. But I offer it anyway as a sign of my love and my sincerest belief that she is the one.

When gazing at the universe of stars
As merrily above in heavens play.
Their twinkling the perfection of space mars
Exotic gems on swells of velvet lay.

From them I turn and search close in your eyes
And see those heavens echo in pools deep.
Ripe wisdom gathered as wheat from the skies
A beauty soaring so high I must weep.

Her ev’ry line is perfect in its shape
Her ev’ry hue shines as a vibrant light.
Around her much creation she does drape
Her love does comfort my soul with its might.

The stars may speak of insignificance,
But my love does sing of our relevance.

.....Happy Birthday, TBT.

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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