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.....It's a Saturday night, but I think it is going to be an early evening. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open. But I've got Season 3 of 'Farscape' buzzing through the DVD player. I'd forgotten how cool a show it was. It is actually keeping me awake. :-)

.....Rang in the New Year over at Cedric and Brighid's house. It was probably the last year at the current Casa St. Brighid as they are looking to move later this year. Although in comparison to years past it was an overall quiet evening. I think we're getting old. :-) By 10PM we were all getting a little drousy and by 11PM Ronan was sleeping loudly in the corner of the room. At midnight Cedric blew up half the neighborhood in fireworks. TBT and I left shortly afterwards.

.....Woke up fairly early this morning for a road tour of Kitsap County. Had breakfast at Casa St. Brighid. Then ran to Ki and Eliza's for their New Year's gathering. Then ran out to Tim and Truly's for their New Year's gathering. The only problem with that plan was that a.) we got lost and toured several neighborhoods filled with dog walking inhabitants that looked suspisciously like Zombie's on the hunt, and b.) Tim and Truly's gathering wasn't scheduled to start until much later in the afternoon. Which probably explained why there was no one home when we showed up. :-)

.....We were tired by that point and decided to go home and pick up the Rhys Monster for dinner at the Japanese Hibachi place in Silverdale. Which is good, although expensive. For the same price we could have driven to Mizu's in Tukwilla and had better food. Oh, well. It's a lesson we learn at least once a season.

.....After that we went and took a whirlwind tour of the new Casa Andrus and Liesel. It's directly behind where they were living in Manette. It's a house with the typical seventies lay-out, but looked nice with the hardwood floors. Prices in Bremerton are really starting to come down as they spent $154K on the place. In East Bremerton / Manette. Wow! Same place would have been $225K or so about a year or a year and a half ago. Just that thought alone excited TBT. She longs for a Craftsman style house that she can make over with a Mother-In-Law apartment and a parking pad for Lobelia.

.....Tomorrow will be all about getting ready for the work week. Things will be on fast-forward all over the place at that point. It's hard to believe that Twelfth Night will be next weekend. I'm hoping to get Friday off so we can get to Eugene by mid-day. Although we'll have to make it through the January Business Meeting first.

.....Tomorrow will also be the first indoor Fight Practice of the season at the Manchester Fuel Depot. I'm intrigued at the prospect. I'm hoping that it'll become a regular thing. Also may have a line on a northern Baronial practice as well, indoors and at least relatively warm.

.....Lot's going on in just January alone. We need to get the Serjeantry Re-Boot going. There is Ursulmas to consider. A Regional Pelican meeting is going to have to be scheduled somewhere in the maelstrom. Then the Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship. At this point there are no declared competitors. I hope we get a couple that show up unexpectedly. But a Plan B is brewing that has promise.

.....Then Candlemas and the Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Bardic on the horizon. Estrella is wrapped up in all this fun. No chance to go this year, but I have PLANZ (tm) at seeing if I can get a Baronial Pilgrimage going to the sun-filled lands of the South in 2012.

.....All right, need to concentrate on one thing at a time. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....When TBT and I went through the Polling Process last summer one of our big agenda items was to reboot the Serjeantry and the Serjeantry process. Someone who has gone through the process is someone who has a very well-rounded education of what the SCA is and can bring a lot to the table in the form of education, as well as chivalry, courtesy and all those things that make the SCA special in the first place.

.....Once those Coronets were on our heads though, turning the thought of Serjeantry into a reality proved a daunting concept. I have fretted more over this than I ever thought I would (TBT has a lot less hesitation than I do :-)). Looking at what other Baronies are offering and what could be done was an interesting experience. We were shown some wild concepts. But in the end what you are going to see is rather familiar if you've been around awhile (if it worked well, does it really need to be 'fixed'?). If anything I would say our only real contribution to the reboot is to give the Serjeantry something more to define their own unique contributions to the concept as well as to give them all some more purpose once they've attained the rank.

.....So, below the cut is what we're proposing. I'm posting it here so that those in our community can read it and tear it apart for items that are not expressed well or will simply not work. This is missing some detail, but when introducing this I don't want to bog people down in the myriad of details right away. The concept of the Serjeantry Journey will be a new enough and strange enough experience to many who would think about entering that we'll want to take smallish steps to guide this first set through.

.....That is, of course, assuming that there are people who want to partake. But I'm thinking that the challenge might be interesting enough to intrigue at least one or two people. If we can get even a couple of people to go through the process, I thnk it will make the next run even better as well as to make the case as a whole.

.....Serjeantry Overview )

.....You can either respond here or send us comments / questions / etc. to our joint e-mail address: coronets @ dragonslaire (dot) net. The goal is to put something onto the Baronial e-list late next week, to have a focus group meet to discuss in mid-January, and then hold a Baronial Roundtable discussion in late January. With 'Letters Of Intent' due by late February (Candlemas).

.....Thanks, Arontius / Aaron, and Laurellen / Tamm.
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.....This is mainly to put thought to proverbial paper for future retention. But feed-back would be appreciated as well.

.....There is so much to think about when preparing for the Coronets. I probably should learn to stop over-sharing, to be honest. :-) But I like talking things out with people.

.....One of the programs that TBT wanted to concentrate on re-building was the Sargeantry Program. What we have in mind is definitely different than has been in place in the past. So that might make it a challenge from the start. Then there is the fact that we want to approach this with a wider viewpoint than as a Baroness' Guard. So the fact that the Baron would be as much a focus as the Baroness may be a strangeness that will not be tolerated either. We'll see. We intend to build the framework first and present it at a Baronial Town Hall Meeting and see how it goes over. Then it will either progress, go back for re-write, or be shelved all together.

.....All you can do it try something.

.....One of the things that always caused us paused whenever Their Current Excellencies discussed the concept was, what do Sargeants do once they earn the title? No one was ever enamored with the concept of Sargeantry as serving staff or Baronial Labor Pool. Being a Teacher or Leader is expected from anyone who has been playing for a number of years in the branch, so that was not something that really would set a Sargeantry apart. So we had to think of something different.

.....Something that I've been musing over for a while now falls in line with my Arthurian Romance stylistic musings. My thought was that when a Sargeant (or Yoeman or Lancer or Courtier or Gallant or...) is named their final act of the Trials would be to name their 'Quest' for the upcoming year. This Quest would be something that they would work on throughout the year. It should be something that was achievable. But still something that was a challenge to achieve. For a Sargeant this might mean that they fight thirty knights over the course of the year and gain their feed-back and insight. If they are a Gallant, maybe the Quest would be to learn and demonstrate a new and distinct style of weaponry. For a Courtier the Quest might be to research and demonstrate an entire new artistry.

.....Then after a year's time all the members of the Baronial Sargeantry would meet around a proverbial round table and discuss the Quest they performed over the past year. This includes their successes and failures. And how they grew within their discipline by undertaking this Quest. Others witnessing this Quest and listening to them speak at the round table might be inspired to greatness themselves.

.....Then, when all the stories have been spoke. The members all declare their Quest for the upcoming year and what they intend to do to achieve it.

.....This is rather simplistic in explanation and seems more self-centered rather than community building (which is what I would want to do as a member of the Sargeantry). But it is a starting point. My hope is to pull together a group of people to debate this to the nth degree and see what we could do to strain it into something purer.

.....TBT has been receptive, but there is still a lot of debate to happen and thoughts that need to get put down in black-and-white. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Yesterday was the Baronial Picnic and final Baronial Polling Q&A. Held at the Manchester Fuel Depot. It was a very beautiful location, directly across from Bainbridge Island with a magnificent view of downtown Seattle. I love the point there. Although the wind was a little biting. I'm not sure if it is always windy like that or if it was just the weather for the day. But I would certainly love to use that location again if Jahnkin will let us.

.....It was fun to sit and chat with people at the picnic. I brought the proverbial 'stuff to do' but did not get around to doing any of it really. I meant to play some music, but didn't ever get to the point of actually pulling out the gemshorn.

.....Brought my books for heraldry consultation but never did connect with Magdelena and her husband on their devices. We're going to meet up at Tuesday's Fight Practice and I'll bring my books with me then.

.....I was the Baronial Book Herald for a number of years, but would never have described myself as a professional. :-) I mainly taught myself the basics, and a bit more, in defense of my own stuff against the SCA College of Heralds. It took me over five years to get a device passed that I could feel comfortable in displaying. I'm still not 100% happy with it, but I can live with it and its alternative back-up.

.....But I learned enough to where I actually enjoyed the mystery and research involved in heraldry and I enjoy helping people when I can discover their own name and device for registration, so I help when I can. I always try to remember to tell people to run their final ideas past a 'real herald' before submission though. :-)

.....As usual there was so much food at the picnic that no one went away hungry. Great selection. And plenty of burgers and dogs for everyone. I think everyone was comfortably full and contentable in time for the final Baronial Q&A at approximately 4PM.

.....I had again keyed myself up for the Q&A. I don't know why I do that because I haven't been handed a question yet that was not straight-forward and actually answerable, even if the answer is 'I honestly don't know at this time'. There was a lot more of the standard questions. But I could see that as there were a number of people in attendance who were not in attendance at the first Q&A.

.....All the candidates appeared to handle their questions with little frustration. More questions on Sargeantry. Some more on the various directions the branch might go and how a Baron and Baroness ought to interact with the branch and its populace and officers. Another question on children's activities. A couple of interesting questions on persona. Some thoughtful questions and none that were 'pointed' or purposefully negative, which I considered a win.

.....The 'Principality' Question was asked. A year or so ago, had I been asked that question, I would have given the asker a dissertation on why we needed to start working toward that now in the Western Region with all motivation and speed. But now, I'm content with the waiting. There really does need to be a ground-swelling of support to make this happen, and a real REASON as to why this would be advantageous to the populace of the area. Is all the work we would have to do to make this happen really worth it? Right now it would be difficult to argue completely that it is, but give us a few more years to get some more motivated people, maybe.

.....Being a dreamer is not necessarily a bad thing (MASTER RALG! :-)), especially in someone like myself who is willing to back it up with the work required to make that dream a reality! :-) Just sayin'...

.....Sargeantry is the other topic where the dreamer in me really comes out in full force. I have lots of ideas floating about to really bring about my 'Arthurian Quest' concepts into focus and I'd love to sit down with a group of people to see them quantified and qualified into a concept that can go forward. Although TBT do disagree on a number of aspects of how this is going to work. If you get both of us on this committee, expect some lively discussion. :-)

.....After the Q&A I felt drained. And we were off to another gathering in Seattle, so we had to pack quickly and leave. I felt guilty for leaving the tear-down to those still on the scene, but we were in a car-pool and I couldn't hold them for too long. I really should have thought that through. If I had I would have driven my own car and let the rest of them go ahead. I knew that I was going to be tired and that I would have wanted to help with the tear-down. Oh, well, something to remember for next time.

.....We went off to Wallingford for the annual Summer South Seas party at Giuseppe's house. It was a nice time and a good crowd. I'm really glad that TBT went as a lot of her peeps were there and she got to talk to people she doesn't see very often. We are kind of isolated a little in Kitsap County and I wish she had the opportunity to visit her Seattle side friends more.

.....Plus she had some drinks too. :-) And was smiling and laughing like you wouldn't believe. :-) Everyone ought to have a few drinks every now and then and just not care for a little while. :-)

.....I stayed in the corner and chatted with Brummbar, Talia, and Tsuruko for a couple of hours before Gwen marshaled the troops and we hit the road home. I zonked out completely in the car. I'm glad TBT and Talia stayed awake to keep Gwen company. And we made it home a little after midnight.

.....A good day actually. Next up in the queue is September Crown. I would have liked to bring Lobelia down for a clean and stock. But gas is expensive for an R.V. and I need to wait a couple of days to make that one happen. So it will be a hurry-up offense come Wednesday or Thursday. And a whirlwind weekend. Glad our Project is done at work for the moment, it'll be easy to get away on Friday. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I had a debate with someone today that I wish I had had with Her Excellency Brighid several years ago. There wasn't much new material in it, but it solidified into something less nebulus and more concrete.

.....I read something from Professor Tolkien a long while ago that made a lot of sense to me on the reason humanity should create myths and legends for their own culture to explain those things that uniquely belong to that culture. One of the reasons Professor Tolkien created and populated Middle Earth was as a foundation on which to place the culture of England. It was a mythos explaining that which is uniquely English. It does not matter in the slightest whether or not it is 'real' in any way, shape or form. But it is real in the most important sense, it explains why England is the way it is and why the English are the way they are.

.....So, I'm arguing this thought and for some reason I hit upon the Baronial Sargeantry for some strange reason. And it became something of an epiphany for me. The Sargeantry has nothing to do with a 'guard for the Baroness' or how much you know in preparation for being a 'peer' some day (at least not anymore). It has everything to do with creating a mythos inside the Barony and becoming an example of what is truly Dragon's Laire (or whatever Barony in which you are striving for membership).

.....This is not a new thought really, but it really did solidify into something I could see in my brain and put my arms around. Well, almost. :-)

.....It can be the uppermost and finest example of the knowledge of what it is to be truly a Dragon's Lairian. The members of that Sargeantry could be the prime promoters of that image of what a Dragon's Lairian is.

.....This is just a simple brain dump as a reminder to myself to explore this further. But I'm rather excited at the prospect. I wonder if I could convince Her Excellency to run a Sargeantry Trials in 2011? Is there enough time to put something together this year so as to be actually coherent next year?

.....More to ponder. I bet Raphaella would have some input on this. Probably with a more practical bent though. I still like her anyway though. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....It is rather a cool thing that Nidda, [ profile] manikenxl, has joined Live Journal. Although it was rather inevitable I think. Many people have been pestering her for weeks to hurry up and join in on the fun. As TBT keeps reminding me, Live Journal really is the new Illuminati. :-)

.....Nidda is an artist in the Barony known for her puppetry at this moment. Although, being an artist, I'm sure that other artistic endeavours will be highlighted. There have been a number of artists who are relatively new to the Barony that are kind of inspiring to us older members. I may not be an artist, but I can be inspired to try creative things and pretend to be an artist, which is fun in its own way. :-)

.....Broke my usual Monday night rule of staying home and hibernating and paid a visit to Casa de Brighid and Cedric last night. As really is usual for a Monday, I was pretty brain dead and not very bright. But it was fun to chat. Was definitely impressed with Cedric's new stainless steel helm that he put together. It was rather an intriguing concept. Some company cut out a flat pattern in many pieces of 12-gauge stainless steel. When Cedric received it he had to pound out the pattern and then rivet it all together. It was a lot of work, but the results were rather spectacular. I guess that Talon found the company online. It's amazing what you can find online.

.....Sat and talked on Sargeantry a little with Brighid. She is still really wrestling with how she is going to approach the Trials, and even the concept of Sargeantry, itself. The more we talked the more I sympathize with her. There are a lot about which to think. The Trials themselves are a pretty sound concept. But we've discussed ways on how to enliven the concept, and especially on what you do after you've attained the rank. Mostly it seems to be just a title with very little to do. But you don't want to make it your standard labor pool either. It should be something interesting and something that still challenges the members after they've become members. But again, as has been pointed out to Brighid by others, you don't want to make it something that puts the members under a microscope or something that makes the whole concept tedious or 'a job' for the rest of their SCA careers. There is a lot on which to think. I don't envy her having to bring this all together.

.....But, of course, I have ideas. :-) All of which involve my dreams of the Arthurian mythos. :-) Which will add to her headache before we're done, but which I think are rather cool in their own way. :-) Although every time I start talking about them TBT laughs at my journeys into philosophy. Not necessarily something that always translates well in the SCA. :-)

.....More to follow, I'm sure.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....I think that all of us have at one time or another become mesmerized by something we witnessed as part of the SCA. One of those moments where the lines of reality blurred and we could almost feel that we were actually in another place and time, like that mythical Scottish village of Brigadoon that appears for a day out of the mist once every one hundred years. It's this sense of 'magic' I first felt that made me fall in love with the concept of the SCA and become a true follower.

.....Over the years since then I've become one of the janitorial staff for this dream. I perform functions that protect it, clean up the occasional mess, keep it organized, help it grow, etc. It is a necessary function. But what I find is that you become so wrapped in the really mundane aspects of this toil that you sometimes forget that magic that first brought you into this dream. What is worse is that now that you've seen what goes on behind the scenes you find it harder to make yourself connect with what it was the drew you in the first place. His Excellency Cedric has a terrific anecdote for it. He explains it as a magician who amazes you with some sleight-of-hand. Once it is explained and demonstrated to you, the magic of witnessing the trick disappears and it no longer invokes the sense of wonder within you that it did when you first watched it done.

.....Lately I've been thinking about what it will take for me to shake myself out of the mundane cage in which I've placed myself and reconnect with that sense of magic and wonder that drew me in the SCA. I enjoy the research and the recreation of the middle ages. I like studying the history of the people and the places of medieval Europe. But the thing that really makes the goosebumps bubble on my soul is the invocation of the emotions between myself and between people when the true romance of chivalry and honour are engaged. I love the Arthurian Mythos. King Arthur and the Round Table. The Quest for the Holy Grail. These are things that sometimes seem to be missing in today's world, but could do so much to better it if they were present in greater quantity.

.....I've had numerous debates with Mistress Gwenllyn concerning analogies of searching for our own version of the 'Holy Grail'. You define what your own Holy Grail is and then you seek it. Sometimes it is a nebulous thing with no clear boundaries of definition. This is when it becomes a personal frustration. You are attempting to define something within yourself that is more esoteric and without boundaries in the first place.

.....But I'm wandering a bit here. :-) Something I've been discussing with Her Excellency Brighid is the creation of a bit of the quest as part of Her Sargeantry. She Herself has been struggling with the concept of what the Sargeantry is and what it should be in Dragon's Laire for some time. We've been thinking of perhaps injecting a little bit of Arthurian Mythos into the Sargeantry. There would be some questing involved. A little bit of the round table. More personal challenge. I'm liking the outlines of her plan a lot and I hope that it ends up going somewhere. The concept takes the Sargeantry as it currently stands in most Baronies and gives it just a little twist to make it something where the work and the questing doesn't end with the conclusion of the Trials, but continues to challenge the applicant for the remainder of their existence in the group. I'm really excited about the concept. But I'll let Her do the explaining. :-)

.....I'll post more of my personal thoughts on this as they materialize more solidly. :-)

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.....It was good to see The Beloved Tamm (TM) geek out with friends last night. With just Rhys and I at home, she needs to have the opportunity to have an ADULT CONVERSATION every now and then. And just for the record, I did not feel 'run off' by anyone. It looked like Tamm was having great fun and I did not want to interrupt. Besides, I answered e-mail and then promptly fell asleep. :-)

.....Off to a Pelican meeting tomorrow at Ursulmas. Hope that the snow stays to a minimum. I don't mind driving in it, just makes any commute that much longer. Plus, we'd really like Rhys to get some more 'kid time' with Nimue and family, and snow would put a real damper on that.

.....Is Mistress Khalja going to be at Ursulmas? I need to find out. She said that she might be able to fit my armor into her load of stuff going to Estrella. I have to talk to her about it and see what arrangements I have to get made, and how much it is going to cost. I'm getting excited though. Can't wait to go! :-)

.....Was putting on armor the other day and ran across a favor that Dame Ellen had made for me a while back. It was a really nice gesture and I certainly appreciated it. It was always a reminder that someone really always has cared about who I am and what I did. I asked The Beloved Tamm (TM) the other day if she would make me a favor to wear. I thought that maybe she would laugh or look at me as if wondering why I needed one. But she actually seemed happy to take it on as a new Project. Some people seem to have the opinion that 'favors' are not what 'serious' SCA players do. But, I don't agree. Maybe it is just a romantic idea on my part. But I like the symbolism involved. The chivalry and the reminder that you do not champion a cause or call forth a challenge just for yourself. Doing something for another like this makes you responsible for a little bit of their honour as well. Gives you a different, and more awesome, aspect of this game we are playing. Kinda gives you goosebumps if you think about it at all. :-)

.....Thinking of challenges, the following Saturday is Candlemas. Traditionally, that is when the call goes out for Sargeantry candidates. I haven't heard anything from Her Excellency Brighid, so I'm guessing that She is still mulling over the whole concept. I understand why She is unsure about how to progress, but I don't necessarily agree with all of Her reasoning (but it is O.K. for friends to disagree, right? :-)). I DO agree with Her that the whole concept has changed since its early days. But for my part, I relish the challenge of seeing whether or not I have the knowledge and skill-set to actually BE a member of the Sargeantry. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time. Not as any sort of 'peerage stepping stone', but for everything I would learn and experience in the process. If Her Excellency decides that She really doesn't want to take this on this year, maybe She wouldn't mind if I went to another for the challenge? I'll have to talk to Her about it.

.....Gotta run, looks like a busy Friday already. But it IS Friday! Yeah!!!

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....I'm sitting in the darkening Living Room of the Beloved Laurellen's house. I wish that she were home right now as I have missed her a great deal and would love nothing better than to have my arms wrapped around her sitting here on the couch. Sigh! Hopeless romantic I guess. :-)

.....Had a visit to Doctor Oh's office today. It has officially been 17 months since the Gastric Bypass was done. I've officially lost 312 pounds. The doctor thinks that a few more will come off without help but if I want to get down to 200 or so I'm going to have to help things along. He's not unhappy though. I'm one of his star patients and he asks me continuously to sign up to give testimonials to his seminars on my weight loss. :-) I may give in and do a few in the Bremerton area. We'll see.

.....Blood pressure still being a little weird. It was 98 / 60 in the office today. For some people that would be perfectly fine, for me that is still a bit low. I'm still having a problem with Vitamin D absorption. But the doctor is not alarmed in the slightest. He thinks that it'll just take a little more time and adjustment. I tried not to complain too much, but I did tell him that I'm getting a little tired of being cold in my extremeties all the time and being sluggish and tired more often. Exercise will cure part of that, and he's messing with some supplements that I can take with my protein that might help things along. All in all though the doctor is happy with what my body is doing so I'll stop my complaining.

.....Looks like the wedding date will move again. :-) September 14th was booked to the gills. Tamm and I really like Fort Worden, so our 'Coordinator' (Gwen) is off looking at a few other dates in September, October and August (in that order). As soon as we can find something that'll work we'll get ourselves penciled in and let everyone know.

.....I'm getting slowly un-freaked about the growing wedding plans. Having never done this before I was rather surprized at the number of details involved in doing this. But I'm slowly getting my brain wrapped around everything. And as I'm reminded (as if I needed reminding :-)), the end result is being married to the most perfect woman on this planet. There isn't anything I wouldn't do at this point to make that happen and I'm still on the proverbial Cloud 9 with the thought that she actually said 'yes' to me. To me! Wow! :-)

.....Also getting my arms wrapped around June Faire. Have my 'to-do' lists going. First Board meeting next Friday. A lot of stuff to get going right away. With Twelfth Night out of the way, we should be able to concentrate on June Faire a little bit. A lot of changes this year. But I think that we'll be O.K. As soon as my agenda is finalized (and YahooGroups is actually working again) I'll post the timeline and 'to-do' list to LJ. Maybe there are a few people who'd like to get involved who read my Journal???!!! :-)

.....Interesting controversy between the Laurels of An Tir and Master Gordon's letter in the latest A&S Supplement to The Crier. His ideas of what the Laurel Community is and how it should act and behave in defense and growth of A&S are not necessarily the same as the Laurel Community itself. But maybe this will be a good thing in the end. I'd love to see some letters / articles / etc. from the An Tir Laurels posted in The Crier. Communication is a good thing. The more the better.

.....Candlemas is coming up. Letters of Intent for Her Excellency Brighid's Sargeantry will be due then. At Last Chance I was determined that this would be the year. Now I'm waivering. There is a lot on my plate and I was looking forward to a little break after I stepped down as Kingdom Chronicler in September. Am still thinking it all over. Would very much like to work with Aelianora for the same Trials. And if she decides to go this year, well.... But I gotta do what works best for me. And I should probably talk it over a little with Tamm as well (although she'll probably tell me to go and do what I think is best, which won't help much :-)).

.....Gonna run, Tamm will be home soon!!! :-) Hope everyone has fun at Ursulmas! Post some good stories on LJ, I want to read them. :-)

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....Greetings All,

.....I spent yesterday at our Dragon's Laire Last Chance Feast and Tourney. It was the second event where I had very little scheduled to do. And I still felt at least a little guilty. :-) But I did help out where I could and enjoyed my stay there.

.....I brought Mom with me. Picked her up at about 10AM, along with her scooter. Mom has trouble getting around these days. The scooter allows her mobility that she wouldn't otherwise have. But boy, is it a pain in the rear to haul around. It was good to get her out of the house though for the day. She spends way too much time at home by herself. Going to have to see if I can get her out some more.

.....We showed up on site at about 11:00 or so. Morning Court was very nearly complete. After getting Mom situated to wander the site, I put stuff away in Mistress Gwen's trailer. Then yakked with Aelianora for a short bit in the Artisan's Display. She and I discussed strategies for next June Faire (already!!! :-)). It was a good discussion. And we're good enough friends that we can argue our own personal viewpoints, no matter how opposing they are, and still be friends at the end of the conversation. :-) Actually, we're good enough friends to where we actually listen to each other, take the other's argument into consideration, and ACCEPT that they might have valuable input that would benefit the situation. Now that is the mark of a very good friendship. :-)

.....I'm feeling very good about this next June Faire Board already. When the slate was announced last Wednesday, the first thing that happened was that myself, Master Ralg and Ian MacKynnes huddled and strategized on what we saw as the major points to hit right out of the starting gate. Wow! It was a good session and gave me a very good feeling for how this next year's June Faire is going to go. There are big changes on the horizon for June Faire and we're going to have to figure out how to make them work. The town is pushing hard for pre-registration so as to have some sort of control over the people who show up, but we all know from experience (as in viewing the Egils experience) that a forced total pre-registration has its own pit-falls. We're also looking at the jurying of merchants and the movement of the Baronial Championships out of June Faire. So next year will be interesting.

.....After that lively discussion, there was another one outside concerning Her Excellency Brighid's first Sargeantry Trials. There were only a handful of people in attendance, and only a few of those thinking of actually going out for the Sargeantry. I guess I expected more for some reason. Although, to be honest, it is something that requires a good deal of commitment for about a year. Which means I should be looking at myself more critically to see if I ACTUALLY have the time. :-) But Aelianora and Ronan are going out for Sargeantry and it is always a lot more to do something like this with a group of friends with whom you can work. :-)

.....The rest of the day was spent in chatting with friends. Got to sit and visit with Mistress Gwen, Richard Dragun, Brummbar, Talia. Even Bjorn Kolbjornsson sat and talked for a while.

.....About 5PM Evening Court began and the people sitting gate at that time were wanted, so I volunteered to sit gate during that time. The first half was pretty quiet, but the second half started picking up. People started arriving for the wake of Karl Redstone. We were told that the free admittance at gate did not start until 7PM. Some people actually paid the event fee. Some people went back to their car to wait it out until 7PM. But some people were very unhappy with the 7PM rule. The embarrassing part was the fact that, to a person, the belligerent ones were all peers. Sigh! I held out until about 6:30 and then made an executive decision and opened up the memorial gate (free of charge) a bit early. :-) Talon and Janae (the Autocrats) backed that up a short time later, so I didn't feel too bad about doing that.

.....Got out of gate a little later then I thought, so when I showed up at the Feast Hall, Mom was already situated at a table. Found out a short time later that we were directly across from [ profile] blondtartan and her new husband. They were married at Banner War last weekend. Another LJ User that I met for the first time in person. :-) And they are such incredibly nice people! And incredibly gracious. I was tired and forgot some feast gear and they went right ahead and offered some for our use. Wish I had been more awake. :-)

.....Mom was being a trooper, but about half way through dinner I could see that she had had enough. No complaining though. I grabbed the car and brought it down to the Feast Hall and loaded up her scooter and as soon as a clear shot opened up we had her up and into the van for the ride home. She enjoyed the event I think and is already looking forward to Twelfth Night. :-)

.....Then it was home and to bed. :-) Now it's almost time to head back out to site to get loaded up for the trip back to the storage unit. :-)

.....It was a good day. Would have been better if Laurellen had been there. I've missed her this weekend.

.....Arontius / Aaron.
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.....Today has been one of those 'Crisis Fridays' that happen from time to time around here. It's been a little more interesting than usual in that we had three of them this morning. What makes it even more interesting is that with the Fiscal Year ending in just a handful of weeks, no one has any money. I've seen some pretty creative money juggling today. Just hope that we get everything wrapped up in time for me to get out of here for the weekend. :-)

.....Looking forward to the trip out to Ocean Shores tonight. Renart said that he would do the driving. That was rather nice of him. I still have to throw some stuff together for the weekend though. That's a good reminder to me to get my butt out of here on time so that I can get home and pack an overnight bag. Don't want to make Renart grumpy by making him wait at all. :-)

.....Am faced with a small Crier crisis for the weekend. Part of the file corrupted. I'm not entirely sure what happened. But I may have to rebuild part of it. Hopefully not too much. That'll be Sunday's chore. Still have plenty of time to get it completed and sent off to the publisher. It always makes me anxious though when I cannot get it to the printer by the 10th of the month. :-)

.....Had the chance to speak to Mom this morning at her desk. She is actually thinking of retiring next year. Which floored me. I was starting to think that she was just going to move into her cubicle at her office and set up a bed there. :-) Her department has been reducing for a while now and the new management hasn't exactly been worker-friendly, so she is starting to see the rewards in being able to sleep in with less aggravation. :-)

.....She asked me about Sean, my brother. She hasn't heard from him in about a year now. Which has her a little worried. He was always good about talking to her at least every month or every other month. I'm not so worried. People in the Rogers' clan are not the best verbal communicators. Sean is not much of a communicator at all! :-) He and Dad live on a piece of property out in Sunnyslope and my chief worry is that they might have killed each other some time in that past year and no one has told us yet. Well, I exaggerate, but not by much. If you think that *I* am stubborn, you need to see my Dad and brother. OMG, the most stubborn people on the planet. :-)

.....Thinking about the agenda for the rest of the year. Gotta get the applications finalized for the Twelfth Night Marketplace. I should be able to get those done this weekend. Also gotta get meetings organized for the Scribal Guild. I have volunteers for Scroll Painting. Mariette even has a new charter for the Snapdragons to start passing out. Also gotta get the Ceremonies organized. After the Tourney Season Their Excellencies have decided that what we came up with earlier this year sounded great, but were way long. AFter the second or third Snapdragon given, the verbiage just started sounding endless and boring. I am in agreement with them definitely and will be assisting in drafting up shorter Ceremonies. Should be good.

.....Also thinking about the Bardic Championship in December. I am going to enter, but am not entirely sure of what I want to enter. For sure, I am going to enter a piece as played on my Bass Recorder and Gemshorn. But I'm also 'ruminating' on a dance (Morris maybe). I'd like to enter some Sonnetry, but would have to definitely work on delivery. :-) And if Angharad is one of the judges again? Man, I'm not sure that my ego could stand up to the bruising. :-P

.....Also 'ruminating' heavily on Sargeantry. Really want to enter next year and have started pulling out all my old files on it.

.....Wow! Lunch ended much faster then I thought it would, the phone is ringing constantly again. :-) See you all later.

.....Aaron / Arontius.
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.....Most of this week will be filled with finishing out the September Crier. Have most of the information I need. Just waiting the missive from Their Majesties. Going to add a page of 'Thank Yous' for Team Haggis. I tried to do something like that after Twelfth Night, 2004, but His Excellency Duncan couldn't make the room necessary for it. There is a certain limited number of perks with the actually producing 'The Crier' and this is probably the one that makes me the happiest. Although I'm going to be very careful about ensure that I PAY for the advertising space. Wouldn't do at all to manipulate the system too much. :-)

.....Also have to get my Crier Financial Reports out of the way for Second Quarter of 2006. I am late with them. Have all the information I need, just have to plug the numbers into the form and then make them fit. I never seem to have a smooth report. I'm always having to reconcile some outstanding number. Which isn't as bad as it used to be. I used to seriously despise doing the Financial Reports when I was Exchequer because I could never make things zero out without a whole lot of work. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

.....Then there is the trip to Ocean Shores this weekend. Should be fun. Some people are headed out there on Friday night to spend the evening in the hotel. I forget which one it is now. But a Jacuzzi Party is in order!!! And definitely a walk along the beach. I love being at the ocean. It's one of my favorite places. On Saturday a lot of people are headed to the big Lampworking Sale at the store in Shelton. I've resisted the urge to join in the craze as it means one more interesting hobby in which to fit into the already impossible schedule. :-) but I do have to admit that it does look interesting and I'll probably tag along with everyone on Saturday. I make a good lemming. :-)

.....On Sunday I (and others) had an interesting conversation with HE Brighid on Sargeantry. I'm been 'ruminating' on that idea for a while and had pretty much convinced myself that I wanted to do it. Her Excellency really has a vision now of what she wants to do with it and I became affected (or infected?) by her enthusiasm. :-) The pageantry and chivalry associated with it really are in keeping with Their Excellencies' 'Mandate' for taking on the Coronets, which was one of the primary reasons I seriously rallied around Their Candidacy. If I'm serious about it though I'll have to scale back on some of the other things I wanted to do next year, like the war on Vashon Island and South Sound Unity at the Airport. But maybe I can work with someone else to still make one or the other happen. Will have to think about that some more. Sargeantry will be a lot of work, but I have a pretty good foundation. I'm well versed in my heraldry, dance will be easy, SCA geography will be easily. I am a little worried about my domestic skills since microwaves are definitely NOT period, but I think that I'll be able to bone up sufficiently in a year.

.....Hope everyone is surviving their Monday intact and reasonably well. :-)

.....Arontius / Aaron.


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