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.....August was one long month. Let's make a pact amongst ourselves that we'll never do four events in a five weekend period ever again. Shall we? No matter how 'easy' three of those events are represented to be. :-)

.....I have to say though that as predicted September Crown turned out much, much better than I anticipated. My nightmares and anxieties were many, to the point that I was having a difficult time both sleeping and concentrating at work. But none of my nightmare scenarios turned out. Not to say there weren't challenges aplenty. But they were all challenges that could be overcome. And more importantly, everyone who arrived did so with an attitude of working with what they were given and not complaining bitterly about it. Which made things much, much easier.

.....There are lots and lots to write about. The thank you note to the Baronial e-list was incredibly long and it is still missing a large number of people on it. There were a number of people who suddenly 'appeared' when needed, performed miracles, and then faded away. I was working on a naughty peer trick over the weekend and have since decided that I'd rather have this peer trick instead, the ability to have people 'appear' and save my behind when needed.

.....Although, the Stupid Peer Trick (tm) that I was seriously contemplating was kind of funny (only at the moment though). I observed Dame Brighid Ross entering a Biffy and made ready to tip it over on its side. She didn't think that was funny at all and simply said that it emphasized the 'Stupid' part of the name a little too much.

.....There was a Live Journal entry of several weeks ago where I talked about the supposed 'obligation' one might have to include all comers in a Team if you were the Baron or Baroness. Both Brighid and Khalja noted immediately that it set the Team up for possible failure if you ended up including someone who did not work well with a Team. Which is exactly what happened on Team Haggis III. I spent more energy and aggravation on one person than I did the entire rest of the Team combined. That person ended up making mistakes and I ended up truly blowing up at them as we were setting up the event. I've never done that before and never want to do that again. But it was an incredibly valuable lesson in making sure your Team can work well together and with you before you even start.

.....The site itself has a lot going for it, and a lot going against it. I'm really on the fence as to whether or not it would make a good June Faire site. There are parts of the grounds that are as hard as cement. But could we utilize other parts of site better and just avoid the really bad portions? We were a little tight this weekend due to the space taken up by Equestrian Activities. If we eliminated Equestrian and used this area for camping would we then have enough space to work the site? I'm still thinking on that one.

.....We need to get more creative on sites though. I need to make another run at the Port Orchard Airport I think. And this time I think I'll go around the Tractor people and go straight to the owners. It has the risk of ticking off the Tractor people, but if we can get our toe in the door of the site, maybe we can make it work for us. I think I want to make another run at the Howe Farm as well. The Community Group running with it has been unable to go anywhere with any of their plans. Now might be a good time to approach them with ideas on making a little income and working to improve the site.

.....Yeah, I'm already thinking of a Team Haggis IV. But it isn't going to happen in the next year or so. I'm also thinking it might be a Twelfth Night, for which I have another set of ideas I'm combing through. But I need a long break, and I need to concentrate on getting a few things done on the home front.

.....We get next weekend free to sleep in and do as little as possible. The only obligation being the removal of the water tank from the September Crown site. In two weeks is a Book Fair in Seattle. I forget what's happening the fourth weekend, but the fifth is Last Chance. Which reminds me that we have things to get ready for it.

.....The big thing to concentrate on now is TBT's elevation in January to the Order of the Pelican. Can you believe it? I managed to keep my mouth shut about it. That is quite the accomplishment. :-) But I'm rather excited. Plans are already moving forward. We're using Madrun's elevation e-list as a starting point, as well as the Master File from Madrun's elevation as a baseline check-list for everything that needs to be done.

.....If others want to be involved from the ground floor, let me know and I'll add you to the e-list.

.....I'm sitting here and basically staring at a pile of 3x5 cards, filled with 'to-do' lists that have been accumulating over the past couple of months. I should really consolidate them here shortly. But I'm really tired and finding it difficult to concentrate on any one thing for more than a five minute stretch. I'm seriously happy that September Crown was successful. But I'm so glad it is over. August was a really, really long month.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's a Monday, that's for sure. I'm glad I have nothing officially scheduled for the evening as I need a break. Work is being a little stressful. The SCA has not exactly been calm either. I'm not complaining too much as none of it is going to cause me to run away screaming, but it certainly hasn't been a brainless planning exercise either.

.....On Saturday I had a walk-through of the September Crown site with Althaia and Loric to look over the martiallate area on the main field, and the archery field move. I'm actually glad I made the trip. As usual I get a new perspective of how much room we have every time I walk the site. In my mind's eye, the place keeps shrinking on me. :-) I'm still on guard though. The Norseland site is not the Nix Farms, there is a finite amount of space and I'm reasonably sure we're going to fill it when the event is in full swing.

.....It was wet on Saturday, but even with all the water the site drained nicely. No marshlands that we could see. Always an inspiring site, and very important when you are putting the squeeze on space. We learned that lesson very dearly in our move to the Uplands for June Faire that one year.

.....Loric was fine with the archery field move. What that does for us is open up another space for parking. Every parking space will be dear and will reduce the number of cars we end up having to park on Imperial Way itself, which is the final back-up plan for parking for the weekend.

.....Althaia and I walked the area designated for the Main Erics. Althaia seemed happy with it, so we're good to go. She is also working with Sir Bane to organize the Crown Tournaments. I need to make sure that Jenae gets injected into that conversation as the Royal Liaison. This is my reminder to do so as soon as I get out of Live Journal.

.....Saturday afternoon we met with Dame Ellen and reviewed the Serjeantry Testing Matrix. Ellen did a great job putting together the matrix. It really puts everything into an organized and easy to follow visual. She is already starting to line up judges. TBT and I need to start working with the candidates to make sure they are talking to Ellen for their specialties, and are lining everything up to complete their Trials by August 18th. Also need to find an Autocrat for the Day of Trials itself. A couple of people have volunteered, and I have their names in reserve, but I'd very much like to find someone not directly connected to the Trials so they would not have to split their time onerously.

.....Saturday night was a trip to the Theatre with the Protege Adelheidi to see Brave. Very much Disney, but some stunning visuals. I actually enjoyed watching it. I would have preferred a more complex story, but it was made for families so I need to just enjoy it and not over-think it. :-)

.....Sunday was the main group walk-through of the September Crown site. We had about fifteen people out there. We systematically went from section to section of the site. First up was RV Camping and parking. We will need to see if the brush hog can clear some of the RV area for us. Ralph is estimating upwards of thirty RV's and it will take up a little more area than I wanted it to, but we'll make it work. We looked at the already established parking areas: the main parking field, the field next to the RV Camping, the Pea Patch, and the EB Building. There is space behind the EB Building for a number of cars, or large cars with trailers, so this will help and definitely eased my mind some.

.....The area we had considered for archery is now a parking area for upwards of seventy-five cars. We'll need to brush hog the area, which we're scheduling for the second week of August. Barnet walked through the area with us and visualized how it was going to work for us. We also need to remember to get the Port to remove the chains from our one way road and unlock the gate out.

.....Barnet also test drove the scooter around site. It easily made it over most areas. The only area he declared off-limits for it was the secondary camping field. I primarily wanted the scooter for use in taking folks with disabilities from the parking lot down to the main field. So I think we're good to go for at least that much.

.....As we walked down the hill from parking we identified more pockets of grassland that could be used for camping of smaller groups. There will be some whining as this really is a rather primitive and undeveloped site. This being our first time using it there will be 'surprises' as well. As soon as July Coronation is over I need to start spamming the Kingdom e-lists on a weekly basis and warn people of the challenges of the site. Angharad will be helping in that regard as well.

.....The Equestrian Area is rather nice, with quite a bit of room for horses and trailers. I think it'll work nicely. The only concern is the past history of the site being a remediation area. It has been officially removed from all governmental clean-up site lists and is declared safe for use by humans. But there is some question as to how much that applies to horses, who will be chomping up grass on the site. We're working with the state now to get some clarification on that. We've told the State and the Port of Bremerton that Equestrian Activities will be happening, and they were not overly concerned about horses. That gave me a cautiously optimistic feeling. So now we just need to follow that through and get something in writing.

.....Immediately adjacent to the Equestrian Field is the archery range. We had Master Andras with us on Sunday and he also took a look at the range and immediately suggested that it was large enough for a York. To ensure safety he advocated angling the range just slightly to point more into the forest, but even after walking up and down its length thought it would work well. He is off to speak to Loric to see if they can manage to include the York in the thought process for the weekend.

.....There is a nice feature to the Equestrian and Archery fields that includes a viewing ledge above the fields where the activities can be observes somewhat from above. The entire site is terraced, so the Equestrian Championship itself could even be viewed from the Main Fields. From that standpoint I think the site will work out nicely! Even better if it eventually evolves into a June Faire worthy site as that viewing ledge will allow for Modern observance without interfering with the Equestrian activities themselves. Something for future thought.

.....We traveled to the Main Field from there and discussed the lay-out of Erics, Marketplace and the Arts & Sciences area. With four of us in the mix there were approximately four different visions of how this was going to look. It took a little bit of frustrating back-and-forth before we all came to the same page. But we finally did as the map Ian produced later looked just how I thought it would be. We'll have to revisit this again at least once or twice as Their Majesties will have to weigh in on where They want to camp in relation to the Royal Pavilion, and how much space they'll need. Flexibility will have to be our middle name for a while.

.....Walked on out the main road after that and finalized placement of gate and looked over the EB parking. Then called the meeting complete. We were out there for two and a half hours, but I think it was productive. People are starting to see the event come together. Now we just need the details to come together.

.....Visited with Cedric, Brighid and Madrun some on Sunday afternoon. Haven't had the chance to sit and talk much at all lately. We've all been so busy. Cedric was completing some nice camp tables. They looked good, and folded flat. As soon as TBT and I step down, the re-vision of our camp is one of the first things to happen. Although to make that happen will require some major infrastructure re-build, like a new pavilion. TBT's is very nice, but it is on the small side for the two of us. We were talking about maybe the next size larger and using TBT's as the porch in front. Which has some appeal. We'll need to give some more thought to this.

.....This week includes the regular Social on Tuesday, a meeting on Wednesday, and then TBT travels on Friday to Iron-and-Ink. It'll be me and the Rhys Monster at home this weekend. I was somewhat torn on going with her, but with as busy as this summer is turning out to be I would very much like to utilize every minute possible to get ready for August and September.

.....And maybe clean the house up just a little bit. It is pretty bad right now.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's hard to believe it is already about 8PM on Sunday night. I do not feel the need or desire to go into work tomorrow. :-) But at least today was productive. Only one more thing to do really tonight and then I think I'll trundle off to bed.

.....TBT seems to be coming down with a cold that I'm managing to avoid. I really think I escaped through the return of zinc to my diet. I was out of zinc and not taking any during the last two colds I had, and I'm avoiding this one. I know that isn't any sort of real and scientific proof, but it is a rather telling coincidence as far as I'm concerned.

.....This week will be a short work week. A rather large security drill is scheduled and most non-essential personnel were given the option of taking the most intensive days of the drill off from work on liberal leave. So next weekend will be a four day weekend, which will be kind of nice.

.....Taking the security drills of this week seriously though. Taking a look at what I'm lugging around in my backpack to reduce the amount of 'stuff' in it. There is no contraband in it, but a nice and fat backpack makes a nice target to those watching the gate and can be a call for a thorough search of its contents. Which will take time and effort that I'd rather put into either getting to my desk or going home after work. :-)

.....My portion of the taxes were completed today. I put the Ingasbo Spread Sheet together for 2011. Paid the Washington State Sales Tax and filled with the state for last year. Then .pdf'ed everything for TBT so she could finish out our Federal Tax filing. Everything else was already completed and ready to go, just waiting for the Ingasbo stuff to come together.

.....Most of this morning and last night was spent in putting together the Western Regional Pelican notes and data for the Winter Quarter. Lots of loose notes that had to come together into one place. Candidates that had to be added to the database. Files to be updated. E-mails to be sent out. But it also finally came together this afternoon. I sent out an e-mail to the Regional e-list and will be all ready to go before the Kingdom's online meeting of later this week.

.....Spent some time trying to get the Smart Phone talking correctly with Project Gutenberg. For some reason, none of the E-Pubs downloadable from PG would open correctly in any of the readers that were supposed to be compatible. They would when downloaded to the desktop, but not the phone. I finally stumbled on the solution after a couple of hours of frustration, and I'm not entirely sure how I fixed the issue. But I was totally caught off guard when The Four Feathers and then A Princess of Mars opened up for me. I'm not going to complain and will enjoy the downloads.

.....Project Gutenberg has been fantastic! It's amazing how many titles are available for download there. Amazon and Barnes & Nobles may not see me for a while. :-)

.....Yesterday was the really non-productive day of the weekend. I spent a handful of hours trying to clean up files on the computer and put them into some sort of logical order. It's a mess when you don't set up and maintain something easy and organized. What you end up with in that case are files scattered everywhere on your computer and difficulty in finding anything. But I finally mucked out everything to a system and location where I'll actually be able to find something in the future.

.....Friday was my first day as the Execution Manager in charge of the group in the absence of the Mid Level Boss. The required crisis hit very first thing in the morning. I was riding that surfboard pretty good until the Mid Level Boss showed up anyway. The people who were calling me were not happy with my answers and we're calling him in ever increasing desperation. :-) He came in and solved the problem, using a source he'd not told anyone about. So even though I ended up looking a little like a dork, I had done the right thing and stuck to it. I like the Planning side of things much more. Engineers and Technicians are more esoteric perhaps, but far less 'jumpy' than those who are actually working on the deckplates. :-)

.....Almost missed Conchobar's performance of 'Irish' music at the Silverdale Antique Mall on Saturday night. He had a good turn out there. Lots of bad luck (exploding amplifiers, bad acoustics, etc.), but he still managed to pull off a good show. I enjoyed his singing quite a bit and wish he had played longer. I made sure to emphasize how much I wanted to hear more, and at an SCA event. :-)

.....This week should be relatively easy. There is the usual Social on Tuesday, and Fight Practice on Thursday evening. But no other meetings are scheduled and I do believe that next weekend is free as well. I'm salivating at the thought. :-) I'm sure TBT is as well. She and her group worked hard this weekend to get the Kingdom Largesse bags completed so they could be shipped off to Ula by tomorrow's deadline. They look pretty good. I saw TBT taking pictures of them, so I think they'll be posted soon.

.....I should put together a 'to-do' list for the week, but I'm starting to fall asleep and I do really want to clean out the backpack before bedtime. I think it is time to close up shop on the computer for this weekend.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I worked hard at trying to keep the list short, but it still managed to gain some momentum over the past several days. :-) I have now decided to lock it down and will refuse to add to it. And then ensure that for every hour of stuff that 'must be done' and hour of 'is fun to do' is included for balance. As I look at the list though there are several things that could conceivably fall in both or either category. Hmmm.

.....Today is a celebration day! For Ralph and Gwen's birthdays. Out of respect we don't ask for ages. But it is nice to gather with friends and celebrate at our most favorite type of celebration - FOOD!

.....Then more food later, at Matt and Rycheza's for their annual tree trimming party. We had to miss last year's gathering for some reason. I think it was Aquaterra's Yule. But this year we'll definitely go. Matt and Rycheza are good people and it'll be fun to hang out with them for a while.

.....Made a running start at the list yesterday. Spent several hours doing the deep clean of the bathroom. It sparkles like a vampire now. That CLR stuff works incredibly well at removing hard water stains. I'd always thought of it as a gimmick. Now I'm a believer.

.....Tried to brave the Post Office on two separate occasions during the day. It was an absolute mad-house both times!!!! We finally ended up making it work late in the evening and using the kiosk. TBT will still have to brave the crowds next week in order to get her overseas package shipped. I do not envy her that trip. It'll be rough!

.....Mom wanted to see if we could get to her Christmas decorations in the storage unit, so I stopped by there and made the valiant effort. Had some fun with the crabby lady in the office by typing in the code for the Baronial Storage Unit and then opening up Mom's. :-) Took her about ten minutes to come running down the street in her putt-putt mobile to make sure I was not robbing it blind, and then give me a several minute lecture on using the right combination at the gate. I was polite and didn't remind her that she messed up Mom's combination in the system and wouldn't fix it until I brought Mom into the office. Blech!

.....Worked on the financial report for The Crier. All the paperwork is in order. Checks about to be signed and sent off. All income deposited. Would like to finish the Doomsday Report, but Microsoft put a bug into that plan. With the latest Windows patch, the drivers for the external hard drive were made obsolete. The company that manufactured the hard drive was bought out by Seagate and updates were not available. And, of course, the Doomsday Report is on the external hard drive and my back up is six months old. I could recreate it, but would rather not if I can help it. It'll require a lot of work.

.....But will shake all that off and have some fun. I'm looking forward to sleeping in past 4AM tomorrow. Although I still can't seem to sleep much past 5AM. :-) Looking forward to a trip to Seattle. Cell phones and new eye glasses from Costco are also in the plans for the next day or so.

.....Been staring at the portable loom and wanting to grab Madrun on Tuesday for another lesson in the missed hole card weaving technique. I need to cut off what's on there now and warp it up again. I'm really liking the thin wood cards that TBT put on there for the last lesson. They are easy to work, and don't take up nearly the space the monster sized cardboard cards take. Yes, it sometimes takes me a while to accept the truth as the truth. I am, sometimes, a little stubborn. :-)

.....Need to also ping Francesca in Glymm Mere and see how the Yule Feast Toys-For-Tots gathering went. Aquaterra refuses to post a number. :-) I think our 134 toys collected is looking pretty fine! :-)

.....Off to breakfast!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was one crazy week at work. I'm trying to shake it out of my brain so I can concentrate on getting ready for Last Chance tomorrow and not forget anything.

.....Reminders to myself though. The things to concentrate this Fall are:
1.) Serjeantry.
2.) Ceremonies - Includes scrolls, texts, ceremonials, necklaces and catalog of all new awards.
3.) September Crown Timeline and Meeting Schedule.
4.) Silk Banners.

.....Things to remember for tomorrow:
* Wooden striker for bell.
* Tokens for Newcomers.
* All Awards: Baronial Scrolls and Promissory Certificates, Kingdom Scrolls and Necklaces, Baronial Necklaces.
* Remember ALL Kingdom Scrolls.
* Ceremonials for all awards (Caius).
* Snacks for the day (includes drinks and water).
* Contribution for Potluck.
* Go to Fred Meyers as I need some powdered protein.
* Clothes: Sandals, pants, tunic, belt & pouch, necklaces, coronet and cover.
* Baronial Cloaks.
* Someone wants to speak to me about doing something for Team Haggis III.
* Dame Ellen wants to speak about her role in Serjeantry.
* If Sir Martin attends, we want to speak with him as he works with Jahnkin. We're hoping that he'll also work with Caedmon.
* Find out what the rules are for the Baron's Horse Race?
* Tablecloth and Feast Gear.
* Bundle of Fire Wood and Fire Starter. Ask Lady Ceara about fire restrictions.
* Sign Scrolls (Ask Renart first thing if he was able to bring nib and ink. If not, run home quickly and grab).
* Sun hat.
* Dance music? Must remember to ask Madrun about the dance book.
* A flat or two of water.
* Call Gabrielle and ensure the Baronial Seal comes to the event so that THL Conchobar can take it for the box he is going to manufacture for it!!!

.....This last year we asked Adena to lower her water gathering machine a notch, namely so we didn't end the tourney season with a dozen extra flats of water. You know, that was probably not the wisest decision as we could have used those extra flats this year. Next year, when Adena rev's up her water gathering machine and rounds up her troops, I'm going to encourage her to gather all the water she can get from all the local merchants.

.....People sometimes tend to underestimate Adena, but she really is a powerhouse. A little scary. But give her a job and she'll get it done!

.....TBT are starting to find that things are getting lost in the house. We really need to dedicate one weekend to going through all the camping bins and getting organized.

.....And, once we're looking at Last Chance in the rear view mirror, we can get a little bit organized and make up a proper 'to-do' list. I'm afraid of making one at this moment as it would probably be scary long. :-)

.....The nice thing about Last Chance is that it is maybe fifty yards from the house, and maybe a half-mile to a mile to the Baronial Storage Unit. If we find that we've forgotten anything we don't have very far to travel to retrieve it. :-)

.....I should go to bed. It is 11PM. Just hope that I can shut down the conversations all going on in my head at the moment. :-)

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.....It's not just the name of a song by the Little River Band. :-)

.....I've missed posting in Live Journal. I can tell when things are especially busy as those are the times when posts dwindle down to bi-weekly or worse. But I do enjoy reading the posts of others. I feel a lot more connected with people when I do. Facebook is not very satisfying in that regard. It is nice to see a running commentary on what people are doing and thinking, but it's like a comparison between having McDonald's for lunch and sitting down to steak dinner at Anthony's. One is going to be over in minutes and give you gas later, but it is going to take the edge off of your hunger. The other is going to be tasty, last a while over good conversation, and remain in your memory as something fun for a long time.

.....Facebook has its uses though. I've connected with a great many of my old High School friends there. One of them returned home for a visit last weekend and urged all of us to meet up with him at the Bowling Alley in Port Orchard. Five of us made it there. Things were a little awkward at first, but it didn't take long before we were laughing and remembering old stories of the stupid things we used to do.

.....The look on their faces though was priceless when I walked up. In High School I was a very large guy, and stayed that way for many years. I'm at least a hundred to a hundred and fifty pounds less than what they remember me weighing in High School. Add to that twenty-five years of time and they didn't recognize me at all. They weren't quite sure about it either until I started laughing. That they remembered. :-)

.....Interesting contrasts. All of us started college, but none of us finished with a degree. One dropped out and went into the Air Force. He works as a government contractor in Arizona now. Another dropped out of college to intern at Microsoft. He's still there working code. Third one dropped out after two years of culinary school. Worked for a handful of years at K2 (on Vashon Island) before they moved and is now working at a paper mill in Tacoma. The last dropped out when she became pregnant. And, of course, myself. I went to a year of community college before joining the apprenticeship at the Shipyard. I did manage to finish an Associate's Degree. But I'm not really thinking that counts, to be honest.

.....Even though it has over twenty-five years, Rob still has his '64 Plymouth Fury that he spent over two years in High School restoring. It is a beautiful car. Bone white with turquoise blue leather upholstery. Push button transmission. I remember many a Friday and / or Saturday night cruising up and down the main street in Bremerton, when the Police still allowed the cruise to happen.

.....Work has been brutal lately. We're in the middle of our current Project and starting to ramp up to our testing cycle. Everyone is running around like mad trying to get things done. Mistakes get made in that kind of environment and I was the lucky one who drew the short straw this last go-around. It's been almost eight weeks of trying to keep up with the workload while at the same time appeasing the management who has their microscopes trained on you. All kinds of extra procedures and processes that have to be accomplished now. I get home these days and the only thing I want to do is stare at the ceiling for a while. :-)

.....But being that the test cycle is coming up, we can see completion on the horizon. Just two more months of high energy maneuvering and we'll be done. The workload will drop off considerably for a while. I'm looking forward to the break, and maybe the chance to take some real time off from work.

.....At the next Baronial Polling, I think this is the thing I'm going to emphasize the absolute most. If you have a hectic modern life, think carefully if you want to wear that piece of silver on your head. Because if you thought you would be busy, you don't realize the half of it. It really is like having a second full-time job. And if your regular job is tough and hectic, adding the Coronet to it is going to make it that much more hectic.

.....I'm starting to catch my stride though. I don't think it will ever become 'easy' for me. But I do manage to feel a sense of accomplishment every now and then. I cling to those successes! :-) They are the only thing that keep me moving through the failures at times. TBT worries for me every now and then. She gets worried that I'll lose that softness of character I have and become an uncaring tyrant at some point. I don't think it will ever go that far, I still care what people think of me. Maybe entirely too much. I think the ideal location would be that I could listen to people when they tell me I'm doing something wrong, think objectively as to whether they have a point or not, and then file the information away for future reference. That takes quite a bit of discipline though, and a lot of work. But what a lesson that could be learned from the experience!

.....September Crown is ours! Confirmed at the Financial Committee Meeting at July Coronation. Lots to do, and a little extra time in which to do it. :-) I like that. But time will move quickly and I've got to keep that in mind. I have a number of people who've volunteered to do things. Some of the key positions are already filling, even the ones on which I was worried. I've got the e-list ready to launch, but am dragging my feet just a little. Our bid has the location as being in the middle of Druim Doineann. I've asked their Seneschal about the best way to get them involved, or not. He's discussing it now with the Shire and then I'm sure negotiations will ensue. It's been quiet for the past week and a half now and I'm not sure whether to be worried or not. But Ivan will be at Hot Summer Lights this weekend and I definitely plan to sit down with him for a while and talk things out.

.....Clallam County is so different than Kitsap. Their attitude is so laid back and easy-going. We received a killer deal for the Fairgrounds themselves. Then I hit up the city for the baseball fields next to the Fairgrounds. After a lot of anxiety on my part, they finally came back and gave us the ball fields for free. I was a little surprised at that and questioned it to make sure I understood correctly. But, yeah, for free. I can tell this is going to be an interesting experience. :-)

.....We've got the use of several buildings on site, which will make great locations for both Arts & Sciences, and the Marketplace. Even have use of a kitchen. There are several dozen RV sites, with power (although they cost a bit more per night). Even the use of shower facilities.

.....Having the buildings everywhere will be difficult on the ambiance, so I need to get a decorations coordinator on board as soon as possible. But I think it can work. Ambiance is something that can be built anywhere. Even in the middle of modern conveniences, and I think this might be a good venue in which to demonstrate that. Just need to instill that vision in someone, or mind-meld with someone who already thinks along those same lines.

.....August is FULL! So is half of September! The first weekend is our Summer Madness. Which has been a little rocky. But mine and TBT's desire has always been for it to be a fun and relaxing picnic, expanded to a weekend. So my expectations are pretty easy to meet. :-) The next weekend though is Autumn War. Which is on top of another function already planned. Autumn War starts on Thursday and runs through the weekend. So I may try and see if I can do something there on Friday and still have the weekend for everything else planned. Getting the time off of work may be the hard part.

.....The third weekend of August is Sport of Kings. I'm only day-tripping. Not looking forward to the drive. :-) But have a couple of things I really want to do and support there. If things go my way, maybe a side trip to Powell's? Hmmmm.... :-)

.....The fourth weekend is Tir Righ's Investiture, where the INCREDIBLE Mistress Lenora will become Princess of Tir Righ. :-) She is such an incredibly nice person, and I like seeing good things happen to nice people. I am definitely going to be there for the Investiture.

.....Then we roll into September Crown, 2011. Which is close by, relatively. The unfortunate thing being is that we don't have an adequate vehicle for the task. We're committed to camping the event. We'll have to solve that dilemma soonish. Hmmm, ideas are percolating now. Will have to sit down with TBT and make some decisions.

.....Then Last Chance. Scroll requests are starting to roll to Gabrielle. Have a few more to send her way and see if they can happen. Gotta get that put together by this weekend at the latest.

.....O.K., making myself tired now. Must stop. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The first reason I had to miss An Tir / West happened today. I had to attend my very first formal critique meeting at work. Last month I was in a hurry in trying to get a formal agreement established on who was responsible for what tasks on a job we were about to start. Because I was in a hurry I bypassed several steps in the process and the agreement was incorrectly signed off as complete.

.....Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal as these agreements are non-binding in any real shape or form, but because of the type of work involved my mistake gained instant attention from people whom you really want to avoid if at all possible.

.....I went into the gathering and stated right off that I made a mistake and then immediately worked to correct it as soon as it was recognized as a mistake. However, I think that the reason the Navy likes to do these critique things is very much like some people rub the noses of pets into the mess they make. The very awfulness of the nose rubbing is a serious reminder and deterrent against doing the same thing in the future.

.....After two hours of digging into the weeds of the issue, I was drained. But I survived Round 1. Round 2 is the 'Management Brief' in about two weeks. The Boss told me that it would be fine and he is the type of person who wouldn't tell me that if he didn't believe it, so I took comfort in that. I was also reminded by others that people I highly respect have several critiques under their belts and that having my first at the twenty-four year mark was not necessarily as bad as I thought it was.

.....I would have preferred to have gone my entire career without having to go through this process myself.

.....I'm in a whinny mood tonight. I did not feel well yesterday and feel tired and crabby tonight because of it. I think it was something I ate as I was up and down all night. Ever since the surgery my stomach and intestines do not have the teflon coating they used to. Things I used to eat with no problem cause me all kinds of grief these days. It has been interesting as things I used to love to eat I've been avoiding. The most depressing being some spicy foods.

.....Then there are the merchants. The deadline for the July Coronation Marketplace was three weeks ago. I extended that deadline to last weekend. And I'm still getting frantic requests to get a copy of the application and space saved. And the worst part is that the people giving me the most grief are the same people giving me the same excuses for being so late as they gave me over ten years ago when applying for June Faire two weeks before the event. Sigh!

.....I think the reason I'm so whinny is that I would rather be at An Tir / West War where everyone else seems to be. I need to stop moping and start thinking of everything I'm going to be able to get done this weekend because I'm not at the War.

.....Tomorrow is Friday and the start of a three day weekend. So I think I'll also take comfort in that. I have a long laundry list of things I want to get done. But there are a few fun things on the list as well. There is a Bar-B-Que planned for Saturday. That'll be nice.

.....I think I also sold a couple of circlets as well. If the orders actually do come through I think I'll have enough in the hopper to get another sheet of designs ordered and delivered. My stock is starting to run low and I haven't had the capital to stock up.

.....I should get the garage straightened up so I can get the circlets done. It is rather a mess, especially with June Faire 'stuff' piled up everywhere. And it would be good to go through that stuff anyway in preparation for July Coronation. Which reminds me that I have to go up to Poulsbo and bring Lobelia down to be cleaned out in preparation for July Coronation.

.....Now my 'to-do' list is starting to wander. I need to stop the wandering and make up a 'to-do' list for the weekend. If I can get at least a little organized maybe I'll actually get a few things done. :-)
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.....Not sure I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow, but as ready as I'll ever be. :-) With next weekend being the Independence Day weekend, I'm half-expecting to see a large number of people missing this week. Wish I could be one of them, but there is just too much happening that I can't miss.

.....There will definitely be an exodus of people headed to An Tir / West War this week. With the site opening on Thursday, I suppose a large number will leave on Wednesday and take a little extra time with the trip. Which sounds like a good idea.

.....The Baronial Encampment sounds like it is going to be fun. A nice sized group, and diverse in temperament. Good company. Maybe next year I can join in on the fun.

.....Was a rather busy weekend here though. Saturday morning was a July Coronation meeting up at Sable Rose Emprise with Duchess Angharad. Started off on a hesitent note, but once everyone started talking the ideas and conversation started rolling.

.....THL Alan ap Niel has taken on the role of 'Event Cartographer'. He's been coordinating the efforts of everyone who needs space and territory at J.C. But he's not the one making the contacts and coordinating the actual needs. It is working out rather well. It is a lot like the SCA Coordinator for June Faire, but with less responsibility. I love the way everything is getting organized on the central map. Maybe the SCA Coordinator here at June Faire could get a deputy to do the same thing, and just concentrate on making the face-to-face contact with all the required officers, people, etc. Hmmmm....

.....The Marketplace is going to be easy to lay out. Alan has it all on two straight rows. Only a few corners to worry about. My biggest worry will be to ensure that the merchants who don't want to be next to so-and-so are not set in the wrong location. Those who need to face north, or east, are facing in that direction. Those who need to be close to biffies, or their cars, or.... It's the usual criteria, but this arrangement sure makes things easy on me.

.....We're still planning on being on site on Thursday, later in the day. We'll probably end up marking out the frontage and putting out stakes with the individual names on them. But that may be the extent of things. But I'll know for sure by next weekend.

.....Deadline is today for post-marked applications. I'll be looking for them up until next Saturday, and will then call it good and lock down the map. We have twenty two confirmed now. From the most recent flurry of e-mail, I expect to call it next Saturday at thirty merchants.

.....I could have stayed another hour or so, chatting up the planning of J.C., but TBT had another obligation and we had to leave. Ran down to a wedding where TBT was putting together her upside down wedding cake. Took her between two to three hours for this to happen. But I didn't in the least. When I realized my help was not needed I found a nice corner in which to hang out and read from the Nook for all that time. Anne McCaffrey books were read by the gross, and then Edgar Rice Burroughs. I didn't even realize several hours had passed until TBT started bringing her utencils to the car.

.....It was a nice looking cake. I think that TBT has posted pictures on Facebook.

.....Duchess Angharad is getting married in August and TBT might end up doing the cake. AT least it seemed like it might just happen from the conversation on Saturday. It is a heavy Scottish theme. Cake topper included. :-) Her Grace had an invitation waiting for us. I was flattered that TBT and I had been included. It might have been TBT, but I'll still take the invite. :-)

.....Sunday was all about getting ready for the work week and getting caught up on e-mail 'go-dos'.

.....Worked on some circlets as well. I think that I might start selling some here soon. There have been a number of inquiries. Armor pieces covered all flat surfaces available in the garage, so had to be creative to open things up. Hopefully I didn't lose any pieces in the process.

.....By not going to An Tir / West next weekend, I'll get the chance to get caught up on a number of things. The final J.C. Marketplace map with be completed. The September Crown bid will be finalized. A number of Serjeantry items will be done. It'll also be nice to slow down a bit and get caught back on a few brainless things.

.....Envious of J.R.'s new motorcycle. I have been thinking of one for a while. Hmmm....

.....Now I'm falling asleep. Time to go to bed...

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It's the weekend! Well, almost. I have to go in to work tomorrow for a 0630 Telecom with the Really Big Bosses in D.C. So I'm not feeling really motivated to do a whole lot this evening. But the 'To-Do' list is whispering insanely in my brain. 'June Faire is coming! June Faire is coming!' :-) There's a lot to do, and a lot I want to do.

.....But maybe I can sneak in a matinee of 'Thor' in the mix? :-) I admit, I'm intrigued. It's a superhero flick. But the subject matter kinda rocks. :-)

.....Sigh! Back to work:

* Pull out circlets to be done. Finish work in basement.
* Finish silk banners.
* Send out Pelican Meeting reminders. Print out agenda and make copies.
* Plan bed for TBT's back in support of May Crown.
* Wash Heather and clean out inside in preparation for tow to Firestone.
* Finish June Faire Coronet schedule (include Sunday tentative).
* Finish draft of recommendations letter.
* Send letter to Their Majesties requesting input on June Faire activities.
* Sit down with TBT to go over recommendations for June Faire Court. Finish list.
* Send note to Gabrielle. Need to provide complete information for scroll being worked by Renart. Remember to thank Renart.
* Last year's sit handout. Talk to Angharad.
* Ping local cousins for other Baronial Pavilions on Erics.
* Send June Faire copy to local e-lists.
* Put together plan for 'Grand Processionals'. Need people, banners, route, and agenda.
* Put together agenda for Baronial Court (if allowed).
* If Baronial Court happens, need a plan for Serjeantry Letters of Intent.

* Clean out computer room and vacuum.
* Do laundry for week.

* Get hair cut.
* Sneak in matinee of 'Thor'.
* Pay birthday respects to Jenae.
* Clean off old computer. Set up new computer.

.....If time allows:
* Warp loom for card-weaving. Use linen thread.
* Pull out song-book in preparation for May Crown.
* Pull out gemshorn and recorder and pull out some music to play.
* Some sonnetry.

.....There is a possibility that work may send me to the East Coast the week after June Faire. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that current events overcome that schedule and move things forward into the summer. I can just imagine off-loading the U-Haul Sunday, parking Lobelia at the house, and then getting up in a handful of hours, early on Monday morning the next day to meet an airplane traveling east.


.....Although, if that plan falls through the next available week butts up against An Tir / West War. I'm not sure which plan is worse, to be honest. Will just have to roll I guess.

.....Will be a busy summer, but fun. Just have to make it through May. Which WILL be done. One day at a time. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Only Part I because I left the iPod Touch at work, with all of my notes on the subject 'safely' ensconced within it. Sigh! :-) But this is more than enough at the moment so that I don't lose track of anything.

.....There is a lot to do:

1.) Pelican Meeting, May 12th

* Gather consensus on presentation prior to meeting.
* Print out copies of agenda.
* Make arrangements for carpooling.
* Can I take Friday off of work?

2.) Mayfaire, May 14th

* Largesse for new Baron and Baroness?

3.) May Crown, May 20th - 22nd

* Slat bed for Laurellen.
* Pull out pavilions.
* Finish silk banner.
* Meet with Adelheide to talk over lay-out of Baronial Encampment (and find out what the plan is).
* Talk about a pot-luck gathering for Saturday night with the populace.
* Talk with Jahnkin on arrangements for Baronial Encampment to be a Bardic Campfire Gathering Point.
* Make arrangements for food for remainder of weekend.
* Print out Pelican Agenda. Any items of interest for Western Region?
* Discuss transportation of Baronial Pavilion to site and make arrangements for set-up.
* Ensure all who are competing in the Crown Lists from Dragon's Laire are recognized (are there enough tokens?).

4.) June Faire, June 1st through June 6th

* Speak to Oliver and Tegus about Mantel Project.
* Set-up Saturday night gathering. Include location, food, bardic activities (song book).
* Spiffy prizes for Heavy Tourney Circuit and Rapier Tourney Circuit (strategize with Gwen).
* Approximately 8-10 additional medium to larger prizes for out tournaments (strategize with Gwen).
* Speak to archery community to ensure prizes are covered.
* Speak to Sir Raoukinn on scheduling of Heavy Tourney Circuit (include Jahnkin in conversation).
* Speak to Monsignor Talon and THL Carlos on Rapier Tourney Circuit scheduling (include Jahnkin in conversation).
* Speak to Jahnkin on overall marshallate activity scheduling - must have tentative schedule by May Crown.
* Double-check arrangements for U-Haul. Put out announcements for Wednesday packing of U-Haul; Thursday unpacking on site; and Sunday re-pack and re-delivery to storage of all Baronial property.
* Towers needed at gate.
* Torches needed on Erics.
* Contact Equestrian Community on Whidbey Island, Midhaven, Aquaterra, Madrone, and Stromgard and discuss entry in Baronial Equestrian Championship (to back up Tsuruko).
- Discuss additional help for Tsuruko at same time.
* Plan two to three 'Progresses' through site in style of Renaissance Faire.
- Ask Their Majesties / Their Highnesses if they'd like to join.
- Progresses include Their Excellencies in full regalia (including Baronial Cloaks), several carrying banners, at least one herald making announcements, and a trumpeter or piper.
- At least one 'Progress' will hand out an award.
- At least one 'Progress' will travel through Marketplace.
* Make inquiries for bleachers and finalize price.
- Does this include transportation / set-up? If not, how much?
- Need 'bleacher dressing'.
* Invitations for Their Royal Highness and local Barons & Baronesses in progress.
* Make list of Baronial Awards and ensure that scrolls and necklaces will be ready.

5.) Circlet Order - Ingasbo

* Finish circlet order currently in queue.
* Order a new sheet of designs?

6.) July Coronation, July 15th - 17th

* Visit new site and take measurements of Marketplace.
* Map out Marketplace.
* Post results to merchants currently in queue.
* Current helpers in queue: Arontius, Laurellen, Gwenllyn, Brummbar, Madrun (and Dillon?).

7.) Serjeantry

* Set up a meeting with Cedric, Andras and Arion on archery requirements.
* Finish re-write of manual.
* Send note to e-lists to have potential candidates speak to Baron and Baroness prior to June Faire.
* Make arrangements for 'Serjeantry Court' to accept Letters of Intent. Make announcement.
* Need study guide prepared and ready to hand out at 'Serjeantry Court'.

8.) Summer Bardic Circle, August 5th - 7th

* Bardic Tournies / Ongoing bardic circle.
* Invite local bards specifically to participate prior to event.

9.) Miscellaneous

* Check in with Kierran on canvas project.
* Meg's college assignment write-up.
* Letter to Crown for awards recommendations.
* Letter to Crown for fighting help.
* Request update on bid from Clallam County Fairgrounds for September Crown bid.
* Make a date with Aelianora to talk web-site.
* Finalize plans with Ian on new awards.
* Finalize A&S, Bardic, and Scholar Championship Procedures with Madrun.

.....This list is going to get rather lengthy I'm thinking.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....This one was all my fault though. I had some ice cream with sorbitol on Thursday, and had a little more than I should have along with a Mountain Dew chaser. I knew that things would not end well, and I was right. By Friday evening my head was spinning and most of Saturday was spent in recovery.

.....But I'm feeling a lot better today, so things must get done. This Wednesday we head off to NORWESCON. The house has to be at least relatively clean, all the laundry done, and things pulled out that we'll need for the weekend.

.....Although it is not a good sign that I've already been distracted by the TV. I'm not normally a fan of Rick Steves and his travel show. But today he is doing a tour of the Cotswolds of England. Starting out from London and walking through a lot of the little towns and villages of the area, then through Stratford, and ending in Cambridge.

.....What a beautiful area! Full of gardens and and cathedrals and castle ruins from hundreds of years ago. Warwick Castle looks ready to explore now! And renting a punt for one of the canals outside Cambridge sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Makes me want to get on a plane today!

.....Before I forget, 'Zombies of Mass Destruction' is currently one of the movies available on the 'On Demand' section of Comcast. If you are in the mood to see Eric de Dragonslaire as a zombie who meets his end via a weedeater, you'll be richly rewarded. :-) Plus, you get to see our very own Talia in one of her big screen extravaganza's. :-)

.....I did manage to get a couple of things done yesterday. The banner has been ironed within an inch of its life. It's ready for the final step of sewing so that it can be put on a pole. Then it will be ready to go. The changes the ironing made were subtle. The banner was marginally less stiff afterwards. But the ironing did not help any with the mottling of the colors (although I was warned that would be the case). The paint is heavier on the silk than I imagined it would be as well. I have my doubts as to how well it will fly as it seems heavier than even the ripstop flags of the same size I have.

.....I'm not a big fan of the silk paint, Dye-Na-Flo. The next one I do will be a silk dye versus a silk paint. But it was good to try it out and do the process and see the results. Otherwise I wouldn't know and would wonder. Definitely have ideas on the design I want to do already and am anxious to get started as soon as possible. Don't think I'll be able to get that one done by May Crown or June Faire. But I'm hoping that July Coronation may be possible.

.....The 'to-do' list for today:

* Winter Quarterly Doomsday for The Crier.
* Deposit the Fall, 2010, stipend check for The Crier.
* Make phone calls to nominated candidates for Aquaterra Coronets (to follow up e-mails).
* Input latest merchants into the July Coronation Marketplace Spreadsheet.
* Send out receipts of space request for J.C. Marketplace.
* Send out e-mail talking about May Crown encampment.
* Send out e-mail asking for J.C. Marketplace help.
* Work on agenda for next Pelican Regional in May.
* Get laundry done.
* Clean bedroom (put away SCA 'stuff' from last weekend).
* Pull out microwave and electric ice chest for NORWESCON. Stage in Living Room.
* Pull out large suitcase from its hiding place in garage.
* Pull out at least one large bin to stage for NORWESCON packing.

.....Mid week last week things were not looking good for getting out of town this week on Wednesday for NORWESCON. A number of Fleet issues were taking up a lot of time to figure out how we were going to support. But the new Big Boss surprised me. He apparently had had enough of the recent culture of crisis management and made a number of phone calls. The result being that a lot of the burden of recent crisis were removed from our shoulders. Friday was rather interesting. The Mid Level Boss returns to work tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how he reacts.

.....After NORWESCON though, it'll be all about June Faire. Must get some understanding on how the Marshallate is going to work so we can talk to it accurately and plan around it. Need to figure out how were going to run Courts and when they are going to happen. Need to figure out how we're going to take care of the Crown on Their visit. Need to figure out the logistics of what we want to do on the Saturday evening gathering. Lots to do though and the clock will be ticking loudly. I don't think I'll craft that 'to-do' list until after next weekend. I'd probably be overwhelmed quickly if I tried.

.....One thing at a time.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I was home all day today and the phone did not ring at all. There were no frantic calls to write letters, get paper, find parts, or locate people. It was good. I slept in until about 0530 and then played around on the computer for several hours. Went out for a leisurely outing at Starbucks with my favorite coffee girl, TBT. Then slowly started getting up to speed at trying to get things done.

.....The kitchen is livable again! All the dishes are done. The cat box is clean. The refrigerator mucked out. I even cleaned the floor. I felt accomplished after that. So I started in the Computer Room of Doom! It was a fierce monster, and it isn't completely slain, but it suffered mightily! Three-quarters of the floor is now clear! The Ingasbo bins are now located in the garage. The miscellaneous piles of paper gathered lovingly to await a final fate. The other piles of left over SCA 'stuff' is in a pile next to the stairs awaiting transport to the Storage Unit of Doom! :-)

.....Depending on how things work tomorrow, I'm thinking that TBT and I will stop at Goodwill or St. Vincent's and pick up a Wing Back Chair and stand to put into the newly cleared space. It'll give me some place to read and organize that is not on my overly crowded desk. :-) It will also give Tia a place to nap that is out of the way of the cats who patrol the hallway. :-) Although as I look at all the clear space I keep thinking that maybe clear space might be better. Hmmm, could be a battle tomorrow. :-)

.....Some presents were wrapped. The rest will be wrapped tomorrow. Along with the cleaning of the bathroom and the bedroom. I'll feel a lot better about the week ahead at that point. Although all ten days are filled with stuff to do:

.....A. Christmas Day Festivities.
.....B. Boxing Day at Countess E's (I was not invited to go with 'the girls', so may have to provide my own transportation. Must remember to pack proverbial 'stuff to do'. :-)).
.....C. A run to Pike Place.
.....D. A Play-Date With Madrun.
.....C. A visit with Branwen.
.....F. A visit to Chehalis to see Richard.
.....G. A day of car maintenance.
.....H. New Years gathering.

.....Practically every day is about booked. Sigh! It'll still be fun as it is not the chaos of work! :-)

.....Still with the lessons in humanity with the Coronet. This time it was a lot more personal in nature. But I don't think I would have noticed without it. It was an observation TBT noticed when talking about what gatherings we needed to attend and how we were going to do it all.

.....Before TBT and I started dating, I had a rather large number of friends that I hung out with. Practically every night was a new meeting, gathering, activity. It was fun and exciting. Tiring at times, but I enjoyed it a lot.

.....When TBT started dating and then married, I started hanging out only with her. For one thing she is fun to hang out with. And when you have a live in friend of such a close personal nature, you find that you don't necessarily need as much companionship and excitement to fill your days. Now that is normal and your friendship circle changes accordingly. But when TBT and I started thinking and talking about it, we've both essentially stopped hanging out with quite a few people. To the point that there are some we haven't seen in a long time and others who don't even call us anymore.

.....Now that is kind of sad as most of these people are rather nice as well as fun. It is also sad in the fact that it is largely our own fault. A friendship is something that needs to be maintained. You have to put forth time and energy to nurture it. If you don't the friendship tends to wither and go away. I've been rather lazy in that regard. I suppose I can blame at least part of that on the job. I've been so hyper-focused on it that I've put on blinders to a lot of other things to the side. But that is really an excuse.

.....So I think that one of the things I want to work on for the upcoming year is to reconnect and make an effort with some of those people who've been neglected over time. It will not be easy to devote that extra time. But looking back at who these people are and how they've supported me in the past, I think that it is worth the effort to at least make an attempt.

.....The bad part to this? It means another 'to-do' list in the making. I think my brain is starting to run out of RAM. I knew that rotting all those brain cells with alcohol in my twenties was going to haunt me some day!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It was an interesting day all around. I went into work this morning eagerly anticipating 'the plan' as proposed by NAVSEA through the Mid Level Boss yesterday. Only to find out that there was no single 'plan', there were as many plans as there were Commanding Officers involved in the whole issue at work. By the time we held our big Telecom at 1100, we had been directed by two different Commanding Officers to go in two different directions with their personal plans. Chaos is still alive and well.

.....But I was missed, even if I was only away for a day and a half. For some odd reason I have been providing the steady center point around which all of these 'plans' were revolving. The person who received all the direction from the various leaders and passed out everyone's personal parts in this play as needed. Without me to be there as this play's producer, chaos ruled the day and no one knew what particular direction in which to go. It should have been a sad thing, but I felt strangely good in knowing that I was wanted. Go figure.

.....Although that still means I'm back to work on Monday. I've been told that I'll be there through at least Wednesday morning before they consider releasing me to use my Must Leave. But I did receive my copy of my disapproved Leave Application, which I think I'll frame. It's the first time I've ever seen something like that. :-) Now I just have to follow through and make sure my leave really does get restored next year, supposedly sometime by March at the latest.

.....Learned a lesson on the whole Coronet thing today. For the past month now I've been thinking of this gig as an extension of being a Seneschal. My approach has been that consensus should be the overarching theme of the day, with the rule of law being applied first and foremost. But, really, that's why you have a Seneschal in the first place. The job of the Coronets is to provide leadership, which means making the tough decisions sometimes. Those decisions that don't have clearly defined rules to back them. Defending those decisions can be a scary thing too. It's amazing how short a time it was before TBT and I started finding ourselves out on that proverbial limb. But I'm rather glad that it is happening now, and not later. I needed to learn what the difference was before it smacked me in the face in the middle of June Faire or some other high stress happening. And now that I've had this level of epiphany, I can work through it and maybe, actually, learn something while I have the chance. I'll have to make this transition my mantra for the next couple of months until it becomes more subconscious.

.....Had a list of things to get done, but TBT and I went and saw a movie instead. We saw 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. Even though I like C.S. Lewis, I certainly do not have the fanaticism about his works that I do Tolkien. So it was easy to enjoy this movie and suspend my usual interrogations. :-) In some way the movie was very hard to watch. I've read it many times and know it very well. The movie only really hits some of the highlights of the book, and completely re-writes others. Although visually, it is rather a beautiful film. It reminds me a lot of the recent remake of 'Alice In Wonderland' that Tim Burton directed. Something that was very beautiful, but lacked a real and cohesive story.

.....That's rather sad as the critics have not been all that pleased with it and the audiences have not really been attending in droves. I was kind of hoping that 'The Silver Chair' would make it into theatres eventually. It would be a difficult movie though. Much of it is done in very drab settings, with a lot of dark dialogue. 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' is probably the last of the Narnia books that could make an easy transition to the big screen. Although as I type that I think I could be wrong as 'A Horse And His Boy' would make a good adaptation as well. I guess we'll see.

.....Saw a preview for 'Thor'. It was cheesy, but intriguing at the same time. I may have to go and see it. I'm still trepidatious though as it could easily be another 'Clash of the Titans'. It certainly had that look to it and I found myself listening for Liam Neeson voice. :-)

.....Off to bed now, but thinking of the 'to-do' list for tomorrow. A couple of circlets top the list, along with maybe my Sekrit Santa gift. I've no clue what to get my recipient as I know them not at all, and haven't found out much with google-stalking. Guess I'll have to shoot and hope for the best.

.....But I get to end the day with cooking by Petr and Kierran. Mmmmmm, always a good thing. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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