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.....We're here, I have a Starbuck Vente Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte sitting next to me and am enjoying the WiFi as I wait for my 6AM flight to Chicago. The Mid Level Boss was only a little grouchy to have to meet me in the lobby at 3AM, but I was just waiting for him to cross the line before I reminded him that it was his choice to do so. :-) I don't think he will though as it means getting home earlier in the day.

.....I did stay awake for Project Runway last night. I just could not get to sleep for some reason. Even after it was over I sat there and stared at nothing for over an hour and a half before I eventually dozed off. That might actually make it easier to fall asleep on the Chicago - Seattle flight, which is always a good thing.

.....I should investigate for next time the possibility of taking a red eye from Indianapolis towards Seattle. I don't know why I have never thought to look. If I packed up and checked out of the hotel on Thursday morning, I could drive straight to the airport and grab a flight and be home like at midnight in Seattle. Would save me some travel time on Friday. I'll have to check for next time.

.....Am trying not to fret about the weekend or everything on the agenda. There is very little I can do about it from here and the fretting just makes things worse. Everything will work itself out and nothing at this time is an absolute emergency. It just feels like missing the past week at home put me way behind. But that is just me.

.....Looks like a lot of people are staying in hotels for J.C. I think we need to put together the list of local hotels in Kitsap County and start advertising them. Might be good to convince people to not camp on site. Although I'm split down the middle on whether or not to fret on space at S.C. But the bottom line is that it is easier to park cars visiting us for just a day on to Imperial Avenue rather then find the space and pack them in for the weekend. So I'm going to keep pushing the day trip and not camping. I'm very curious to see how Three Mountains packs everyone in for J.C. I have no doubts they can do it, I just want to see how tight it gets. Curiosity from a planners stand point if nothing else. :-)

.....It'll be good to see TBT as well. I fret a little less when I'm in her company. She is my rock. Life would be a lot less fun, or relaxed, without her in it. I've missed her.

.....Think I'll enjoy the rest of my coffee before boarding starts.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It actually rained today. The clouds gathered and the air became even heavier and thicker. Everything darkened. The the rain fell, in huge sheets. A heavy downpour that drenched everything. Then just as quickly it all went away, the sun came out and everything is about dry. Except the air, which is full of moisture. A very strange place. :-)

.....This year's conference was interesting. Everyone is tired and feeling just a little frustrated. We argued over things for hours and in the end, when we reviewed the Action Item listing, we came to the conclusion that we did not accomplish a whole lot. But I still think it was important to come together and look each other in the eye and remember who that person is on the other end of the phone line when we're yelling at them two weeks from now to get off their rear and get me the parts or the solution or the engineering instruction or ... as fast as possible. It makes a difference.

.....It was twelve hour days all three days here this week. I'm sorry to have missed seeing Donnan and Callista, but I had a feeling and am now glad I didn't call them. I would have hated to have made plans only to cancel them, again. Maybe next year.

.....Tomorrow's flight leaves Indianapolis at 6AM. The American Airlines ticket counter doesn't even open until 5AM. It is an hour and fifteen minute drive from Bloomington to the Airport. Another fifteen minutes to fill the gas tank and another handful of minutes to check in the rental car. So the Mid Level Boss and I are going to meet in the lobby at 3AM tomorrow morning. I need to get to bed here in a little bit, but the first episode in this season's Project Runway starts in about a half hour. I'll probably fall asleep in the middle of it. But they've promised less drama and more design this season, so I'm hopeful. I'm not sure just why I like Project Runway, but for some reason it has captured my interest.

.....Sigh. A fifty minute flight to Chicago. A two and a half hour layover and then a five hour flight home. I'll get home as fast as possible and run a load of laundry through before hopping into Florence the Wonder Van for the drive to J.C. I'm still holding out hope of being interested in checking out the site tomorrow night. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

.....Lots of people to hook up with this weekend. Lots of things to talk about. I feel kind of like a wimp for doing the hotel room. But with an East Coast flight I don't think I could even contemplate a two hour set up of camp, nor a drive down in Lobelia. Making me even more tired just thinking about it.

.....Not to mention that September Crown and Serjeantry will kick into hyper-drive starting Monday.

.....But I do get to see TBT again tomorrow, that will help a lot. :-)

.....Time for bed.
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.....It was actually cooler today. When we passed the bank thermometer this afternoon it blinking 84 degrees. Although the humidity was still way up there. The clouds looked ominous on the horizon, but there were no storm warnings on the radio.

.....Last night was different. The temperature was into the 90's past dark. The clouds were just as dark, but no rain. We could see flashes of lightning and the radio would give warnings at ten minute intervals warning people to stay indoors and watch for high winds. I don't think they were worried about the Bloomington area, more to the south. But it was eerie all the same.

.....Long day at the conference. I was mainly a bystander today watching the drama. There is a lot to do, and only so much money with which to do it. So things that have been on the back burner now for years and years get to stay there for yet another year. Then we argued over how to prioritize the truly important stuff. Definitely a long day.

.....But, I did stop and get a picture of the one and only Starbucks in a 75-mile radios:


.....And it's a drive through. :-)

.....So, now I need to convince TBT to come with me the next time I travel to Indiana. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I went out to dinner at 7PM and all the local bank thermometers were still reading 95 degrees, with the humidity to match. Indiana is an absolute oven right now! The air conditioner is blasting at high speed in the hotel room. The instant you walk out that door it's like someone throws a heavy wool blanket over your head, one that was just pulled out of a boiling pot of water. It's Africa hot, as in the heart of the steamy swamps hot. :-)

.....I should be in bed but I'm finding it hard to get to sleep. Wasn't able to get much sleep on the flight to Chicago last night. A couple of passengers seemed to want to party the entire time. Every time I dozed off some loud conversation or laughter would wake me back up. I don't think I was the only one though. There were a lot of bleary eyed passengers lined up at the Starbucks just outside the gate in Chicago.

.....By the time the Mid-Level Boss and I made it into Bloomington, we both said very little before heading to our rooms for a nap. I dozed for a little while, but still couldn't get to sleep, so I pulled out my notes for the Conference and started putting things together for it and making sure I had all of my facts straight. I am confident that I'm ready for practically anything thrown my way, but I'm still a little nervous that something unexpected might come up.

.....Took a break late in the afternoon and caught up with my e-mail. Some interesting traffic at home. Stuff that TBT took care of. I went ahead and finished off our State of the Barony report and sent it off to TRM and TRH. I tried to keep it succinct, but still clocked in at three pages. :-) I even went through it two or three times to see what I could do to trim it down some more. It's late, but at least we got it turned into the Crown.

.....Received some feed-back via e-mail on a bridge line we can use for our next Regional Pelican Meeting as well. Wish I'd gone this route six months ago as it was easy and cheap. With no long term commitments to make. Which seems to be the norm for a lot of the 'professional' bridge line providers. Also don't need a computer either, which is another plus. Any phone can call into the central number. So we'll give it a try and see how it works. Certainly a lot better than the Online Chat I'm betting. I need to get some e-mail out on that soon.

.....Bloomington is so full of contrasts! I drove through the downtown area and drove by three or four alternative food stores, a Whole Foods, a Trader Joes knock-off. It's interesting. But I suppose that would fit with the University of Indiana being based here. But at the same time there are also a lot of cars in the area covered with conservative slogans, lots of bible verse. And of course, the required nexus of evil, as in Wal-Mart, is growing like a cancer at the edge of town.

.....And, of course, there IS a Starbucks in town. :-) A drive through Starbucks at that. Guess where I'm stopping tomorrow morning on my way out to Crane? :-)

.....Let's try for that sleep button again.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Here I am at Gate A-7, SeaTac Airport, ready to catch my 11:55 flight to Indianapolis via Chicago. The sunset is not quite as dramatic as it was last time I was here, but it is still romantic all the same. I was feeling rushed today with the epic 'to-do' list and the throwing together of things into the suitcase. Thankfully, all my files and 'official' stuff was already neatly piled and ready for package. So it was really only the clothes coming out of the laundry cycle that slowed me down. But I still made it out the door way too early and even though the radio kept talking about slowdowns in Tacoma, it really wasn't that bad a drive.

.....It was really a busy weekend though. I probably should have thought that one through a bit more. But everything I attended was good and / or fun in its own way, so I can't complain too much.

.....Saturday started with the traditional summer outing at Blackberry Hollow south of Port Orchard. Angharad and Marcus were good hosts as usual. We didn't jump into the pool at all, but had great conversations around the dining room table. The best ones dealing with Serjeantry; what it meant and how it should be run. Even though some of the discussions get interesting at times, I always go away with new ideas, or better clarification of what we want to do. I think more people have bought into the program.

.....Then a drive up to North Seattle to Giuseppe and Tom's annual Tiki Party. I generally only know maybe a third of the people who show up for this party so I usually stay on the fringes. But this year a new element was added, a trading card game. It was a great ice breaker and forced people to actually talk to other people they might not normally. At least that was true in my case. We stayed at the party at least an hour longer than we would normally have.

.....Sunday started with a retinue meeting in the morning. We all came together over what was going to happen at July Coronation next weekend. Who was riding with whom. What we needed to bring, and not bring, with us. My plane gets in at 11:30 on Friday, so I think I'll be home around 2PM. I'll have to do some laundry quickly, so I don't expect to hit the road before 4PM. With dinner on the way it could be rather late before we hit Ranier and site. Thankfully, the Baronial Encampment looks set with Brenna and Renart, with the Baronial Pavilion in the capable hands of Albrecht and Magdalena.

.....The following week is epic in its fullness. Serjeantry testing on Monday with Practical and Domestic Sciences. Eight candidates is going to make for a longer evening. Tuesday is the Social with a class taught by Talon. Wednesday is probably when I do the September Crown Public Site Walk-through. Thursday is a Dragon's Pearls meeting. Then Friday will be preparation for Hot Summer Lights in Druim Doineann.

.....I have to remember to do some advertising for Hot Summer Lights on the Dragon's Laire e-list. They introduced more of a larger scale war between Dragon's Laire and Madrone. But with everything filling up the calendar as it has this year, the 'epic war' is not getting the attention it should. We'll have to make up for that next year. But I don't plan on having something like September Crown on the docket next year either!

.....I would love to make some time this week to run over to see Donnan and Callista. But I don't know if it is going to happen. The last time I was in Bloomington the conference ran long all three days. I ended up bailing on them. I don't want to make appointments just to break them at the last minute. So I'm going to try and gauge the conference and see how it looks Wednesday evening before I make the call.

.....I keep hoping that maybe the D.C. bosses would figure out how to make one of these battery conferences happen in Hawaii, or in D.C. itself. :-) Crane, Indiana, is so far out there. Almost an hour and a half drive from the Indianapolis Airport. I should check the weather reports. I hope it is cooling down a little bit from where it was last week. But they do now have a Starbucks in town, so I know they are living in the twenty-first century with the rest of us. :-)

.....Hope TBT enjoys having the king sized bed all to herself. Although I think she would have fun traveling with me on some of these things. Maybe we'll add it to the list of things we feel more like doing when we've stepped down as the Coronets. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....'Spider Pig! Spider Pig! Does whatever a Spider Pig does!'

.....Ever had one of those thoughts that just seems to be on auto-repeat in your brain? All Day Long!!!!??? Of all the thoughts I could have, it was this one it had to be! :-)

.....Taking just a moment to catch my breath as this is the one day this week that is not overly scheduled with things that must be done. It has finally come to the point where TBT and I will have to split forces to meet all the obligations as well. :-) It has absolutely nothing to do with trust as it has more to do with not having all the information directly. I just like soaking it all in myself. But alas, that is not to be tomorrow. I have a meeting out at the September Crown site to meet with Her Grace Miranda to check out the Equestrian area. Which means that TBT is going to head up the Wyvern meeting in Bremerton.

.....I think in some way TBT is looking forward to the meeting. Well, maybe not. We were9 just adamant from the day we stepped up that if it was a Polling Order that was desired that the members should do the required work for it, including actually meeting and polling. We set the pace by requiring a minimum of four meetings a year, once per quarter. And it has worked for the most part. Although we do need to add another award to the stream. Right now we give out Snapdragons by the handful at the lowest level, and then progress to the Wyvern. There either needs to be something in the middle. Or maybe something above the Wyvern and make it the mid level award. Still musing over that one. Although we have certainly added to the rolls of various awards over the past year. Don't want to saturate the market.

.....I hope that Miranda likes the area picked out for the Equestrians. It is a nice field with a lot of nice amphitheatre-like viewing area above and around. The only real sticking points are the water and the road down to the area. The road is going to be fixed by Barnet next month. The water is still a little sticky. The plan is currently to bring the water tank out to site and set it beside the Equestrian area. But that will require approximately 900-feet of hose to reach from the source to the tank. Or else put the tank on the mid level terrace and fill it up with 450-feet of hose and then move that hose from the tank to the Equestrian area. Either way will require a lot of freakin' hose! :-)

.....I regret now being the sluggard I was last weekend. There is a lot to do over the next couple of weeks, but I did enjoy taking things a little slower. Even though Monday was, well, Monday, I still made it through the Serjeantry Testing of games on Monday evening with most of my humor intact. I actually enjoyed most of it, until I started feeling like a zombie around 7PM. It was time to go home at that point.

.....Even though most of the candidates had been at An Tir / West War over the weekend, most of them still managed to drag themselves to the testing and accomplished all of it with no fuss whatsoever. I was impressed. :-) The only two who did not make it had been hit by issues on the road and had made it in late that day. I did not begrudge them missing the testing at all. They'll easily make it up next Monday, which is one of the few free Mondays during the testing period.

.....Tuesday was the regular Social / Fight Practice. We were shown the video of Sargent Alaricus as he performed a demonstration of his Serjeantry Quest of learning to shoot archery from horseback. It was very nicely done. I'm looking forward to hearing the Tale at our Roundtable Court at the August Picnic. I'm also looking forward to speaking of this to the Barony as a nice example of the Serjeantry learning new information and taking on new challenges during their Quests in order to inspire the Populace, bring new learning and new skills to teach the Populace, and to demonstrate to the entire Kingdom what makes Dragon's Laire the great place it is and how it is going to continue to grow ever greater. I need to spend a little time putting together a few words to the Barony extolling the three Quests completed to date.

.....This weekend is going to be busy. There is a gathering at Blackberry Hollow, the usual summer gathering. It is a rather nice and relaxing day to spend with friends. Then we're slated to take off to another gathering in Seattle. Although we'll probably leave it before the real drinking starts. :-)

.....Sunday has a Retinue Meeting scheduled in the morning and then another gathering in the afternoon. Then it is off to the airport later on Sunday. I have my itinerary and reservations all made, except for parking the car in SeaTac. I must remember to call that one in sometime on Saturday.

.....I'm not looking forward to a week in Indiana. I normally love traveling as it is the chance to see people and places I don't normally see. But the timing for this one is not that great. There is so much happening in August and September. I'd rather stay home and keep up with it. But I really want to go to the conference as there is much happening there as well. All the right people will be gathered together in one location. I'll be able to look various managers and engineers in the eye and gain some understanding on what is happening with our batteries. I always come back home with a lot of information that I am grateful to have received.

.....Friday the 20th of July is going to be a long day though. My flight takes off from Indianapolis at 6AM. It is a two hour flight to Chicago and then a four and a half hour flight to Seattle, arrival at 11:30AM. A trip home as quickly as possible and then piling into the car for a run down to Ranier, Washington in time to check into the hotel for July Coronation.

.....Must remember to get the Baronial Pavilion to Albrecht and Magdalena this weekend. I'm grateful for the fact that they've volunteered to be the custodian there and back. But I've also heard nothing from the Autocrat Team on who is going to be on the Erics and who isn't. We might end up not needing to pull the Baronial at all and sharing space with Madrone. I should probably poke at that tonight with an e-mail or two.

.....The 'to-do' list is starting to grow dramatically. I should probably organize that a bit.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Back at Dallas - Fort Worth, waiting for our plane to reboard. I suppose I could have stayed on board, but really wanted to stretch my legs.

.....The Dallas airport is HUGE!

.....I must be tired as I can't think of anything else to say. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....That was sure a whirlwind tour of Georgia. We toyed with the idea of staying an extra day or two to try and get a few support services issues squared away, but decided in the end it wouldn't really be worth it as most of the information we need is located at home.

.....Mostly a successful trip. And enough frustrations emerged from the meetings to convince me that taking the trip was worth it. I keep operating under this assumption that people who work out of the same offices actually speak to each other, and that is not the case. So I'm actually about two months behind in my planning from where I wanted (and that I was) to be. So, more work when I get back to my desk, with a quicker pace.

.....I don't think I'll have to come back to Georgia before August. And if I can get things squared away fast enough, I might be able to avoid that as well. August is a bad month to leave the state, there are just too many things happening. Ack!

.....Looks like I might be Indiana bound in late July for a week. It's only a week though. But it precedes three weeks of training at the Yard. Not good timing! I will have to work on rescheduling that training to sometime later in October or November.

.....Jacksonville International Airport is growing. Even from the last time I was here. Another concourse, and a bunch more shopping. It's actually a nice looking place. With Kings Bay growing in scope and the news that Mayport is going to take on more work, I'm not surprised. Jacksonville could really use the growth. A lot of their infrastructure was suffering. An influx of government funding flowing from the local bases could be a real boost.

.....I may have to revise the negative opinion I had of American Airlines. I was able to change to a window seat quickly and easily. The check in was a breeze. Everyone was polite and efficient. Hopefully not an anomoly. The flight again goes through Dallas - Fort Worth. But we do not change planes. We will land for about an hour or so and then re-board for the remainder of the flight to Seattle.

.....The Subaru is parked and waiting for me at SeaTac. Hopefully I'll be actually home before three. That would be good. I did not sleep very well the past few nights and could use a nice long nap before heading into work tomorrow. Lots to get done and want to get them done and off my desk fast. May is going to be fast and furious and coming from many different directions,

.....I hate the connotations on this parable thrown at me. But it does fit: "The gazelle wakes up on the African plains with the knowledge that it has to run faster than the fastest lion or it will get eaten. The lion wakes up knowing that it has to run faster then the slowest gazelle or it will starve. So no matter whether you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up you'd better be running."

.....Sigh, I'm turning Corporate. I think I need to learn how to start drinking again. :-)

.....Mmmmmmmm, Starbucks! :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....On the first impresaion, I'm not impressed. The Wi-Fi is not free. We are spoiled in Seattle. :-)

.....However, I declare the Starbucks to be quite passable.

.....I also love the new cell phone. I can connect to the e-universe without needing a network. I guess I'm old enough to be totally amazed by that. :-) Now I'm jonsing for an iPad. Guess I'll never be satisfied.

.....On to Jacksonville in about an hour and a half. I think I'll sleep well tonight.

.....Aaron / Arontius
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.....Watching the sun set from Gate A-8 at SeaTac Airport. There is something romantic in watching the airplanes take off and land across the sunset. :-)

.....On the 11:20PM flight to Dallas - Fort Worth, at which point I'll catch the 7:20AM flight to Jacksonville, Florida. On my way to a conference in Kings Bay to discuss an upcoming installation. We'll actually get into Jacksonville sometime around 11AM, grab our car and then run out to Kings Bay to get our gate passes. We're going to do our best to get down to the waterfront tomorrow afternoon and claim space for our office and work area. Then see how many connections we can make with those actually working for TRF-Kings Bay.

.....Tuesday is the actual conference itself. We'll meet with all the others performing installations during this availability and see if we can de-conflict all of our schedules. Then we'll make as many deals as possible to help each other out and prepare our work agreements so they actually make sense. Or at least as much as possible. When the work actually starts, the paper sometimes isn't worth a whole lot. I think the more important thing is to network with everyone involved so that it is faster and easier to get things done when trying to work together.

.....The Mid-Level Boss tried to convince me to take a Tuesday night red eye out of Jacksonville so that we could be back at work on Wednesday. I gave him THE LOOK and reminded him that HE was the 'Employee Of The Year', not me. :-) I think he was pulling my leg though as when I asked him what flight he booked he told me that he had grabbed the same Wednesday flight as I did. :-)

.....Spent an hour this afternoon watching the Serjeantry Candidates practice their fire starting. I still find it magical to watch the process. When Conchobar lit up his nest of sisal and it started burning, I aplauded him. :-) I guess I'm easily amused and excited. :-) I had a great time watching them all learn the process. I just wish I could have stayed to actually watch them all light their fires. :-)

.....It really took me back to my own Boy Scouting adventures. I was lighting fires like that some twenty-five or so years ago. I wish I had been taught about the char cloth as Conchobar taught everyone. That seemed to make things so much easier. When I learned I had the flint and steel and rained sparks down on a bed of fuzz. The dandelion fuzz I used went up nicely. But the char cloth seems to hold the sparks longer and catch them easier.

.....I practiced starting fires for a good month straight. We had a Boy Scout Jamboree with an Orientation Challenge. We were given coordinates that we had to find and then start a fire to mark our location. It was timed to the point where the fire was actually burning wood. I must have lit hundreds of little fires so I could churn it out in just a few minutes. I bet it would take me a lot longer now as I'd have to relearn how to hold the flint and strike it properly. But I suppose it wouldn't take too long before it came back to me.

.....Went up to the September Crown site on Saturday to scout out parking and RV camping. I'm glad we picked up the area we did for parking, but it still doesn't seem large enough to me. Theodoric, Master Ralg and I walked the area over several times to see it from different angles. We'll get several hundred cars there, but we'll have to resort to alternatives as well, including parking around the Pea Patch and alongside the road. But we've got alternatives.

.....Was able to drive the Subaru all the way down to the bottom of the site, where the Equestrian Activities are going to be. I did not have any problems in driving down there, but then I was not hauling a horse trailer either. There is one section of the gravel road that I think is going to have to be leveled out a bit for the trailers. I sent out a call to Bernie to see if he can help with a grader or similar.

.....Would also like to grab a brush hog to clear out the area where archery is set to happen. It isn't think with Scotch Broom, but might be by September. I suppose I could come out there on a couple of consecutive weekends and chop down Scotch Broom as well. But a Brush Hog is so much easier and faster. We'll have to see what we can do.

.....Left the keys for the VFW Hall with TBT so she can open it. I'm only away for three days, so I think it'll be more of a vacation than anything else. She'll have the entire bed all to herself. Well, as much as Constantine will allow her to have. :-) I'm always a little anxious when I go away, but she is a adult who can take care of herself quite well. Which I remind myself every time I do get anxious.

.....I forget what's on tap for next weekend. Although I do want to get organized for my May 2nd September Crown meeting. I need to put together an agenda for it. I also need to develop a few coping strategies for Ian. :-) Although I'm starting to come up with lists of things for him to do. Active minds like his need to be kept busy so that they'll stay out of trouble. :-)

.....Oooooo, also have to remember to pull the pavilions out of the garage next weekend. If I'm remembering correctly, we accidently put several vital pieces of all our pavilions into the Baronial Storage Unit. I'll pull everything out and take stock of what we have and what we're missing, and then stow everything on Heather. Then go down to the Baronial Storage Unit and pull out the Baronial Pavilion for storage in Heather to set up at May Crown. Then root through the poles and such to find our missing pieces. Then we'll be all set for May Crown and June Faire.

.....I think I'll close down the computer and wander for a bit. I would like to stretch my legs before the long flight. Will not get the chance to do so again for a while.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I'm at the Indianapolis Airport after a rather interesting night. The Indiana DOT, who seem to be making it a career to redo all the roads in and around Bloomington, were staying at the Days Inn where I was located. At least some of them were. For some reason, Thursday night was 'Party Night'. And, boy, do they know how to party!!! The music was going past midnight.

.....Apparently that was not enough of a thrill for them. Around about 1AM I get a knock at the door. I am rather groggy with sleep at the moment so I ignore it. A minute or two later there is another set of knocks, louder and more insistent this time. I'm all set to ignore it again, thinking of the partying DOT folks, but all of a sudden start thinking 'What if something happened at home and someone is trying to get a hold of me?' This woke me up completely and I hop out of bed and run to the door, forgetting my lack of attire. Thankfully, I remember this just as I'm swinging open the door.

.....Of course, the intelligent person would have looked through the peep hole first and determined the security level. Me? Naw. The door swings open and I stand behind it for the most part.

.....What do I see? A lady all dressed up as if running to a party. I blink for a second and say, 'Yes?'. To which she replies, 'My name is Venessa and you were...looking for someone?' I blink a minute or so before I say, 'I think you have the wrong room'. She scrambles for a piece of paper in her pocket and discovers she wanted Room 115, not 113. At least she made it close.

.....When I left the hotel at 3AM, they were still having a good time as I could hear it rather clearly through the walls. I think that next time I travel to Bloomington, I'll go down the street to the Holliday Inn Express. :-)

.....Mmmmm, Starbucks! On a plane for an hour to Chicago. Then the long four and a half hour slog to Seattle. But I did manage to score an Exit Aisle again. Sweet! I'll be able to stretch out.

.....I finally figured out why people pay so much for Eddie Bauer shirts. Other than the brand name of course. TBT and I found one at the good will last weekend. A linen shirt. It is amazingly comfortable and soft. I wore it earlier this week and washed it so I could wear it on the plane for the ride home. I wouldn't pay $35 or more for it. But the $5 price tag was nice. I'm going to have to haunt the Goodwill on a regular basis to look for more of them.

.....The Western Pelican Meeting was cancelled last night for a number of reasons. I think we'll be O.K. But it is good information to use for next year's planning. June is not a good month for meetings. After surviving June Faire, I fully agree! :-)

.....Last time I ran through Chicago, the WiFi was not free. So I may not post there. But maybe I'll save the fodder for tonight or tomorrow. I feel some poetry coagulating in my brain. This gives people the chance to run and hide before they are forced to see it. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....And it is a drive through as well. Which is rather surprising as when I was here last year the nearest Starbucks was much closer to Indianapolis itself. They'll need a lot more though if they are going to balance out the number of Wal-Marts here. I must have passed one every five miles or so on the way here. :-)

.....It's cloudy here in Bloomington, with periodic bouts of rain. But the temperature is very warm. So the mugginess if very intense today. Going to take a little to get used to it. But Indiana itself doesn't seem to have changed a whole lot over the past year. It feels like one giant manicured park to me. And the infrastructure is just as torn up this year as last. I had to do several detours around road construction just to make it into Bloomington.

.....Still getting stories from Honey War. I think that being there benefitted Dragon's Laire in ways that may resonate for a long while. There is a certain amount of excitement in how many people turned out for activities, as well as the diversity of the activities in which we participated. We may have to consider a War of our own sometime soon. But I'm going to leave that percolating in my brain for a while. Although His Excellency Cedric mentioned to me today that something along these lines was actually discussed at Honey War this year. :-)

.....The flight seemed a little longer than normal. Maybe it was the three hour layover in Dallas - Fort Worth. We were in a terminal that felt really closed in and dark, rather oppresive. Then we ended up waiting an extra hour to board the flight. Seems that when they shut down the plane last night, someone forgot to switch on the flow of air conditioned air from the terminal and the temperature was reading over a hundred degrees when they opened her up for the days. It took them about fourty-five minutes to cool it down to manageable levels to allow passengers to board.

.....I finally made it to the hotel around 3PM Bloomington time. I unloaded my stuff and sat on the bed, and found myself waking up from a nap about two hours later. :-) I've felt groggy ever since. Need to go to bed soon as it is an hour's drive from Bloomington to Crane. I think I'll go through the drive in Starbucks in the morning. :-)

.....Loving my Nook though. I tore three three Anne McCaffrey novels since hitting SeaTac yesterday. Working on another Tom Corbett novel tonight and have a couple of Egyptian Tomb findings that Mom sent me for reading. I think there are a couple of others past that as well, so I think I'll have enough to see me through the week. If not it might be a good time to figure out what I'm doing wrong with Gutenburg Update. It is still hit-or-miss whether or not a download from Gutenburg will be readable on the Nook or not.

.....Good timing (NOT!) for Indiana though. Newcomers Night tomorrow night at Fight Practice. I had been toying with the idea of a little dancing, or to pull out the gemshorn. But instead I get to miss it all together. At least they'll get some inspirational speaking from TBT. She always has good things to say. Madrun had wanted me to bring out a few circlets for display. I forgot to pull them out on Sunday, but TBT knows which bin they are located. I hope they don't need polishing...

.....Now I'm falling asleep at the computer. Oh, well, it's time to go to bed anyway. I called home, but TBT was out on an errand. Rhys was in a good mood, so that bodes well. I did call though. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Well, I'm sitting at Gate A7 at SeaTac Airport. Waiting for a flight that leaves at 11:25PM for Dallas - Fort Worth. Will, hopefully, end up in Indianapolis at about 8:00AM on Monday morning. :-) Once again it's off on an adventure to the wild jungles of Crane, Indiana, to listen to a group of people discuss the triumphs and challenges of installing and maintaining batteries aboard submarines. :-)

.....Actually, it looks like it may be a little exciting this time. Lots going on in the battery world these days. Not entirely sure if it is going to last just the week, or stretch into two. We've been told to prepare for the eventuality. But if things go my way, I'll still be able to bask in the glowing intelligence of Mistress Callista and Sir Donnan. :-) We'll hope for the best.

.....It has been almost a non-stop rollar coaster ride since about KAS / KBC. From there it was a trip to NORWESCON and then the uphill slog through May Crown to June Faire. Even after that we went to Lionhearts last weekend and were slated to go to Honey War this weekend. At least for a day trip. But on Friday I looked at the piles of armor pieces stationed at various locations around the garage and finally had to admit defeat. There were just too many repairs to be made in order to get the armor operable again.

.....I went into TBT's room to say that I would be happy to cheer her on from the sidelines. We started talking about everything we needed to get done before I left on my trip on Sunday and we finally decided that we needed to stay home. It was a tough decision, and I felt guilty all weekend long. But as I sit here in the airport I feel much happier than I would have felt scrambling around all day today trying to get everything done in order to take off. I'll take the guilt if it helps preserve the relief.

.....Although the guilt pangs hard at times. From the sounds of things, Dragon's Laire really rocked the event hard! Took home several major prizes and awards and helped Blatha An Oir rule the day! I do feel a little sorry for Johann and Francisca. A little. :-)

.....Even managed to get the notes done from our Regional Pelican Meeting in May as well as the agenda for the meeting that is set to happen this Thursday. I think this will be the first one I've missed since I became a Pelican. I think. But things are rolling rather well at the moment, so I don't anticipate any surprises. I certainly don't think I'll be missed, which is a good thing.

.....Finally heard back from the Clallam County Fairgrounds folks this weekend. We are getting everything we asked for, including several buildings, the entire arena, and all the open lands, for $1,350. Wow! I wish we could get that kind of deal in Kitsap County! So now I just have to finalize the costs of a handful of biffies and get the trash issue squared away, and I'll have the bid for September Crown, 2012, ready to fly! Only thing really flapping in the breeze at the moment is the official acknowledgement from Druim Doineann that it is O.K. to hold the event in their lands. I already have a verbal from their Seneschal, Ivan, that we can go ahead. Just need to get it in writing. Wish we could have been able to do this with Princess Lenora of Tir Righ in attendance. :-)

.....Had a good talk with Brumbar this weekend. He is building himself another suit of armor and volunteered to help repair mine. Is is a magician at armor making and we'll get it all repaired in no time. I think we'll even be able to get TBT into something adequate. Just in conversation it is looking like we might be able to field something by Autumn War. At least that is the goal.

.....Looking on the horizon, the schedule is not as intense as the run up to June Faire. But there are still a lot of things to plan. July Coronation will be here before we know it. Looks like we'll have about twenty or so merchants in the Marketplace. Which should be easy to map out. Gwenllyn can't be on site until later on Friday, so it looks like it will be myself, TBT and Madrun doing the lay-out. But with only twenty merchants, and the main roads already laid out, things should go fairly quickly. I do NOT miss the days of June Faire when we fielded upwards of eighty merchants. With all the duplication of merchandice, it just doesn't make sense to have that many. Unless, I suppose, you're worried about mark-up. Hmmmm....

.....We'll be in Lobelia for J.C. weekend. We'll have the Rhys Monster with us. Camping and the Rhys Monster do not a fit make. But we finally broke down and decided that we weren't taking Lobelia out enough. We need to start talking it up for a Dragon's Laire encampment. We'll need to find a camp wrangler sooner rather than later. Already have space reserved on the Eric for the Baronial.

.....First weekend of August is our Summer Bardic and Picnic. Some interesting plans are in the roaster now. I keep emphasizing that we want to keep this low key and non-stress. It is just a leisurely picnic and community camp out. Although I'm liking the Arts and Sciences ideas, and the bardic fighting tourney ideas. Some good ideas in the offering. I am really looking forward to a good bardic fire. Wish we could do a pit firing, but I doubt that OPG would like that a whole lot. :-)

.....Then Autumn War right after Summer Bardic. We weren't planning on camping at Autumn War, but if TBT and I are in armor that might change the dynamics a bit. But I think I'm still in favor of a day trip adventure. We have a little time before we have to make up our minds on that one.

.....September Crown down in Chehalis. Already slated as a camping adventure. We'll need to find a Camp Wrangler for this one as well.

.....Then Last Chance the weekend after. Wow! The events really stack on top of each other! At least this one is close to home. Just a couple of blocks away at Silver Spurs.

.....Freakin' busy summer! Think I'll go and check my e-mail and see if anyone posted results from Honey War. I saw something from Baroness Elspeth, but am hoping for more. :-)

.....Wish that TBT were going with me. I think she'd have as much fun traveling as I do.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Not looking forward to the next flight. Somehow my luck ran out and I got stuck with a middle of the row seat in the middle of a 767. If I had been paying more attention I also would have thought about the fact that when flying out from Atlanta, the trip to Seattle is five and a half hours, as opposed to the four if you fly into Chicago for your connecting flight instead. These little things make a big difference. When I was in DTS my main objective was to avoid United at all costs. Well, I did. But was it worth it? Well, American and Delta have not lost my luggage once yet, so I would have to give them marks for that. To balance out against the bad luck of seating assignments so far. :-)

.....Ran into a case of artwork at Jacksonville that would have interested TBT. It was a case of fabric birds, somewhat like what she makes for Christmas. There were about a dozen of them, all of different species. But I think TBT would have done a better job with the materials. They all looked a little 'art school'. TBT may have to add those birds to her storefront. They may be bigger sellers than she might imagine. :-)

.....I ended up annoying a whole line of people at the checkpoint here in Atlanta. The TSA agent looked at my Washington State Drivers License and asked me if I had lost a lot of weight recently. When I said yes, she asked me how and when I told her about the gastric bypass she had questions for me. Stood up the line for a good couple of minutes. I keep feel the hate and loathing of those behind me. :-)

.....I hadn't realized until that moment that it has been about four years since that license photograph was taken. I was 320 pounds in that photo. I've been hovering around 260 for about three years now. I need to finish losing the weight, but do not feel motivated. I have a friend at work who had the surgery done a little over a year ago. They finally took him off of the blood pressure medications he was on. They hadn't been paying attention to the fact that his heartbeat had slowed down to 25 beats a minute and they couldn't figure out why he was so tired all the time. :-)

.....The Atlanta airport looks a lot like the Chicago airport. I suppose they all start looking pretty generic after a while. All the same mall stores and 'cold drinks' waiting for passengers as they rush by. But the one wonderful thing they had was an open Starbucks! Can you imagine? Kingsland, Kings Bay and St. Mary's does not have a single Starbucks within their townships! That should be against the law! :-) Since our flight out of Jacksonville took off at 5:30 the Starbucks there had not yet opened. So I'm now finally reveling in my very own Venti, Sugar Free Vanilla, Soy Latte. Mmmmmmm! Go Starbucks! :-)

.....Mom was not happy that I was away from town last weekend. :-) She did not get her usual Sunday drive to shopping. I have been told in no uncertain, guilt-trip ridden tones, that I need to be at her doorstep on Sunday. :-) I'll let her know about Sean being on Facebook then. Although I'm not sure how I feel about her friending me their. But I don't post much to Facebook, so it shouldn't be a big deal I suppose. :-)

.....I think that I'll go and wander a bit and stretch my legs before boarding the plane. It's going to be a long flight. Sigh!

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....You can tell there is a big difference in the attitudes of the TSA at the airport check points. Definitely more tense than it was just two weeks ago. A lot more grim and a lot more people getting the complete pat down and chemical scans. I guess they even saw me naked as I had to step into one of those full body scanners we've seen so much of in the news. I felt a little violated, but understand the need.

.....The sniffer smelled SOMETHING in my pocket as they had me pull it out of my sweat pants a couple of times. Then they took a sniffer tube directly to the pocket material itself. I was wondering if they were going to ask me to remove my pants at that point, but they finally waved me through. I think I would have liked a little explanation of what they thought they had found. But certainly didn't want to slow the process down anymore than it was.

.....I was up at 2AM to make the 5:30 flight. I actually feel pretty good. After dinner last night I took a bath and sat on the bed and zonked right out. I meant to call TBT and even had to find the phone in the bed where I dropped it. Oh, well, it could be a trip via light rail if she gets mad at me. Hopefully she'll be understanding. Can't wait to see her!

.....The Project Manager loaded me down with schedules and kit inventory check-lists on my way out the door yesterday. My bag weighed in at 74 pounds. Delta charged me $200 for the priviledge of checking the bag in at the counter. I reluctantly paid as I know it will be a battle to get the Travel Office to pay my claim. They have become a lot more aggressive this past year in scrutinizing and challenging claims. I understand the direction, but it makes the process monumental sometimes.

.....Watching the British Electoral Process on CNN. Definitely intersting things happening in Britain. Although it looks like more people showed up at the polls than were expected. That's good. Although I wonder if it is a precursor to our electoral process later this year. It could be pretty intense. It is interesting that Indiana, Georgia, and Florida are already starting their process in the elections.

.....Boarding is about to begin. Talk to you all later.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....O.K., O.K., when one is tired, lonely, whiny and feeling sorry for oneself, posting drivel on Live Journal is not necessarily the best course of action. :-) I've been properly and completely chastised in a loving way. Thankfully, I get to go home tomorrow morning on a 5:30 AM flight out of Jacksonville! I miss TBT a lot and can't wait to get home! :-)

.....The past two days have been feakin' busy. Both days have been twelve plus hours. Although I could only claim ten of those hours each day. I'm not complaining too terribly as if I were doing this at home I'd be getting paid for eight no matter how long my posterior was gracing the Shipyard waterfront. So I'm not complaining.

.....Actually, I can honestly say that it has been an enjoyable time. Believe it or not. We have a good Team of people here, and we've planned the heck out of this job. And its showing. We're on schedule and it looks like we might give money back to the customer. Many people are amazed at the prospect.

.....It's so cool to be three thousand miles from the Shipyard. No management watching your every step. No metric wonks tapping you on the shoulder and asking for reams of paper. Don't take me wrong, they still want to see hundreds of pages of graphs and charts, but if you are not THERE to ask in person, its much harder to track you down. :-)

.....So, as a Team on site we've bonded quite well. There are lots of challenges still. We still yell and scream and run around in circles trying to figure things out. But the difference is that here we can concentrate on one central goal. And everyone on the Team is dedicated towards making the Team successful. I know I'm gushing, but I gotta remember the good feelings for next week when the Big Boss exacts his revenge on my being gone from his direct touch for two weeks. :-)

.....We've got another installation in Kings Bay scheduled for next winter. I'm wondering if I could convince TBT to come with me for three months in Florida. Maybe if I push the proximity to Disney World I might have a chance? Hmmm.... :-)

.....The Telecom with the Big Boss yesterday proved to be interesting. The Project Manager and I spent a handful of hours pouring over charts and graphs and metrics, trying to anticipate every question he could possibly throw at us. By the time we called in I was nervously pacing the room. Then, it was like aliens had taken over his body and mind because it was NOT the Big Boss. He was professional and polite. About ten minutes into the conversation I was wondering who in the hell was on the phone. But the Project Manager was not phased. He explained to me that we're doing so well on cost and schedule that the Big Boss is probably getting positive e-mails and phone calls from his manager peers and NAVSEA. And is basically passing on the love without being overly appreciative. I'm not sure I buy into that completely. But I'll take the Big Boss in a good mood any day over his normal behavior. :-)

.....Picked up the National Geographic Feed on Live Journal recently. Fascinating stuff! A good discussion on the recent closing up of the Ozone Hole over Antarctica. It is amazing how fast the planet can heal itself when given half a chance. Then there was the DNA proof that Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens interbred at some point. Definitely another interesting article.

.....Ack! Facebook is at it again! My brother Sean has a profile on there now! Holy Cow! He is almost the last person on the planet I suspected would go in that direction. And how did I find out about this gem? My cousin Nina sent me a note in Facebook! Facebook may be annoyingly brief and hasty, but it is full of surprises. That's for sure! He doesn't have much set up on his wall yet. But I'll definitely drop him a note and encourage his use of Facebook. :-)

.....June Faire is definitely gearing up into full throttle. Lots of stuff happening and I'll have to hit the ground running when I get back. Talia could easily handle being the Chairperson by herself. But I said I would help and she need to be available to concentrate on the bigger issues instead of taking care of the hundreds of little details.

.....I'm really excited about going home and seeing TBT at the airport. It feels like Christment. I think I'll start packing now. :-) See you all soonest. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Georgia is rather warm and humid for early May, even by local standards. They were just commenting on this fact in the news. I used to not like the warm and humid weather, but found myself enjoying it for the most part. Except for the chafing. :-)

.....Busy, busy day! Started at 5:30 AM and was non-stop through 4PM this afternoon, without any noticeable break. The mid-level boss was emergently sent on a mission to Norfolk and with myself and the Project Manager here, the Big Boss was left practically alone. I did NOT call him to cheer him up. :-)

.....The pace of work is definitely different off-station. It did not take me long to remind myself as to why people like the travel so much normally. Without a lot of management within touchable distance, you don't have a lot of people looking over your shoulder, which means you can get a lot done with minimal interference. You would think that the natural inclination would be to slow down and move at a leisurely pace, but the opposite seems to be the norm. People just naturally seem to concentrate on doing a good job rather than trying to anticipate what the management really wants.

.....Every work space in the area is air conditioned to the point where it gets almost, frigid, at times. I found myself having to get up and wander outside on several occasions just to warm up a bit.

.....Worked a ten hour day, and was actually PAID for the two hours of overtime. What a concept! I could get used to it and it may be difficult to readjust next week. But was definitely tired by the time I got home. Didn't feel like doing a whole lot, but need to finish my Seneschal Report and send it to TBT so she has something in hand for tomorrow night. Although she could probably wing it just as easily.

.....The locals aren't totally uncivilized. Star Trek: The Next Generation, has been on one channel or another almost continuously since 5PM. :-)

.....Have run into several formal PSNS employees here over the past couple of days. Seems that Mayport is really on the expansion frenzy. There is a lot of talk of basing a larger number of surface craft, and even an aircraft carrier or two, out of Mayport. The local SupShip has been hiring people like crazy and have had an active recruitment campaign of PSNS workers to act as managers over local contracts and oversight groups. I've run into several Environmental Technicians and Test Managers who basically transferred their jobs straight across to Mayport.

.....The trade-off was the local Cost of Living. Sounds like all of them had to take a cut in pay to move here. All the people with whom I've spoken had personal reasons for moving into the area. Mainly their relatives live in the area somewhere. But Mayport is considering other recruitment incentives and pay might be one of them. Not that I would actually consider moving to the area. Florida is an O.K. place for a visit, but I don't think I'd want to live here. :-)

.....Almost time for bed. And I'm sleepy. Got to get my report done though...

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....This trip has definitely been one of the more challenging of the past few years. Quite a few life lessons being accumulated. Sigh!

.....Sleep was not well received last night. I think I may still have some stomach bug sifting around my insides. It is rather tenacious as it has been bugging the heck out of me for about a week now. Not incredibly painful, just really annoying. Especially when it doesn't let me sleep. Argh!

.....I decided to get up around 7AM this morning and headed down to the hotel breakfast. Which wasn't too bad as far as hotel breakfast's go. Had all the basics, and even eggs and potatoes. Definitely enough to fill me up.

.....After breakfast I decided to run over to the store for a few things. Imagine my surprise when I turn the key in the rental car ignition and get, nothing. Very odd. I checked and made sure the lights were off, the doors were closed. I thought maybe it was a security thing for a moment, but couldn't find anything. I tried a few more times and got, nothing.

.....My inclination was to go to the front desk and ask if someone could give the car a jump start. I should have followed that inclination. But instead I looked at the rental car contract and called their emergency road service number. Took me about ten minutes to get to a real person. Then another ten minutes as she verified me and the contract, the car and the location. Then I spent the next fourty-five minutes on hold while she tried to make contact with her own service department to get someone to talk to me.

.....After about the third time she picked up the line and apologized, I asked her about just asking someone at the hotel to give me a jump start and she promptly informed me that no, I didn't want to do that. Apparently, as a government worker and the contract we're under, the minute I opened the hood of the car the government would assume all kinds of responsibility for anything that happened after that point and that I would have to bring the car in, get a new one, and establish a new contract?! This was bizarre. And I'm not sure how true it is to be honest. But I went along.

.....I was definitely getting frustrated after fourty-five minutes of being on hold on the phone though. I was finally given the name and contact for someone who was going to be out to jump start the car, in about an hour. Sigh! Then I was informed that the act of sending someone out attached a $45 charge to my contract. Say what!? So, by doing what I was supposed to do according to the contract I basically wasted several hours of my life, and cost the government another $45 of which I'll probably have to write pages and pages of justification on my Travel Claim when I return home?! Next time I will just follow my inclination!

.....Alamo definitely gets added to the list alongside United Airlines as least favorite people with whom to travel.

.....I think that I will take a nap.

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.....It was a busy day at work. I'm actually thankful it was a Saturday as I was able to get a running start without having the well-intentioned pile more e-mail on top of it. :-)

.....I finally did manage to get a bit of sleep last night. A good six hours or so. That's the longest stretch I've managed to get in for almost a week and I was grateful. I felt at least marginally able to face the day when the alarm went off at 4AM.

.....Thankfully, I've been to TRF-KB several times before. So I knew enough to grab my badge yesterday on the way to the hotel from the airport. I also knew my way down to the wharf and a, relatively, close place to park. I still had to cart my stuff in for a good half-mile, but it wasn't too bad. The temperature at 5:30 was about 77 degrees and the humidity was, hmmm, tolerable.

.....Thankfully, I also had had an actual intelligent moment back at the Shipyard and had gone through all the 'stuff' I was taking with me to ensure that it was all ready for inspection. I always get nervous at the gate as the guards seem to always pick me out for a more thorough review of the 'stuff' I take in with me. I suppose if I forced myself to take less 'stuff' with me on trips like this I would be less of a target. :-) Oh, well, I consider it like Linus' proverbial security blanket and will continue to take it all with me. :-)

.....Found the Project Trailer and took over one of the computers to set up shop. And was reminded vividly about how much fun the computers are down here. They all have to 'reach back' to home for information. So whenever we try to log into some program, the messengers get sent out and they wander across the country, have a couple of bites to eat, a quick nap or two. Then they pick up their information at the Yard and take the same meandering path back to Kings Bay, before finally dropping off the desired information. I will take this bit of information home with me and remind myself constantly of it whenever I get impatient with the on site guys and their slow relay of the information I ask of them.

.....Took me about half the morning to get caught up on e-mail before the Project Manager and I met up to go over his 'to do' list of stuff he'd like me to get done for him this week. However, this was all swept aside by a directive from the Big Boss. I guess he missed us terribly last week, since we weren't at his beck and call. He had an e-mail of epic proportions addressed to us demanding a report stuffed full of information that will have been obsolete five minutes before we set the report down in front of him.

.....Sigh! Sauron's reach is long indeed! And his tone imperious to say the least! As he wanted the information waiting for him by the time he logged into his computer on Monday morning! So, we scrambled. Pouring through reams of paper. Pulling up all kinds of data on the computer. Quizzing the Managers on site to within an inch of their life. So much so that by the time I looked up from the computer at 2PM, they had all vacated the office. They all avoided me for the rest of the day as well. These Wild Metrics Chases for the Big Boss always make me crazy. I'll have to go and corner the guys on Monday and make sure I apologize personally. I suppose that professionally I shouldn't feel bad. I didn't yell at anyone for any of the information. But I did ask for a lot in a short period of time, and I did feel a little badly. Guess that makes me less professional than most. :-)

.....We made it out of there at 4PM with most everything done. The Project Manager paid me overtime and when I made it home I was kind of glad he did. TBT reminded me that taxes are due, the cats need medicine, Lobelia needs a refrigerator and the Subaru needs to be fixed. Sigh! Obviously, when all the boys got pulled aside in sixth grade to attend their 'providing for the family' lesson I was overlooked as I'm not providing nearly enough at a great enough pace. Too bad overtime is so much of a dirty word these days, I could get used to having a little extra in the paycheck. :-)

.....That Subaru! I'm starting to think it was not my best decision ever. I never did really like driving it. And it is going to cost around $1,200 to fix. I'm not sure it is worth it. But we paid over twice that for it and we certainly couldn't get anywhere near that with no clutch in it currently. Sigh! I'm torn between selling the Subaru for whatever we can get and fixing the van. Or just simply dropping the Subaru off the end of the Manchester dock on some dark evening. Which one would you decide?

.....I do NOT have to go to work tomorrow. I think I'll go jump in the newly discovered (outdoor) hot tub, have a quick soak, and go to bed relatively early. Then sleep and sleep and sleep until I can't sleep any longer. Then I think I shall read for a while and not even think about getting out of bed until I simply can not stand it any longer. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....The Charlotte, NC, airport is something of a hub for the area. Which basically means the airport is much bigger than you would expect it to be. It reminds me a lot of the Chicago airport in the mall stores located every couple of dozen feet. :-)

.....The Charlotte to Jacksonville flight leaves in about two hours. I'm probably going to wander around here in a little when the battery starts running low.

.....I'm hoping the Project Manager is not expecting brilliance on any sort of epic nature. I'm starting to feel a little stretched. Sort of like Bilbo and his analogy of butter scraped over too much bread. I'm feeling a bit loopy and slow. Definitely a lack of sleep. I think I've averaged about three to four hours each night since last Friday. Mainly I seem to just toss and turn around in bed until I have covers all over the room.

.....If I start seeing the Big Boss as Sauron during nap time on the plane I will KNOW it is time for some real sleep. :-) Actually, I think that I have become so used to having TBT and the cats with me so much that I unconsciously miss them to the point of not sleeping when I am away. Even having the T.V. on at night (something I never used to do before I met TBT) isn't helping much.

.....I'm booked at the Hampton Inn in Kingsland. I'm hoping they have a hot tub of some type. I'm thinking that an hour or so of soaking in really bubbling hot water will help.

.....I really should cut back on the Diet Mountain Dew as well. But it's an addiction that is hard to curb. :-)

.....TBT has been a proponent of getting us an I-Touch and a cheap companion cell phone (a la Talon). I've been kind of watching people around the airport and I am definitely seeing less actual laptops than I used to even a year or so ago. People are doing a lot of living through their portable phones, and Droids and such.

.....I'm starting to warm up smartly to the I-Touch as it would be nice to cut down some of the baggage I'm carting around with me. I've got a couple of books, the laptop, the MP3 player. Plus all the required attachments (cords, batteries, accessories, etc.). By the time you add up the weight of everything I think I'm carting around several extra pounds of 'stuff' I could eliminate with the I-Touch option. Not something I gave a lot of thought too until I started realizing how much actual 'stuff' I'm carting around with me through the airport.

.....I haven't logged into Farmville much over the past week and it looks like the family noticed. My long lost cousin e-mailed anxiously wondering if something had happened to me as I hadn't tended my crops lately. :-)

.....Eeep, also got e-mail soliciting for help with the 25th Year High School Reunion. Holy Cow! Has it really been twenty-five years?! I recognized the organizer right away as one of the popular cheerleader crowd from high school. I wondered at first a.) how she found me, and b.) why she looked for me. But then I came to the realization that I logged SKHS as my high school in my Facebook Profile. Damn! Should have known better. :-)

.....TBT isn't too interested in going. But I'm kind of curious to see who shows up. We've lost so many people already from the Class of '85 that I'm also starting to think that the rest of us 'survivors' should meet to cheer ourselves on for making it this far. :-)

.....There goes my battery light. I've got to move closer to a plug-in. The next post will be from Jacksonville itself.

.....Aaron / Arontius.


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